176 Best Glittering Names That Mean Gold And Silver

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Choosing the perfect baby name that you'll love for a lifetime can be hard work, but also fun, enlightening and educational.

Having a theme or desired meaning helps to narrow things down quite quickly and can be even more exciting. Take a look at these beautiful baby names meaning golden or gold, as well as baby names that mean silvery or silver.

Unisex Names That Mean Gold

Take a look at these fabulous names that mean golden, fit for your precious boy or girl! You'll be spoilt for choice with these beautiful baby names that mean gold, golden and more from around the world.

1.Aurum (Latin origin): Means 'gold'.

2.Jin (Chinese origin): Means 'gold'.

3.Jinhua (Chinese origin): Meaning 'the magnificence, brilliance of gold'.

4.Jinyu (Chinese origin): Means 'gold jade', 'flawless, gold gem' or 'gold feather'.

5.Kanok (Thai origin): Meaning 'gold'.

6.Kulta (Finnish origin): Meaning 'gold' and 'darling, dear'.

7.Lipaz (Hebrew origin): Means 'my gold'.

8.Olaedo (Nigerian origin): Meaning 'gold'.

9.Paz (Hebrew origin): Means 'gold'.

10.Souvankham (Lao origin): Meaning 'precious gold'.

11.Souvanna (Lao origin): Means 'gold'.

12.Swarna (Indian and Hindi origins): Meaning 'golden' or 'good colour'.

13.Vanna (Cambodian origin): Means 'golden'.

14.Voski (Armenian origin): Means 'gold'.

15.Yari (Spanish and Caribbean origins): Meaning 'small gold jewellery'.

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Girls' Names Meaning Gold

Here are some great golden names for your gorgeous baby girl. These delightful baby names mean gold, golden and more, plus they come from all over the world! Who would have thought there would be so many different ways of naming your precious golden one?

16.Altansarnai (Mongolian origin): Means 'golden rose'.

17.Altantsetseg (Mongolian origin): Means 'golden flower'.

18.Altynai (Kazakh and Kyrgyz origins): Meaning 'golden moon'.

19.Altynshash (Kazakh origin): Means 'golden voice'.

20.Anacaona (Tiano origin): Meaning 'golden flower'.

21.Aouregan (Celtic origin): Means 'shining gold' or 'golden face'.

22.Aranka (Hungarian origin): Means 'gold'.

23.Aurea (Late Roman origin): Meaning 'golden'.

24.Aurelia (Latin origin): Means 'golden'.

25.Auriel (Latin origin): Means 'gold'.

26.Aurnia (Irish origin): Means 'golden lady'.

27.Baojin (Mandarin origin): Means 'precious gold'.

28.Bhrungara (Hindu origin): Means 'golden flower'.

29.Chrysanta (English origin): Meaning 'golden flower'.

30.Chrysanthemum (Greek origin): Means 'golden flower'.

31.Cressida (Greek origin): Meaning 'gold'.

32.Eldora (Spanish origin): Meaning 'covered with gold'.

33.Eurwen (Welsh origin): Means 'gold and fair'.

34.Gilda (English origin): Meaning 'covered with gold'.

35.Golda (Yiddish origin): Meaning 'gold'.

36.Goldie (English origin): Means 'made of gold'.

37.Hema (Sanskrit origin): Meaning 'golden'.

38.Kanchana (Tamil and Thai origins): Means 'golden'.

39.Kim (Vietnamese origin): Meaning 'gold'.

40.Mai (Vietnamese origin): Means 'golden flower'.

41.Millaray (Native American and Mapuche origins): Means 'golden flower'.

42.Nubia (Egyptian origin): Meaning 'gold'.

43.Nubit (Egyptian origin): Means 'golden lady'.

44.Nubiti (Egyptian origin): Meaning 'golden lady'.

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45.Ofira (Hebrew origin): Meaning 'gold'.

46.Ophira (Hebrew origin): Meaning 'gold'. The feminine form of the name Ophir.

47.Orabel (English origin): Means 'golden, beautiful'.

48.Orabela (Esperanto origin): Meaning 'golden, beautiful'.

49.Orabella (Italian origin): Means 'golden, beautiful'.

50.Orabelle (French origin): Meaning 'golden, beautiful'.

51.Oralee (English origin): Meaning 'golden'.

52.Oralie (English origin): Means 'golden'. The English variation of the French name Aurelie.

53.Orfhlaith (Irish origin): Meaning 'golden princess'.

54.Oriana (Italian and Spanish origins): Means 'gold'.

55.Oriane (French origin): Meaning 'golden'.

