70 Best Girls Names Beginning With U

Baby girl wearing a knitted headband sleeping sweetly on a pink blanket.

We know finding the right name for your baby is definitely a challenge, but these girls names beginning with U will hopefully make the baby name search that little bit easier.

Names that start with U are uncommon in the UK, but we at Kidadl have found so many of the best U names for girls and we hope they help you out. We bring you the best baby girl names beginning with U from all around the world and from different time periods.

It's important to choose a name that you love, whether that's long or short, or from another part of the world. Here is our list of wonderful baby girl names for the letter U.  If you're still stuck, check out our baby girl names for the letter I here and baby girl names for the letter E here.

Nature Inspired Girls Names Beginning With U

Nature loving parents need look no further with these names that start with U. If you're looking to connect more with nature and the world around you, or want to ground your baby girl in her surroundings with nature-themed baby names, these U baby names for girls are worth considering. It's important to take moments to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, these names that start with U are the perfect way.

1) Ubah (Arabic and Norwegian) meaning waves and heavy rain, queen of flowers.

2) Uira (Brazilian and Arabic origin) meaning water lady; small butterfly.

3) Umeko (Japanese origin) meaning plum, blossom child and patient.

4) Umina (Japanese origin) meaning ocean and calm, south and summer, beach.

5) Una (Irish origin) meaning lamb or personification of truth, beauty and unity.

6) Ursa (Scandinavian, Latin and Greek origin) variant of Orsa, and meaning little she-bear, short for Ursula.

7) Urselina (Scandinavian origin) meaning little bear.

8)Ursile (Latin origin) meaning bear, variation of the name Ursula.

9) Ushma (Hindi origin) meaning spring, passionate.

10) Usoa (Latin origin) meaning bear.

11) Ursula  (Latin and Greek origin) meaning bear, popularised by Disney and Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress.

Baby girl wearing a red dress and white hairband lying on her side.

Powerful Girl Names Starting With U

Every baby girl has the potential to be powerful and mighty, and these baby names that start with U can confirm just that. From Greek origins, to German and Sanskrit, there's plenty of names that start with U for your baby girl that you can be inspired by.

12) Ugetta (German origin) meaning mind, intellect, the feminine form of Hugh.

13) Ulka (German origin) meaning power of the wolf and power of the home.

14) Ulla (German, Scandinavian, Norse origin) meaning will and determination.

15) Ulrica (Germanic origins, commonly Swedish) meaning of mighty heritage. Princess Ulrica Eleonora of Sweden is a famous person with this name.

16) Unice (Green origin) meaning good victory, it is a variant of the name Eunice, from the Goddess of Victory, Nike.

17) Urvasi (Sanskrit origin) meaning she who controls the heart, and name for the dawn Goddess.

Religious and Mythological Girl Names Starting With U

The baby girl names that start with U have classical origins in religion and mythology, and they're the perfect way to add story and meaning to your baby girl names. They are a great way to modernise traditional U names for girls and add that fabled touch.

18) Uchenna (African origin, Nigerian) is a name meaning God's thoughts, God's wish and is a unisex name.

19) Udelia (Hebrew origin) meaning song, praise God, fortunate and prosperous.

20) Unathi (South African origin) meaning God is with us. There is a South African musician called Unathi Msengana.

21) Undine (Latin origin) meaning little wave. The name has mythological origins, too, meaning water spirit, more commonly known as Ondine, heroine of Edith Wharton novel, The Custom of the Country.

22) Undomiel (Literary origin) meaning evening star, a title given to elf Arwen in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, rendered poetically as Evenstar.

Baby girl wearing pink smiling up at her parents.

Bright Baby Girl Names Starting With U  

These bright baby girl names beginning with U are the perfect way to show the world how much your baby girl is a shining star.  Girl names starting with U can be hard to come by, but we have compiled the best names that start with U from all over the world, with an array of interesting origins for your little girl.

23) Uberta (Italian origin) meaning bright or shining intellect.

24) Umaiza (Arabic origin) is a name meaning beautiful and bright.

25) Urania (Greek origin) meaning heavenly or of heaven, often shortened to Rania. Urania is the muse of astronomy, and in later times of Christian poetry.

26) Uriela (Hebrew origin) meaning light of God or God is my illumination.

27) Usoa (Urdu origin) meaning sample, example and light.

