70+ Best Marvel Jokes That Are Really Super

You can't help but Marvel at puns about Marvel comics.

Marvel Studios is considered to be one of the most well-thriving franchises that have gained popularity worldwide.

People of all ages have a special connection to superhero movies because it helps them escape reality in the most iconic and surreal way. Ever since the revolutionary technological discovery of special effects in cinema, superhero movies have been more than just a form of entertainment, but also a lifestyle for fans as well.

There are many who are such big fans of certain superheroes that most of their lives are influenced by the ideals and the lifestyle of such characters. Many even get inspired to follow in their footsteps and build a career like that of their superheroes. They give hope of life in the mundane existence and incite excitement and joy. Just like them, there are countless jokes that are made about superheroes and superhero movies as well. The Marvel Comic Universe thrives on comedy and comic relief as well as introducing characters who are not only heroic but also have a sense of humor. The jokes in the Marvel Movies cracked by characters like Iron Man (Tony Stark), Captain America, Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the like even in serious movies like 'Avengers: Endgame' which is what makes this entire cinematic universe stand out amongst the rest. Not only does it portray seriousness, but the humor is what brings the balance. And we know most people love some superhero humor.

Since Avengers is a widely popular franchise, cracking jokes amongst fans might also seem relevant. Who knows, you might even find new friends in new places because of your sense of humor. Jokes incite laughter and laughter incites joy. Joy is what makes every soul assemble and fight mundane drudgery; it helps us escape into the alternate cinematic reality where web slingers patrol the cities, genius, billionaire, philanthropists protect the earth from alien invasions, Norse Gods of Thunder and mischief walk the Earth, shape-changing giant green monsters smash villains, and heroes come back from ice. A world that has a horrifying reality as well, but a world that has the hope of being redeemed.

If you are looking for some of the funniest jokes about superheroes and other characters from the Marvel Comic Universe, in this list you will get the best jokes ever. We've included jokes about Spider-Man, Black Widow, Tony Stark, Captain Marvel and all your other favorite characters, so read on!

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The Funniest Marvel Comics Jokes

Comics are not just for comedy, unlike jokes about them; there is a (Tony) Stark difference between the two.

Looking for some of the best hero jokes, comic book jokes, and funny marvel jokes? This list of jokes about Marvel heroes will save you from boredom.

1. What is Dr. Strange's cousin's name who cannot do magic? Doctor Normal.

2. What did Thor say when he came across a rabbit on his way? Hey, raccoon!

3. What species of spider is friendly with all of the Avengers and lives in their headquarters? A Black Widow.

4. Which color do all the lights in Wanda's apartment have? No idea, but they can be turned on with a Scarlet Switch.

5. What is Thor's favorite element? Thorium.

6. Why is Thor's brother great at sneaking around? He is very Loki.

7. Who's the favorite author of Thor? Thoreau.

8. What would Thor do if he finds an injured person? Norse him.

9.What is the common thing between Benedict Cumberbatch and his Marvel character? The last names of each are strange.

10. How many characters from the Marvel Comic Universe will it take to change a lightbulb? Only one.

11. Which Pink Floyd song is Gamora's favorite song? 'Green is the color.'

12. What OS do the supervillains of the Marvel Comic Universe use? Than OS.

13. How will you determine that you are in a Marvel movie? You are bound to bump into Stan Lee randomly at some point in your life.

14. Why did Aquaman not join the Marvel Comic Universe and end up joining the DC Universe? He was hydra-phobic.

15. How do Ant Man and the Wasp travel? They take the buzz.

16. What is the favorite food of Thor? Thor-tillas.

17. Why was Thanos so crazy? He snapped!

18. What happens when Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk walk into IKEA? Avengers assemble!

19. When Odin got a leak in the bathroom, who did he call? The jani-Thor.

20. Where do the Avengers go to drink coffee? Starkbucks.

21. Who dons an eye patch and cannot feel cold? Nick Furry.

22. What did Wolverine do when he was working at a salad bar? He was shredding carrots.

23. Why did Thor take so long to look for his brother? He failed to Lokite him.

Marvel Knock Knock Jokes

Looking for some Avengers knock knock jokes and other Marvel Superhero jokes? This list is marvel-lous.

24. Knock! Knock!

Who is out there?


Doctor Who?

No! Doctor Strange!

25. Thor: Knock! Knock!

Loki: Who is out there?

Thor: Father adopted

Loki: Father adopted who?

Thor: You!!!

Avengers Movie Jokes

Looking for some Avengers' jokes related to Marvel movies like 'Infinity War' jokes and 'Avengers Endgame' jokes? We know marvel-ling at this list is inevitable.

