101 Best Gargoyle Names

Some of these gargoyle names are quite famous all over the world

Gargoyles are one of the hallmarks of Gothic architecture and they are mostly made of stone.

Stone gargoyles were originally used by architects to divert water from rooftops away from the sides of buildings. They prevent rainwater from eroding the mortar between masonry walls, but have also become and iconic design feature in their own right.

Due to their frightening appearances, stone gargoyles have become more than mere architectural symbols, and they are considered as fantastic beasts in mythology. In this article, we'll take you through a wide array of gargoyle names. So get ready to learn all about gargoyle names and meanings as you read. This list includes names of stone gargoyles from both the real world and the fictional realm, including the Notre Dame gargoyles and gargoyles characters from famous TV series and films.

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Famous Gargoyles

We kick things off by talking about the gargoyles that have captured the attention and imagination of both locals and tourists around the world. These gargoyles are some of the most iconic Gothic architectural landmarks. Whilst many of them do not have a specific name (most are simply known as gargoyles), they are an important addition to this list before we get into the more creative names later on.

1. Gargoyles at Notre Dame - Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral is home to numerous gargoyles that make for an ominous sight in the French capital. Each gargoyle of Notre Dame features horns and a beard. People all over the world know and travel to see these gargoyles, they are the most famous gargoyles in the world.

2. Gargoyles at Ulmer Munster Church - The Ulmer Munster Church, located in Ulm in Germany, features numerous Gothic inspired gargoyles that are meant to keep evil spirits at bay.

3. Gargoyles at Duomo di Milano - The Duomo di Milano in Milan is the world's largest Gothic cathedral and considered one of the world's best architectural feats. Its gargoyles are located near the top, which can be accessed after climbing 170 stairs.

4. Gargoyles at The National Cathedral - The National Cathedral in Washington, USA boasts of Gothic English architecture and its gargoyles have a modern look as they were carved not too long ago.

5. Frank and Carson - Frank and Carson are the names of the gargoyles at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, USA. They were added to the existing building in 2005 to fight off evil spirits.

6. Gargoyles at Merton Chapel College - The Merton Chapel College in Oxford, England, has several gargoyles carved at the side of its chapel roof.

7. Gargoyles at Dragon Bridge - Slovenia's Dragon Bridge, located in Ljubljana, is home to dragon like gargoyles that guard the bridge.

8. Gargoyles at Chrysler Building - New York City's Chrysler Building features gargoyles that were modeled after the Plymouth hood ornaments that are found across various Chrysler automobile products.

9. Gargoyles at Westminster Abbey - The gargoyles at London's Westminster Abbey offer a bold contrast to the Saint statues found on the exterior of the church. They hold the gaze of many visitors everyday.

10. Gargoyles at Puente del Reino - Puente del Reino, or Bridge of the Kingdom, is a famous bridge in the Spanish city of Valencia. It's known for its stunning architecture and its gargoyles, which guard the bridge.

11. Gargoyles at Eikan-do - Eikan-do is a famous Buddhist temple in the Japanese city of Kyoto and features gargoyles that were traditionally believed to keep evil spirits at bay.

12. Gargoyles at the Monastery of Batalha - Portugal's Monastery of Batalha features remarkable Gothic architecture along with some seriously scary gargoyles.

13. Gargoyles at St. Vitus Cathedral - The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic, is home to some of the most monstrous gargoyles in the world.

Gargoyles have always found a place in mythology

Gargoyle Names From TV And Films

The beastly and monstrous appearances of gargoyles in the real world have inspired countless fictional characters. In this section,  we'll take a look at some of the most iconic fictional versions of the stone carved creatures. Every name in this section is from the famous Disney animated series 'Gargoyles' and its spin off comic books.

14. Angela - One of the rare female gargoyle names in this list, Angela is the daughter of the gargoyles Goliath and Demona.

15. Benny - The name of a boy who mutated into a human woodlouse.

16. Boudicca - Boudicca is the name of a slender gargoyle of the Avalon clan that looks like a dog.

17. Brentwood - Lexington's clone, Brentwood views Thailog as smart and decides to remain obedient to him.

18. Broadway - Broadway is the name of a good natured but overweight gargoyle in the Manhattan clan who likes to read.

19. Bronx - A gargoyle who looks like a dog, Bronx stays in the residence of the Manhattan clan and watches television with Hudson.

