130 Best Magical Girl Names For Your Baby

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Choosing a name for your new baby girl can be daunting, it's hard to pick one out of a seemingly endless number of options.

There are so many choices out there it can be overwhelming, but if you're looking for something girl names with a certain kind of charm then Kidadl has you covered!

Ranging from cute fairy names, mystical names from popular books and films to heavenly celestial baby names, this list has 130 of the most charming girl names in the universe. You just might find the perfect name you've been looking for your baby girl.

Magical Names From Literature

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Do you want your child to share a name with a strong literary character? Have a look at the following cute names for girls. Some of these appear in popular books, classic literature and some date back to legends and fables. All of these girl names have a magical quality about them that could perfectly suit your little one.

1) Beth (Hebrew): taken from the classic novel "Little Women", this name means "daughter of God".

2) Cleo (Greek): appears in Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra", meaning "pride" or "glory".

3) Celia (Latin): appears in Shakespeare's "As You Like It", meaning "heavenly".

4) Elphaba (American): appears in "Wicked", name of the Witch.

5) Enid (Welsh): famous author Enid Blyton, meaning "spirit".

6) Hermione (Greek): appears in the Harry Potter series, meaning "messenger".

7) Juliet (English): appears in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", meaning "youthful".

8) Lorelai (German): appears in a classic German fable, meaning "alluring".

9) Nixie (German): appears in old German legends, meaning "water sprite".

10) Ophelia (Greek): appears in Shakespeare's "Hamlet", meaning "helper".

11) Paris (Greek): appears in "Romeo and Juliet", meaning "noble".

12) Rapunzel (German): appears in the classic fable, meaning "lamb's lettuce".

13) Rosalind (German): appears in "Romeo and Juliet", meaning "beautiful rose".

14) Titania (Greek): appears in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", meaning "great one".

15) Viola (Italian): appears in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", meaning "violet".

Magical Girl Names From Films

What could be more magical than having your child share a name with a Disney princess! These adorable baby names are inspired from. From names of fairies to the strong powerful princesses, have a look through this list of film-related girl names to find a magical moniker for your baby girl.

16) Alice (German): appears in "Alice In Wonderland", meaning "noble, exalted".

17) Anna (Latin): appears in "Frozen", meaning "favour" or "grace".

18) Ariel (Hebrew): appears in "The Little Mermaid", meaning "Lion of God".

19) Belle (French): appears in "Beauty And The Beast", meaning "beautiful".

20) Clarion (English): appears in "Tinker Bell", meaning "name of a King".

21) Elsa (German): appears in "Frozen", meaning "God's promise".

22) Fawn (English): appears in "Tinker Bell", meaning "young deer".

23) Fiona (Irish): appears in "Shrek", meaning "fair" or "white".

24) Giselle (French): appears in "Enchanted", meaning "bright pledge".

25) Iridessa (English): appears in "Tinker Bell", meaning "sunlight".

26) Jasmine (Persian): appears in "Aladdin", meaning "gift from God".

27) Juno (Latin): appears in "Juno", meaning "Queen of Heaven".

28) Lilo (Hawaiian): appears in "Lilo and Stitch", meaning "generous one".

29) Melody (Greek): appears in "The Little Mermaid 2", meaning "song, music".

30) Merida (Latin): appears in "Brave", meaning "honourable one".

31) Moana (Polynesian): appears in "Moana", meaning "sea".

32) Ramona (Spanish): appears in "Beezus and Ramona", meaning "wise protector".

33) Rosetta (Italian): appears in "Tinker Bell", meaning "little rose".

34) Tiana (Latin and Russian): appears in "Princess and The Frog", meaning "princess".

35) Vidia (Indian): appears in "Tinker Bell", meaning "wisdom, "knowledge". Can also mean "envy" when derived from Latin.

36) Wendy (English): appears in "Peter Pan", meaning "friend".

Magical Girl Names From TV

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These special girl names appear in television, the following beloved characters all have gorgeous names with an ethereal quality about them. From fantasy dramas to innocent cartoons, why not consider one of these stunning girl names for your child?

37) Amelia (Latin): appears in "Doctor Who", meaning "defender".

38) Arya (Indo-Iranian): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "noble".

39) Brienne (Celtic): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "strong".

40) Cersei (Greek): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "bird".

41) Clara (Latin): appears in "Doctor Who", meaning "clear, bright".

42) Daenerys (American): appears in "Game of Thrones", derived from a few cultures this name can mean "lady of light".

43) Daria (Persian): appears in the sitcom "Daria", meaning "upholder of good".

44) Deema (Arabic): appears in the kids' show "Bubble Guppies", meaning "soft rain cloud".

45) Katara (Arabic): appears in "Avatar: The Last Airbender", meaning "water droplet".

46) Khaleesi (Dothraki): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "queen".

47) Korra (Greek): appears in "Legend of Korra", meaning "maiden".

48) Marceline (French): appears in "Adventure Time", meaning "young warrior".

49) Melisandre (French): appears in "Game of Thrones", derived from the name Melisende meaning "strength and labour".

50) Nymeria (American): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "warrior queen".

51) Sabrina (Latin): appears in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", meaning "from the Rever Severn".

52) Sansa (Sanskrit): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "praise" and "charm".

53) Tabitha (Hebrew): appears in the American sitcom "Tabitha", meaning "beauty, grace".

54) Yara (Arabic): appears in "Game of Thrones", meaning "small butterfly".

Names That Mean Magic

The following truly are magic baby names. Each of these girl names has a stunning meaning denoting to some kind of ethereal being or entity, one of them could be the unique name to suit your blessing baby.

55) Amira (Arabic): meaning "princess".

56) Elvina (English): meaning "elfin".

