75+ Best Knitting Puns That Will Have You Hooked

Jokes about knitting are the best for fall Instagram captions.

While puns about knitting may seem a bore at first, they end up being quite knots.

Knitting is a fun activity carried across the world, for recreational as well as professional purposes. Most people knit either by hand or through a sewing machine,  selecting based on personal preference and requirement.

Yarn puns and crochet humor are a common occurrence at crochet parties. These events are hosted at various locations throughout the world every season, especially during summer. Crochet is a fun process wherein someone uses a hook to create various textiles and fabrics. People who love knitting generally participate in crochet projects. Crochet puns are often extremely knitty and many people who love knitting quotes, love them as well. Knitting yarn takes a lot of steps like combing, carding, twisting, spinning, and drawing out. Yarn knitting takes a lot of wool power and shear dedication.

Knitting projects can take anything from a couple of hours to a lot of months. Many people say that knitting crochet takes less time, which allows them to handle multiple knitting projects at a time. While the art of knitting and crochet may seem outdated to some, we're sure that crochet humor and knitting puns and not going out of fashion anytime soon. Here is a list of our 76 favorite hilarious puns about knitting.

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Clever Knitting Puns

Knitting crochet is a skillful activity but can be fun too.

Here are some clever knitting puns for your enjoyment.

1. Serial killers that knit are easy to find. All you have to do is follow the patterns.

2. It's easy to thread down the wrong path when you get carried away whilst knitting.

3. I go to the World Knitting Competition every year. It's quite knots.

4. Knitters don't make good drivers. They weave a lot.

5. I've been feeling guilty because I made my co-worker a jumper and I used really cheap knitting wool. It just felt bad.

6. People who knit often get very stream-stressed.

7. I can't seem to think of any puns related to knitting. I think I have finished all of my material.

8. A woman had to get her knitting needles fixed. They just didn't seam right.

9. To get good at knitting, you really need to understand the knitty-gritty part of the process.

10. Knitters only gain entrance into heaven if they can pass through the purly gates.

11. Make sure you don't leave a knitting story in the middle. Otherwise, it will unravel.

12. Don't ever get influenced by salespeople that knit. They can really spin a yarn.

13. My friend has a lot of friends in her knitting class. Apparently, they're a tight knit bunch.

14. My friend, a knitter, has a really hard time finding appropriate transportation because she lives in the mountains. She can only use a cable car.

15. Cats should be prevented from swallowing any yarn. Otherwise, they might accidentally end up having mittens.

16. You'll never find sheep in high-end restaurants. They dislike being carded.

17. My grandmother is a very wise knitter. She offers a lot of purls of wisdom that can be applied to everyday life.

18. A woman had a lot of trouble trusting her knitting friend. She thought her friend always spun a yarn.

19. Knitted necklaces are really expensive because they're made with handcrafted purls.

20. My mother has been asking me for the contact details of good local knitters. Unfortunately, I'm knit sure if I can help her since I don't know anyone.

21. My friend was having a lot of trouble in her knitting class. So, her professor told her to knit it together.

22. A woman with kleptomania was only able to knit sweaters made out of steel. She used to steel all the wool.

23. A person who can knit their own clothes is knot sub-par by any standard.

24. It's easy to spot if someone is a knitting addict. They always have a stitch policy about who can use their needles.

Funny Needle Puns

Many professional knitters use common knitting patterns in all of their work.

Here are some funny needle puns for you to sew.

25. Christmas trees are the worst knitters. You'll find them constantly dropping their needles.

26. My daughter can't seem to have any luck mending her sweaters. I guess she needles a bit of help from me.

27. I participated in the sewing competition but lost third place by 5 points. Needles-s to say, it was a fun experience.

28. There is no point arguing with a needle. It always has a great point.

29. I don't like getting injections because I think my skin is too soft for needles. What can I say, I guess I'm really vein about my skin.

