100 Best Indonesian Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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Naming your new baby can be both exciting and overwhelming.

If you're feeling the pressure to make the right choice, don't worry, Kidadl can help! This list of 100 Indonesian baby names will inspire many new suggestions of boy names and girl names.

In Indonesia, it is traditional practice for babies to be given a first name and then take their father's name as a last name. The first name is called a given name and this list exhibits 100 different given names for you to choose from when naming your baby. Each given name not only sounds beautiful but has its own wonderful meaning. This means that you can use your baby's name to highlight the characteristics which you most value.

There is no doubt that an Indonesian name could be a good choice for your new baby. With unisex names, names indicating birth order, names inspired by nature and more, we hope this list inspires you in the naming process.

Popular Indonesian Names For Girls

These names are all within the top 50 most popular girls' names in Indonesia. Many are of Indonesian origin, with some very popular Arabic names also making the list. You can't go wrong when naming your child one of these popular names.

1.Annisa: (Arabic origin) Meaning 'companion, faithful friend'.

2.Aulia: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'leader'. This name is pronounced au-li-a.

3.Dewi: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'goddess'.

4.Indah: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'beautiful one'.

5.Intan: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'diamond'.

6.Nurul: (Arabic origin) Meaning 'light'.

7.Putri: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'daughter'.

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Popular Indonesian Names For Boys

More Arabic names can be found on this list of popular Indonesian names for boys. Why not take inspiration from these when naming your child?

8.Aditya: (Sanskri origin) Meaning 'the sun'.

9.Ahmad: (Arabic origin) Meaning 'much praised'.

10.Arief: (Arabic origin) Meaning 'honest'.

11.Arif: (Arabic origin) Meaning 'wise'.

12.Bintang: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'star'.

13.Fadhlan: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'gift from God'.

Indonesian Girl Names Inspired By Nature

Naming your child after nature might encourage a love of the outdoors form an early age.

14.Angkasa: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the sky'.

15.Bulan: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the moon'.

16.Kemuning: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'yellow flower'.

17.Kirana: (Indonesian origin). This name means 'beautiful sunbeam'.

18.Mawar: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'rose'.

19.Mega: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the clouds'.

20.Melati: (Indonesian origin) from the Sanskrit language, this name means 'jasmine flower'.

21.Mentari: (Indonesian origin) This name means 'the sun'. It is most commonly used for females but can also be a gender neutral name if you wish.

22.Merpati: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'dove'.

23.Ndari: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'full moon'.

Indonesian Boy Names Inspired By Nature

In Indonesia, a given name can be derived from a range of languages including Sanskrit, Javanese, Arabic, Chinese and Dutch, reflecting the country's rich history. Arabic names, in particular, appear regularly on lists of the most popular names of Indonesia, and thus are included in this wide-ranging list of Indonesian names. Despite this range of languages, Indonesian names are often easy to pronounce, any more difficult ones are explained for you in this list. Nature provides fantastic inspiration for all of these baby boy names.

24.Bagaskoro: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'sun rays'.

25.Banyu: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'water'.

26.Baskoro: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the sun'.

27.Candra: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the moon'.

28.Elang: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'falcon'.

29.Mego: (Indonesian origin). This cute name means the clouds'.

30.Rimba: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'jungle'. This name can also be gender neutral, but is mostly used for males.

31.Rimbo: (Indonesian origin) This name is a variation of Rimba, it also means 'jungle'.

32.Surya: (Sanskrit origin) Meaning 'the sun'.

Meaningful Indonesian Girl Names

Choosing a meaningful name which resonates with you is a good way of naming your baby.

33.Adiratna: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'beautiful jewel'.

34.Aninda: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'dear'.

35.Bethari: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'goddess'.

36.Budiwati: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the wise one'.

37.Guritno: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'poetic'.

38.Kemala: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'magic stone'.

39.Kristiyana: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'Christian woman'.

40.Lestari: (Javanese origin) This name means 'eternal, everlasting'.

41.Marshanda: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'brave girl'.

42.Murni: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'pure'.

43.Ningrat: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'noble'.

44.Permata: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'precious stones'.

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Meaningful Indonesian Boy Names

The meaning of a name is something important to think about when naming your child. These names all mean something special for your baby.

45.Abyasa: (Javanese origin) Meaning 'clever'.

46.Adhiarja: (Sanskrit origin) Meaning 'safety'.

47.Bakti: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'obedient boy'.

48.Basuki: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'to flourish'.

49.Batara: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'God'.

50.Bima: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'brave'.

51.Cahyono: (Javanese origin) Meaning 'bright'.

52.Dumadi: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'becoming'.

53.Ismaya: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'wise' or 'God like'. This name is pronounced is-maya.

54.Joyo: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'successful, victorious'.

55.Kristiono: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'Christian man'.

56.Panuta: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'leads by example'.

57.Pramana: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'wisdom'. This name has links to the Sanskrit language.

58.Satria: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'warrior'.

59.Soleh: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'religious'.

60.Susila: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'righteous'.

Short Indonesian Girls' Names

A short baby name can really stand out from the crowd. All these names have two syllables or less.

61.Citra: (Indonesian origin) Derived from the Sanskrit language, this name means 'image'.

62.Diah: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'young female'.

63.Diann: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'a candle' in Indonesian and Javanese.

64.Elok: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'beautiful' or 'jewel'.

65.Endah: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'beautiful'.

66.Harem: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'aromatic'.

67.Inten: (Javanese variant of Intan) Meaning 'diamond'.

68.Ningrum: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'inside the soul'.

69.Ningsih: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'with love'. This name is pronounced ning-see.

70.Roro: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'nobility'.

Short Indonesian Boys' Names

Why not consider naming your baby something short and simple? These names for boys all have two syllables or less.

71.Agung: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the great'.

72.Berkah: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'God's gift'.

73.Bimo: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'dear'.

74.Cipto: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'to create'.

75.Citro: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'image'.

76.Darma: (Javanese origin) Meaning 'good deed' or 'duty'.

77.Gesang: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'life'.

78.Harta: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'treasure'.

79.Harto: (Indonesian origin) This name is a variant of Harta, it also means 'treasure'.

80.Kulon: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the West'.

81.Netro: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'vision'.

82.Senen: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'Monday'.

83.Timur: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the East'.

84.Yuda: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'war'.

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Indonesian Boy Names Indicating Birth Order

Why not pick one of these names to reflect your baby's position in the family?

85.Adika: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'first child of the second husband'.

86.Eko: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'first child'.

87.Kadek: (Balinese origin) Meaning 'younger sibling'.

88.Nakula : (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'twin'.

89.Perdana: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the first'.

Unisex Indonesian Names

One of these gender neutral names could be a perfect given name for your baby.

90.Asmara: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'love'.

91.Buana: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'earth'.

92.Cahya: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'the light'.

93.Citra: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'image'.

94.Dwi: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'second child'.

95.Eka: (Indonesian origin) Derived from the Sanskrit language, this name means 'first child'.

96.Gemi: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'modest lifestyle'.

97.Netra: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'vision'.

98.Setia: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'truth, faithfulness'.

99.Taman: (Indonesian origin) Meaning 'garden'.

100.Tri: (Sanskrit origin) Meaning 'third child'.



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