50+ Best Leg Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Leg jokes and ankle puns are the best way to be the humerus friend.

They say laughter and jokes are the best way to begin your day.

Are you looking for that perfect leg joke to crack on your morning walk with your friends? Are you worried that the ones you have are not going to stand?

Not to fret. We've compiled a list of the best leg jokes for you to make sure you're prepped for your next run. Human anatomy puns are always considered humerus. So, tap into your funny bone during your next morning walk. If you want to be a step ahead and have the best jokes about legs, knees, ankles, and heels, we've prepared the best of them for you. You kneed to make a great impression at your first race. Now you can select your favorite ones and break a leg.

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Funny Leg Puns

Puns and one-liners are the best way to have a fun morning and impress your walk mates. However, they tend to be challenging to find, which is why we've made a list of some funny leg sayings and leg one-liners that we think you will like so you don't have to worry about finding them or making them. These would also make good Instagram captions to help ace your Instagram game.

1. If you travel on a cramped plane, you end up with jet leg.

2. Some people don't like leg puns because they can't stand them.

3. I love my legs because they always stand up for me.

4. An group of archaeologists gathered to find the leg bone of an ancient man. It was a real shindig.

5. Recently, my friend heard his ankle bone crack. I told him that he shouldn't be so broken up over it.

6. Usain Bolt is a really good runner because of his kind soul.

7. I think my fridge has a broken leg because it's not running.

8. If you fracture your leg's back while getting on a plane, it is an airline fracture.

9. My son and I both have knee problems. It is a joint issue.

10. Sadly, I hurt my ankle the other day but don't worry, it's heeling well.

11. When you forget you have knees, it is called amkneesia.

Leg Cast Puns

Anatomy puns are heart-hitting.

There are lots of funny anatomy jokes that people may already know. If you want the ones that people may not have heard before, we can help you. We've made a list of the jokes we think are best for your morning or evening walk. Be careful about making your friends laugh too much, or they'll twist their ankle and end up in a cast.

12. People tell actors to break a leg because every play has a cast.

13. I just saw a play about a man with broken legs, and the cast was terrible.

14. The doctor told the man with the broken leg that it was going tibia okay.

15. Do you know that a horse with a cast ran in last week's race? It was lame.

16. I broke my leg when I tripped over a box of paper towels last night, but the doctor said it was only tissue damage.

17. It makes me feel so bad when the nurse makes fun of my broken leg. She's just adding insult to injury.

18. Breaking a leg while auditioning will ensure that you make it in the cast.

19. I don't mind doing leg days at the gym, but it's the two days after that I can't seem to stand.

20. My friend broke both her legs last week, and now she has a cast. She just can't seem to stand the situation.

Heel Puns

Leg jokes can help you get your crush to fall head over heels.

Heels are the lowest part of the legs, but they make for the highest level of jokes. Here is a compiled list of some of the puns related to heels that will be achilling your friends with laughter.

21. I got a new dog and named him Achilles because he only knows how to heel.

22. Foot injuries are serious because they take a long time to heel.

23. Someone kicked me in the back of my ankle, and it is achilling me.

24. My wife reached new heights when she tried on heels for the first time.

25. I'm a man who likes to drive with high heels on. I call it drag racing.

Funniest Leg Jokes

Leg humor is not common, even though it should be. There are so many hilarious jokes about legs to crack that you'll find yourself struggling to stand. If you want that one perfect joke about legs, here is a list of some of the best leg jokes that your friends are sure to get a kick out of.

25. What do you call a woman with just one leg? iLean.

26. What has four legs and is man's best friend? A sofa.

27. Why did the man go to his friend's new house even though he didn't like him? His wife told him he needed to.

28. What do you call a three-legged donkey? A Wonky.

29. What did the cat say when it hurt its leg? It cried me-ow.

30. Why do pirates only have one hand and one leg? Their ship cost them an arm and a leg.

31. Where does a one-legged waitress work? iHop.

32. Where do you live when you stub your toe? Krakatoa.

33. Which song does a one-legged girl sing? Lean On.

34. Why are noses and feet complete opposites? Noses run, and feet smell.

35. What would you call a new knee that engages in a rap battle? Disney.

36. What has two legs but can't walk? Pants.

37. Why does a milking stool have three legs? Because the cow has the utter one.

38. What do you call a pig with no legs? A groundhog.

39. What do you say to a one-legged hitchhiker? Hop in!

40. What kind of shoes do artists wear? Sketchers.

41. What do you call a LOTR fan with a sprained ankle? A hobble-it.

42. What does a frog feel when it has a broken foot? Unhoppy.

43. What shoes can you eat? Sneakers.

44.What kind of shoes do airplanes wear? High heels.

45. What did the femur say to the patella? I kneed you.

46. What is it called when your knee transplant fails? Irony.

47. What do you call a guy with one toe and one knee? Tony!

48. Why did someone put a party hat on my knee? They thought it would be funny.

49. Which part of your body likes to drink milk? Your calf.

50. What do you call a dinosaur with a broken leg? An owmilegisaur.

51. What do you call a sheep with no back legs and front legs? A cloud.

52. What do you call a Chinese man with only one leg? Tie Won Shu.

53. Who is the most famous footwear philosopher? Sockrates.

54. What kind of shoes do spies wear? They wear sneakers.

55. What has four legs but no feet? A table.

56. Why didn't the two feet get along? Because they both thought that they were right.

57. What type of hat does a knee wear? A knee cap.

58. What do you get when you play the piano using only your foot? Footnotes.

59. What kind of jokes do shoelaces tell? Knot knot jokes.

Leg Jokes about Toes

Toes tend to be man's greatest enemy when you stub them on the leg of a table or furniture. One could say that they deserve to be made fun of because of all the pain that they have caused you. So go ahead and crack a joke or two about your toes so you can avenge all that pain you went through. Here's a rundown of some jokes that are toe-tally hilarious to crack and laugh about.

59. What do you call when you break your toe and can't drive your car? A toe-truck.

60. Why did the feet take ballet classes? It kept her on her toes.

61. Where do feet kiss for Christmas? Under the mistletoe.

62. What is the foot's favorite chocolate? Toe-blerone.

63. What did one toe say to the other? See you toe-morrow.

64. What is the foot's favorite vegetable? Toma-toes.

65. What did the cell say when another cell stepped on her foot? Mi-toe-sis.

66. What kind of toes do cattle have? They have lac-toes.

Human Anatomy Jokes

Human anatomy has a lot of jokes in stock. These human science lovers are a fun bunch, so it is not surprising that there are plenty of jokes to go around. But, because there are so many jokes, you need to make sure that you don't crack a common joke that they already might know. We compiled a list of the funniest jokes that will have you laughing your genes off for your next morning walk.

67. Why did the med student fail anatomy? She just couldn't cut it.

68. Where do hippos go to study medicine? Hippocampus.

69. Why did the student fail anatomy? Because the professor was sternum.

70. What's the least honest bone in the body? The fibula.

71. What did the cadaver say to the anatomy student? You stole my heart.

72. When does a skeleton laugh? When someone tickles his funny bone!

73. What did the left hand ask the right hand? How can you always be right?

74. What do you call a football player who injured almost three fourth quarters of his spine? A quarterback.

75. What do you call a fake bone? A faux-knee.

76. What did the lips say to the facial muscle? You always make me smile.

77. Why did the girl like the skeleton? He was humerus.

78. What is the quickest way to a man's heart? Through his chest.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you likedt our suggestions for leg puns and jokes then why not take a look at bone puns or skeleton puns for more 'humerus' content?


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