26. What would be the name of a group chat with Hulk, Thanos and Iron Man? SnapChat.

27. What will the Avengers movie where there is a battle of the media conglomerate Comcast be called? It will be called Xfinity War.

28. Why did Thanos knit himself a glove after losing the gauntlet in Endgame? Because he wanted an Infi-knit-y Gauntlet.

29. Why was the second Avengers movie 'Age of Ultron' so confusing? Because nobody knows how old Ultron is.

Hulk Jokes

Finding Marvel movie jokes from Movies like Avengers 'Endgame' hilarious is inevitable.

Looking for some Marvel and Avenger jokes about the Hulk? This list is smashing!

30. What is the favorite song of Hulk? 'It's Not Easy Being Green.'

31. What would you get if you cross Captain America with Hulk? The Star-Spangled Banner.

32. Why does Hulk recycle most of the trash at home? He likes to go green.

33. What would you call Hulk if he didn't shave for quite some time? Mark Scuffulo.

34. What is Hulk's mashed potatoes known as? Hulk's mash!

35. What is Bruce Banner called when he does not want to speak to anyone? The incredible sulk.

36. What do the Avengers call Bruce banner when he is injured Hulk? Bruised Banner.

37. What did people think of the new fashion line of The Incredible Hulk? It was all the rage.

38. If you are living in a place that gets overrun by multiple Hulks, who should you call? Hulkbusters.

39. How does the Hulk feel when he wears a suit? He looks smashing.

Captain America Jokes

Looking for some Marvel comic jokes and Marvel dad jokes about Captain America? This list will never get old.

40. Which Avenger is always out in the sun? Cap-tan America!

41. Why was Captain America patiently waiting for so long to wield Mjolnir? He did not want to steal Thor's thunder.

42. Which superhero wins all singing competitions? Captain American Idol!

43. What was Captain America called when he was young? Lieutenant America.

44. What did Captain America say at the beginning of the orchestra? Avengers, ensemble!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Jokes

Here's a list of some of the most iconic and funniest jokes about Marvel's Guardians Of the Galaxy.

45. What does Groot say when he becomes angry and acts brutish? I am Groot.

46. What are the security guards out of the Samsung store called? Guardians of the galaxy.

47. What would Baby Groot's character's name be if he was Winnie the Pooh's best friend? Twiglet.

48. How does Yondu get baby Star-Lord to sleep? Rocket.

Spider-Man Jokes

Here's a list of some of the best Spider-Man jokes from the Marvel Comic Universe.

49. Which supervillain gets sick while flying to destroy New York? The Green Goblin.

50. Why did Spider-Man fail to be the hero and save the day? He refused to get out of his bath.

51. Which month is the least favorite of Spider-Man? Ock-tober.

52. Where can you find the home page of Spider-Man? On the web.

53. Which is the favorite outdoor sport that Spider-Man loves? Fly fishing.

54. Where did Spider-Man take his parent’s car? Out for a spin.

55. Why is Spider-Man so good at playing baseball? He catches flies very well.

56. What do you result in when you cross an ear of corn with Spider-Man? Cobwebs.

57. Which month is Spider-Man’s favorite? Web-ruary.

58. How did Spider-Man learn how to make his spider-suit? The World Wide Web.

59. Why does Spider-Man love toy tops? He loves spinning.

60. Which baseball position is Spider-Man's favorite? The outfield. He loves the flies.

61. What is Spider-Man's favorite day of the week? Flyday.

62. Why was Peter torn up about joining the Avengers? Because his uncle Ben would never tell him to turn down the offer, but his aunt May.

63. What is Peter Parker called when he is in a bad mood? Angry Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Funny Iron Man Jokes

Looking for an Avengers' joke on our favorite genius, billionaire, philanthropist? Check out this awesome list. We know that if you get them, you'll love them!

64. What does Tony Stark use while cooking? Pepper.

65. Which superhero loves to run in marathons? Irun Man.

66. Why did Iron Man think that Thanos is pessimistic? He's a universe half-empty kind of person.

67. Why did Iron Man's tuxedo range not work out? It was not his strong suit!

68. How is Aluminum Man different from Iron Man? Iron Man defeats villains but Aluminum Man can only foil their attempts.

69. What is Dora the Explorer called when she wears an Iron Man costume? FeDora.

70. What does Tony Stark usually eat in the morning? Iron Bran.

71. Where do the Avengers go to get their laundry pressed? Iron Man.

72. What did Iron Man angrily say to Spiderman? Quit bugging me.

73. When does Tony Stark stand in the rain? To get a bit of rust.

74. What was Iron Man not satisfied with his new assistant? Well, he wasn't Happy.

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