Best List Of Confirmation Names For Boys And Girls

Confirmation names are inspired by saints

Confirmation is a sacrament or rite that's a part of the Christian tradition.

Confirmation, particularly for Roman Catholics, occurs in early adolescence. The individuals who seek confirmation have to decide on a saint's name, depending on the saint they identify with, and that name becomes a part of their full names.

In this blog, we're going to take you through the best confirmation names for boys and girls. If you don't know much about the most iconic Saints in Christian history, read on to learn about them, which will help you choose a confirmation name. If you like this confirmation name blog, check out other great name articles on Kidadl such as Catholic names and saint girl names.

Confirmation Names For Girls

In the first part of the article, we're going to take a look at the best confirmation names for girls. Girls could choose from these saint names for confirmation, and once the process is completed, according to tradition, they will be guided by the holy spirit of the saint whose name is chosen. Let's begin.

1. Abigail, a confirmation name for those who choose St. Abigail, who was known for loving bees and taking care of the wounded and the sick.

2. Ada, the name of a saint who was known for living her life for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

3. Adele, patron saint Adele was a family-oriented individual who also placed great faith in the Almighty God.

4. Amanda, a baptismal name derived from the male saint Amand, who was regarded as the father of monasticism in ancient Belgium.

5. Angela, one of the Catholic confirmation names inspired by Saint Angela, whose pilgrimage to the Holy Land rendered her blind.

6. Ann, a baptismal name inspired by Saint Ann, who was Mary's mother and Jesus' grandmother.

7. Alma, based on saint Alma, who was an English Cistercian monk who later went on to become the abbot of Scotland.

8. Alice, based on saint Alice, who entered a Cistercian church at the tender age of seven.

9. Ambrosia, a Catholic name based on the male saint Ambrose of Milan, who was known for his preaching skills.

10. Audrey, a Catholic name inspired by Saint Audrey, who was once known for flaunting her riches before she chose to become a saint.

11. Barbara, from the female saint Barbara who decided to undergo baptism after spending time at a prison.

12. Catherine, a female confirmation name inspired by the life of Saint Catherine, who was given the instructions to spread the word of God by none other than Jesus.

13. Cecilia, a Catholic name based on Saint Cecilia, who was the patroness of musicians.

14. Charitina, a Catholic name for those who choose Saint Charitina for her legendary chastity.

15. Cornelia, a female saint name inspired by the male saint Cornelius, who was a pope.

16. Delphine, inspired by the famous nun Delphine of Glandeves, who was known for helping the poor.

17. Edana, one of the Catholic baptism names inspired by a 7th-century monk and saint from Ireland called Saint Edana.

18. Emily, inspired by Saint Emily, who founded the 'Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition' congregation.

19. Fina, a saint name inspired by Saint Fina, who was known for her dedication towards Jesus Christ.

20. Faith, inspired by Saint Faith, who was martyred at a young age by the Romans for refusing to sacrifice her faith.

21. Gabriella, one of the saints names derived from the archangel Gabriel.

22. Geraldine, inspired by Saint Geraldine who lived a life of prayers.

23. Germaine, a confirmation name inspired by Saint Germaine, who was taught by God to forgive her family for mistreating her.

24. Helena, inspired by Saint Helena, who is considered one of the most important saints in Christian history.

25. Hilda, a baptismal name inspired by Saint Hilda, who was known for her exceptional nobility and wisdom.

26. Hope, one of the girl saint names for confirmation inspired by Saint Hope, who along with her two siblings suffered for Jesus' sake.

27. Ignatia, a Catholic name inspired by Saint Ignacius, who founded the "Society of Jesus".

28. Illuminata, a name that may be chosen by those who are inspired by the life of Saint Illuminata, who was revered for her holiness.

29. Inez, inspired by Saint Agnes, who was martyred.

30. Irene, inspired by Saint Irene, whose faith in the Holy Scriptures was unparalleled.

31. Jacobina, inspired by the "Moses of Mesopotamia"; Saint Jacob.

32. Josephine, inspired by Saint Joseph, who took care of Jesus and Mary after being given orders to do so by God.

33. Julia, inspired by the patron Saint Julian, a male saint who dedicated his life to the poor and the needy.

34. Karen, another name inspired by Saint Catherine.

35. Louise, inspired by the female Saint Louise who served the poor.

36. Lucy, inspired by Saint Lucy, who took a vow to marry the savior Jesus Christ.

37. Marcia, inspired by the name of Saint Mark, who played a significant role in spreading the word of Jesus.

38. Nancy, another confirmation name inspired by the life of Saint Ann.

39. Olivia, based on Saint Olivia, a martyred saint.

40. Sylvia, inspired by Saint Sylvia, who raised her children to live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus.

