120+ Best Latvian Names For Girls And Boys

Latvian first names have some of the most beautiful meanings.

The Republic of Latvia is a European country located in the Baltic region.

Latvia is surrounded by Estonia, Belarus, Russia, and Lithuania on four sides. Latvia is a highly developed country and boasts of having an advanced high-income economy as well as a high Human Development Index.

As per history, Latvia was under the ruling of Sweden, Poland, and Russia. The nation was established in 1918 when it broke away from the Russian empire and then after the end of World War I, declared their independence. Ancient history recounts the tale of native Balts who used to trade with Romans. Medieval history shows the Swedish and German rule on Latvia which brought a number of cultural changes in the land. Latvia once again went under Soviet rule and then finally declared independence in 1991. Latvian names and Latvia surnames all are beautiful and interesting, check the list of Latvian names we've made for you and choose the best.

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Beautiful Latvian Male Names

Latvian family names and Latvian name meanings can often hold certain significances from history.

In Latvian culture, using Latvian surnames and given names as baby names play a big part. Here's the list of some of the most beautiful Latvian names for boys.

1. Aivars (Old Norse origin), meaning "bow, warrior". Aivars Gipslis was a Latvian chess Grandmaster, a chess writer, and an editor.

2. Aleksandrs (Baltic origin), meaning "defender of men". Aleksandrs Cauņa is a Latvian footballer, who's currently working as a coach. Aleksandrs Čaks was a Latvian writer and poet.

3. Anatolijs (Greek origin), meaning "sunrise".

4. Andrejs (Greek origin), meaning "manly, masculine". Andrejs Dūda is an award-winning Latvian swimmer who's also a two-time Olympian.

5. Arnolds (German origin), meaning "eagle power". Arnold Mikelson was a famous Latvian artist who mainly specialized in wood carvings.

6. Artjoms (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "follower or gift of Artemis". Artjoms Rudņevs is a Latvian footballer.

7. Augusts (Latin origin), meaning "to increase". Augusts Kirhenšteins was a Latvian microbiologist.

8. Bendiks (Latin origin), "the one who is blessed".

9. Chrysanthos meaning "a golden flower".

10. Dainis (Latvian origin), meaning "the one who is dedicated to Dionysus". Dainis Kūla is a former Latvian national-level javelin thrower who represented the Soviet Union at the international level.

11. Emils (Latvian origin), meaning "eager". Emīls Dārziņš was a Latvian conductor, composer and music critic.

12. Gabriela (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my strength".

13. Gustavs (Old Norse origin), meaning "staff of the Geats or Goths or Gods". Gustavs Zemgals was a politician and the second President of Latvia.

14. Jazeps (Hebrew origin), meaning "God will increase". Jazeps Vitols was a popular Latvian composer and a famous music critic, Jāzeps Vītols was a Latvian pedagogue, composer, and music critic.

15. Kazimieras (Lithuanian origin), meaning "to destroy a peaceful world".

16. Kristaps (Biblical origin), meaning "bearer of Christ". Kristaps Porzingis is a Lat professional basketball player.

17. Kristers (Latin origin), meaning "disciple of Christ, Christian". Kristers Gudlevskis is a Latvian professional ice hockey goaltender.

18. Kristofers (Greek origin) meaning "bearing Christ".

19. Labrencis (Latin origin), meaning "laurel or a bay".

20. Leonhards (German origin), meaning "a lion".

21. Maksims (Latin origin), meaning "the greatest".

22. Markuss (Latin origin), meaning "dedicated to Mars, the Roman god of war". Markuss Rothkowitz was an American painter of Latvian Jewish descent.

23. Miervaldis (Latin origin), meaning "king of peace, a ruler of peace". Miervaldis Birze was a Latvian writer, physician, and publicist.

