40 Of The Best Husky Names For Your Puppy

Little boy's fierce yet loyal and adorable companion.

Take a look at your little cute husky puppy, aren't they precious?

Of course, they are. Those blue eyes were what stole your heart in the first place.

You take good care of your pup to the best of your ability and they need the right name to show just how cute your little puppy is. Naming sounds easy enough but there's more to it than you think. There are so many dog names that you can choose from. But how will you know if you found the right one or not?

What is the first thing you think when you think of huskies? Ice and snow, right? When someone sees a husky, it is tempting to name it something that means "polar bear", "little bear", or something of that nature as the husky is the ultimate snow dog. But what if you want more inspiration than that?

If you are stuck, we are here to throw you some ideas. We compiled a shortlist of names for your darling little Siberian husky puppy.

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Strong Male Husky Names

If you have a handsome little male husky pup, you may want to name him something noble or strong. Don't feel like naming your husky puppy after snow and ice? Take a look at this list below.

1. Abbott (From English Origin) meaning "head of a monastery"

2. Abu (From African Origin) meaning "nobility"

3. Alfie (From English Origin) meaning "counselor"

4. Amadeus (From Latin Origin) meaning "love of God"

5. Arnold (From German Origin) meaning "eagle power"

6. Atlas (From Greek origin) meaning "support, prop"

7. Atticus (From Latin Origin) meaning "of Attica"

8. Balto (From Norwegian Origin) meaning "bold, brave"

9. Bishop (From English Origin) meaning "overseer, guardian"

10. Bo (From Slavic Origin) meaning "living"

11. Cedric (From English Origin) meaning "created name"

12. Dexter (From English Origin) meaning "dyer of clothes"

13. Dobry (From Polish Origin) meaning "good"

14. Doyle (From Irish Origin) meaning "dark foreigner"

15. Edward (From English Origin) meaning "wealthy guardian"

16. Einstein (From German Origin) meaning "stone worker"

17. Fletcher (From English Origin) meaning "arrow maker/folk army"

18. Flint (From English Origin) meaning "flint rock"

19. Fritz (From German Origin) meaning "peace ruler"

20. Geoffrey (From English Origin) meaning" god peace"

21. Horatio (From Latin Origin) meaning "man of time"

22. Holt (From English Origin) meaning "woodland"

23. Homer (From Greek Origin) meaning "pledge"

24. Legend (From English Origin) meaning "history, story, myth"

25. Macbeth (From Scottish Origin) meaning "son of life"

26. Maxwell (From English Origin) meaning "from Maccus' spring"

27. Okan (From Turkish Origin) meaning "archer"

30. Sherlock (From English Origin) meaning "fair haired"

31. Tank (From English Origin) meaning "a large war vehicle"

32. Wolfgang (From German Origin) meaning "wolf way"

33. Wyatt (From English Origin) meaning "son of a guy"'

Cute Male Husky Names

Sometimes, your sled dog is just a husky baby. You don't always want to go all 'Game of Thrones' for dog names. You might want to go with cuter, softer huskies names

34. Akito (From Japanese Origin) meaning "bright person"

35. Emmett (From English Origin) meaning "entire"

36. Godwin (From English Origin) meaning "good friend"

37. Herbert (From English Origin) meaning "army bright"

38. Holden (From English Origin) meaning "from the hollow in the valley"

39. Isaac (From Hebrew Origin) meaning "he will laugh"

40. Jagger (From English Origin) meaning "carter, peddler"

41. Oliver (From English Origin) meaning "descendant of the ancestor"

42. Othello (From Italian Origin) meaning "of unknown meaning"

43. Owen (From Irish Origin) meaning "the Yew tree or youth"

44. Paddington (From English Origin) meaning "the Estate of Padda"

45. Simon (From Hebrew Origin) meaning "God has heard"

46. Tanko (From African Origin) meaning "first born son after several daughters"

47. Togo (From African Origin) meaning "water"

Cool Male White Husky Names

What if you have a beautiful husky who is white as snow? Are you stuck on naming him? Here is a list to help you find the perfect name for your husky.

48. Aspen (From American origin) meaning "quaking tree"

49. Boris (From Turkic origin) meaning "snow leopard"

50. Eirwen (From Welsh origin) meaning "white as snow"

51. Haueka (From Hawaiian origin) meaning "white snow"

52. Hiems (From Roman origin) meaning “the coldest season”

53. Junipero (From Spanish origin) meaning "Junipero tree"

54. Loki (From Scandinavian origin) meaning "trickster god"

55. Quilo (From Roman origin) meaning "North Wind"

56. Zeus (From Greek origin) meaning "god"

Powerful Female Husky Names

Not in the mood for naming her like a husky snow princess? Take a look at this list below.

57. Banjo (From English Origin) meaning "banjo"

58. Bridget (From Irish Origin) meaning "exalted, lofty"

59. Carrie (From American Origin) meaning "free"

60. Cierra (From American Origin) meaning "mountain"

61. Corinna (From Greek Origin) meaning "maiden"

62. Cosette (From French Origin) meaning "little thing"

63. Desdemona (From Greek Origin) meaning "misery"

64. Heidi (From German Origin) meaning "of noble kin"

65. Hermione (From Greek Origin) meaning "pillar queen"

66. Libby (From English Origin) meaning "God is my oath"

67. Nora (From Irish Origin) meaning "honor"

68. Paige (From English Origin) meaning "assistant, page"

69. Penelope (From Greek Origin) meaning "with a web over her face"

70. Scarlett (From English Origin) meaning "red"

71. Simone (From French Origin) meaning "to be heard"

72. Sophie (From French Origin) meaning "wisdom"

73. Themis (From Greek Origin) meaning "law of nature"

74. Zelda (From German Origin) meaning "gray battle/strong woman"

Cute Female Husky Names

Your beautiful little Siberian husky needs a great name to match how cute she is. Here is a list for the perfect name for your female husky.