20. Brooklyn - A white haired gargoyle, Brooklyn serves as the Manhattan clan's second in command.

21. Burbank - Burbank is Hudson's clone and carries a mace. However, unlike Hudson, Burbank's left eye isn't injured.

22. Claw - Claw is one of the strongest members of the Mutate clan, but is also one of its most silent.

23. Coldsteel - Also known as Iago, Coldsteel is an enemy of Othello.

24. Coldstone - The spirit of one of the Wyvern clan's deceased gargoyles, Coldstone was resurrected into a cyborg body through sorcery and science.

25. Constance - A gargoyle who looks like a wild boar in the London clan.

26. Delilah - Delilah is a binary clone made from 10% of Elisa's DNA and 90% from Demona's DNA.

27. Demona - The ex-mate of Goliath and the mother of Angela, Demona has been alive continuously for a long time.

28. Desdemona - Desdemona is Othello's mate and rejoined the Manhattan clan in 1997.

29. Egwardo - A gargoyle who is yet to hatch from his egg, Egwardo is also known by the name Tachi, and is the daughter of Katana and Brooklyn.

30. Erin - Benny's older sister, who eventually mutated into a human turtle.

31. Fang - Fang is a member of the Mutate clan but eventually betrays them.

32. Fu-Dog - A green skinned gargoyle, Fu-Dog is known for his loyalty to Brooklyn.

33. Gabriel - A member of the Avalon clan, Gabriel is the son of Coldfire and Coldstone.

34. Goliath - The leader of the Manhattan clan in the Disney series, Goliath is known for his huge stature. He is the most famous fictional gargoyle.

35. Griff - A gargoyle who looks like a griffin, Griff got displaced in 1995 after he went through the Phoenix Gate.

36. Hollywood - Hollywood is Broadway's clone.

37. Hudson - An elder and a former leader of the Wyvern clan, Hudson serves as the advisor to the Manhattan clan.

38. Jade - Like Goliath in terms of facial appearance, Jade is a green skinned gargoyle who is a member of the Mayan Clan. This is another great name for a female gargoyle.

39. Kai - The leader of the Japanese clan Ishimura.

40. Katana - Originating in the Ishimura clan during Japan's feudal years, Katana becomes a part of the Manhattan Clan through Brooklyn.

41. Leo - A gargoyle who looks like a lion in the London clan.

42. Lexington - The smallest gargoyle in the Manhattan clan, Lexington is known for being a tech wizard.

43. Little Anton - A giant gargoyle created by Anton Sevarius after the use of all the gargoyles' DNA.

44. Lunette - A gargoyle who looks similar to a winged unicorn, Lunette is the daughter of London clan members Leo and Una.

45. Maggie Reed - Initially a human, Maggie Reed was later transformed into a gargoyle whose appearance was a combination of a bat, an electric eel, and a lion.

46. Malibu - Malibu is Brooklyn's clone and viewers of the series get hints that he is in a relationship with Delilah, which is disappointing to Brooklyn.

47. Nashville - The gargoyle son of Brooklyn and Katana, Nashville is often referred to as Gnash for short.

48. Obsidiana - A blue skinned gargoyle in the Mayan Clan who is also Zafiro's mate. She is known to use her healing and herbalist skills.

49. Ophelia - Ophelia is a turquoise skinned gargoyle from the Avalon clan who has a distinct wing feature.

50. Othello - Othello was Goliath's rookery brother and joined the Manhattan clan in 1998.

51. Pog - A gargoyle that's like a hippogriff and is also the oldest member of the London clan.

52. Sora - A member of the Ishimura Clan and the second in command to Kai.

53. Staghart - A gargoyle who looks like a white stag, Staghart apparently shares a close friendship with the Manhattan clan's Lexington.

54. Talon - The leader of the Mutate clan, whose physical appearance is like a combination of a bat, a black panther and an electric eel.

55. Tasha - Tasha mutated into a human armadillo in the series.

56. Thailog - Created by Anton Sevarius, Thailog is a clone of Goliath and eventually forms a partnership with Demona under the name Alexander Thailog.

