47 Best Hawk Names For Your Bird Of Prey

Hawks are birds of prey and may vary in their sizes from small, medium to large

There are various types of hawk, including the red-tailed hawk, osprey, large tailed hawk, Cooper's hawk, and the black kite.

These magnificent birds are much loved and deserve imaginative and powerful names. There are even Gods represented as hawks in different cultures, such as Horus, a Greek God who has a falcon head.

These species have distinctive features in their color, size, behavior, visuals and prey techniques. We have put together a list of the best hawk names to inspire you, including falcon names, names meaning "a bird of prey" or names meaning "hawk".

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Strong/Powerful Hawk Names

Hawks are prey birds thus they are masters in finding their food

Find a strong name for common hawk types such as a grey hawk, red kite or circinae with this useful list!

1. Aurora: Is one of the most powerful hawk names.

2. Blitz: This name will be perfect for your speedy and fast moving hawk.

3. Captain Gusty: This falcon name depicts the powerful quality of a strong gust.

4. Chandler Wing: This name suits the falcon's strong wings and feathers.

5. Chayton: Is another good strong name for hawks.  

6. Hawky: Is one of the most common and strong names for eagles.

7. Henery Hawk: The name is inspired from the cartoon character from the 'Merrie Melodies' and 'Looney Tunes'.

8. Jet: The name is a fictional character from 'Sonic The Hedgehog'.

9. Lightning: One of the most suitable names for your eagle that depicts its bright shine in the sky during flight.

10. Redwing: Will be the most appropriate name for red winged preying birds.

11. Scratchers: This name is perfect for a hawk with sharp claws.

12. Skyhawk: Fits falcons the best as they fly really high.  

13. Thunder: This powerful name is perfect for your hawk.

14. Tiberius: Another strong name for your hawk who is the King of the sky.

15. Wingo Starr: A play on the name Ringo Starr, drummer from the Beatles.

Names That Mean Hawk

Eagles are another species of hawk, so in this list you may also find eagle names

Are you looking for a name meaning "hawk"? This list has plenty of suggestions for you!

16. Agak (African origin) meaning "hawk".

17. Aiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "falcon" or "vulture".  

18. Ákos (Hungarian origin) meaning "white falcon".

19. Aya (Hebrew origin) meaning "falcon" or "eagle".

20. Ayah (Hebrew) meaning "hawk" or "falcon".

21. Chayton (Native American) meaning "falcon".

22. Falk (Jewish origin) another name meaning "hawk".

23. Gavin (Norman, French and Gauvain origin) meaning "white hawk".

24. Gavina (Scottish origin) meaning "May hawk" or "white hawk".

25. Gawain (Middle English origin) meaning "white hawk".

26. Harcourt (English origin) meaning "hawker".  

27. Haru (Egyptian origin) meaning "falcon" or "hawk".

28. Haytham (Arabic origin) meaning "young hawk".

29. Heru (Egyptian origin) meaning "falcon" or "hawk".

30. Hor (Egyptian origin) meaning "hawk".

31. Liluye (Native American origin) meaning "singing chicken hawk that soars".

32. Se (Irish Gaelic origin) meaning "hawk like".

33. Shaw (Scottish-Gaelic origin) meaning "hawk like".

34. Shaylyn (Modern English origin) meaning hawk like".

35. Shea (Irish origin) meaning "hawk like."

Funny Pun Bird Names

Falcons and hawks are sometimes named in a funny and punnyway. If you are looking for a name that means "hawk" but that will make people giggle, have a look at our suggestions here.

36. Chick Jagger: You can use this chicken name for your pet eagle or hawk, a play on the name Mick Jagger.

37. David Peckham: Inspired by footballer David Beckham.

38. Edie Falcon: This pun name for your large bird of prey is inspired by actress Edie Falco.

39. Feather Graham: Sounds like the name of the actress Heather Graham.

40. Flappers: The name describes the nature and behavior of your pet bird.

41. Marty McFly: Inspired by a fictional character of the same name from the science fiction film 'Back To The Future'.

42. Polly Parton: A funny name inspired by singer and songwriter Dolly Parton.

43. Quackie Chan: This funny name is inspired by Jackie Chan.

44. Stephen Hawking: Inspired by legendary physicist Stephen Hawking.

45. The Godfeather: Why not name your predatory birds after the popular film 'The Godfather'?

46. Tony Hawk: This name is inspired by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, who is known for his skating speed.

47. Tweety: Perfect for a small bird of prey.

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