100 Best Llama Puns To Make You Spit With Laughter

Funny llama puns are lovable and llama puns can be used anywhere and at any time.

Llamas are the most loved creatures on the planet because of the sheer magnitude of their cuteness.

There's no doubt about how adorable a llama is. They are sassy and quirky and all in all unique, in their very own cute way.

Llama's intrigue us because of how peculiarly cute they are. It almost feels like they are a cross between a sheep and a camel, despite being camelids, and are common domestic animals in South America. These cute grass eaters are widely adored because of their sweet and sassy nature and also popular for their wool, which is lanolin-free and exquisitely soft to touch.

Most camelid species are undeniably funny, especially llamas, with their sparky attitudes, thick woolly coats, and spitting habit. Llamas are a part of a larger family of animals known as the 'Camelidae', which include alpacas and their wild cousins, guanaco and vicuña. Alpacas are the sister species of llamas popular in South America which are shorter in stature with different facial features but are equally cute. Camelids, like Llamas and Alpacas, are very well socialized and pleasing to be around. Their sweet and genteel nature attracts tourists from all around the world to interact with them. A very unique trait of a llama is that they spit at each other in order to discipline low-ranking llamas. In their native country, llamas are known for their fiery personalities and their hatred towards dogs, which has led to them being used as guards for flocks of alpacas and sheep. Subsequently, you can also take a look at alpaca puns and llama jokes.

The very name of this camelid species is so quirky and unique that it is perfect for some pun-tastic fun! This species is also fairly popular on Instagram, and funny llama phrases and llama one-liners make great Instagram captions as well. If you are looking for some llama jokes, llama puns, and alpaca puns that will make you a happy llama yourself, here's a handy list that wool make you laugh out loud. A llama pun can be based on their characteristics or how their name can blend in the English language. Llama puns can also include funny names like Llama Del Rey or Barack Ollama.

Funny Llama Puns And Llama Humor

Be a lloving llama who causes no drama when they hear funny llama puns.

Here is a list of the best funny llama puns that will have you laughing like a llunatic and solve all your prob llamas. You can make a llama pun really stand out if you time it right.

1. A llama's favorite drink is Llamanade.

2. When a llama wishes merry Christmas in Spanish, it says "Fleece Navidad."

3. Llamas love the song 'Whole Llama Love' by Led Zeppelin.

4. When someone says something obvious to a llama, they say "No spit, Sherlock."

5. The secret llama society that controls the world from behind the scenes is called the Illamanati.

6. Llamas who are Star Trek fans love to say, "Live llama and prosper."

7. When you thank a llama, they always say "No prob llama."

8. When I told them about the llama who tried flying to the moon, they responded with "llama say is that's crazy."

9. A llama's favorite 1960s band is 'The Llamas and the Papas.'

10. At Christmas, llamas can usually be heard singing, "boughs of holly, Fa la la llama!"

11. Most llamas like cooking their food on a spit.

12. You should never trust a llama with your stuff. You are bound to get fleeced.

13. The llama won the rap battle because he was very good at spitting.

14. When llamas first introduce themselves, they say, "fleeced to meet you."

15. A llama country run by a governing constitution voted by the llamas and not a monarch is called a dipllamacy.

16. When llamas think that the world will end soon, they fear it might be the llamageddon.

17. When llamas graduate from school they receive a dipllama.

18. When llamas try to make an important decision, they say, "Llama think about it."

19. When you are about to tell a group of llamas, a funny llama joke, you should always say, "Stop me if you have herd this before."

20. After yoga class llamas always say "Llamaste."

21. One of the most knowledgeable llamas on the Earth is the Dalai Llama.

22.  A Llama's 'ideal party song is 'Llama Said Knock You Out' by LL Cool J.

23. In Llamaworld the most recent president was Barack Ollama. Everyone lloves Barack Ollama.

24. When a vicuna was asked to decide something important, he said, "Wool have to see about that."

25. A super-fast llama is called a llamaghini.

26.When the vicuña asked the llama why he knew so many jokes, he said "Well, Llama funny guy."

