I Gamed, I Saw, I Conquered: The Best History Games For Kids By Age Group

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One way to keep your young ones learning all about the past whilst off school is through online history games. Kids will love being able to get in touch with the past through play, and will discover heaps of new knowledge about history. To help you keep your kids learning all about history, Kidadl have picked out the best history games for young ones to play.

As well as being great fun for your young ones, online games can also be a fantastic educational resource.

History games are full of ways for your kids to learn about the past, and from the ancient world to the twentieth century, each period of history offers new and exciting ways to keep young ones entertained. Whether through answering historical trivia questions, solving puzzles, or stepping into brilliantly-recreated versions of the past, these historically-themed games offer tonnes of ways to keep your kids engaged with the past while learning from home.


Busy Things History Games

Busy Things offer a range of historically themed games for children of all ages. In particular, their activities for pre-school-aged kids are a fantastic way to get kids interested in history through play. Young ones will love tasks such as designing their own medieval knight's shield, which allows them to get creative whilst learning about the past. Through these fun activities, kids' imaginations will be sparked and they can discover their favourite period of history. With all kinds of topics, such as the medieval period, pirates and aboriginal paintings, this is a fantastic resource to help kids learn about the past.

Key Stage 1

The Great Fire of London

Designed by the Museum of London, this interactive game allows kids to learn all about one of British history's most famous events. The website brilliantly summarises the events around the fire, and is full of information about seventeenth-century London. The game itself gives children a chance to gain an experience of what life must have been like for people at the time of the fire. They will help the main character, an eight-year-old called Tom Porter, to try to fight the fire and make their way to the safety of the Thames. As well as being packed full of interesting facts and trivia about the period, the game also helps kids to learn about how we know about the past and using historical evidence.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize's website offers a huge range of resources to keep your young ones learning about history. The individual 'lessons' offered include loads of educational games to help kids learn about important topics from across world history. These include games to help kids learn about important figures, such as Nelson Mandela or Rosa Parks as well as great resources on specific periods such as the Romans or the Medieval world. The individual games are each linked to a video lesson, so children will be able to put the knowledge to the test through play, which will make this a great way for your little ones to find  out all about their favourite periods of history while having fun.

Key Stage 2

The Children's University of Manchester

The Children's University of Manchester offers a brilliant set of online learning resources for Key Stage 2 children. Their History section offers interactive games on topics such as Ancient Greece and Black British History, including quizzes, and word searches based on trivia about famous figures from history. The Black British History game in particular is a great way for kids to find out about an often overlooked topic. Best of all, to prove that they are an expert in the field, your little ones can print out a certificate once they have completed every lesson.

The Tudors

This brilliant website, created by the V&A Museum and the National Archives, is full of interactive resources to help your KS2 children find out about the Tudors. The site includes educational games, such as working with real objects and sources from the Tudor period to answer questions,  helping young ones to get a sense of what life was like during the Tudor period. You will also find fun history games such as Jousting, where your little ones will be able to (safely) test out their skills as a knight whilst also discovering the reasons jousting tournaments were held and who would take part. With lots of other amazing educational resources such as discovering about trade and Tudor pastimes, any children with a love for this particular period of history will have loads of fun, whilst also being able to take in all kinds of new knowledge about the Tudors.

Key Stage 3

History Mystery

Scholastic's History Mystery game offers a fun way for Key Stage 3 kids to discover history from all kinds of different periods. In this game, kids must follow the clues in each question, identifying the historical subject or name to solve the mystery. This is a great way for kids to have fun whilst also picking up independence and problem-solving skills. If your young ones like testing themselves, then they can try to work out the answer with as few clues as possible! Once they have figured out the answer to the question, the site then gives kids a fact file on the historical figure, making this a fantastic resource to keep your young ones learning about history whilst school is closed. The game covers all kinds of historical topics, including African-American history, the industrial revolution and the ancient Egyptians.

Walk the Plank

School History's website offers a number of resources to help young people learn history. The site includes games such as Walk the Plank, in which the player has to answer multiple-choice questions on history - see if you can avoid getting them wrong, or fall off the plank! Young ones will love testing themselves and improving their knowledge of all kinds of subjects, such as Revolutionary Russia, the Normans, and the French Revolution. The pre-prepared questions will ensure that your children become familiar with the key questions on a particular topic, making this one of the best resources to keep your young ones' historical knowledge refreshed outside of school!



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