20+ Best Last Names Meaning Wolf

If you are interested in last names that mean wolf, which can make perfect character names inspired by the wild majestic mammals themselves, then keep on reading

Wolves are wild and majestic animals that are respected for their regal stature, strength, loyalty, and bravery.

There so many surnames meaning wolf across the different cultures that are used as surnames and sometimes as first names. Whether feminine or masculine, German, Scandinavian, or American origin, there is an overabundance of options to choose from. According to science, Lycan is the name used for wolves.  

Below is a list of 20+ wolf surnames to pick from. If you want more inspiration why not look at earthy boy names or deer names.

Popular Surnames Meaning Wolf

There are many popular surnames across multiple cultures that mean wolf. Most of these names started as a personal name but transformed from there, especially those of English and German origin

1. Adalwolf (German origin) means "noble wolf." There are many variants of this name that meaning “noble wolf.”

2. Adolpha (Latin origin) means "noble wolf." It is the Latin variant of Adalwolf.

3. Agwang (Luo origin) means "wolf." The Luo is a Nilotic ethnolinguistic group in western Kenya and the Nothern Mara region of Tanzania.

4. Guadalupe (Arabic origin) means “river of the wolf." It is from the words “Wadi” which means “river” and “Lupus” which means “wolf”, it's one of the coolest wolf names.

5. Lupa (Latin origin) means "she-wolf." Another diminutive of Lupa is "Lupita".

6. Ula (Icelandic origin) is a variant of the old English"Ulrica" which is a name meaning “wolf power.” In Norse, this name is also written as Ulf, which means "little wolf".

7. Velvela (Yiddish origin) means “wolf.” This is also a much more common individual name.

8. Ylva (Old Norse origin) means “she-wolf.” This is one of the earliest Swedish surnames to appear in extant documentation.

Unique Surnames Meaning Wolf

Many of these unique but famous wolf inspired surnames are old English or Anglo Saxon.

9. Adalwulf (German origin) means "noble wolf.” This is the male variant of “Adalwolf” meaning “noble wolf" or "bright wolf."

10. Adolph (German origin) this name means “noble wolf.”

11. Bardawulf (German origin) this name means "bright wolf" or "ax wolf".

12. Coinin (Gaelic origin) means “little wolf.” It is a Scottish name.

13. Cuetlachtli (Nahuatl origin) means "wolf." The Nahuatl people can be found in central Mexico.

14. Faolan (Irish origin) means “little wolf.” It is a name that is shared by two saints of Irish origin.

15. Fenrisulfur (Icelandic origin) means “swamp wolf” or “wolf of hell.” It is a legendary wolf that was feared. It was even called “the monster wolf.”

16. Gerwulf (German origin) means “spear-wolf.” A perfect last name inspired by grey wolf.

17. Hemming (Old Norse origin) means “werewolf” or “shape-shifter.” The name might actually be derived from the old Norse word, "Hamr" meaning "shape".

18. Hohnihohkaiyohos (Cheyenne origin) means “high-backed wolf.”

19. Hrodwulf (German origin) means "famous wolf." Its variant forms include  Hrodulf, Hrolf, Rudolf, and Rudolphus.

20. Liulfr (Old Norse origin)  means “shield wolf.” This name is much more common in Scotland in its gender-neutral variation, “Lyall.”

21. Ocumwhowurst (Cheyenne origin) means "yellow wolf." It was also the name of a Native American chief of the Southern Cheyenne in the United States.

22. Otsoko (Basque origin) means “wolf cub.” The Basque is a Southern European ethnic group.

23. Rannulf (German origin) means “plundering wolf.” This name is derived from the word, “Reginúlfr.”

24. Volkov (Russian origin) means "wolf". It is a perfect Russian last names meaning wolf.

25. Wolfgang (German origin) means “wolf path” or “path of the wolf”. The name is a merger of “Wolf” meaning “Wolf ” and “Gang” meaning "path" or "journey" or “travel”.

26. Wulfric (Anglo Saxon origin) means “Wolf power". It could also mean "Wolf ruler" and was popularized by the 'Harry Potter' books.

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