110 Best Italian Names For Boys

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Naming your baby is as exciting as it is daunting.

When choosing your baby boy's name you have the opportunity to reflect your family's heritage or signpost important characteristics which you want to nurture in your child. On the other hand, you can simply pick a cute name that suits your baby and sounds lovely!

An Italian name should be at the top of your list of baby boy names, not only are they beautiful to the ear, but they also often have lovely, special meanings too. If you are looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right place as this list of Italian names for boys has 100 different Italian boy names. From the most popular, classic Italian boy names, to unique Italian names, Italian boy names inspired by celebrities and more, there is an Italian boy name for everyone on this list.

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Popular Italian Boy Names

These classic Italian boy names were all among the top 50 most popular Italian baby names for boys in 2020. We can see why these cute names are so popular!

1.Abramo (Italian origin), meaning 'father of many'.

2.Alessandro (Italian origin), meaning 'defender of man'.

3.Alessio (Italian origin), meaning 'defender'.

4.Antonio (Italian origin), Italian version of Anthony, meaning 'priceless one'.

5.Brando (Italian origin), meaning 'sword'.

6.Davide (Italian origin), meaning 'beloved'.

7.Domenico (Italian origin), meaning 'belonging to the Lord'.

8.Edoardo  (Italian origin), meaning 'rich guardian'.

9.Elia (Italian origin), Italian version of the Hebrew name Eliana meaning 'God has answered'.

10.Emanuele (Italian origin), meaning 'God is with us'.

11.Federico (Italian origin), Italian form of Frederick, meaning 'peaceful ruler'.

12.Filippo (Italian origin), meaning 'friend of horses'.

13.Francesco (Italian origin), meaning 'from France' or 'free'.

14.Franco (Italian origin), Italian form of Francis, meaning 'Frenchman' or 'free'.

15.Giacomo (Italian origin), meaning 'supplanter'.

16.Gioele (Italian origin), this variation of Joel means 'Jehovah is his God'.

17.Giorgio (Italian origin), meaning 'farmer'.

18.Giovanni (Italian origin), meaning 'God is gracious'.

19.Giulio (Italian origin), meaning 'youthful'.

20.Giuseppe (Italian origin), Italian form of Joseph, meaning 'God will add, increase'.

21.Leonardo (Italian origin), meaning 'brave lion'. This name has been the most popular of all Italian boys' names for many years running.

22.Lorenzo (Italian origin), meaning 'someone from Laurentum'.

23.Luca (Italian origin), meaning 'person from Luciana'.

24.Marco (Italian origin), meaning 'warlike'.

25.Matteo (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Matthew, meaning 'gift of God'.

26.Nicolo (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Nicholas, meaning 'victorious, conqueror of the people'.

27.Pietro (Italian origin), meaning 'rock'.

28.Raffaele (Italian and Hebrew origin), meaning 'God has healed'.

29.Salvatore (Italian origin), meaning 'saviour'.

30.Tommaso (Italian origin), meaning 'a twin'.

31.Vincenzo (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Vincent, meaning 'to win'.

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Unique Italian Boy Names

According to Italian national statistics, these names are rarely given to babies in Italy in 2020. If you are looking for a unique and uncommon Italian name for your baby, why not try one of these cool Italian boy names?

32.Agostino (Italian origin), meaning 'great, magnificent'.

33.Carlo (Italian origin), meaning 'man'.

34.Damiano (Italian origin), meaning 'one who tames, subdues'.

35.Guglielmo (Italian origin), meaning 'resolute protector'.

36.Martino (Italian origin), meaning 'warrior of Mars'.

37.Marcello (Italian origin), Italian form of the Latin name Marcellus, meaning 'young warrior'.

38.Ottavio (Italian origin), this variation of the Latin name Octavius means 'eighth'.

Italian Names For Boys Inspired By Notable People

There is no doubt that an Italian name is a cool choice for a little boy. Some of the best Italian baby names are inspired by the famous faces we know and love.

39.Alessio (Italian origin), Italian form of the Latin name Alexius meaning 'defender'. Football Alessio Cercim takes this name.

40.Alfonso (Italian origin), meaning 'noble and ready'. American actor Alfonso Ribeiro takes this name.

41.Amerigo (Italian origin), meaning 'home ruler'. This is the name of Amerigo Vespucci, the famous Italian explorer.

42.Andrea (Greek origin), meaning 'man'. There are many famous Italian Andreas, including singer and songwriter Andrea Bocelli, physician Andrea Vesalius and painter Andrea del Verrocchio.

43.Angelo (Italian origin), derived from the Latin name Angelus, meaning 'Angel' or 'messenger from God'. Footballer Angelo Peruzzi shares this name with astronomer Angelo Secci.

44.Emiliano (Italian origin), meaning 'rival'. Footballer Emiliano Sala takes this name.

45.Enzo (Italian origin), meaning 'home ruler'. The founder of the Ferrari sports car line was called Enzo Ferrari.

46.Michelangelo (Italian origin), meaning 'Archangel Michael'. This name is synonymous with Michelangelo Buonarroti, the famous renaissance artist and inventor.

47.Orlando (Italian origin), meaning 'famous land'. Perhaps this name sounds so stylish due to its links with the famous actor Orlando Bloom.

48.Valentino (Italian origin), meaning 'strength, health'. Famous Valentinos include fashion designer Valentino Garavani and motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi.

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Italian Boy Names From Popular Culture

Why not take inspiration from your favourite play or film when naming your baby boy? These cool Italian boy names owe their popularity to the world of pop culture.

