100+ Best Long Boy Names You'll Love

Long boy names are elegant and powerful.

Our first names are such an important part of our identity.

It's the name we grow up associating ourselves with, and it's the name that others refer to us by. It becomes an integral part of who we are.

That's exactly why parents tend to spend a good deal of time picking the right first name for kids. There are many fancy names existing in the world today, and their origins are widespread. While some may be of Biblical origin, inspired by the Old Testament, others may be inspired by different languages and mythologies and carry deep meaning.

Short names can surely be edgy and cool, but if you want to choose an elegant name for your baby boy, why not explore some long baby boy names? Check out our list of long names and pick the perfect name for your baby based on what you like.    

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Long Traditional Names For Baby Boys

Want to keep your long baby name more traditional? You might find something you like in our list of elegant names below.

1. Bartholomew (Aramaic origin), a unique, traditional name that means "son of Talmai". In the New Testament, Bartholomew was one of Jesus Christ's disciples.  

2. Beauregard (French origin), a classic name meaning "beautiful gaze".

3. Cleveland (English origin), meaning "from the cliff land".

4. Constantine (Latin origin), a strong male name meaning "steadfast".  Emperor Constantine the Great was the first Roman emperor who adopted Christianity.

5. Godfrey (French origin), this name means "God's peace".

6. Hezekiah (Hebrew origin), the name means "God strengthens". This is one of the traditional long boy names you can use for your son.

7. Humphrey (German origin), a strong baby boy name meaning "peaceful ruler".

8. Isaiah (Hebrew origin), the name means "God is salvation".

9. Malachi (Hebrew origin), the name means "God's messenger".

10. Napoleon (Italian origin), a long old man name meaning "the new city's lion". Napoleon Bonaparte was a renowned French emperor in the 17th century.

11. Nehemiah (Hebrew origin), this traditional long boy name means "God has comforted".

12. Obadiah (Hebrew origin), this name means "work of God".

13. Osiris (Egyptian origin), meaning "strong eyesight".

14. Quillon (French origin), meaning "crossed swords".

15. Remington (Old English origin), this long baby name means "raven estate".

16. Salvatore (Italian origin), among the long baby names that mean "savior".

17. Swithun (Old English origin), this baby name means "swift".

18. Uzziah (Hebrew origin), this traditional long boy name means "God is my friend".

There are many long and elegant names with beautiful meanings.

Modern Long Boy Names

Looking for a long name that keeps up with modern times? Choose a name you like from our list of modern long baby boy names.

19. Adrian (Latin origin), the name means "water" or "sea".

20. Alistair (Scottish origin), this strong boy name means "the people's defender".

21. Anthony (Latin origin), meaning "one who is priceless".

22. Avalon (Latin, Welsh origin), meaning "isle of fruit trees". It's also the name of the island depicted in Arthurian legend.

23. Brendan (Irish origin), the name means "prince".

24. Castiel (Hebrew origin), the name means "God is my cover".

25. Clifford (English origin), the name means "ford by a cliff".

26. Damien (Greek origin), the name means "the people's strong man".

27. Dario (Persian origin), the name means "one who possesses goodness".

28. Dominic (Latin, American origin), a male name meaning "God".

29. Elian (Spanish origin), the name means "light".

30. Elijah (Hebrew origin), a boy's name meaning "Lord God".

31. Eliseo (Latin origin), the name means "God is my salvation".

32. Emerson (English origin), the name means "son of Emar", this is a brilliant first name that is often used as a last name too.

33. Emilio (Italian origin), the name means "to strive or excel at something".

34. Enrique (Spanish origin), the name means "one who heads the household".

35. Eugene (Greek origin), the name means "one who is well-born".

36. Evander (Greek origin), the name means "a good man".

37. Ezekiel (Hebrew origin), the name means "strength of God".

38. Ferdinand (German origin), the name means "protection".

39. Fernando (Spanish origin), the name means "adventurer". Among the trendy baby names.

40. Gideon (Hebrew origin), the name means "great warrior".  

41. Griffin (Irish origin), the name means "strong lord".

42. Guillermo (Spanish origin), the name means "one whose will is as strong as a helmet".

43. Holden (English origin), the name means "from the hollow valley".

44. Hubert (German origin), this name means "bright mind". Fun fact: Hubert Blaine Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff Sr. is the longest boy name ever.  

45. Ignatius (Latin origin), a strong male name meaning "fiery one".

46. Julian (Latin origin), a male name that means "one who is dedicated or devoted to Jupiter".

47. Killian (Irish origin), the name means "small church".

48. Lawrence (Latin origin), a boy name meaning "bright". Popular among the long baby names for boys.

49. Lorenzo (Latin origin), meaning "from Laurentium".

50. Luciano (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian origin), the name means "light".

51. Maynard (German origin), meaning "brave".

52. Neville (French origin), this name means "new town".

53. Orion (Greek origin), this name means "son of fire".

54. Oswald (German origin), the name means "divine power".

55. Roberto (Italian origin), a name meaning "bright fame".

56. Solomon (Hebrew origin), the name means "man of peace".

57. Tennesse (Native American origin), this boy's name means "a place for gathering".

58. Tennyson (English origin), the name means "son of Dennis".

59. Wallace (Scottish origin), the name means "foreigner".

Many parents who are into traditions prefer long boy names.

Long Boy Names With Nicknames

Looking to explore some long boy names that can be shortened into a nickname? This is our list of baby names that can be elegant and long, or short and sweet.

