250+ Best Girl Group Names For Your Squad

Group of girl friends on hilltop

Social media and chat systems have revolutionized the 'stay connected' sense with best friends.

If the ladies are like a family, why just have a simple 'best friends' name for the group chat? A team name that defines your girls' identity is like the best thing to do for your group chat.

So when you create your group, the question of 'what should the group name be?' might probably confuse you. You might enter the same in your search bar, and there will be so many team names for girls that it might end up bothering you even more. Cute names like HoneyBees, Wild Cats, Queen Bees, Gossip Girls turn out to be a few cool and popular girl squad names. Here's a collection of thematically arranged lists of 250+ names for your girl chat group names that will resonate with all your queens.

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Cute Girl Group Name Ideas

A good friend circle will always try to check on you and make your feel great.

Cute names for girls' WhatsApp groups and group chats always give a sense and place of belonging. Here's a list of few team names full of the cutest words and phrases.

1. Boots and Skirts.

2. Bubblicious.

3. Bumblebees.

4. Bumble Slay.

5. California Girls.

6. Charming Chicks.

7. Chicks with Kicks.

8. Country Ladies.

9. Cuddle Lovers.

10. Cupcakes Crazy.

11. Divas Forever.

12. Drama Gals.

13. Dream Warriors.

14. Express Friends.

15. Girls like Belles.

16. Girls on Fire.

17. HERd.

18. Honey Bees.

19. Hots and Cheetos.

20. Hot Shots.

21. Independent Ladies.

22. Ladybugs.

23. Lady Rangers.

24. LA Girls.

25. Lil Cuties.

26. Lovable Ladies.

27. Lovely Chicks.

28. Mermaids Connect.

29. Oh My Girlies.

30. Pink Birds.

31. Pink Flamingoes.

32. Postcards from Venus.

33. Power Sisters.

34. Pretty Girls Rock.

35. Public Square.

36. Queen Bees.

37. Rainbows and Stars.

38. Red Life Force.

39. Selfie Sisters.

40. Shooting Stars.

41. Soul Sisters.

42. Sunshine Faces.

43. Superstars.

44. Sweet Unicorns.

45. The Cappucino Girls.

46. The Taco Belles.

47. The Water Lilies.

48. Women Love.

Unique Girl Group Ideas

Team names with a creative and unique name are always eye-catching. Here are a few group names for the smart and sassy girl squad.

49. Alices from Tomorrowland.

50. Another Lost Heart - A broken hearts recovery group name, bringing the heartbroken together.

51. Big Baby.

52. Black Magic.

53. Blazed Up.

54. Book Stop - the best group name for book lover's paradise.

55. Burn Baby Burn - one of the best group names for girls' pilates club.

56. Cakes and Cookies.

57. Chicks Clique.

58. Choir of Angels.

59. Chop it like it's Hot - names for girls who love sharing their recipes.

60. Copyright Makers - for all the thoughtful writers and authors' groups.

61. Cowgirl Squad - for the country loving raw names for girls.

62. Crepes better than Creeps.

63. Dolls with Balls - One of the cool group names for the football girlies.

64. Doomsday Divas.

65. Dragonflies.

66. Feline Strong.

67. Flawless Guys.

68. Flossy Posse.

69. Flower Power.

70. Fly Girls.

71. Fusion Girls.

72. Gingerbread Girls.

73. Goal Diggers.

74. Golden Bunch.

75. Hail Marys.

76. Hail the Matriarchy.

77. Hot Flash.

78. Howling Wolves.

79. Hurricane Babes.

80. Hustlin' Babes.

81. Infinity and Beyond.

82. Kicks and Boots.

83. Lady Lions.

84. Lemons and Lemonades.

85. Male not Efficient - quite a group name for single ladies related posts and names.

86. Married and Amazing.

87. Mexican Chicks.

88. No Boys Please.

89. Pantsuit Sisters.

90. Pixies.

91. Run Like a Girl.

92. Share a Thank.

93. She United.

94. Sisters before Misters.

95. Sister Tribe don't Die.

96. Slayin' all Day.

97. Sparklers.

98. Star Power.

99. The Cosmopolitan Club.

100. The Wise Women Gang.

101. Think Together.

102. Treasure Chests.

103. Trivia Tramps.

104. Venomous.

105. Vixens Ltd.

106. Where's the Food At?

107. Wild Thangs.

108. Wondering Minds.

Popular Names For Girls' Group

Team names inspired by fiction or pop-culture references are always popular in the name list. Here are a few popular names that can be perfect for your group names.

109. 3 Ladiez.

