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Pick a cool Aboleth name from 'Dungeons And Dragons

An aboleth is an eel-like creature in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

The creature is malevolent and has potent psionic abilities. These creatures are also huge, reaching up to 20 feet in length and weighing up to 6,500 pounds.

The Forgotten Realms campaign setting consists of several Aboleths and in this blog, we'll take you through all their names. However, before we start discussing the names of Aboleths, we'll tell you all about what they look like, what their abilities are, and how their psychology works.

Aboleths are best described by comparing them to eels. However, they do have other physical characteristics that make them unique, such as their strange bodies, which are long and tubular, their rear tails and their dual fins around their heads. Their lamprey-like mouths also make them look quite scary, particularly due to their serrated teeth. They are multi-colored too, with sea-green topsides and orange-pink underbellies.

Many Denizens living in the Far Realm boast of psionic powers and the same goes for Aboleths. The greatest power an Aboleth can use is to secrete a mucus-like fluid that transforms their victims into mindless servants. This is the main aim of Aboleths in the game, they want to regain the thrones they once lost by enslaving people and forcing them to worship and obey them. Through the use of this strange magic power, Aboleths can keep adding new slaves who are called Aboleth Servitors.  

They also have the magic power of retaining the memories of their ancestors and gaining new memories by assimilating their victims' memories. When they don't have much to do, they like to relive the events experienced by their ancestors. Aboleths communicate in an undefined Aboleth language.

What makes Aboleths so deadly is their potent mix of cruelty and intelligence, which they use remarkably well to defeat their enemies. They also know when to take a step back from engaging in conflict, particularly when they are faced with more powerful enemies.

Now that you know all there is to know about Aboleths, it is time to explore their names! For more names articles, check out these Tiefling names and these Halfling names.

Notable Aboleth Names

Do you want to pick an authentic DnD Aboleth name? If so, this is the list for you, here we'll talk about some of the most notable Aboleths in the Forgotten Realms setting. Read on!

There are number of Aboleth names to choose from

1.Golorr, an Aboleth who has been turned into the Stone of Golorr, an artifact that contains the memories and consciousness of the transformed Aboleth.

2.Illun, an Aboleth who lives in the tier of the Twisted Caverns in the Undermountain.

3.Jooran, an Aboleth from the Dwarven city of Zanhoriloch who is eventually consumed by the city's ruler, another Aboleth called Oothoon.

4.Oothoon, an Aboleth who rules Zanhoriloch, a Dwarven city in the Realms, and consumes an Aboleth citizen called Jooran.

5.The Eldest, the ruler of the Aboleth city Xxiphu and also the leader of the Abolethic Sovereignty, which consists of the original Aboleths of the Forgotten Realms.

6.Yngukulub, pledges allegiance to the Prophet of Water, Guy Shatterkeel, during the Elemental Evil crisis.

More Aboleth Names

If the Aboleth DnD names we've gone through so far haven't done enough to impress you, you can now pick from some incredibly evil Aboleth names in this part. Of course, these are just our suggestions. Feel free to make your very own brand new Aboleth names and experiment with them for even more 'Dungeons And Dragons' fun. The best way to make a DnD name is to consider the nature of your character and borrow from real-life words too.

Dungeons And Dragons' is a treasure trove of cool names

7.Abaddon (Israeli origin), meaning "the destroyer". A cool name to use.

8.Acheros (Latin-American origin), meaning "river of sorrow".

9.Achlys (Greek origin), meaning "darkness".

10.Ahlai (Israeli origin), meaning "sorrowing experience".

11.Ahriman (Indian origin), meaning "evil spirit".

12.Amon, the infernal demon who governs forty legions in demonology and is also the Marquis of Hell.

13.Ares (Greek origin), meaning "ruin". A nice name to use.

14.Armaros, the name of a fallen angel that means "accursed".

15.Asura (Indian origin), the name of a superhuman Demigod clan that is always waging war against the Gods.

16.Azazel, the infernal demon responsible for teaching man how to make weapons of war.

17.Azvameth (Israeli origin), meaning "strong death".

18.Baphomet, an infernal demon who is also used to symbolize Satan.

19.Beelzebub, another name for Satan in Abrahamic religions.

20.Birsha (Israeli origin), meaning "evil".

21.Bora (Turkish origin), meaning "storm".

22.Boruta (Slavic origin), the name of a demon in Slavic mythology.

23.Deidamia (Greek origin), meaning "to destroy".

24.Dierdre (Celtic origin), meaning "sorrowful".

25.Djall (Latin origin), meaning "devil".

26.Dolion (Greek origin), meaning "deceitful".

27.Drystan (Welsh origin), meaning "full of sorrow".

28.Dysnomia (Greek origin), meaning "bad" or "wrong".

29.Erlik (Turkish origin), the Turkish name for the God of death.

30.Fenriz (Norse origin), the wolf son of the Norse God Loki.

31.Furfur, the ruler of numerous demons and Earl of Hell in Christian demonology.

32.Ghoul, a monstrous creature from numerous mythologies who spent a lot of time in and around graveyards.

33.Hecate (Greek origin), the name of the Greek Goddess of witchcraft.

34.Ipos, a ruler of over 30 demons and a Prince of Hell.

35.Jaakoba (Israeli origin), meaning "deceiver".

36.Keket (Egyptian origin), meaning "Goddess of darkness".

37.Keres (Greek origin), meaning "evil spirits".

38.Mabuz (Scottish origin), meaning "ruler of death castle".

39.Mammon (Biblical origin), a demon who pursues gain.

40.Mania (Roman origin), the Roman Goddess of the dead.

41.Matchitehew (Native-American origin), meaning "one with an evil heart".

42.Nukpana (Native-American origin), meaning "evil".

43.Runihura (Egyptian origin), meaning "the destroyer".

44.Samael, a demon from Talmudic lore, meaning "blindness of God" and "venom of God".

45.Sephtis (Persian origin), meaning "eternal death".

46.Sidero (Native-American origin), meaning "evil nymph".

47.Tavarious (American origin), meaning "misfortune".

48.Tempest (English origin), meaning "violent storm".

49.Ubel (German origin), meaning "evil".

50.Volkan (Turkish origin), meaning "volcano".

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