24. Nikolajs (Latvian origin), meaning "people's victory". Nikolajs Polakovs is a famous soccer player from Latvia.

25. Pavils (Latin origin), meaning "humble or little".

26. Peteris (Latvian origin), meaning "don of Peter". Peteris Vasks is a famous Latvian composer.

27. Radoslav (Bulgarian origin), meaning "eager glory or glorious work".

28. Raimonds (German origin), meaning "guards wisely". Raimonds Staprans is a well-known playwright and artist in both the USA and Latvia. Raimonds Pauls is a Latvian piano player and composer.

29. Septimus (Latvian origin) meaning "the seventh".

30. Teodors (Latvian origin), meaning "gift of God".

31. Valerijs (Latvian origin), meaning "the one who is brave".

32. Valters (German origin), meaning "army or warrior, to rule".

33. Vilhelms (Latvian origin), meaning "desire".

34. Zigfrids (Russian origin), meaning "protection, peace, victory and safety". Zigfrids Meierovics was a Latvian politician.

Charming Latvian Boys Names

Have a look at this list of the Latvian boy names that have such a charm to them.

35. Adrians (Latin origin), meaning "from Adria".

36. Aleksis (Latvian origin), "helper of man". Aleksis Dreimanis was a renowned Latvian Canadian Quaternary geologist.

37. Alvis (Old Norse origin), meaning "all wise". Alvis Vītoliņš was an award-winning Latvian chess master.

38. Anna (Hebrew origin), meaning "food, grain, earth and water, God".

39. Armands (German origin), meaning "soldier". Armands Šķēle is a renowned Latvian professional basketball player, who's played for the Latvian National Basketball Team.

40. Arturs (Baltic origin), meaning "strong as a bear". Artūrs Irbe is a Latvian former goaltender and professional ice hockey coach.

41. Arvīds (Old Norse origin), meaning "eagle, tree".

42. Bruno (German origin), meaning "armor, protection, brown". Brūno Kalniņš was a Latvian historian and social democratic politician.

43. Daniels (Biblical origin), meaning "God is my judge".

44. Dāvids (Hebrew origin), meaning "beloved or uncle".

45. Edgars (Latvian origin), meaning "fortunate and powerful". Edgars Rinkēvičs is a Latvian politician.

46. Jurgis (Latvian origin), meaning "earth-worker".

47. Karlis (French origin), meaning "strong and masculine". Karlis Baumanis is a famous author who composed the national anthem of the Republic of Latvia. Karlis Ulmanis was a Latvian politician who was Prime Minister of the nation four times.

48. Lauris (Italian origin), meaning "from Laurentum". Lauris Reiniks is a Latvian Pop music singer-songwriter and as well as an actor.

49. Ludis (Russian origin), meaning "war or fame".

50. Marks (Old Latin origin), meaning "warlike, or a God of War".

51. Mihails (Hebrew origin), meaning "who is like God". Mihails Tals was a Soviet Latvian chess player.

52. Modris (Latvian origin), meaning "the great or the mighty". Modris Gelzis was a famous Latvian architect.

53. Olivers (German origin), meaning "elf warrior".

54. Ralfs (Old Norse origin), meaning "wolf counsel".

55. Rihards (German origin), meaning "ruler". Rihards Zarins was a famous and hugely popular Latvian graphic artist.

56. Roberts (German origin), meaning "bright famous one". General Roberts Dambitis was a famous Latvian soldier and politician.

57. Stefans (Latvian origin), meaning "crown".

58. Toms (Aramaic origin), meaning "twin".

59. Valera (Latvian origin), meaning "valiant and brave".

60. Vilis (Latvian origin), meaning "helmet of determination".

61. Vladislava (Latvian origin), meaning "glory".

62. Zein (Latvian origin), meaning "beautiful or fragrant plant".

Elegant Latvian Female Names

Usage of Latvian last names or Baltic last names as first names is common in Latvia.

Latvian baby names are not just inspired by different languages, the given names have such charm to them too. Below is the list of all the most elegant female Latvian names.