56.Orianne (French origin): Means 'golden'.

57.Orinda (English origin): Meaning 'gold'.

58.Orla (Irish Gaelic origin): Means 'gold princess'.

59.Orlagh (Irish Gaelic origin): Meaning 'gold princess'.

60.Orlaith (Irish Gaelic origin): Means 'gold princess'.

61.Paziah (Hebrew origin): Meaning 'the gold of the Lord our God'.

62.Peta (Native-American origin): Meaning 'golden eagle'.

63.Rezarta (Albanian origin): Means 'golden ray', and is the feminine form of the name Rezart.

64.Rosaura (Spanish origin): Means 'golden rose'.

65.Rukmini (Hindu origin): Meaning 'adorned with gold'.

66.Sona (Indian and Hindi origins): Means 'gold'.

67.Sonal (Indian and Hindi origins): Meaning 'gold'.

68.Sovanna (Cambodian origin): Means 'golden dream'.

69.Urrea (Basque origin): Means 'gold' and is the feminine form of the name Urre.

70.Vosgedzam (Armenian origin): Meaning 'golden hair'.

71.Vosgetel (Armenian origin): Means 'golden thread'.

72.Vosgi (Armenian origin): Meaning 'gold'.

73.Voshkie (Armenian origin): Meaning 'golden'.

74.Worknesh (African Amharic origin): Means 'you are like gold'.

75.Yari (Spanish and Hebrew origins): Meaning 'gold'.

76.Zarbanu (Persian origin): Means 'golden lady'.

77.Zareen (Persian origin): Meaning 'golden'.

78.Zarbanu (Persian origin): Means 'golden lady'.

79.Zarina (Malay, Kazakh and Urdu origins): Meaning 'golden'.

80.Zlata (Croatian and Serbian origins): Means 'gold, golden'. The feminine form of the name Zlatan. Alternatively, the Yiddish form of the name Zlota.

81.Zlate (Slavic origin): Meaning 'golden'. Another feminine form of the name Zlatan.

82.Zlota (Jewish origin): Means 'gold'.

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Boys' Names Meaning Gold

Gold has been of great value in society for centuries, with the names all around the world that mean gold and even the phrase 'heart of gold' to prove it. Take a look at these gorgeous baby boy names that mean gold for your little golden one.

83.Afwerki (Ethiopian and Eritrean origins): Means 'mouth of gold'.

84.Ardit (Albanian origin): Meaning 'golden day'.

85.Aureliano (Italian origin): Meaning 'gold'. Aureliano is the Italian variation of the name Aurelius.

86.Aurelius (Ancient Roman origin): Means 'golden, gilded'.

87.Auryn (Celtic origin): Means 'gold'.

88.Chrysanthos (Greek origin): Meaning 'golden flower'.

89.Chryses (Greek Mythological origin): Means 'golden'.

90.Eurig (Welsh origin): Meaning 'golden'.

91.Flavius (Ancient Roman origin): Means 'golden'.

93.Okropir (Georgian origin): Means 'gold mouth'.

94.Oriol (Catalan origin): Meaning 'golden'.

95.Orlando (Spanish origin): Means 'land of gold'.

96.Oro (Spanish origin): Meaning 'gold'.

97.Orville (English origin): Meaning 'golden city'.

98.Paco (American origin): Means 'golden eagle'.

99.Rezart (Albanian origin): Means 'golden ray'.

100.Urre (Basque origin): Means 'gold'.

101.Workneh (East African origin): Meaning 'you are gold'.

102.Zahavi (Hebrew origin): Meaning 'gold'.

103.Zarathustra (Old Iranian origin): Means 'golden camel'.

104.Zereen (Arabic origin): Meaning 'golden'.

105.Zlatan (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian and Bulgarian origins): Meaning 'golden'.

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Unisex Names With The Meaning Silver

Your special one deserves a special name. Chances are, you will love these spectacular silver names for your boy or girl, picked from around the world.

106.Aridai (Hebrew origin): Means 'silver'.

107.Argyro (Ancient Greek origin): Meaning 'silver'.

108.Eun (Korean origin): Means 'silver, money'.

109.Hiran (Thai origin): Meaning 'silver'.

110.Hopea (Finnish origin): Means 'silver'.

111.Silver (English origin): Named after the precious metal, silver.

112.Shoneah (Native-American origin): Means 'silver'.

113.Spinzar (Pashto origin): Meaning 'white gold' or 'silver'

114.Taji (Japanese origin): Meaning 'silver and yellow colour'.