41. Trudy, referring to Saint Gertrude, who saw Jesus in one of her visions.

42. Ursula, inspired by the holy Saint Ursula, who encouraged children to lead pious lives.

43. Veronica, one of the Catholic confirmation names inspired by Saint Veronica, who was known for caring for Jesus.

44. Yvette, inspired by Saint Yvette, who cared for lepers.

45. Zita, inspired by Saint Zita, who helped the needy.

46. Zoe, inspired by Saint Zoe, who was martyred along with her husband.

Confirmation names are chosen based on the interests and causes of the patron saints

Confirmation Names For Boys

Now it's time to take a look at some confirmation names of saints for boys. Feel free to choose from these names if you are inspired by the saints listed below.

47. Aaron, from Saint Aaron, who was the first high priest of the Israelite.

48. Abban, from the Bishop of Metz who was known by this name.

49. Abraham, from the Biblical patriarch in accordance with Genesis 17:5.

50. Absolan, meaning "Father of Peace".

51. Achilles, from the Greek hero who defeated the Trojans.

52. Aloysius, a name that many British Roman Catholics used, meaning "famous warrior".

53. Anselm, from Saint Anselm and the 12-century archbishop of Canterbury.

54. Baldwin, meaning "bold friend".

55. Barnabas, from the name of one of Jesus' earliest disciples.

56. Benedict, from Saint Benedict, who lived in 6th century Italy.

57. Benno, from the 10th century Saint Benno.

58. Bernard, from the patron Saint Bernard. The name also means "brave as a bear".

59. Blane, from the 7th century Scottish saint of the Catholic church.

60. Brice, from the name of an old saint. Bryce is the new and modern version of the name.

61. Clement, from the names of numerous saints and popes.

62. Charles, a royal name that was used by the kings of France.

63. Constantine, from Constantine the Great, a Roman emperor who embraced Christianity and the Catholic church.

64. Cosmas, from the Arabian saint who was martyred along with his brother.

65. Damarius, a Biblical name meaning "gentle".

66. Daniel, a preferred confirmation name for many, as it means "God is my judge".

67. David, from King David who ruled Israel during the 10th century BC.

68. Earl, a 12th-century English name meaning "nobleman" and "warrior".

69. Edwin, from Saint Edwin, a famous English saint revered by many.

70. Fabian, the name of an ancient saint and pope.

71. Falco, meaning "falcon", used as a confirmation name in Italy and the Spanish region of Catalunya.

72. Francis, from Saint Francis. The name means "God is my judge".

73. Gelasius, meaning "laughter". A great Catholic name for positive and optimistic boys.

74. Gilbert, from the 12-century Saint Gilbert who founded the Gilbertines.

75. George, from Saint George, once a patron saint of England.

76. Gregory, from the names of fifteen prominent saints and sixteen popes.

77. Guy, from Saint Guy, who was the patron saint of dancers and comedians.

78. Habert, an old family name meaning "one who attracts money and success".

79. Harold, meaning "leader of an army".

80. Henry, the name of many former kings who embraced Christianity.

81. Immanuel, from the Book of Isaiah, meaning "God is with us".

82. Irvin, from Saint Irvin. The name also means "handsome".

83. James, from King James VI, meaning "one who follows".

84. Kaspar, the name of one of the three Magi.

85. Lambert, introduced by the French Normans, meaning "land famous".

86. Lancelot, a saint name that may be chosen by those inspired by the knight Lancelot, who served King Arthur.

87. Leo, from Saint Leo. The name was carried by thirteen popes as well.

88. Macarius, meaning "supremely blessed".

89. Nathan, from the name of the son of David.

90. Oliver, from the olive tree, which is known for symbolizing dignity, beauty, and fruitfulness.

91. Pascal, a great name that may be used for boys who are born during the Easter period.

92. Philo, meaning "friend" and "lover", from the Hellenistic Jewish philosopher who lived during the 12th century.

93. Raphael, from the name of the romantic archangel.

94. Rufus, an ancient name that was a favorite among both sinners and saints.

95. Silas, from Saint Silas, who was one of the early Christian community's eminent leaders.

96. Theodore, more than twenty Biblical saints were named Theodore and the name means "God-given".

97. Timothy, from Saint Timothy, who accompanied Paul on several missionary journeys.

98. Vincent, a Biblical name meaning "to win".

99. Virgil, the name of an ancient Irish saint and also the greatest ever Roman poet.

100. Xavier, from Saint Xavier, who founded the Jesuits.

101. Zachary, a name that frequently appears in the Bible, meaning "one who guides and inspires".

Did you know you can have two confirmation names

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