50+ Best Mango Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

One can make some cheesy and funny fruit puns about mangoes while shopping in stores.

Mango is considered the King of fruits, and this doesn't come to us by surprise.

Mango is a tropical fruit that grows in a large ovoid or oblong shape during summers. It is a fruit that almost all the humans in this world love and is rightly the King of the fruit world.

A mango has thick yellow-red skin and a hard central seed. We can't resist a bite of the juicy fruit, and we also love all of the amazing other foods that can be made out of it like mango lassi, cakes, desserts and more. There are many different ways to cook and prepare mango all over the world, meaning that there are so many different meals, dishes and drinks with mangoes in. This means that a mango pun can be fairly easy to make. Mango Lassis can make for great mango lassi puns and pulps of mango, too, make for underrated puns on mangoes!

One of the major reasons that mango is the King of fruit is its nutritional value. It is loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and essential minerals such as copper, potassium, and magnesium. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the delicious taste of mangoes, whilst also reaping the health benefits. But don't stop there! Why not enjoy your mango with a side order of mango puns? There are so many puns and funny jokes around this royal fruit that can chuckle everyone up, right from the kids to the adults.

So here are some cute and funny mango captions and food puns, and funny mango jokes that will make a day just as sweet as a mango itself! If you love puns and want to check out a wide range of hilarious puns and jokes, do not miss out on our fruit jokes and this new list of banana puns.

Funny Mango Puns

Food puns can create some really good content on social media. This mango pun list will give you loads of ideas for funny comments and status options. Some of these ideas for puns on mangoes can be an excellent option for birthday puns to put on a birthday cake for your friend or family member who loves having mangoes!

1. A fruit entered a bank with a gun and said, "Give me all your money, this is a strawberry". The cashier banana was scared and pleaded, "I will give you the money, but please let the mango".

2. A magician disappeared into the fruit. Everyone started wondering where did the mango! And then a lady questioned, did the mango into the mango?

3. A mango messenger walked into a fruit bar with bad news. The bartender was furious and took out his weapon, when suddenly someone said, "Please don't shoot the messenger, let the mango".

4. I accidentally mashed the pulps of mangoes in a bowl. As I served it to my family, they asked me the name of the dish. I just said it's called Mea Pulpa.

5. I made a mango fruit shake to try and cheer up my aunt. She was upset because she had just got divorced and let her man-go.

6. In a fruit ball, the musicians played a song, and the host said, "Well, it takes two to mango," and so all the mangoes paired together.

7. What is a caveman's favorite fruit? "Mango".

8. My mother always asks me to crack a fruit joke in front of my boyfriend. She says, "If he can't appreciate your fruit joke, then you should let the man-go".

9. My mother forgot the mango in her car and asked me to look for it. Later we realized she'd forgotten to buy the mango, and hence, it was a fruitless search.

10. My mother shouted, "Mangoes," as she entered the house after grocery shopping. My father responded, "Where?".

11. My sister started a tropical fruit diet and bought so much fruit. My father looked at me and said, "These fruits can make any mango crazy".

12. My mother was annoyed with the doorstep fruit seller who tried to sell his fruits. She wanted him to leave, so she shouted out loud, saying, "Hey mango".

13. My father was worried, and when I asked what the problem was, he said a man entered our garden and had stolen all the mangoes. I started wondering: Where did that mango?

14. My teenage daughter has recently started taking gender studies in her school, and she suddenly stopped eating mangoes. When I asked why, she said, "Because it is called a mango and not a womango".

Simple And Funny Mango Jokes

A couple of questions can give some hilarious answers. Here are a few punny and popular jokes, perfect for making your friends laugh. These jokes will surely make your friend love mangoes even more, you could create a new mango fan with these mango jokes!

There are many funny jokes related to mangoes that might even sound corny but are funny all the same.

15. Guess why a fruit tree is equal to a laxative? They both make a mango.

16. How do people check whether the mango is ripe in Japan? They just Pokeman-go.

17. How do you fit a mango tree in a flower-pot? It's so simple; you just plant it there.

18. What did the peach and apple say to the annoying mango? Mango away!

19. When the gardener was about to retire and go away after almost 40 years of service, the other gardeners decide to give him a fruit to commemorate his retirement. As the man was about to go, they gave him a mango!

20. What did the woman say to the green mango? Not my ripe.

21. What do you call a man in Dubai who runs away with a mango shake? Mango Sheikh.

22. What do you do with a fiance who doesn't like mangoes? No wedding, you just let that mango.

23. What do you need to make a mango shake? Show the mango a scary movie.

24. What do you say when you see a speedy man move? Oh God, look at that mango!

25. What is a Collie with mango on its back called? Mango Lassie.

26. What would a bartender say when a man pushes to the front of the queue and asks for a fruit drink? He says, "Hey man-go to the back of the line and wait your turn!"

27. What would a mango chutney's favorite dance step be? The couple dance dip.

28. What would an angry fruit yell in a traffic jam? Mango.

29. What would a Tarantino movie starring a mango be called? Mango Unchained. Touche!

30. What would it look like if mangoes and humans were to disagree? The man goes to war.

31. What do you call a Scottish girl at a restaurant in India with a fake tan? A mango lassie.

32. What would you call the manliest fruit that runs away? Mango.

33. Would Usain Bolt ever be categorized as a fruit? Of course, have you ever seen that mango?

One-Liners With Mango Humor

Continue making memes related to this King of fruit with these funny puns and fruit jokes, perfect for captions on social media. These one-liners are perfect for captions on Instagram related to mangoes!

You can find mango drink or dish terms for different and creative one-liners.

34. Before going on a date with a fruit, one must confirm if he avocado. If he doesn't, you need to let that mango.

35. Everyday in summer is a fun and mango-nificent day!

36. How far could a mango, if he has a license but doesn't avocado?

37. On my birthday, my dad asked where his wife was, and my nana replied, "Women go where the mangoes".

38. If your husband doesn't associate the color of summer with yellow, he clearly doesn't like mangoes and you should let that mango!

39. If one mango is a singular term, then wouldn't 'two menwent' be a plural term?

40. It takes two to mango!

41. Harry Houdini's favorite fruit was mango. This is because whenever he was put under chains and then broke free, the crowd would exclaim, "Wow! Look at that mango free!"

42. The fruit police followed a tomato for stealing a mango's peel. Finally tired of being chased, it turned and said, "Please just fruit me".

43. Shouldn't the plural of a mango be men go rather than mangoes?

44. The mango ran in a sprint race amongst all the veggies and experienced a pulpable feeling.

45. Tropical fruits give people so much energy. You can definitely say they make a mango!

46. The fresh fruit smoothie that the cafe makes is good enough to make any mango bananas!

47. Fruits usually don't like to be preserved. The process is jarring.

Funny Fruit Puns And Jokes

When trying to make new friends, you could tell a couple of funny mango jokes and food puns, then they are sure to think you are fun to hang out with! Here are some funny picks that can be used for lighthearted conversations or for Instagram captions. These funny jokes will show everyone your great sense of humor! Which mango joke is your favorite?

48. What is the ward for pregnant fruits called? Fruiternity ward.

49. Which fruit is square and green? A mango in disguise.

50. Which tree has fruits of all sizes and shapes? Geometree.

51.Why are the fruits made in factories bad? They are mass pro-juiced.

52. What did the other mangoes tell the mango who was successful in his job? They congratulated him by saying, "Mangood job!"

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