50+ Best Hockey Puns That Don't Puck

Most of the hockey pun team names are cool.

Ice Hockey is a very popular sport.

This game is extremely popular in Canada and a majority of the European countries. The game is played with six players on an ice rink, one goaltender, and five other field players.

Another form of hockey that is equally very popular is field hockey. Field hockey is an extremely fast-paced game and is played on astroturf. Players use a wooden hockey stick to carry and shoot the ball across the field, unlike ice hockey, where sticks made of rubber are used. In field hockey, 11 players take the field, with one of them being the goalkeeper and the other ten being the field players. This game is mostly played in countries that are hot, humid, and lie in the torrid zone. Both field hockey and ice hockey are games recognized worldwide, and teams take part in these two contact sport every four years apart at the mega stage of the Olympics. So take out your favorite jersey and start cheering for your club while enjoying these wonderful hockey puns.

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Amusing Hockey Puns

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Enlisted below are some of the best hockey stick puns, ice puns, ice hockey puns, and some funny hockey quotes. Here you will also get puns on a hockey mask and on a hockey puck.

1. Hockey players are known to make friends out of strangers very easily. It is probably because they are excellent at breaking the ice first!

2. During the summer, you will never find a Zamboni driver. However, with the onset of the season, you see that he has resurfaced!

3. Hockey stadiums are one of the coolest places on earth. Probably because of the ice and lots and lots of fans!

4. Stan Lee was an exceptional ice hockey goalie, and that can be justified by just seeing his name. It already has the Stanley Cup there!

5. The hockey coach wanted to win the all-important game at any cost. So he asked everyone to do their work off-ice!

6. When the ice hockey player was awarded a penalty after continuous icings, he went to take the penalty but took time to thaw it out!

7. A hockey goalie mistook a game for his school lessons when he finally noticed that a hockey game just has three periods, unlike that of a school!

8. Carpenters hate playing ice hockey the most. The only reason would be that they don't like being nailed on the boards!

9. I had a rather unfortunate incident the other day while watching an ice hockey game. I was watching the game when suddenly it broke out!

10. I was eager to buy an ice hockey stadium, so I asked an agent for its price. But he told me that the only thing she could give me was a simple ballpark estimate!

11. I don't think that the gladiator team will play hockey tonight. They really had a face-off in the corner the other day!

12. Our town decided to form a team consisting of only old men. So they named it Jerry Hat Tricks!

13. The ice hockey team needed some reinforcements in defense. The hockey analyst mocked them by saying, "Oduya?"

14. At the National Sports Awards, the sport of ice hockey won a prize. It was adjudged the coolest sport, among others!

15. A cake baker always likes the last section of a hockey game. It usually is like the icing on a cake!

The Best Puns For Field Hockey Lovers

Hockey goalie puns are hilariously funny and make good hockey Instagram captions.

Take a look at are some of the best hockey humor, and we promise you that you will not find a bad hockey pun. Here you will also find a lovely hockey pun along with hockey captions for Instagram and funny quotes about hockey.

16. The bad team couldn't even manage their own website, and it ultimately crashed as they were not able to even manage three W's.

17. Luke Skywalker once tried out for a hockey team. He got selected for the position of X-Wing!

18. The Iranian ice hockey team had really high hopes of winning the trophy as they had been training so well throughout the year since the fall, but their team drowned during the spring training!

19. I once had to give a trial for a hockey team. As I wasn't prepared at all I could do was just wing it.

20. Our town's local hockey team won the Lady Bling trophy. It definitely was the trophy with the most glitz!

21. There was a TV documentary about the hockey home team that kept on losing every game continuously for ten long years. The show has been named 'American Horror Hockey'!

22. While aiming a penalty shot, most of the Danish players always aim for the top kroner!

23. To improve our hockey skills for the upcoming tournament, our coach advised us to watch more and more slap-stick movies!

