90 Best Hmong Names For Boys And Girls

There are plenty of great Hmong bible names present in the Hmong Old Testament.

Hmong baby names come from a variety of diverse themes such as nature, heaven, wealth, and power.

The Hmong people are part of a diverse ethnic group present primarily in Southern China and Asia. Due to mass cultural genocide caused by persecution and warfare, most Hmong people had to flee to neighboring countries.

Parents all around the world want meaningful names for their children. If you belong to the Hmong community or are just an expecting parent, we have the best names listed right here for you. Hmong baby names are prevalent all over the world because the Hmong population is globally integrated.  Some of the best examples of famous Hmong names are Houa and Mee.

We have a variety of lists presenting different types of Hmong names, which are segregated according to gender and popularity. You can look through the various lists to find the perfect Hmong name for your baby! We have divided the names into suitable sections for your convenience. There is a list of Hmong boys names, Hmong girls names, and popular Hmong names with their meanings.

If you want more such names, you are read our articles on Vietnamese Boy Names and Thai Girl Names.

Best Hmong Names For Boys

Foom, Tooj, Wang, and Suav are just some examples of cool Hmong names for boys.)

Hmong baby boy names are extremely precious and hold a lot of significance. Due to the vibrant history associated with the Hmong culture, selecting a Hmong boy name is sure to bring a lot of intrigue and allure to your child's personality. You can scroll through the list below and glance at various Hmong names that function as ideal baby boy names for families all across the world. Here is a list of male Hmong names.

1. Alang meaning "emperor". This is a dynamic choice for parents that are looking for Hmong names for boys and their meaning.

2. Choj meaning "bridge". Choj is a powerful Hmong name for a baby boy.

3. Chue meaning "bell".

4. Daus meaning "to scoop up". Daus is an excellent option for parents who are on the lookout for baby boy names.

5. Foom meaning "bless". For Christian families,  Foom is the perfect celestial choice for your Hmong baby.

6. Fuechy meaning "power and control".

7. Fwam meaning "respect". Fwam is an extremely powerful name, which is why it is generally included in the list of best Hmong boy names.

8. Keej meaning "capable". Keej is a potent Hmong baby name.

9. Kim meaning "expensive". For those who see wealth being a big influence in their child's life, this is an optimal pick.

10. Kongpeng meaning "equal rights". Parents who want their baby boy to have a great name can look at Kongpeng.

11. Koobmeej meaning "needle". Koobmeej is the perfect name for a baby boy.

12. Looj meaning "to cover".

13. Neeb meaning "spiritual". Spirituality is a big influence in the Hmong culture, which is why Neeb is a recognized Hmong baby name.

14. Nhia meaning "money". Nhia is an extremely alluring name, which is why it is generally included in the list of best Hmong boy names.

15. Nplooj meaning "leaf". Nplooj is an alluring name for a baby boy.

16. Nruag meaning "drum".  If you're a musical family, Nruag might just be an ideal name for your baby boy.

17. Pobtsuas meaning "cliff rock". Pobtsuas is one of the most meaningful Hmong names due to its rich historical significance.

18. Sawm meaning "deserving". One of the lovely Hmong boy names and meaning.

19. Suav meaning "to count".

20. Tooj meaning "brass".

21. Tsheej meaning "to have a strong foundation".

22. Tswab meaning "banana plant". Tswab may seem like an uncommon name, but it is one of the most popular baby boy names in the Hmong language.

23. Tub meaning "male".

24. Wang meaning "vast". Wang Zhiming was a Miao pastor who was executed in 1973.

25. Xob meaning "thunder".

26. Xwm meaning "second son".

27. Xyoob meaning "bamboo".  For people who are looking for authentic Hmong names for their baby boy, Xyoob is a great Hmong name for a baby boy.

28. Yeej meaning "to prevail".

29. Yengkong meaning "adorable and sweet".

30. Zoov meaning "from the jungle".

Best Hmong Girl Names

Hmong baby names are used throughout eastern Asia for girls and boys.

Hmong girl names are known to be effervescent, dainty, and bright. Any of the names from the list below is surely going to liven up your child's life and create a strong and meaningful connection for them. If you're looking for Hmong names for girls, then this list will definitely inspire your final pick.

Here is a list of Hmong names for girls.

