100+ Best Goldendoodle Names For Your Cute Puppy

Goldendoodle puppies are the cutest and they should have equally cute names.

Goldendoodle puppies are in trend and after you adopt one, giving them a cute and unique name is another step of being a 'pawrent'.

You might want everyone to remember the name of your furry little one. Here's a list of name ideas for your cutest Goldendoodle puppy.

Goldendoodle puppies are a mixed breed between a Golden retriever and a Poodle, with a list of admirable traits. They are the most adorable puppies, very friendly, cuddly, gentle, and affectionate, an ideal breed for your family. They are also quite smart and bond deeply with the family members they live with. The standard Goldendoodle refers to the size of the dog, there are various types of Goldendoodles. A large standard Goldendoodle has 21-24 inches in height and weighs between 50-90 pounds. A Small Standard is around 17-20 inches. Your Goldendoodle should also reflect your style and status thus, choose the perfect name for your puppy wisely. Both male and female Goldendoodles have the same temperament and really sweet, however, training a female Goldendoodle can be a tad bit more difficult compared to a male Goldendoodle.

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Goldendoodle Names For Boys

A male Goldendoodle puppy should really stand out with a unique name of his.

Here is a list of Goldendoodle boy names for your puppy:

1. Alfred (English origin) meaning "elf" or "counsel". Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most brilliant directors of all time.

2. Anakin (Greek origin) meaning "warrior". The name is derived from the Greek Goddess of inevitability, Anake.

3. Andy (Greek origin) meaning "manlike" or "brave". Andy is probably the most preferred name for a pet.

4. Angus (Scottish origin) meaning "one strength". This is a unique name for your Goldendoodle dog.

5.Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer". This one is quite appropriate for your naughty little furry friend.

6. Baxter (Scottish origin) meaning "baker". Baxter is a name that fits for a smart dog.

7. Benji (Hebrew origin) meaning "the son of my right hand". This is one of the cutest Goldendoodle names one can choose for their dog.

8. Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown". This is one of the popular puppy names for Goldendoodles.

9.Buster (American origin) meaning "tough guy". For your brave little dog, this is a great choice of name.

10. Caesar (Latin origin) meaning "an emperor" or "ruler". This is among the royal Goldendoodle dog names.

11. Champ (Middle English origin) meaning "warrior". The name itself reflects the personality of a winner.

12. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free man". Charlie is one of the best names for Goldendoodles.

13. Dexter (English origin) meaning "dyer".

14. Dino (Italian origin) meaning "little sword". This is one of the cutest Goldendoodle puppies names.

15. Eddie (English origin) meaning "a wealthy person". This is another cool boy Goldendoodle names.

16. Eugene (Greek origin) meaning "noble" or "well-born". Little vintage but quite a unique male Goldendoodle male names.

17. Frank (German origin) meaning "Frenchman" or "freeman".

18. Henry (German origin) meaning "ruler of home". This is a common yet very loved name by dog parents.

19. Hugo (German origin) meaning "to be bright in mind and high in spirit". This is a perfect name for your cute little Goldendoodle puppy.

20. Jasper (English origin) meaning "a treasurer". A great name if you are going for Goldendoodle boy names.

21. Jupiter (Latin origin) meaning "Zeus". Naming your dog after a Greek God or a planet is very cool.

22. Kenny (Scottish origin) meaning "handsome". One of the short and cute male Goldendoodle names.

23. Leo (Latin origin) meaning "lion". This is a great name for your new Goldendoodle dog.

24. Matty (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of God". A cool dog name.

25. Maximus (Latin origin) meaning "greatest".

26. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "friend of deer". Oscar is of the cutest Goldendoodle puppy names.

27. Paulie (Latin origin) meaning "small".

28. Randy (English origin) meaning "protector".  

29. Terry (German origin) meaning "power of tribe". Terry Crews is a comic and action star.

30. Willy (German origin) meaning "a resolute protector". This name will reflect a cool and trendy vibe from you and your dog.

Goldendoodle Names For Girls

Female Goldendoodle puppies are adorable and cuddly, she will become a great friend.

Here's a list of Goldendoodle girls names for your puppy:

31. Abby (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father's joy". Your little furry girl will always be your joy and this is a perfect name.

32. Alexis (Greek origin) meaning "defender". Alexis is a great name for your cheerful little puppy.

33. Angel (English origin) meaning "messenger". This is one of the very appropriate girl Goldendoodle names.

34. Bambi (Italian origin) meaning "a child". Bambi is a name coming straight out of cartoons.

35. Belinda (Spanish origin) meaning "beautiful". This is a great choice for a puppy name.

36. Betty (English origin) meaning "oath of God". This is one of the cute Goldendoodle names for females.

37.  Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "blooming". It is a pretty name for your curly little dog.

38. Cookie (English origin) meaning "a sweet biscuit". What about keeping the name of your Goldendoodle after your favorite dessert.

39. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day's eye". A charming name for your charming little lady.

40. Ella (Hebrew origin) meaning "fairy maiden". Most owners are loving such short and easy names for their Goldendoodle dog.

41. Fiona (Scottish origin) meaning "white".

42. Ginger (English origin) meaning "a reddish and orange color". This is a great name for your Goldie.

43. Honey (English origin) meaning "nectar".

44. Ivory (English origin) meaning "white as elephant tasks". A great name for your precious Goldendoodle.

45. Josie (Hebrew origin) meaning "God will add". This is one of the cute mini Goldendoodle names.

46. Lily (Greek origin) meaning "pure". Name inspiration from a flower can be very lovely.

47. Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "lady of sorrows".

48. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior". This is quite a dreamy Goldendoodle female names.

49. Nala (African origin) meaning "successful". One of the strong Goldendoodle dog names.

50. Olive (Latin origin) meaning "peaceful one".

51.  Peanut (American origin) meaning "groundnut legume". Be it peanut or peanut butter, these are few popular female Goldendoodle names.

52. Pearl (Latin origin) meaning "precious".  This is one of the unique Goldendoodle female names.

53. Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning "bright". From Phoebe Buffay famous for 'Friends' series.

54. Poppy (English origin) meaning "red flower".  This is a happy name for your Goldendoodle.

55. Riley (English origin) meaning "rye clearing". This is one of the smartest female Goldendoodle names.

56. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "red".  Ruby is one of the prettiest Goldendoodle girl names.

57. Sophia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom".

58. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "a star". This name also sends quite a classic vibe.

59. Tessa (English origin) meaning "harvester".  A nice dog name.

60. Venus (Greek origin) meaning "Goddess of love". It is quite precious to be named after a Goddess and a planet.

61. Willow (English origin) meaning "a slender one" or "graceful". This is another unique Goldendoodle girl names.

62. Zoey (Greek origin) meaning "life". This is one of the most quirky dog names for a Goldendoodle.

Cream Color Goldendoodle Names

If you have adopted or are planning to adopt a cream-colored Goldendoodle, here's a name list:

63. Almond (English origin) meaning "protection".  

64. Biscuit (English origin) meaning "twice-cooked".  This gives a mischievous yet cute twist to your cream dog.

65. Blondie (English origin) meaning "pale-yellowish brown". The name quite reflects the physical appearance of the dog, appropriate for a blonde Goldendoodle.

66. Brie (French origin) meaning "marshland".

67. Frosty (English origin) meaning "freezing of water". Frosty is often referred to as mischievous nature too.

68. Latte (Italian origin) meaning "coffee and milk". For coffee lovers, this is quite a good choice.

69. Marshmallow (English origin) meaning "gift of God". This is a very cute name suggestion.

70. Opal (Sanskrit origin) meaning "gem". This is an exotic name for your little gem.

71. Snowy (English origin) meaning "filled with frozen rain".

72. Sugar (American origin) meaning "sweet crystal spice".

73. Winter (English origin) meaning "coldest season of the year". Might sound cold but a lovely dog name.

Apricot And Red Color Goldendoodle Names

Apricot Goldendoodles are the most popular color choice. If you have adopted or planning to adopt a reddish or apricot colored Goldendoodle, here's a name list:

74. Amber (English origin) meaning "fossilized tree resin". One of the great Goldendoodles names.

75. Apricot (Arabic origin) meaning "precious". This is a beautiful name for your Goldendoodle.

76. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame".

77. Cinnamon (Greek origin) meaning "a spice". This is a popular name for pets. A great name for a tan Goldendoodle as well.

78. Maple (English origin) meaning "a piece of cloth'. It will remind you of autumn and everyone's favorite maple syrup.

79. Peaches (Latin origin) meaning "Persian apple".

80. Rusty (American origin) meaning "red-headed". This goes quite well with your Goldendoodle's fur color.

81. Toffee (English origin) meaning "caramelized candy". This is a funny name for your dog.

82. Tulip (Turkish origin) meaning "turban" also the name of a flower. Tulips carry a beautiful red color.

83. Vulcan (Latin origin) meaning "Roman God of fire".

Brown Or Chocolate Color Goldendoodle Names

If you have adopted or are planning to adopt a brown or chocolate colored Goldendoodle, here's a name list:

84. Brownie (English origin) meaning "brown". You can name your dog after your favorite dessert.

85. Chestnut (English origin) meaning "an edible nut".

86. Cocoa (American origin) meaning "powdered chocolate". Cocoa is a very smart and trendy name.

87. Fawn (English origin) meaning "young deer". One of the greatest Goldendoodle boy names.

88. Hazel (English origin) referring to a color. Make sure your dog has a pretty name like this.

89. Heath (English origin) meaning "land of heather or grass".

90. Hershey (Turkish origin) meaning "everything". Another popular name among pet parents.

91. Mocha (Arabic origin) meaning "a coffee name". Coffee lover or not, this a very cute name for dogs.

92. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "a fiery one".

93. Snickers (English origin) meaning "never alone." One of the cute Goldendoodle dog names.

Black Color Goldendoodle Names

If you have adopted or planning to adopt a black colored Goldendoodle, here's a name list:

94. Ash (English origin) meaning "ash tree". This name brings warmth and is quite easy to remember.

95. Bran (Welsh origin) meaning "raven".

96. Coal (English origin) meaning "trustful friend".

97. Cinder (German origin) meaning "dross of iron". Cinderella is a favorite fairytale of every kid.

98. Ember (English origin) meaning "spark". Make sure your Goldendoodle has a pretty name as this.

99. Jet (English origin) meaning "black gemstone". Another one of the great Goldendoodle boy names.

100. Oliver (Latin origin) meaning "an olive tree". Oliver is quite a chivalrous name suggestion.

101. Onyx (English origin) meaning "black gemstone".

102. Oreo (American origin) meaning "a cream cookie". Oreo often stands for sugary and kind nature and can be quite suitable for a cute puppy.

103. Raven (English origin) meaning "blackbird". This name sounds quite intense yet graceful.

104. Slate (American origin) meaning "grey-green rock".

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