60. Abraham (Hebrew origin), meaning "father of the multitudes". Can be shortened to Abe, Abram. Derived from the Old Testament.  

61. Alessandro (Italian origin), meaning "the people's defender". Can be shortened to Alessio, Sandro.

62. Alexander (Greek origin), a strong male name meaning "protector of the people". Can be shortened to Alex, Xander if you like. Namesake: Alexander the Great.

63. Alfred (English origin), this old man name means "wise". Can be shortened to Alfie.

64. Anderson (Greek origin), meaning "son of Andrew". Can be shortened to Andy.

65. Archibald (German origin), meaning "noble" and "bright". Can be shortened to Archie.

66. Atticus (Latin origin), meaning "one who belongs to Attica" or "Athenian". Can be shortened to Attie.

67. Augustine (Latin origin), meaning "venerable". Can be shortened to Gus, August.

68. Balthazar (Hebrew origin), meaning "one who safeguards the King". Can be shortened to Balto.

69. Barnaby (English origin), meaning "son of consolation". Can be shortened to Barnie.

70. Barrett (German origin), meaning "as strong as a bear". Can be shortened to Barrie.

71. Benedict (Latin origin), meaning "blessed". Can be shortened to Benny.

72. Benicio (Spanish origin), meaning "one who is benevolent". Can be shortened to Benny.

73. Benjamin (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of the right hand". Can be shortened to Benji.

74. Brandon (Celtic origin), meaning "from the beacon hill". Can be shortened to Bran.

75. Broderick (Welsh, Norse, Irish origin), meaning "blood brother". Can be shortened to Brod, Brody if you like.

76. Cameron (Scottish origin), meaning "bent or crooked nose". Can be shortened to Cam.

77. Caspian (English origin), refers to the Caspian sea. Can be shortened to Casper.

78. Channing (English, Irish origin), this baby name means "young wolf". Can be shortened to Chan.

79. Christopher (Greek origin), meaning "bearer of Christ". Can be shortened to Chris, Christo.

80. Cornelius (Latin origin), this old man name means "horn". Can be shortened to Connie.

81. Dashiell (French origin), meaning "heaven" or "sky". Can be shortened to Dash.

82. Demetrius (Latin, Greek origin), meaning "one who is devoted to Demeter (Goddess of Harvest)". Can be shortened to Demmy.

83. Donovan (Irish origin), meaning "dark princeling". Can be shortened to Don, Donny.

84. Douglas (Scottish origin), meaning "dark river". Can be shortened to Doug.

85. Finnegan (Irish origin), meaning "son of the fair haired one". Can be shortened to Finn.

86. Francisco (Spanish origin), meaning "a free man". Can be shortened to Francis.

87. Frederick (German origin), a strong name meaning "peaceful ruler". Can be shortened to Fred.

88. Gabriel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my strength". Can be shortened to Gabe.

89. Giovanni (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious". Can be shortened to Gio, Van.

90. Gregory (Latin origin), meaning "alert" or "watchful". Can be shortened to Greg.

91. Harrison (English origin), meaning "son of Harry". Can be shortened to Harry, Harris.

92. Immanuel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is with us". Can be shortened to Manuel.

93. Jamieson (Scottish origin), meaning "son of James". Can be shortened to James, Jamie.

94. Jeremiah (Hebrew origin), meaning "God will rise". Can be shortened to Jeremy, Jerry.

95. Jericho (Greek origin), the name means "moon city". Can be shortened to Jerry.

96. Jonathan (Hebrew origin), this long name means "God has given". Can be shortened to Johnny, Nathan, Jonah. Jonathan was King Saul's son in the Old Testament.  

97. Kenneth (Irish origin), the name means "handsome". Can be shortened to Ken, Kenny.

98. Leonardo (Latin origin), meaning "lion". Can be shortened to Leo.

99. Leopold (German origin), meaning "bold people". Can be shortened to Leo.

100. Matteo (Italian origin), the name means "gift from God". Can be shortened to Matt, Mattie.

101. Maximilian (Latin origin), meaning "greatest". Can be shortened to Max, Maxie, Milan.

102. Montgomery (English, Scottish, Irish origin), meaning "man from the hill" or "manpower". Can be shortened to Monty.

103. Muhammed (Arabic origin), the name means "commendable." Can be shortened to Ahmed. Inspired by Prophet Muhammad.

104. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin), the name means "God has given". Can be shortened to Nathan, Nate, Niel.

105. Nicholas (Greek origin), a strong name that means "triumph of the people". Can be shortened to Nick.

106. Nicholson (English origin), meaning "son of Nicol". Can be shortened to Nick if you like.

107. Randolph (English origin), a strong name meaning "shield wolf". Can be shortened to Randy.

108. Raymond (French origin), a strong name meaning "defender". Can be shortened to Ray.

109. Reginald (German origin), meaning "ruler". Can be shortened to Reggie.

110. Roderick (German origin), meaning "glory" or "ruler". Can be shortened to Roddy, Rick.

111. Sebastian (Latin origin), meaning "venerable". Can be shortened to Seb, Bastian.  

112. Theodore (Greek origin), meaning "given by God". Can be shortened to Theo.

113. Thomas (Aramaic origin), this name means "twin". Can be shortened to Tom, Tommy.

114. Timothy (Hebrew origin), this name means "one who honors God". Can be shortened to Tim.

115. Vladimir (Slavic origin), a strong name meaning "great ruler". Can be shortened to Vlad.

116. Zachariah (Hebrew origin), this long name means "God has remembered". Can be shortened to Zack.

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