31. Ab meaning "precious or baby".

32. Cai meaning "law". Cai is a fierce name for a  Hmong baby girl

33. Che meaning "whisper".

34. Cua meaning "wind". Cua is a strong Hmong baby name.

35. Dawb meaning "white". Dawb is a charming and elegant Hmong name for a baby girl.

36. Duabntxoo meaning "shadow".

37. Eve meaning "one". Eva is one of the trendiest girl names in the Hmong language.

38. Houa meaning "clouds". Houa Vue Moua is a celebrated American author known for her book 'Trail Through the Mists', which tells the story of her incredible escape during the Hmong diaspora.

39. Jong meaning "shade".

40. Kaj meaning "peaceful or clear". For people on the lookout for subtle and delicate baby names, Kaj is a great choice.

41. Kawm meaning "basket". Kawm is a dainty name for a baby girl.

42. Kiab meaning "cheerful". If you're looking through a list of optimistic Hmong names, you're definitely going to see Kiab on there.

43. Kub meaning "gold". Kub is listed as a prominent name in most directories featuring Hmong names for girls.

44. Laut meaning "pot".

45. Lis meaning "power and strength". Parents that are looking for powerful baby girl names can consider Lis.

46. Mais meaning "mile".

47. Maiv meaning "daughter". Maiv can be used to signify both the older daughter as well as the younger daughter in the family.

48. Mos meaning "tender".

49. Nag meaning "rain".  Nag might just be the perfect name for people who have just been blessed with a baby girl.

50. Npaim meaning "butterfly".

51. Nplias meaning "a kind of fruit".

52. Nqeeb meaning "long tough grass for thatching".

53. Ntasais meaning "twinkle".

54. Ntsuab meaning "green". Ntsuab is a popular Hmong baby name for girls because of its elusive charm and appeal.

55. Ntxhi meaning "talk softly".

56. Ntxoo meaning "shadow".

57. Paj meaning "flower". People who want to see baby names for girls that are associated with nature, can easily look at Paj as an option.

58. Qhuas meaning "admire".

59. Sua meaning "to count".

60. Xov meaning "thread". If you have a daughter, Xov might just be the perfect Hmong name for your baby girl.

Popular Hmong Names

Hmong girls and boys scattered throughout Asia in the early 1970s.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, these popular Hmong baby names will surely catch your attention. Some of the most well-liked baby names include Hnub, Kum, Lig, and Pajlug. These names are guaranteed to add a lot of intrigue to your child's name. Here is a list of unique Hmong baby names for girls and boys.

61. Blong (M) meaning "leaf".

62. Chimua (M) meaning "produced".

63. Hiav (F) meaning "ocean".

64. Hli (F) meaning "moon".

65. Hnub (F) meaning "glowing orb in the sky".

66. Kajsiab (F) meaning "peace". If you're looking for a beautiful Hmong name for your daughter, your search ends here, because Kajsiab is the perfect name.

67. Kaus (M) meaning "umbrella". If you're looking for boy names, Kaus might be a good choice.

68. Kooj (M) meaning "grasshopper".

69. Kum (M) meaning "rhinoceros".

70. Liablis (M/F) meaning "red". Liablis is a brilliant Hmong name that can be used for both girls and boys.

71. Lig (F) meaning "youngest daughter". Lig is one of the most well-liked baby girl names in the Hmong language.

72. Luv (F) meaning "sparrow".

73. Mee (F) meaning "noodle". Mee Moua is an American Politician and the former executive director and president of the AAJC (Asian Americans Advancing Justice).

74. Moos (M) meaning "clock".

75. Nkauj (F) meaning "song".

76. Nplhaib (F) meaning "ring". Nplhaib is one of the most in-demand baby girl names.

77. Ntaub (F) meaning "cloth".

78. Ntsais (F) meaning "twinkle".

79. Ntxawg (M) meaning "junior". Ntxawg is a great Hmong baby name for younger siblings.

80. Ntxawm (F) meaning "youngest daughter". If you have more than one daughter, Ntxawm is the ideal Hmong name for your youngest daughter.

81. Pajlug (F) meaning "poetry", Pajlug is a trendy name for a baby girl.

82. Pajtshiab (F) meaning "new flower".

83. Phiab (M) meaning "large bowl".

84. Qaib (F) meaning "chicken".

85. Rwg (M) meaning "son".

86. Taub (F) meaning "pumpkin". While Taub might not seem like a common name, it is well-known as a traditional Hmong name that has been in use for centuries.

87. Tooj (M) meaning "copper".

88. Tshaus (F) meaning "gray".

89. Xiav (F) meaning "blue".  Xiav is one of the prettiest baby names in the Hmong dictionary.

90. Ying (M/F) meaning "luster of gems". Ying is an excellent Hmong name for both girls and boys.

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