30. You will always find the needle near a swimming spool during his summer vacations.

31. I'm not scared of needles, I just find them to be really weird. They seem to get under my skin a lot.

32. A man stopped replaced his knitting needles with a sewing machine.  "They all look pointless to me now", he said.

33. Some needle jokes are so funny that they'll leave you in stitches.

34. The balloon often goes to various needle concerts. He wants to become a pop star someday.

35. There's no reason for me to joke about a dull needle. It's all pointless.

36. A successful acupuncture session is a needle jab done well.

37. There's no point in writing a pun concerning a needle in a haystack.

38. A needle collector lost all of his needles in a fire. Needless to say, he was pretty sad about it.

39. I had to work with a lot of needles in my first job. It was sew boring.

40. A pie fashioned with needles is often called a porcupie.

41. Papa needle wore a suit for his son's school graduation. "You're looking really sharp", remarked his son.

42. A needle surgeon specializes in syringery.

43. My father was having a hard time handling all of the farm animals on his own. He needles all the support he can get.

44. A needle teenager really wanted to go to a movie. "Can I please have some cash? I needle some change for the film", he begged his father.

45. A needle and a thread were playing hide and seek. "I can sew you!", yelled the thread when he spotted the needle.

46. The needle was a great stand up comedian. His jokes left everyone in stitches.

47. The spool asked the needle how she was doing in the quarantine. "Sew sew", she replied.

48. I really tried hard to sew a beautiful sweater. But someone accidentally thread on all of my hard work.

49. The needle baby was in a really good mood. "Well, someone seams chipper", stated the mother.

Best Wool Puns

Thinking of a great knitting pun takes shear hard work.

Here are the best wool puns in the market.

50. My grandma really never thought that her husband would be the wool thief. He succeeded in putting the wool over her eyes.

51. My friend accidentally dropped her wool while knitting. "Don't worry, knit happens", I chuckled.

52. My brother couldn't decide what sweater he wanted to buy. I felt that he was being too knit-picky.

53. A woman accidentally stole a pair of wool socks from the local clothing department store. She didn't return them because of cold feet.

54. The first man who invented wool discovered it by shear accident.

55. Using forest logs is a sheep method to ignite a fire.

56. Tommy the knitter accidentally left a hole in my jumper. When I showed him the jumper, he said "Darn it".

57. Bob's mother dragged him to the sweater convention against his free wool.

58. Lisa gave the wrong instructions to the cardigan maker, so there's a chance that the cardigan may turn out to be the wrong shape. I guess only time wool tell.

59. I have tried using wool for my sweaters a million times, but I can never make them right. Regardless, I wool not stop.

60. I have to spend the next 5 days buying new wool sweaters for Christmas. Christmas shopping wool be the cause of my death.

61. A new movie released last week showed a sheep as a high-end banker.  It was called "Woolf of Wall Street".

62. This Halloween I'm going to dress my pet sheep like a wolf. I'll call him 'Woolverine'.

63. My sister couldn't stop raving about her new wool obsession. It was driving me up the wool.

64. I have my first wool store opening tomorrow.  "I hope it goes wool",  my mother prayed.

65.  If you're not good with one type of wool, you should quit before you waste too much material. It's not worthwool.

66. I can't believe I didn't find out about the yarn theft before. The robber was easily able to pull the wool over my eyes.

67. My cat had a near death experience after she fell on a pile of yarn needles. Thank God, she's alive and wool.

69. My grandmother just finished a 3-day yarn marathon. I hope she's feeling wool.

70. The cardigan convention was a once in a life experience. I wool always remember it.

71. All steel wool is taken from rugged battlesheep.

72. Papa sheep told his son about how he had asked mama sheep to marry him.  "I asked her wool you be mine", he confessed.

73. You can only get really expensive yarn through shear luck and woolpower.

74. All fancy yarn traders live on wool street.

75.  Sheep want to wool the whole world.

76. Cows love to knit in their own yarn.

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