100+ Best Indigenous Aboriginal Names For Boys And Girls

Aboriginal names are known for their positive meanings.

In the early 18th century, the aboriginal language was first introduced to the Western world by indigenous people in Australia.

These isolated indigenous groups called Aboriginals are known to have some compelling and different names. This is the quality that attracts many people and their attention to their culture and their aboriginal languages.

Aboriginal/Indigenous Australians from Torres Strait island also identify themselves as 'Aboriginals' - Australia's first people. Aboriginal houses are called humpy.

The indigenous Australian groups gave their children some unique names, which had managed to enthrall even the Europeans who had first colonized Australia at that time. There is a particular tribal essence and deep tone attached to an aboriginal name, making them quirky and distinctive. Here is the list of such unique and captivating indigenous aboriginal names for boys and girls.

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Indigenous Aboriginal Boy Names

A boy name which has indigenous aboriginal history ingrained in it sounds impressive, right? Take a look at the list of some of the unique indigenous boy names.

1. Allambee meaning "quiet place; to remain".

2. Ash meaning "happy". Famous Indigenous Australian didgeridoo player Ash Dargan has this name.

3. Birrani meaning "a boy". This name is mostly used by Wiradjuri people from the New South Wales side area of Australia.

4. Burragubba - This name is associated with popular Aboriginal Australian didgeridoo player Burraguba.

5. Burnum meaning "great warrior". Australian aboriginal actor and author Burnum Burnum is known by this name. He was known as the Yorta Yorta man in the southern part of New South Wales.

6. Callagun meaning "blue fig".

7. Danzal - Famous Aboriginal Australian rapper, dancer, and actor Danzal Baker also called 'Baker Boy', is known to have this name.

8. Des - This name is associated with indigenous aboriginal Australian football player Des Headland.

9. Dewayne - Famous Australian indigenous singer from Tasmania, Dewayne Everettsmith, is known by this name.

10. Djalu meaning "lightning". This name is associated with famous didgeridoo or yidaki player Djalu Gurruwwiwi. He is counted as one of the finest craftsmen in the world.

11. Djolpa - This name is linked with famous aboriginal Australian musician Djolpa McKenzie.

12. Dural meaning "gully; valley". This name is linked with a rural suburb in Sydney.

13. Ernie - This name is associated with Indigenous Australia actor and comedian Ernie Dindo.

14. Goonagulla meaning "sky". An insightful name to give to your son.

15. Harold - This name is associated with Australian aboriginal activist and tenor Harold Blair.

16. Jiemba meaning "the laughing star". One of the unique indigenous names for boys.

17. Kev - This name is linked with Indigenous Australian singer and songwriter Kev Carmody.

18. Koen meaning "thunder". Koen is a popular aboriginal name in western Australia.

19. Lou - Indigenous musician and actor from Australia, Lou bennet has this name.

20. Mangana - This name is linked with Tasmanian aboriginal Trugernanner's father, who was the leader of a band of the south-east tribe.

21. Miro meaning "spear". This name is linked with the famous Australian aboriginal movie 'Miro'.

22. Noel - This name is associated with indigenous aboriginal Australian dancer, director, and actor Noel Tovey.

23. Nullah meaning "hunting stick". This name is made popular by Brandon Walter's character from the movie 'Australia'.

24. Omeo meaning "mountains; hills". A beautiful name to give to your little boy.

25. Sammy meaning "God heard". This name is linked with well-known Indigenous Australian, Sammy Butcher from the famous Warumpi band.

26. Seaman is the name of the famous Torres Strait islander singer and songwriter, Seaman Dan, who has won many international awards is known by this name.

27. Tidam meaning "star". This name comes from the Waghiwoori tribe.

28. Warragul meaning "wild dog". This is the name given to native dingos, which are found in Australia.

29. Yarramundi meaning "deep water". One of the unique aboriginal baby names for boys.

Indigenous Aboriginal Girl Names

Girl aboriginal names are beautiful and one of a kind. Here is a list of some of the pretty and sweet indigenous girl names.