57) Fay/Faye (English): derives from the word "fae", meaning "fairy folk".

58) Iris (Greek): meaning "rainbow".

59) Lucina (German): meaning "illumination".

60) Luna (Italian): meaning "moon".

61) Maurelle (French): meaning "elfin".

62) Morgan (Welsh): meaning "sea protector".

63) Naida (Arabic): meaning "water nymph".

64) Parsia (Persian): meaning "fairy-like".

65) Radella (English): meaning "elfin counsellor".

66) Sereia (Portugese): meaning "mermaid".

67) Siofra (Irish): meaning "fairy".

Magical Mythological Names

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The following magical names for baby girls are derived from mythology and spirituality from many different cultures all around the world. Maybe your little princess will share a name with one of these powerful legendary women.

68) Áine (Irish): Celtic Goddess of wealth and summer, meaning "radiance".

69) Andromeda (Greek): meaning "ruler of men".

70) Aphrodite (Greek): the Ancient Greek Goddess of Love, meaning "she who rises from the sea foam".

71) Ariadne (Greek): meaning "most holy".

72) Athena (Greek): meaning "Goddess of Wisdom and War".

73) Aurora (Latin): Ancient Roman Goddess, meaning "sunrise".

74) Daphne (Greek): mythological nymph, meaning "laurel tree".

75) Calliope (Greek): muse of poetry and song, meaning "beautiful-voiced".

76) Calypso (Greek): an island nymph, meaning "she who hides".

77) Cassandra (Greek): mythological prophetess, meaning "helper of man".

78) Clio (Greek): muse of history, meaning "glory".

79) Freya (Norse): meaning "Goddess of Fertility".

80) Gaia (Greek): Mother Goddess, meaning "earth".

81) Isolde (Welsh): legendary princess, meaning "fair lady".

82) Lakshmi (Indian): Hindu Goddess of abundance, beauty and prosperity, meaning "sign".

83) Maeve (Irish): derived from the warrior Queen Medb, meaning "she who intoxicates".

84) Minerva (Latin): Ancient Roman Goddess of Wisdom, meaning "of the mind".

85) Muirgen (Irish): woman from a tragic legend, meaning "born of the sea".

86) Nausicaa (Greek): mythological princess, meaning "burner of ships".

87) Niamh (Irish): mythological princess, meaning "bright" or "radiant".

88) Ondine (French): meaning "water goddess".

89) Padma (Indian): one of the names for the Goddess Lakshmi, meaning "lotus".

90) Pandora (Greek): the first mortal woman in Greek mythology, meaning "all gifted".

91) Penelope (Greek): wife of Greek hero Odysseus, meaning "weaver".

92) Phoebe (Greek): Titan of the moon, meaning "bright".

Enchanting Names

When you say one of these enchanting names aloud it almost sounds like casting a beautiful spell. From angels to celestial bodies, have a look through this heavenly list of names that could suit your new arrival.

93) Angelica (Latin): meaning "angel-like".

94) Angelina (Greek): meaning "heavenly messenger".

95) Astrid (Scandinavian): meaning "Godly strength".

96) Aubrey (French): meaning "elf ruler".

97) Avery (English): meaning "ruler of the elves".

98) Callisto (Greek): moon orbiting around Jupiter, meaning "most beautiful".

99) Celeste (Latin): meaning "heavenly" or "celestial".

100) Charm (English): meaning "joy" or "delight".

101) Delphine (Greek): meaning "dolphin".

102) Diana (Latin): meaning "divine woman".

103) Ella (English): meaning "fairy maiden".

104) Flora (Latin): meaning "flower".

105) Grace (Latin): meaning "gracious" and "virtue".

106) Isla (Scottish): meaning "vibrant" and "bright as the sun".

107) Katarina (Slavic): meaning "pure".

108) Leila (Arablic): meaning "daughter of the night".

109) Nova (Latin): meaning "new", also refers to the stunning colourful explosion of a star.

110) Tara (Irish): meaning "where Kings meet".

111) Venus (Latin): meaning "love".

Witch Names

Little girl jumping on a broomstick in the woods.
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It doesn't get more magical than this! This list of witch names for girls includes names inspired from popular culture as well as some classical names of iconic witches that go back centuries.

112) Allegra (Italian): appears in the film "Jack and the Witch", meaning "joyous".

113) Amythest (Greek): purple gemstone that's said to hold powers of creativity and protection.

114) Aradia (Italian): appears in the book "Gospel of Witches", meaning "daughter of light".

115) Blair (Scottish): appears in the film "Blair Witch Project", meaning "meadow" or "field".

116) Circe (Greek): powerful mythological witch, meaning "hawk".

117) Endora (Greek): appears in the series "Bewitched", meaning "light".

118) Glinda (Welsh): appears in "The Wizard of Oz", meaning "fair" or "good".

119) Hecate (Greek): Goddess of Witchcraft.

120) Helena (Greek): appears in "Suspiria", meaning "bright, shining light"

121) Jade (Spanish): green precious gemstone that is said to have powers of wisdom, clarity and courage.

122) Jadis (French): appears in "The Chronicles of Narnia", meaning "long ago" or "of old".

123) Margary (Scottish): derived from the herb marjoram, also means "pearl".

124) Nimue (Arthurian): the Lady of The Lake.

125) Piper (English): appears in the show "Charmed", meaning "flute player".

126) Raven (English): appears in the show "That's So Raven", meaning "dark-haired" or "wise".

127) Rowena (Celtic): a legendary enchantress is Celtic mythology, meaning "joy" or "fame".

128) Sybil (Greek): meaning "prophetess".

129) Ursula (Latin): appears in "The Little Mermaid", meaning "little bear".

130) Willow (English): meaning "slender, graceful", the willow tree is believed to have magical properties.



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