75. Aki (From Japanese Origin) meaning "sparkle, bright, autumn"

76. Asahi (From Japanese Origin) meaning "morning, sunlight"

77. Dreama (From American Origin) meaning "joyous music"

78. Ella (From Spanish Origin) meaning "young girl"

79. Ginger (From English Origin) meaning "reddish-orange color"

80. Hanae (From Japanese Origin) meaning "blossom"

81. Harmony (From English Origin) meaning "musical combination of chords"

82. Haruna (From Japanese Origin) meaning "spring flower"

83. Hazel (From English Origin) meaning "the hazel tree"

84. Himawari (From Japanese Origin) meaning "sunflower"

85. Jenna (From English Origin) meaning "fair phantom"

86. Jewel (From English Origin) meaning " precious stone"

87. Lacy (From English Origin) meaning "lacy"

88. Leia (From Hebrew Origin) meaning "weary"

89. Lucy (From English Origin) meaning "light"

90. Mishka (From Indian Origin) meaning "gift of love"

91. Misty (From American Origin) meaning "covered with mist, dew"

Giggling boy happily hugging his pet Husky puppy.

Great Female Big Husky Names

Your husky is a big proud girl, so you will want to give her the right dog name that will match. Here is the perfect list of names for you.

92. Alaska (From Native American origin) meaning "mainland"

93. Athena (From Greek origin) meaning "goddess of wisdom and war"

94. Bella (From Italian origin) meaning "beautiful, God is my oath"

95. Ember (From English origin) meaning "spark, low burning"

96. Leia (From Hebrew origin) meaning "weary"

97. Luna (From Italian origin) meaning "the moon"

98. Maya (From English origin) meaning "good mother, illusion, water"

99. Molly (From English origin) meaning "of the sea or bitter"

100. Odessa (From Greek origin) meaning "long journey"

101. Pearl (From English origin) meaning "smooth, round bead formed by a mollusk"

102. Xena (From Greek origin) meaning "hospitable"

Cool Nonbinary Husky Names

What if you can't come up with a male or female name? Not to worry. You can go for a nonbinary for your husky puppy; take a look at this list below.

103. Aero (From Greek Origin) meaning "of the sky"

104. Alabama (From Native American Origin) meaning "thicket clearers"

105. Alex (From English Origin) meaning "defender of the people"

106. Bailey (From English Origin) meaning "bailiff, steward"

107. Bobby (From American Origin) meaning "diminutive form of Robert"

108. Bogart (From English Origin) meaning "orchard worker"

109. Chantry (From English Origin) meaning "singing of the mass"

110. Chapin (From French Origin) meaning "shoemaker"

111. Chaucer (From French Origin) meaning "trouser maker"

112. Cooper (From English Origin) meaning "barrel maker"

113. Dorian (From Greek Origin) meaning "from the sea"

114. Faulkner (From English Origin) meaning "falconer"

115. Flynn (From Irish Origin) meaning "descendant of the red-haired man"

116. Haku (From Japanese Origin) meaning "manager, supervisor"

117. Hedwig (From German Origin) meaning "battle war"

118. Hopper (From American Origin) meaning "one who hops"

119. Howea (From Native American Origin) meaning "clearing in the woods"

120. Jude (From English Origin) meaning "from Judea"

121. Max (From Latin Origin) meaning "greatest"

122. Montana (From Latin Origin) meaning "mountain"

123. Pilot (From American Origin) meaning "ship or plane operator"

124. Spencer (From English Origin) meaning "butler, steward"

125. Uther (From Welsh Origin) meaning "mythological name"

Adult Husky striking a fierce pose.

Cute Nonbinary Husky Names

Take a look at this cute Siberian husky names for more inspiration.

126. Abby (From English Origin) meaning "joy of the father"

127. Akira (From Japanese Origin) meaning "bright, clear"

128. Bijou (From French Origin) meaning "jewel"

129. Bossanova (From Portuguese Origin) meaning "new wave, new style"

130. Coda (From Italian Origin) meaning "concluding section of music"

131. Gale (From English Origin) meaning "pleasant, merry"

132. Husky (From American Origin) meaning "chubby"

133. Peeta (From American Origin) meaning "rock"

134. Rumba (From Spanish Origin) meaning "rhythmic dance"

135. Skylar (From American Origin) meaning "scholar"

136. Toby (From English Origin) meaning "God is good"

137. Weber (From German Origin) meaning "weaver"

Famous Siberian Husky Names

Are you stuck on picking out the right husky name? We still have more names that could match little puppy. Here is a little bonus list of famous names that will work beautifully for your puppy. All these names are names of Huskies in the popular film 'Snow Dogs'.

138. Demon (From Latin Origin) meaning "fallen angel"

139. Diesel (From German Origin) meaning "diminutive form of Matthias Or Dietrich"

140. Duchess (From English Origin) meaning "female royal"

141. Mack (From English Origin) meaning "son of..."

142. Scooper (From American Origin) meaning "tool used to scoop"

143. Sniff  (From American Origin) meaning "to smell"

144. Yodel (From English Origin) meaning "to yell"

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