27.  Every llama's favorite pop singer is Llama Del Ray.

28. Llamas make excellent office assistants. They make sure that all the important papers get llamanated.

29. When the llama met the grass in the field, he said, "It was nice gnawing you!"

30. I was thinking about shearing my llama, but I figured that I better leave him wool enough alone.

31. When Llamye West interrupted Taylor Swift's speech, he said, "Llama let you finish…"

32. Celebrity llamas always drive around in their llamarazzi.

33. The Llama mother and daughter are spitting images of each other.

34. Llamas who are fond of classical music, love listening to Wolfgang Llamadeus Mozart.

35. According to legend, llamas come from a mystic utopian land in the Himalayas called "Shangri-Llama."

36. A really big llama should actually be called a wooly mammoth.

37. A llama doorbell sounds like, "Llama-llama-ding-dong! Llama-ding-dong"

38. The llama who writes books is a woolly thinker.

39. When you cross a llama, camel, and cow, you get a llamadairy!

40. The dating expert in Llamaville is called Chuck Woolery.

41. During a fire emergency, make sure you pull the fire allama.

42. The drama llama who refused to go outside because of her hair prob-llama is such a llama queen!

43. One of the biggest hip-hop stars in Llamaville was spitting fire when he held a concert.

44. A llama's favorite pudding is a banana spit.

45. The llama couldn't see because someone pulled the wool over his eyes.

46. When you want to ask a Spanish llama their name, just say "Como te llama?"

47. The llama who started an advice column was really good at solving dillamas.

48. The best llama rapper is called Kendrick Llama. Nobody can beat Kendrick Llama in spitting bars.

49. Two baby llamas standing on a compass is called North Cria and South Cria.

50. Vicuñas have no prob-llama waking up in the morning. They use allama clocks.

51. Baby llamas usually go to eat pizza at the pizzacria.

52. You can commonly hear a comedian llama say, "Well, llama say, I'm funny."

53. The two llamas who stood close were within spitting distance.

54. When llamas hear funny llama jokes, they spit their sides laughing.  

55. The new mother llama got worried when her baby llama started to crie.

56. When the llama married his wife, he told her, "I wool stop at nothing to keep you happy."

57. A llama who reads a lot is wool-versed.

58. A broker llama usually goes to Wool Street to work.

59. The llama felt extremely irritable and itchy. He probably had fleece.

60. A llama who is covered with lights is i-llamanated.

Funny Alpaca Puns

Alpaca puns are just llama puns but shorter.

On the look out for some crazy cute alpaca jokes and puns which are funny? Here is a pun-tastic list.

61. When alpacas eat outside together, it is called an alpacnic.

62. Some alpacas like singing to music, but most others love to sing alpacapella.

63. One of the most famous actors in Llamawood is called Al Pacacino.

64. When the alpaca was invited on the trekking trip, he said "alpaca my bags."

65. Before going into the ring to fight alpacas usually drink Alpaca punch.

66. An alpaca's favorite movie is called 'Alpacalypse Now.'

67. When an alpaca is confused about his identity and species, he says "Llama alpaca."

68. When the alpaca farmer was asked to bring a llama with him, he said, "Sure! Alpaca llama."

69. Alpacas usually enjoy boat rides in the can-alpaca.

70. To improve the performance of an alpaca you should boost his mor-alpaca.

71. When a person was interfering in his business, the alpaca said, "Its macho problem."

72. The family of the king of the alpacas is called the roy-alpaca family.

73. Alpacas who sit on the judge's bench at a court are called the sury.

74. A masculine person who has a pet male alpaca is called macho man.

75. To travel from one South American country to another, an alpaca need a-peru-val from the authorities.

76. Before going to the battle field, an alpaca needs to wear a bullet-peru-f jacket.

77. The alpaca was very confident about robbing the Peruvian store because he had a fool peru-f plan.

78. The young alpaca's teacher advised him to im-peru-v his writing skills.

79. The alpaca was punished for his im-peru-dence.

80. The alpaca could not be proved guilty in court because of the lack of peru-fs.

81. Male alpacas usually order machos at the movie theatre.

82. Alpacas share profit by spitting it 50-50 among themselves.

83. An alpaca's worst hair problem is spit ends.

84. An alpaca cover a long distance within a spit second.

85. Alpacas belittle others' efforts by saying "I cud do it with my eyes closed."

86. Alpacas spend their quality time cud-dling.

87. The alpaca learned about the plans of his adversary when he over-herd them.

88. When an alpaca meets his friend, he greets him by saying "Hay! How's it going?"

89. Before going to bed an alpaca says, "I am off to hit my hay."

90. A female alpaca has a very good memory because she rem-hembras everything.

91. When an alpaca  passes by your house, he says, "I just pasture house."

92. The alpaca refused to do the job he was asked to because it was against his wool.

93. After their marriage, alpacas usually go to mis-suri for their honeymoon.

94. To properly care for an alpaca, make suri it does not eat too many bananas.

95. An alpaca's favorite country to visit is South Cria.

96. The imaginary world of an alpaca is known as the Eupho-cria.

97. The favorite month of an alpaca is the month of Nov-hembra.

98. The religion that the alpacas follow in the United States of America is  Sante-cria.

99. When the alpaca met her best friend after so many days, she hembra-ced her.

100. Alpacas are usually born in the month of Dec-hembra.

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