63. Abolins (Latvian origin), meaning "clover".

64. Akvifolija (Latvian origin), meaning "holly plant".

65. Aleksandra (Greek origin), meaning "defender of people".

66. Alīna (Baltic origin), meaning "noble, white, bright".

67. Anželika (Latin origin), meaning "angelic".

68. Asenka (Latvian origin), meaning "graceful".

69. Ausma (Latvian origin), meaning "dawn".

70. Beāte (Latin origin), meaning "blessed".

71. Beatrise (Latin origin), meaning "voyager, traveler". This name is common among Latvian women's names.

72. Dvesma (Latvian origin), meaning "whiffle".

73. Dzintara (Latvian origin), meaning "amber".

74. Elizabete (Hebrew origin), meaning "my God is abundance or my God has sworn".

75. Estere (Persian origin), meaning "star".

76. Gundega (Latvian origin), meaning "buttercup flower".

77. Ilma (Spanish origin), meaning "desire or will."

78. Ingrida (Old Norse origin), meaning "a beautiful woman". Ingrida Andrina was a Latvian stage and film actress.

79. Irusya (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "peaceful".

80. Jevgenija (Latvian origin), meaning "nobility or well-born". Jevgenija Lisicina is a popular Latvian organist.

81. Laumina (Latvian origin), meaning "pixie".

82. Lazda (Latvian origin), meaning "hazel".

83. Liege (Latvian origin), meaning "smooth and gentle".

84. Magone (Latvian origin), meaning "Poppy flower".

85. Melanija (Latin origin), meaning "dark".

86. Monta (Latvian origin), meaning "mountain".

87. Nastashia (Russian origin), meaning "resurrection".

88. Parsla (Latvian origin), meaning, "flake".

89. Pipene (Hebrew origin), meaning "daisy flower".

90. Solveiga (Old Norse origin), meaning "strength or the sun".

91. Stasya (Slavic origin), meaning "fame, strength or firmness".

92. Taska (Latin origin), meaning "the one who was born during Christmas".

93. Viktorija (Latin origin), meaning "victory".

94. Virma (Latvian origin), meaning "ruffle". This name is common among Latvian gypsy names.

95. Zelsana (Latvian origin), meaning "prosperity".

96. Zuza (Latvian origin), meaning "lotus or lily flower".

Sweet Latvian Girls Names

Lastly, here's the list of the Latvian girl names inspired by different cultures and languages, and also some of the sweetest given names.

97. Agnese (Baltic origin), meaning "lamb". This name is common among Baltic girl names.

98. Agnija (Greek origin), meaning "chaste".

99. Aina (Latvian origin), meaning "scene, sight".

100. Alise (German origin), meaning "of the noble kind, noble, honorable".

101. Anita (Hebrew origin), meaning "favor".

102. Anyuta (Latvian origin), meaning "grace or a graceful woman".

103. Biruta (Lithuanian origin), meaning "to scatter, to pour out".

104. Brigita (Irish origin), meaning "exalted one".

105. Dagnija (Old Norse origin), meaning "day".

106. Elza (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my joy". Elza Tlieksane was a famous Latvian poet and playwright.

107. Emilija (Latin origin), meaning "a rival or emulating".

108. Ilja (Hebrew origin), meaning "Yahweh is my God".

109. Irka (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "a peaceful woman".

110. Laima (Latvian origin), meaning "luck".

111. Lauma (Baltic Mythological origin), refers to the name of a forest spirit in Baltic mythology. This is one of the common Latvian names that has its significance in mythology and history.

112. Liene (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "virgin or maiden".

113. Lisbete (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is perfection".

114. Margrieta (Latvian origin), meaning "pearl".

115. Marta (Latin origin), meaning "dedicated to Mars, warlike".

116. Paula (Latin origin), meaning "humble, little".

117. Rota (Latvian origin), meaning "flower".

118. Sarlote (German origin), meaning "free man".

119. Sofija (Greek origin), meaning "someone full of wisdom".

120. Urzula (Latvian origin), meaning "female bear cub".

121. Velna (Latvian origin), meaning "female devil".

122. Zelta (Latvian origin), meaning "gold".

123. Zinaida (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "daughter of Zeus".

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