30. Adaliya meaning "rainbow serpent spirit". This name is common in the northern part of Australia.

31. Arika meaning "blue water lily'.

32. Bindi meaning "butterfly". This is the name of the language spoken in the western part of Australia.

33. Deborah is the name of Aboriginal Australian actor Deborah Cheetham.

34. Ellin meaning "wish". It is regarded to be an aboriginal word.

35. Everlyn meaning "long-lasting love". Bardi Australian aboriginal descendent actress Everlyn Sampi has this name. She is known for her character Leonie from the Australian drama 'The Circuit'.

36. Jannali meaning "moon". One of the beautiful aboriginal baby names for girls.

37. Jedda meaning "little wild goose". This name is made famous by the Jedda character from the movie 'Jedda', which has all the aboriginal actors.

38. Keira meaning "large lagoon; high mountain".

39. Killara meaning "permanent; always there".

40. Leah meaning "cow". Australian Indigenous actress, writer, and director Leah Purcell carry this name.

41. Lowanna meaning "girl". This name is known to be the opposite of the boy name Birrani.

42. Marlene meaning "an elder tree". This name is linked with Aboriginal Australian dancer, singer, activist, and actor Marlene Cummins.

43. Maroochy means "black swan" in the Kabi language of the Aboriginals. This name is associated with famous Australian aboriginal singer Maroochy Barambah.

44. Myaree meaning "foliage". It is the name of the suburb in Western Australia.

45. Pipipa meaning "sandpiper". It is considered to be an aboriginal name.

46. Rianna meaning "sweet basil herb".

47. Robyn meaning "bright fame". Famous indigenous Australian singer Robyn Green is known to have this name.

48. Shareena meaning "kind-hearted; princess". This name is associated with the Australian indigenous theatre actress Shareena Clanton.

49. Shellie meaning "meadow on a ledge". Popular Indigenous Australian singer and songwriter Shellie Morris, known for her folk music and acoustic ballads, have this name.

50. Tarnee meaning "surf; wave".

51. Yindi meaning "to descend; mother; sun". It is considered to be a common aboriginal girls' name and is famous among aboriginal people.

Common Australian Aboriginal Male Names

Australian aboriginal names for boys have meanings which are filled with positivity and good vibes.

Australian indigenous names are known for their authenticity and tribal culture. Scroll down for a list of some of the prevalent and famous Australian aboriginal boy names.

52. Anatjari meaning "little wild goose". This name is associated with famous aboriginal Australian painters Anatjari Tjampitjinpa and Anatjari Tjakamarra.

53. Bambam meaning "yellow".

54. Banjo meaning "to move". One of the unique musical aboriginal boys' names.

55. Bouddi meaning "heart". This name is associated with the famous national park in Australia.

56. Colebee is a name associated with famous Australian aborigines and is also kept as a name of a land grant and has a state heritage significance.

57. Daku meaning "sandhill".

58. Djarrtjuntjun meaning "roots of the paperback tree". This name is made famous by Australian aborigine musician and educator Djarrtjuntjun Yunupingu.

59. Gawurra is the name made famous by Australian aboriginal singer and songwriter Gawurra Gaykamangu.

60. Gurumarra meaning "lightning with no thunder dry lightning".

61. Illuka meaning "near the sea". This is a great name for your son.

62. Jabiru is the term used for the black-necked stork by the aboriginals of Australia.

63. Jarli meaning "barn owl".

64. Jarrah meaning "eucalyptus tree". It is regarded as the most common term used for the eucalyptus tree.

65. Kaiya meaning "spear". This makes up for the unique aboriginal baby boy name.

66. Koa meaning "crow".

67. Kuparr meaning "red earth". A unique name for a baby boy.

68. Lue meaning "chain of waterholes". Name of a small village in South Wales.

69. Mandawuy meaning "from clay".

70. Mangana is the name linked with the father of Truganini, who was a Tasmanian aboriginal.

71. Mawukura is the name associated with Australian aboriginal artist Mawukura and a Walmajarri man.

72. Monti meaning "black-necked stork".

73. Noongar meaning "man; person". This aboriginal Australian name is common in Western Australia.

74. Tarka meaning "eggshell".

75. Tau meaning "twilight; dusk". One of the cute and short aboriginal baby names.

76. Warrin meaning "winter; the cold months".

77. Yannathan meaning " to walk; roam".

Common Australian Aboriginal Female Names

Aboriginal Australian names for girls are cute and seem out of the world.