115.Thoshawah (Native-American origin): Meaning 'silver jewellery'.

116.Vendi (Indian origin): Means 'silver'.

117.Yin (Chinese origin): Meaning 'silver, money'.

118.Zilpher (Scandanavian origin): Means 'silver'.

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Girls' Names With The  Meaning Silver

Check out these adorable baby girl names meaning silver and more. This special selection with its variations and gorgeous spellings are from all over the world. Some of these names are the feminine form of popular boys names with the same meanings, and others are unique names for baby girls.

119.Arcene (French origin): Means 'silvery'.

120.Argenta (Latin-American origin): Meaning 'silver'.

121.Argentia (Latin-American origin): Means 'silver'.

122.Argentina (Latin-American origin): Meaning 'silver'.

123.Arian (Welsh origin): Means 'silver'.

124.Ariana (Welsh origin): Meaning 'silver'.

125.Arianell (English origin): Means 'silver'.

126.Arianrhod (Welsh origin): Means 'silver wheel'.

127.Arianwyn (Welsh origin): Meaning 'woman of silver'.

128.Ariene (Irish origin): Meaning 'silvery'.

129.Arjean (French origin): Means 'silvery'.

130.Eirian (Welsh and Irish origins): Meaning 'silver'.

131.Eun-Kyung (Korean origin): Means 'silver and grace'.

132.Fidda (Arabic origin): Meaning 'silver'.

133.Fizza (Arabic origin): Means 'silver'.

134.Gin (Japanese origin): Means 'silver'.

135.Gina (Japanese origin): Meaning 'silver'.

136.Hiriwa (New-Zealand origin): Meaning 'silver'.

137.Joo-Eun (Korean origin): Meaning 'silver pearl'.

138.Jumana (Arabic origin): Means 'silver pearl'.

139.Jumanah (Arabic origin): Meaning 'silver pearl'.

140.Kailasa (Indian origin): Means 'silver mountain'.

141.Ligia (Greek origin): Meaning 'silver voice'.

142.Lujaina (Arabic origin): Means 'silver'.

143.Lujayn (Arabic origin): Means 'silver'.

144.Naja (Arabic and Navajo origins): Meaning 'success' or 'silver hands'.

145.Ngaire (Hawaiian origin): Meaning 'silver fern'.

146.Picabo (Native-American origin): Means 'silver creek'.

147.Rajata (Indian origin): Means 'silver'.

148.Rupa (Sanskrit origin): Meaning 'silver'.

149.Seemeen (Arabic origin): Meaning 'of silver'.

150.Simin (Persian origin): Meaning 'silvery'.

151.Sooleawa (Native American origin): Means 'silver'.

152.Srebrenka (Serbian origin): Meaning 'silver'.

153.Tatyana (Latin origin): Means 'silver-haired'.

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Boys Names With Meaning Silver

Silver has great international symbolism, associated with wealth and riches. As people love to ascribe values to their babies through the meanings of their names, take a look at the different ways of doing so, with these baby boy names that mean silver.

154.Akupya (Indian origin): Means 'silver'.

155.Arian (Welsh origin): Meaning 'silver'.

156.Anargyros (Greek origin): Means 'silver'.

157.Argento (Latin origin): Meaning 'silver'.

158.Argyris (Greek origin): Meaning 'silvery'.

159.Argyro (Greek origin): Means 'silver'.

160.Argyros (Ancient Greek origin): Meaning 'silver'.

161.Arjuna (Hindu and Sanskrit origins): Means 'silver' along with 'lightning' and 'white'.

162.Fashan (Indian origin): Means 'silver; mace of iron'.

163.Fizzi (Arabic origin): Means 'made of silver'.

164.Ginjiro (Japanese origin): Meaning 'good silver'.

165.Rajat (Indian origin): Means 'silver'.

166.Roopal (Indian origin): Meaning 'made of silver'.

167.Seemab (Arabic origin): Means 'mercury, quicksilver'.

168.Silverman (Old English origin): Meaning 'silver' or 'silver worker'.

169.Silverton (Old English origin): Means 'silver' or 'silver town'.

170.Silvio (Italian origin): Meaning 'silver'.

171.Simab (Arabic origin): Means 'mercury, quicksilver'.

172.Sippai (Israeli origin): Meaning 'threshold silver cup'.

173.Sterling (English and German origins): Refers to pre-medieval silver refiners. Can also mean 'pure' or 'of high quality'.

174.Sterlyn (English and German origins) variation of Sterling.

175.Stirling (English and German origins) variation of Sterling.

176.Zilar (Basque origin): Meaning 'silver'.


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