57. Thug - Thug was mutated into a human crocodile and, before being freed by Sevarius, was in charge of guarding Fang's cell.

58. Turquesa - A blue skinned gargoyle from the Mayan clan who wears the turquoise amulet.

59. Una - The leader of the London clan, Una is a gargoyle who looks like a unicorn.

60. Yama - A former member of the Ishimura clan and also Sora's ex-mate, who was banished for his criminal acts. To make amends for his misdeeds, he eventually joins Robyn Canmore's Redemption Squad.

61. Zafiro - The leader of the Mayan clan and a red skinned gargoyle who has a unique feather-winged appearance and a snake tail instead of legs.

Some of the gargoyle names are quite funny

Funny Gargoyle Names

When you think about it, there's not much funny about gargoyles. However, in the 1996 Disney movie 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame', there are three incredibly funny gargoyles who play pivotal roles in the movie. Let's check out the names they like to use and their roles in this new section along with also learning the name of two other gargoyles from Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' universe.

62. Hugo - Of the three gargoyles, Hugo is the most flamboyant and comical. When he is in his non-living statue form, he encourages numerous birds to nest within his mouth, which he later spits out. Hugo is also a supporter of Quasimodo.

63. Laverne - The most competent of the three gargoyles, Laverne is an old gargoyle who is like a wise mother to Quasimodo. In the movie, she resolves numerous difficult situations rationally.

64. Victor - Victor is the voice of caution among the gargoyles and speaks in a deep British accent. He is the most innocent gargoyle and compared to Hugo and Laverne, often acts cowardly in difficult situations. He also regularly apologizes for his actions.

65. Constable Downspout - A friendly gargoyle who appears in the book 'Feet Of Clay' by Terry Pratchett.

66. Constable Pediment - Another friendly gargoyle from Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' universe who appears in the book 'Jingo'.

Gargoyle Names With Spooky Meanings

In mythology, gargoyles are regarded as evil creatures. In this new and final section, we'll go through some spooky gargoyle names that you'll like. If you like these names, feel free to pick a name from this list for your very own fictional gargoyle character.

67. Abaddon (Greek origin) meaning "destruction".

68. Acheros (Latin American origin) meaning "river of sorrow".

69. Achlys (Greek origin) meaning "darkness".

70. Ahriman (Persian origin) meaning "evil spirit" or "devil".

71. Apep (Egyptian origin) meaning "to slither".

72. Ares (Greek origin) meaning "ruin".

73. Asmodeus (Hebrew origin) meaning "demon of wrath".

74. Azazel (Hebrew origin) meaning "total removal" or "scapegoat".

75. Azvameth (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong death".

76. Birsha (Hebrew origin) meaning "evil".

77. Bora (Turkish origin) meaning "storm".

78. Chernobog (Slavic origin) meaning "God".

79. Diabolos (Greek origin) meaning "accuser" or "slanderer".

80. Dolion (Greek origin) meaning "deceitful".

81. Demogorgon (Greek origin) meaning "grim demon".

82. Devland (Irish origin) meaning "misfortune".

83. Gedeon (Hebrew origin) meaning "destroyer".

84. Gorgon (Greek origin) meaning "terrible".

85. Hadeon (Croatian origin) meaning "destroyer".

86. Helmer (German origin), meaning "the wrath of a warrior".

87. Jaakobah (Hebrew origin) meaning "deceiver".

88. Kek (Egyptian origin) meaning "God of darkness".

89. Keket (Egyptian origin) meaning "Goddess of darkness".

90. Lamia (Arabic and Latin origins) meaning "large shark".

91. Lilith (Hebrew origin) meaning "of the night".

92. Loki (Scandinavian origin) meaning "trickster".

93. Mara (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter".

94. Orpheus (Greek origin) meaning "the night's darkness".

95. Ravana (Sanskrit origin) meaning "ten headed man".

96. Runihura (Egyptian origin) meaning "destroyer".

97. Sephtis (Persian origin) meaning "eternal death".

98. Seth (Egyptian origin) meaning "the dazzling one".

99. Tavarious (American origin) meaning "misfortune".

100. Than (Greek origin) meaning "death".

101. Ubel (German origin) meaning "evil".

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