Australian aboriginals are known to be supremely talented, and this led to their popularity in different industries. Here are some of the common and popular aboriginal girls names.

78. Alinta meaning "flame". This name is associated with the main character of the 1981 series 'Women of the Sun'.

79. Alkawari is a name linked with Australian aboriginal painter Alkawari Dawson.

80. Allira meaning "clear crystal quartz". It is known to be the variation of the aboriginal word 'allirea'.

81. Allora meaning "the Lord is my light". This name is associated with the name of a town in Queensland.

82. Angoona meaning "baby". Famous Australian aboriginal painter Ngoia Napaltjarri's mother, Angoona Nangala, is known to have this name.

83. Anmanari is a name associated with renowned aboriginal Australian painter Anmanari Napanangka.

84. Biralee meaning "baby". This name is considered to one of the popular Australian aboriginal indigenous names for girls.

85. Brindabella meaning "two kangaroo rats". This aboriginal name is associated with the Brindabella mountain range, located on the border between the Australian capital territory and New South Wales.

86. Cardinia meaning "look to the sunrise".

87. Darana meaning "home by the sea; home by the water".

88. Elanora meaning "home by the water; home by the sea". It is the name of the suburb of the city of Gold Coast in Queensland.

89. Inala meaning "night time; place of peace".

90. Kalina meaning "love; affection". A perfect name to give to your beloved daughter.

91. Kalinda meaning "see; lookout". This name is associated with award-winning Australian aboriginal author Kalinda Ashton.

92. Kareela meaning "grass around a waterhole; south wind".

93. Karri is known to be an aboriginal word for "eucalyptus tree".

94. Kirra meaning "leaf; to live". This name is made famous by the lead character in the musical 'Xanadu', played by Olivia Newton-John.

95. Koori meaning "people".

96. Lenah meaning "kangaroo". It is the name of the suburb in Hobart.

97. Lowanna meaning "woman; girl".

98. Marlee meaning "elderberry tree". It is considered to be a beautiful aboriginal name for a baby girl.

99. Maya meaning "home; house".

100. Merindah meaning "beautiful". This can be a great name for girls all around the world.

101. Merri meaning "very rocky". This name is associated with the name of the creek in south Australia and is indicated as a mark of large gatherings of the Wurundjeri people.

102. Mia meaning "house; home". It is thought of as one of the popular aboriginal names for a girl in Australia.

103. Oodgeroo meaning "paperbark tree". Well-known aboriginal Australian artist and educator who had campaigned for Aboriginal rights, Oodgeroo Noonuccal has this name. She was best known for her unique and powerful poetry.

104. Talia meaning "near waters; gentle dew from heaven". It is the name of a coastal town in South Australia.

105. Tatali is linked with Australian aboriginal painter Tatali Nangala.

106. Thoomi is derived from the Aboriginal language Adnyamathanha. Thoomi is the name of the main character in the Australian movie 'Cargo'.

107. Tidam meaning "star". This a beautiful indigenous word suitable for a beautiful name.

108. Tjunkiya is a name made famous by Australian aboriginal painter Tjunkiya Napaltjarri.

109. Watorea meaning "sunset". This name was given to a tropical cyclone that occurred in 1976 near the Australian region.

110. Yakari - Famous Australian aboriginal artist Yakari Napaltjarri is known to have this name.

111. Yalamay is a name associated with the daughter of well known Australian aboriginal artist Topsy Napaljarri.

112. Yinarupa is the name of a popular Australian aboriginal painter, Yinarupa Nangala.

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