24. The famous singer and songwriter John Denver was asked to write the opening anthem for the Premier Hockey League. So he wrote the song 'Hockey Mountain High' for them.

25. Once, the famous field hockey player came out of retirement to make his team take the championship position at the end of the hockey season. This is the comeback story of the great Hockey Balboa!

26. Our top scorer becomes extremely happy if I assisted him in his goals. So nowadays, it has been part and parcel of my routine to feed him apples in every game.

27. Michael Fass-bender wanted to give his hockey trials as a striker, but he was instantly rejected. The coach and the scout both rejected just by seeing his name!

28. A field hockey player always visits a bank after every game. The sole reason being he wants to give out more and more checks!

29. After the game was over, the field hockey player was arrested by the police. Later on, it was revealed that he had been charged for shooting the ball!

Hilariously Funny Hockey Puns

In this pun category, you will find the very best if ice hockey pun, field hockey puns, hockey one-liners, and funny hockey captions. Be it jokes on Stanley Cup, hockey puns for captions or funny puns for captions, hockey puck puns or puns on hockey season, we have got it all.

30. Once we wanted to go to a hockey game, but the stadium was far, far away from us. Unfortunately, we had to put the idea to ice!

31. Once, a basketball player decided to try shooting hoops on a hockey rink. All of his friends started calling him Scottie Slipped!

32. The ice hockey referee started rushing to catch his flight. He reached it finally when it was just two minutes before boarding!

33. The coach of the champion home team was very eager to get a ghost sign in for their team. He was of the opinion that a ghost would get many, many ghouls!

34. After conceding three goals in a row, the hockey goalie got very angry. He looked at the puck and said, "I'll definitely catch you later".

35. Hockey players absolutely hate Halloween for one main reason. They can never ever dress up for the festival as they cannot take their face-off for an instant!

36. My boyfriend is a professional hockey player. He's a keeper.

37. All the hockey players are allowed to drink a special kind of drink during an ongoing match and only when their team gets a chance to score from the opponent's box. That drink is definitely a penal-tea!

38. The famous hockey goalie was also a part-time musician. But he was asked to leave the band. It turns out that during the previous match, he broke his trom-bone!

39. The local newspaper that covered everyday news of our local hockey club was greeted with an effusive response. It was probably because they always write in favor of the box.

40. There is a reason that so many people pray during an ice hockey game. This is because both the teams have shooting stars.

41. The only bird which is an expert in playing hockey is a flamingo. It has the most precise move of executing a dummy by lifting it's one leg right in front of the goal!

42. Our local hockey club hired a moose to be their coach, and within days it showed bright results. Now the club is so organized that it is being referred to as a Manitoba moose!

43. The little boy was an avid ice hockey fan. To extend his support to the club, he decided to climb up a tree with his hockey stick. It was nothing uncommon as he was a maple leafs fan!

44. Ice Hockey players can often be compared to a type of fish, especially the goldfish. You just need to tap on the glass to get their attention!

45. Hockey ice rinks are made round so as to keep the ice safe. Had there been corners of ninety degrees, then the ice of the hockey ice rink would have definitely melted!

46. I had the most unusual incident yesterday. I went to a hockey store with my friend where I knew they sold skates for good prices. I said to my friend, "There are cheap skates here!" when suddenly the employee got angry with me and called her manager.

47. When the trial for the field hockey club took place in the jungle, the only insect which was selected for getting the maximum number of goals was a score-pion!

48. The little boy who was also the best hockey goalie of the middle school dressed up in his usual kits and went out for Halloween. He knocked on doors to doors and said, "Hat trick or treats".

49. Cinderella was fired from the field hockey club. The hockey coach got extremely angry at her as she repeatedly fled away from the ball!

50. Ice Hockey players usually carry an extra set of shoelaces whenever they go to play an important match. Those laces would come in handy whenever they would need to tie the score.

51. There was once a famous musician who played excellent lofted shots and scored goals. He was called Alice Scooper!

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