100 Best Kangaroo Names

Kangaroos are friendly but they do not like to be teased.

Kangaroos are powerful mammals with strong feet and cute pouches.

A baby kangaroo is called Joey. They are really very adorable and cute.

There are four different types of kangaroos; red kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroos, western grey kangaroos, and antilopine kangaroos. So, search for these kangaroo names wisely for your pouch animals. You can also call a kangaroo - Roo. It is one of the many adorable names that you can give to a kangaroo. Sometimes kangaroos can be aggressive too, and they might not like when a human approaches towards them. However, cases of killing are very rare, even though it is advised to maintain a safe distance from them.

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Male Kangaroo Names

Male red kangaroo can truly be your eternal love if you take care in your approach to them.

Every long-tailed, feisty pet kangaroo needs adorable boy kangaroo names. These lovely pouch animals are made to attain some jumpy cute names. Here is the complete search for unique baby kangaroos name.

1. Alex (Greek origin) meaning "defender/protector of man"

2. Alinga (Aboriginal origin) meaning "the sun."

3. Austin (Latin origin) meaning "majestic."

4. Axl (Scandinavian origin) meaning "my father is peace."

5. Clive (English origin) meaning "cliff dweller."

6. Darl (Literary origin) meaning "dear". The masculine version of the name Darling.

7. Edward (English origin) meaning "wealth, fortune."

8. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious".

9. Jerald (American origin) meaning “rule of the spear”.

10. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning “a person who descends”.

11. Kao (African origin) meaning "a sign of something."

12. Larue (French origin) meaning "dweller by the road."

13. Lou (German origin) meaning "famed warrior".

14. Mali Roo (Germanic origin) meaning "brave and diligent."

15. Penny (English origin) meaning "coin."

16. Ringo (Japanese origin) meaning "apple." There is a famous musician Ringo Starr from 'The Beetles'.

17. Roger (German origin) meaning “honor".

18. Ross (Germanic origin) meaning "the steed."

19. Sonnie (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom."

20. Starlight (English origin) meaning "a shining star."

21.  William (German origin) meaning “resolute” or “protector”.

Female Kangaroo Names

Kangaroos are the most intelligent marsupials ever. Hopping red kangaroos in your garden can bring a lot of joy to you. Here are some good kangaroo names as an answer to your search for girl kangaroo names!

22. Agatha (Greek origin) meaning "good."

23. Alegra (Italian origin) meaning "joyful." This would make a great female kangaroo name for a happy bouncer.

24. Audrey (English origin) meaning “noble strength.

25. Bambi (Italian origin) meaning "child".

26. Barry (Irish origin) meaning "fair-haired."

27. Carie (German origin) meaning "free man."

28. Darling (English origin) meaning "beloved person."

29. Eleanor (Greek origin) meaning "a compassionate person."

30. Gilbert (English origin) meaning "bright pledge."

31. Jill (English origin) meaning "child of gods."

32. Kayla (Hebrew origin) meaning "crown."

33. Lilith (Assyrian origin) meaning "night monster."

34. Mable (English origin) meaning "lovable, dear".

35. Matilda (Germanic origin) meaning "mighty in battle."

36. Nora (Latin origin) meaning "honor."

37. Shelby (English origin) meaning "from the town in hollow."

38. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom."

39. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "star."

40. Wanda (Polish origin) meaning "wanderer."

41. Wendy (English origin) meaning "welsh-white."

Cute Kangaroo Names

Baby kangaroos are cute and should have funny names.

Owing to their pouches and hopping behavior, these cute kangaroo animals require some appealing names. Here is the list of most endearing names for these marsupials.

42. Bongo (M) (Xhose origin) meaning "pride".

43. Booga (M/F) - A word often used as a term of endearment.

44. Boomer (M/F) (American origin) meaning "big and notable".

45. Bop-a-roo (M) (Scottish origin) - A funny name for a Roo.

46. Buttarooco (M/F) (English origin) - a great made-up name. Joey Buttarooco was a popular meme on a kangaroo.

47. Dodger (M) (English origin) meaning "strong in all situations."

48. Donner (M) (German origin) meaning "thunder".

49. Dunkaroo (M) (American origin) meaning "dunked cookies."

50. Dunken (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "dark warrior".

51. Fuzzy (M) (German origin) meaning "spongy".

52. Gracie (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "grace".

53. Joey (M/F) (English origin) meaning "God will increase".  

54. Jumping Jack (M) (American origin) meaning "person with legs and arms spread."

55. Kesley (F) (American origin) meaning "you are fierce."

56. Kiko (M) (Japnese origin) meaning "be glad".

57. Kip (M) (English origin) meaning "pointed hill."

58. Roo Roo (M) (English origin) - A great name for a baby Roo.

59. RooDolph (M) (Germanic origin) - A twist to Rudolph the Reindeer.

60. Skippy (M) (English origin) meaning "skipper."

61. Toby (F) (English origin) meaning "God is good."

62. Willy (M/F) (Germanic origin) meaning "resolute protection."

63. Windy (F) (English origin) meaning "friend".

Unique Kangaroo Name

Do you also want baby kangaroo names a little bit different and special among all? Then, this series of some unique and famous kangaroo names are just for you.

64. Amythis (M) (Greek origin) meaning "purple gemstone".

65. Barney (M) (English origin) meaning "strong as a bear."

66. Brad (M) (English origin) meaning"broad clearing."

67. Bruce (M) (English origin) meaning "thick brush".

68. Derouche (M) (French origin) meaning "rock". Kangaroos generally live in rocky places.

69. Elysia (F) (Latin origin) meaning "heaven."

70. Foreman (M) (German origin) meaning "cart worker."

71. Hippety (M) is a made-up kangaroo name.

72. Joey springer (M/F) is a unique made-up name.

73. Kanga (M/F) (American origin) meaning "raven."

74. Keira (F) (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired ".

75. Kimball (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "leader."

76. Lisa (F) (English origin) meaning "God is my oath."

77. Marilyn Monroo (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "wished-for-child."

78. Max (M) (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest".

79. Ming (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "bright".

80. Rebecca (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "servant of God."

81. Red (M/F) (English origin) meaning "red-haired."

82. Richard (M) (Germanic origin) meaning "strong in the rule."

83. Roopac Shakur (M) (Indian origin) from Tupac Shakur.

84. Ryan  (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "little king."

85. Sam (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "god heard."

86. Scooby roo (M) (English origin) meaning "gift of joy."

87. Scrappy roo (M) (English origin) meaning "street fighter."

88. Wayne (M) (English origin) meaning "wagon builder."

89. Winnie the Roo (M) (English origin).

Funny Kangaroo Names

Owing to funny behavior and mischievous actions, these pouch mammals deserve some funny names too. Let's have some fun with these hilarious terms.

90. Aussie (M/F) (Australian origin) meaning “a resident of Australia”.

91. Big Red (M/F) (Texas origin) meaning “large red-haired."

92. Bouncer (M) (English origin) meaning “someone who bounces”.

93. Bouncy (M/F) (English origin) meaning “someone who bounces a lot”.

94. Hopper (M) (American origin) meaning “one who jumps."

95. Jerry (M) (French/German origin) meaning “spear warrior” or “mighty spear-man”.

96. Jumpy (M/F) (Polish origin) meaning “one who jumps very much”.

97. Punchy (M/F) (English origin) meaning “one who loves to punch”.

98. Randy Rooman (M) (English origin). From wrestler Roman Reigns.

99. Ripper roo (M) (English origin), from Jack the Ripper.

100. Roo Paul (M) (American origin). From the model, RuPaul.

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