20+ Best Kasatha Names For Starfinder

Take a look at these 'Starfinder' and 'Pathfinder' Kasatha names.

The role playing game 'Starfinder' has many fantasy races of creatures, it is a sequel to the 'Pathfinder' roleplaying game.

Kasatha are part of the science fantasy role playing game 'Starfinder' developed by Paizo. The game can be played on the Paizo website and Kasatha are one of the many fictional races in 'Starfinder' that come from the planet Kasath.

Kasatha are four armed and their home planet is almost a massive desert. According to the lore of the game, their homeworld’s star is dying. They have limited time to save it and need to work together in clans to do so. Some of the major Kasatha clans include Clan Vildus, Clan Jum, Clan Midun and Clan Rirmus. In this article, we will go over some of the best 'Starfinder' Kasatha names. These 'Starfinder' Kasatha names might be perfect for new players looking to get into the game or you can use them as inspiration when naming your own fantasy characters.

The complexity of the Kasatha society extends to Kasatha naming conventions. Culture and heritage both play an important role in their names. Kasatha names can somtimes be very long as they often encompass an individual Kasatha’s whole family history. Kasatha last names are also made using thier clan names. All together, this makes a Kasatha's full name quite long.

'Starfinder' Kasatha names are not separated by gender. In other words, 'Starfinder Kasatha' names are unisex in nature. In this article, you will find some 'Starfinder' Kasatha names that you can use to name your own characters, some of these names might even suit other fictional races from both 'Pathfinder' and 'Starfinder'.

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Short Kasatha Names

Here is a list of some short Kasatha names that can be used for your own characters.

Your character deserves the best short Kasatha name and we can help you find it.

1. Cehacmom, this is an amazing name that you can pick for your character.

2. Citonken, this is quite a cool name for a Kasatha.

3. Dimalta, this fictional name also suits four armed Kasatha characters.

4. Girsiaf, this name sounds very powerful.

5. Mas, this short yet compelling Kasatha name will make heads turn.

6. Nuldon, resembling the word ‘neutron’, this Kasatha name gives off cosmic vibes.

7. Ryedrer, the name sounds very similar to the common name, Ryder. It’s a cool name.

8. Tearsetu, why not use this powerful name for a Kasatha character?

9. Tutelma, if you’re looking for heavy names, then this is the one for you.

10. Viaga, this short and beautiful name is a good choice to use for any character.

Long Kasatha Names With Clans

Here is a list of some long Kasatha names. Different clan names are added on to the end of these Kasatha names, in line with the traditional Kasatha naming convention.

Pick the best name for your 'Starfinder' character.

11. Cedro Zeminkam Detsor Necmol To of Clan Na, if you’re looking to add some depth to your character, then this is the right choice.

12. Cen Cesin Min Ni Can of Clan Ca, this name sounds very powerful for your characters.

13. Cof Dicis Zadef Ti Viltos of Clan Gunsif, this is another cool name.

14. Gidrus Meskarsi Su Jeal Sursi of Clan Gar, this is one powerful 'Starfinder' name.

15. Go Mesiam Me Vadro Rif of Clan Rahif, if you’re looking for a cool long name, then this is the one for you.

16. Jaef Daerinen Ser Rirma Vif of Clan Num, pronounced as ‘Jeff’, this is one amazing Kasatha name.

17. Rotweam Racmum Hyetwul Myelmes Dyeham of Clan Doltrus, this is another cool name.

18. Rudis Mos Nef Relmin Gadel of Clan Nyecar, this name has a very cool and strong vibe to it.

19. Talen Dodos Des Zonial Gidum of Clan Maldor, this is a powerful name.

20. Vef Geanohis Gu Vagun Musem of Clan Salmor, this name is a serious contender for your chararcters. It’s apt for a Kasatha.

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