40 Best Gnoll Names

Gnoll are a species in the popular fantasy role-playing game D&D

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Gnoll first appeared in Dungeons and Dragons in the 1974 box edition. They were mentioned as Dungeons and Dragons gnoll. According to the gnoll mythology, they belonged to the humanoid race but appeared to look like a hybrid of human and hyena. All kinds of gnolls had an affinity for hyenas. Gnolls preferred to keep them either as their pet or brethren. It is believed that some gnoll bloodline had demonic blood because of which they had prominent features like red eyes, talons, black fur with orange spots. Gnolls especially gnolls 5e were extremely tall, ranging from 7"-7.6". Gnoll 5e had a lean personality cut, an impressive visage which made gnoll more developed than any other race, such as humans. Gnoll's skin was greenish-gray in color with light to dark brown hue furry hide, occasionally marked with spots or striped. One feature that distinguished them was when a gnoll got angry a dirty yellow to a reddish-gray mane stood out. Gnolls' life span was less than any other creed. Gnolls lived for 30 or so years on average, reaching adulthood at a remarkable speed. When a gnoll use to die, others gnolls usually made a skeleton gnoll from the bones in a ritual called witherling.

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Male Gnoll Names

When it came to female and male gnolls, it was harder to distinguish between the two. Though the female gnoll's physique was smaller than a male, one cannot differentiate between the two unless the female was nursing or pregnant. Even the behavioral tendency of both genders was similar. Both the male and female gnoll had aggressive and feral psyche. Below is the list of male gnoll names.

1. Ak refereed to as initials of 'Avtomat Kalashnikova'.

2. Grokxex (Latin origin) inspired from acrtress name "Greer Garson".

3. Gyrkec (Latin origin) people who call themselves "Hellenes".

4. Izz (Arabic origin) meaning "glory of religion".

5. Merrurr Old norse name that gnolls use.

6. Mirgoh common Gnoll name.

Female Gnoll Names

Here is the list of female gnoll names, although they are hardly distinguishable from male ones.

7.  Arma (Latin origin) meaning "weapon of wars".

8.  Atzez (Chinese origin) means "face-up".

9.  Eith (Old English origin) means "rich or blessed".

10.  Gnerxerh Gnolls common name

11.  Glonzah common Gnoll name

12.  Gnora one of the popular name used by Gnoll races.

13.  Hyra (English origin) meaning "news".

14.  Hyrgna gnolls prefer this name and are derived from feliform species called "Hyena".

15.  Mastriz another popular name used by Gnolls.

16.  Mirrin refers to "sea of bitterness".

17.  Mrarhz another Gnoll name.

18.  Mrurteish (Anglo Saxon origin) refers to "Germanic tribes"

Gnoll Clan Names

Gnoll gnolls reassemble races of hyena

When it came to family, a gnoll deeply valued its clan. Gnolls had strong family values, which was in contrast to their violent nature. Gnoll packs/gnoll tribes battled among themselves for dominance. But after the resolution, the battles were forgotten, and no bad blood was left between them. Gnolls only used gnolls' names which are followed by their tribal name among themselves. Following is the list of Gnoll tribal/clan names.

19.  Ashhook one of the common Gnoll names.

20.  Bloodfist is the name of "Americal martial arts".

21.  Boomglob (Ameican origin) refers to "fictional mutant superheroes".

22.  Crackcast one of the common Gnoll names.

23.  Crackcheck one of the common Gnoll names.

24.  Deadmouth related to DJ musician named "Halcyon441".

25.  Filthhammer (English origin) meaning "filth of hammer".

Unique Gnoll Names

DnD has many creatures, and gnolls are one of them. Gnolls have military and warlike characteristics, which makes them unique characters. Gnolls loyalty in war cannot be questioned. Gnolls loyalty and faithfulness are so severe with its pack that gnolls die for its brethren. Here are some unique gnoll names.

26.  Abaddon (Greek origin) is Angel of the abyss.

27.  Asura (Hindu mythological origin) "name of demon".

28.  Beelzebub (Abrahamic origin) is the other name of "Satan".

29.  Buruta is demon name who ruled all over the forest.

30.  Hal (English origin) meaning "army ruler".

31.  Ipos is a "powerful prince of hell".

32.  Gorgon (Greek origin) means "the demon creator of life and bringer of death".

33.  Sekhmet (Egyptian origin) is "Goddess is known for drinking blood".

34.  Vlad (Slavic origin) means "heart of the legend of vampires".

Gender-Neutral Gnoll Names

Names can be fluid in nature,  irrespective of who they are used for. There are names among gnolls that can be used regardless of gender. Below is the list of gender-neutral names for gnolls.

35.  Amon (Greek origin) means "marquis of hell".

36.  Bora (Old norse origin) means "storm".

37.  Brone (Persian origin) meaning "sorrowful".

38.  Loki (Scandinavian origin) means "trickster".

39.  Nukpana (Native American origin) means "evil".

40.  Runihura (Egyptian origin) means "destruction".

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