49.Benvolio (Italian origin), meaning 'good will'. Benvolio is the name of a character in Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet.

50.Dino (Italian origin), meaning 'little sword'. There is a character called Dino in TV series The Flintstones.

51.Draco (Italian origin), meaning 'dragon'. Draco Malfoy is a character in the much-loved Harry Potter franchise.

52.Luigi (Italian origin), meaning 'famous warrior'. The famous Super Mario's brother is called Luigi.

53.Mario (Italian origin), meaning 'warlike'. The Mario Nintendo character is loved by children far and wide and so his name earns a spot on this list.

54.Orsino (Italian origin), meaning 'bear'. There is a character in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night called Orsino.

55.Romeo (Italian origin), meaning 'a pilgrim to Rome'. This is famously the name of one of the star crossed lovers in Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet.

Biblical Italian Boy Names

These Italian boy names all appear in Italian versions of the Bible, making them a classic choice for your baby boy.

56.Aronne (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Aaron, meaning 'exalted'.

57.Giobbe (Italian origin), Italian form of the biblical figure Job, meaning 'persecuted'. Job is a righteous man in the bible making this an honourable Italian boys' name.

58.Matusalemme (Italian origin), Italian form of the biblical figure Methuselah, meaning 'man of the dart'.

59.Noè (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Noah, meaning 'rest, repose'.

60.Salomone (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Solomon, meaning 'man of peace'.

61.Timeo (Italian and Spanish origin), Italian form of the name Timaeus, meaning 'honour'.

62.Tobia (Italian origin), Italian form of the name Tobiah, meaning 'God is good'.

63.Zaccaria (Hebrew origin), Italian form of the biblical name Zachariah.

Unisex Italian Names

Just like words in the Italian language, Italian names are traditionally gendered. Recently, however, gender neutral baby names are beginning to grow in popularity in Italy - why not choose one of these cute names for your baby?

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64.Ambrossi (Italian origin), meaning 'divine, immortal'.

65.Armani (Italian origin), meaning 'Kin of Armand'. This name also references Giorgio Armani, the famous fashion designer.

66.Capri (Italian origin), this name is inspired by the island of Capri in Italy.

67.Coda (Italian origin), meaning 'concluding section of music'.

68.Domani (Italian origin), meaning 'tomorrow'.

69.Fendi (Italian origin), meaning 'to split'. The fashion brand of the same name began in 1925.

70.Gianni (Italian origin), this name is the nickname of Giovanni, meaning 'God is gracious', can be used for both boys and girls.

71.Lanza (Italian origin), meaning 'lancer'.

72.Leone (Italian origin), meaning 'lion'.

73.Lozano (Italian origin), meaning 'from Locarno'.

74.Mancuso (Italian origin), meaning 'left handed'.

75.Monaco (Italian origin), meaning 'monk like'.

76.Ricci (Italian origin), meaning 'curly haired'.

77.Rizzo (Italian origin), this name also means 'curly haired'.

78.Tutti (Italian origin), meaning 'all together'.

79.Volta (Italian origin), meaning 'turn, rotation'.

Italian Boy Names Inspired By Nature

These Italian boy names range from classic to unique, but there is one thing they all have in common - they are inspired by the amazing world around us!

80.Adolfo (Italian origin), meaning 'noble wolf'.

81.Arturo (Italian origin), meaning 'bear'.

82.Barnardo (Italian origin), meaning 'bear brave'.

83.Cavalli (Italian origin), this Italian name, meaning 'horses' can be used for both boys and girls.

84.Ciro (Italian origin), meaning 'of the sun'.

85.Columbo (Italian origin), meaning 'dove'.

86.Fiorello (Italian origin), meaning 'little flower'.

87.Geona (Italian origin), meaning 'a dove'.

88.Guido (Italian origin), meaning 'forest guide'.

89.Leo (Italian origin), meaning 'lion'.

90.Maurillo (Italian origin), meaning 'moor'.

91.Nevio (Italian origin), meaning 'mole'.

92.Renz (Italian origin), meaning 'laurel'.

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Meaningful Italian Boy Names

If you want your baby boy's name to mean something worthwhile, this list of meaningful Italian boy names has some beautiful suggestions of baby boy names with special meanings.

93.Agostino (Italian origin), meaning 'great'.

94.Amando (Italian origin), meaning 'worthy of love'.

95.Bello (Italian origin), meaning 'beautiful, handsome'.

96.Benigno (Italian origin), meaning 'friendly, kind'.

97.Benvenuto (Italian origin), meaning 'welcomed birth'.

98.Constantino (Italian origin), meaning 'constant, steady, faithful'.

99.Cosimo (Italian origin), meaning 'order, decency'.

100.Donato (Italian origin), meaning 'gift'.

101.Erasto (Italian origin), meaning 'beloved'.

102.Fidelio (Italian origin), meaning 'faithful'.

103.Gerodi (Italian origin), meaning 'hero' or 'hill'.

104.Ilario (Italian origin), meaning 'cheerful'.

105.Massimo (Italian origin), meaning 'greatest'.

106.Maximiliano (Italian origin), meaning 'greatest'.

107.Modesto (Italian origin), meaning 'modest'.

108.Paolo (Italian origin), meaning 'small' or 'humble'.

109.Riccardo (Italian origin), Italian version of Richard meaning 'powerful, leader'.

110.Teo (Italian origin), meaning 'divine gift'.



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