50 Best Girl Names With Boy Nicknames

A beautiful and exciting name always enhances a girl's personality.

A new trend in baby girl names involves picking a name with a distinctly boyish nickname.

The evolution of baby names has come a long way. From the feminine names of the past to the present's unisex names, baby girl names have gone through a stark change.

Many parents are now looking for unisex names for their young girls. However, you may want to give your girl the freedom of having a feminine name that can be clipped to a boy's name too if she so wishes. You will find the perfect name on this list of 50 great girl names with boyish nicknames.

For more naming inspiration, take a look at these short girl names or these short boy names.

Awesome Girl Names With Boyish Nicknames

Do you want to give your baby girl an awesome name that has a boyish nickname? Here are the names that you might just be looking for:

1.Alexandra (Greek origin), meaning the "protector of mankind." It has one of the most common boyish nicknames, Alex.

2.Allie (English origin), meaning "a part of the nobility." Al can be a boyish nickname for Allie.

3.Amirah (Hebrew origin), meaning "princess." It can be shortened and used as Amir.

4.Andromeda (Greek origin), meaning "the ruler of people" can be a baby girl nickname Andre.

5.Aurora (Roman origin) means "dawn" and can have two shortened boy names: Ari and Rory.

6.Bernadette (French origin) means "as brave as a bear" and you can call your little girl Bernie.

7.Bryanna (Celtic origin) meaning "high hill". A little girl with this name can be called Bryan.

8.Charlotte (French origin) meaning "one who is free". A suitable boyish nickname would be Charlie.

9.Christina (Greek origin) meaning the "follower of Christ". Christina can easily have a boyish nickname in Chris.

10.Colleen (Irish origin) meaning "a woman". Cole could be one of the cute nicknames for this name,

11.Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "My abundance is God". El can be a good short version of this name.

12.Erica (Latin origin) is the name for the plant heather with the widespread nickname, Eric.

13.Georgina (Greek origin) meaning "someone who farms". For girls with this name, George is usually used as a nickname.

14.Michaela (Hebrew origin) meaning "the gift from God". Mike or Michael acts as a boyish name for Michaela.

15.Olivia (English origin) means "the olive tree" and Ollie is the common nickname for girls having this name.

16.Pauline (French origin) meaning "humble and beautiful". Paulie or Paul are great names for nicknames in this case.

17.Pearl (English origin) meaning "precious". Some girls withthis name might go by the name Perry.

18.Regina (Latin origin) meaning "queen". The boyish nickname for Regina is Reggie.

19.Samantha (Greek origin) means "someone who listens" and is commonly contracted to Sam.

20.Teresa (Greek origin) meaning "the harvester". For plenty of girls, Terry is a cute nickname.

Fun Girl Names With Boyish Nicknames

A fun nickname can be perfect for your daughter.

Do you want your daughter to have a longer name that can be shortened to a boyish nickname?

21.Abella (Spanish origin) meaning "a small, active person". Abel is one of the cutest nicknames for names such as Abella.

22.Antonia (Roman origin) meaning "priceless beauty". Tony is a popular nickname for girl names like Antonia.

23.Aryanna (Cretan origin) meaning "the purest and holiest". Aryanna is a fun and cute girl name, with Ryan being an excellent baby girl nickname.

24.Bertha (Germanic origin) meaning "a bright person". For this popular name, Bert could be a fun name to call someone.

25.Bronwyn (British origin) meaning "a blessed and strong being". This could be reduced to just Bron.

26.Camilla (Roman origin) meaning "someone who assists in religious ceremonies". The boyish nickname Cam is very popular now.

27.Corine (French origin) meaning "beautiful lady". Corrie is the short form of Corine.

28.Danica (Hebrew origin) is the one name for the planet of Venus. The nickname Danny could be easily used in place.

29.Edwina (English origin) means "a prosperous friend" and in place of edwina, Ed could be an adorable little girl name.

30.Emmanuella (Hebrew origin) meaning "faith". For this name, Manny is a fun form to use.

31.Franceska (Italian origin) means "one from France", Frank acts as the most suitable short form.

32.Geraldine (Germanic origin) meaning "a fierce protector". Gerry or Gerald are boyish nicknames for Geraldine.

33.Harriet (Germanic origin) meaning "the head of the house". Harry is the nickname that can be used here.

34.Jacqueline (French origin) meaning "supplanter". For Jacqueline, the best nickname is Jack!

35.Katrina (Germanic origin) meaning "someone of a pure nature". Kit is one of the cute nicknames for girls in this case.

36.Mackenzie (Scottish origin) means "a child born out of the fire", it can be shortened to either Mac or Kenny.

37.Maxine (English origin) meaning "the best". Maxine is part of a group of baby names with nicknames which are very common, like Max.

38.Miranda (Latin origin) meaning "someone worth admiring". Miranda can be contracted into Andrew or Miro.

39.Skyla (American origin) means "an educated, scholarly person" and the nickname is Sky.

40.Wilfreda (English origin) meaning "the peace of purpose". Wilfreda may be reduced to Will.

Unisex Girl Names That Have Boyish Nicknames

Unisex names are becoming increasingly common among many parents.

Unisex names are the trending right now. We've got that covered too with 10 unisex baby names for girls or boys with a cute boyish nickname.

41.Billie (Germanic origin) means "someone who protects resolutely". While Billie itself works as a nickname, Bill can also be used.

42.Bradley (English origin) meaning "wide meadow". Either Lee or Brad could be used for this name.

43.Brooklyn (American origin) means "a small and beautiful brook", the shortened form Brook or Brooks is the best option here.

44.Bryar (English origin) meaning "bush of wild roses". Bry could be a short and fun name for Bryar.

45.Dana (Sanskrit origin) meaning "of generous nature". For Dana, Dan seems the most suitable boyish name.

46.Edison (English origin) meaning "prosperity". The boyish nickname here is Eddie.

47.Jayden (English origin) means "a priceless stone" and this name could be easily turned into Jay.

48.Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning "someone like the Lord". Mike is the most obvious choice as a nickname here.

49.Raelyn (English origin) meaning "a protective advisor". Rey can be a great nickname here.

50.Sydney (French origin) meaning "a saint of the name Denis". Sid can be used for this particular name.

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