Prosperous Baby Girl Names Starting With U

These baby girl names beginning with U will conjure associations of prosperity, wealth and attract good energy according to their original meanings. Whether you're looking for a short baby name that starts with U or longer names that start with U, we've got you covered with this list of baby girl names.

28) Uda (German origin) meaning wealth, inheritance.

29) Udele (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning wealthy. This is a nice little variation of the girls name Adele, if you're looking for a slightly different way to spell the name.

30) Udella (Old English origin) is a variant of Udelle, meaning wealthy.

31) Ula (Spanish origin) meaning wealthy, gem of the sea and sacred red.

32) Uniss  (Greek origin) meaning good victory.

33) Uttara (Sanskrit, Hindi origin) meaning royal, star, superior.

34) Ute (German) meaning rich, wealthy.

Small baby girl lying on a bed sleeping.

Meaningful Baby Girl Names Starting With U

These girl names that start with U are wonderful for their meanings, the letter U has been put to diverse use here. These names that start with U will tell the world who your baby girl is. From heavenly origins, to wise intellectuals, these baby girl names for the letter U are unique, mysterious and wondrous.

35) Ulanni (Polynesian origin) meaning heavenly or heavenly beauty.

36) Ulfah (Arabic origin) meaning affection, friendship, harmony.

37) Uliana (Russian origin) meaning youthful.

38) Ulima (Arabic origin) meaning astute and wise.

39) Ultima (Latin origin) meaning end of the farthest point. In English, it is associated with ultimate.

40) Umay (Turkic origin) meaning hope, it is typically a Goddess name.

41) Umali (Philipino origin) meaning magnanimous and is a common name throughout Asia.

42) Umber (French origin) meaning origin and popularity.

43) Umniya (Arabic origin) meaning desire, and longing.

44) Ura (Sanskrit origin) meaning the heart.

45) Uzuri (African, Swahili origin) meaning beauty, it is a unisex name.

Uncommon Baby Girl Names Starting With U

These are our favourite list of names that are typically quite uncommon. That doesn't mean they're not beautiful though. These are some of the most unique and attractive girl names that start with the wonderful letter U, ranging from places all over the world with many different regal, historical and meaningful origins.

46) Ubelia (Greek origin) meaning to help. Ubelia is an alternative form the name Ophelia.

47) Ulicia (Irish origin) meaning playful heart, the name has 23 different forms.

48) Ulissa (Latin origin) an alternative to Ulyssa, feminine form of Ulysses, meaning popularity.

49) Ulyciana (American origin) uniquely means wounded in the thigh and is derivative of the name Ulysses.

50) Uma (Sanskrit and Hebrew origin) meaning flax or turmeric in modern times and nation in its classical meaning. Uma Thurman is a famous person with this name.

51) Umayma (Arabic origin) meaning little mother.

52) Umbrielle (Latin origin) meaning one in the shadow. It is typically a name found in France.

53) Uniqua (Latin origin) meaning only one, related to the name Unique.

Two pairs of baby feet poking out the blanket.

54) Urbana (Latin, Italian origin) meaning city dweller, the city.

55) Urena (English, Cornish origin) descending from 6th century King of Rheged and his son Owain mab Urien, known for his victories in battle.

56) Uriya (Hebrew origin) meaning brightness, a version of Urit.

57) Urraca (medieval Latin origin) meaning magpie, it can also be attributed to being of Basque and Portuguese origin.

58) Utina (Native American origins) meaning woman of my country.

Baby girl sleeping on a fluffy rug.

Girl Names That Start With U Originating From A Place

These are girl names beginning with U for baby girls that originate from a place. From all over the world, there are stunning places and these places are and can be names beginning with U.  Whether you have been to these places, and fallen in love, or just love the name, these baby girl names that start with U are worldly and stunning.

59) Uba is a place located in the Zona de Mata region of Brazil.

60) Ube is a city located in the Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan.

61) Uberaba is a place located in Brazil.

62) Udupi is a place located in the state of Karnataka, India.

63) Ueda is a place located in Japan.

64) Ufa is a city located in Russia.

65) Umbria is a virtually unused girls name in Italy and reflects the beautiful cascading hills of the area's countryside (near Tuscany).

66) Umuarama is a city located in Brazil.

67) Urawa is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

68) Uribia is a town located in Colombia.

69) Urmia is a city located in Iran.

70) Uruma is a city located in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.



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