110. All The Single Ladies.

111. Avengers Assemble.

112. Awesome Blossoms.

113. Backstreet Girls.

114. Beyonce's Club.

115. Birds of Prey.

116. Bucket List Survivors.

117. Buttercup Squad.

118. Charlie's Angels.

119. Charlie and Angels.

120. Chicks with Flicks.

121. Disney Princesses.

122. Dumbledore's army.

123. Fantastic 4.

124. Fast and Curious.

125. Game of Phones.

126. Gangnam Style Fans.

127. Girls with No Name.

128. Girlzzz.

129. Gossip Girls.

130. Life of Pie.

131. Lil Incredibles.

132. Mamma Mia.

133. Marvels Fan Girls.

134. Mean Girls.

135. Not Fast, Just Furious.

136. Pink Panthers.

137. PowerPuff Party.

138. Power Rangers.

139. Sisterhood of Magic Bands.

140. Spice Girls Fun.

141. Super Women.

142. Taylor Swift Squad.

143. The Breakfast Club.

144. The Chamber of Secrets.

145. The Circle.

146. The Furious Five.

147. The Instagram Challenge Gang.

148. The Mega Minds.

149. The Spice Girls Squad.

150. The Three Musketeers.

151. Victorious Secrets.

152. We Run The World.

153. We wear pink on Wednesdays - What better name than this for the 'Mean Girls' fan?

154. What Goes Around.

155. Wonder Women.

Funny Girl Group Ideas

Group names inspired by the funny traits of the groups will always stay close to every group member's heart. Below are a few funny names and phrases that would make up for a great team name.

156. _________ is our mother! - add the name of the mother of the group. This is one of the funny group names.

157. BFFs - Best Fries Forever.

158. Blockheads.

159. Buzzy Girls - one of the perfect friendship group names for the busy women who like to buzz around.

160. Civil Disobedience.

161. Donut Call List.

162. Flat decisions.

163. Four for a Fall.

164. Funky Monkies.

165. Go-Getters.

166. Hangover Relievers.

167. Hungry for Trouble.

168. I've Got a Bad Idea!

169. I Can, but Will I?

170. Just Do It.

171. Let's Taco 'bout it.

172. Love you all but...

173. Oh no, XOXO!

174. Pajama House Party Gang

175. People we Tolerate.

176. Phone Pals.

177. Pin Drop Nonsense.

178. Punch the Weight.

179. Take it, or I Will.

180. The Disco Ninjas.

181. The Meme Team.

182. The Woodchucks.

183. Wanna Frandsheep? - this would make for one of the group names for girls who talk about the stalkers.

184. What's in a Name?

185. What's the WiFi? - for all the roomies that you live with, this is one of the best names for girl groups.

186. Will Trade for Food.

187. Women Domination Strategies.

Kpop Girl Group Names

A group named after the famous K-Pop names? That sure would be a treat for an adorable and funny group team name. Check the few Kpop names for perfect group names below.

188. AESPA Girls.

189. AOA Girls.

190. Berry Good.

191. BlackPink Fan Club.

192. Blue Rose.

193. Brown Eyed Girls.

194. Caramel Latte.

195. Cherry Bullets.

196. Dreamcatcher.

197. Dream Note.

198. Dynamic New Girls.

199. Everglow.

200. EXID.

201. Girl Crush.

202. Girl Pop Squad.

203. Girls Gen.

204. Hello Venus.

205. Itzy Bitzy.

206. Krazy Girls.

207. Ladies' Code.

208. Little Melodies.

209. Loveridge.

210. Lunar Solar.

211. Maka Maka.

212. Mamamoo.

213. Meow Bomb.

214. New Amazing Utopia.

215. Oh! GG.

216. Oh, My Girls.

217. Queens of Hearts.

218. Red Cherry.

219. Red Velvet.

220. Rocket Punch.

221. SeoulSoul.

222. Supersonic.

223. Valetta.

224. Valkyrie.

225. Vixenne.

226. Weki Meki Gang.

227. Yellow Bloom.

Space-Related Creative Names For Group

Group names related to space are quirky and fun.

A space-focused team name can make a few creative and crazy group names for girl chat groups. Below are a few spaces, the universe, and alternate universe related words for funky group names.

228. Battle Star.

229. Blue Aliens.

230. Easy Earthlings.

231. Find us at the Halo.

232. Flickerin' People.

233. Galaxy Buddies.

234. Gemini Gems Club.

235. Gone with Pluto.

236. Lunar Ladies Love.

237. Mars all Stars.

238. Out of this World.

239. Party Bombers.

240. Planet Champions.

241. Planet Unicorns.

242. Pluto's Fallen Angels.

243. Saturn Surfers.

244. Space Babes.

245. Star Trekkers.

246. The Firebirds.

247. The Invaders.

248. Too Hot for the Sun.

249. Twinkling Stars.

250. Venus Beauties.

251. Whole Wild World.

252. Wild Space-Time.

253. Zodiac-Signs and Us.

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