150 Best Melodic Names That Sound Beautiful

There are many melodic names with beautiful meanings that sound beautiful.

They are popular universally because they sound sweet, beautiful and harmonious. They are perfect for parents who want to choose a special name for their baby that sounds soothing and pleasant.

Melodic names are made up of tuneful sounds that please the mind and the ears. Soft sounding, poetic and music related names for little babies are loved by many parents.

In every language, there are lovely names meaning "music" as well as many names that sound musical. Musical boy names and melodic girl names are never out of trend as parents who are big fans of music are not the only ones who look for music related names. These musical girl names and musical boy names are not necessarily related to musical terms but all have a gentle and melodic quality to them. These soft sounding names are extremely melodic and some even have a harmonic twist.

We hope you find the perfect name for your new baby among these musical names for boys and musical names for girls from various origins. For more ideas, check out our list of the best musical baby names and the most popular Welsh girls' names.

Melodic Girl Names

Calling your baby a melodic name is a sweet idea, or a name meaning "music" is a great way to honor your own love of music. Either way, a musical name is a great choice. On this list, there are Scottish girls' names, Gaelic names for boys and girls, Celtic baby names, Irish girl names and many more names from all around the world that sound tuneful.

1. Antra (Indian origin) meaning “starting section of a song”.

2. Beste (Turkish origin) meaning “music”.

3. Carol (English origin) meaning “religious folk song related to Christmas”.

4. Diva (English origin) meaning “popular female singer”.

5. Dorian (Greek origin) meaning “harmonious musical mode”.

6. Geeti (Indian origin) meaning “song”.

7. Ghina (Arabic origin) meaning “a song”.

8. Harmony (English origin) meaning “combination of pleasant sounding musical notes”.

9. Kleio (Greek origin) meaning “a mythological lyre player”.

10. Leelo (Estonian origin) meaning “folk song”.

11. Lerina (English origin) meaning “a song that’s close to the heart”.

12. Lyra (Latin origin) meaning “a musical instrument”.

13. Lyric (English origin) meaning “words that make a song”.

14. Odele (Greek origin) meaning “harmonious song”.

15. Raga (Sanskrit origin) meaning “Indian classical music expressing particular moods”.

16. Renana (Hebrew origin) meaning “a joyful song”.

17. Rhapsody (English origin) meaning “instrumental musical composition”.

18. Rina (Hebrew origin) meaning “joyful song”.

19. Serenade (Italian origin) meaning “light music usually played in the open at night”.

20. Shadya (Arabic origin) meaning “a singer”.

21. Shiri (Hebrew origin) meaning “my song”.

22. Shirli (Hebrew origin) meaning “song from me”.

23. Sonatina (Italian origin) meaning “small and easy sonata”.

24. Tuba (Latin origin) meaning “a trumpet like instrument”.

25. Viola (Latin origin) meaning “an instrument larger than violin”.

26. Wren (English origin) meaning “a songbird”. This is actually a unisex name, perfect for boys and girls.

Parents who love music prefer melodic names for their babies.

Melodic Boy Names

Every time you call your baby one of these names, it sounds just like music! Most musical names, including names that mean "rhythm", "a ballad", "poetry" or an instrument sound so melodious. If you want something a little musical, traditional Celtic names, names from mythology, or names that mean "music" in various other languages are great options to consider. Why not choose one from these stunning baby boy names?

27. Adagio (Italian origin) meaning “slow rhythm”.

28. Allegro (Italian origin) meaning “brisk and rhythmic movement of musical notes”.

29. Apollo (Greek origin) the name of the Greek God of music, dance, poetry and archery.

30. Aria (English origin) meaning “elaborate song performed in opera”.

31. Banjo (English origin) meaning “a string musical instrument”.

32. Bes (Egyptian origin) meaning “patron of music”.

33. Cadenza (Italian origin) meaning “rhythmic flow of music”.

34. Calliope (Greek origin) meaning “beautiful voice", this is also the name of the Goddess of epic poetry.

35. Calypso (African origin) meaning “genre of West Indian music with African rhythm and tropical themes”.

36. Cello (Italian origin) meaning “a musical instrument like a violin”.

37. Cymbal (Latin origin) meaning “a brass musical instrument”.

38. Drummer (English origin) meaning “someone who plays the drum”.

39. Fifer (English origin) meaning “someone who plays the flute”.

40. Harp (English origin) meaning “a musical instrument”.

41. Jazz (American origin) meaning “genre of song that imbibes energy, peppiness and vitality”.

42. Kai (Chinese origin) meaning “music of triumph”.

43. Lydian (Latin origin) meaning “a major musical mode”.

44. Misha (Hebrew origin) meaning “someone like God”.

45. Octavia (Latin origin) meaning “eighth”.

46. Ode (English origin) meaning “a poem that is sung”.

47. Orla (Celtic origin) meaning “golden Princess”.

48. Piper (Latin origin) meaning “player of a bagpipe”.

49. Rodion (Greek origin) meaning “tune of a hero”.

50. Roni (Hebrew origin) meaning “song of joy”.

51. Tango (Spanish origin) meaning “popular rhythmic ballroom dance”.

52. Zimri (Hebrew origin) meaning “my music for praise”.

People all around the world love melodic names.

Soft Sounding Boy Names

Soft sounding and gentle boy names are graceful and melodic. They carry a feeling of class and heritage. Enjoy browsing through this list of soft boys' names that are short, sweet and easy to relate to.

53. Arlo (English origin) meaning “fortified or strong”.

54. Baris (Turkish origin) meaning “a peaceful one”.

55. Bo (Danish origin) meaning “to live”.

56. Bolan (Irish origin) meaning “bold little poet”.

57. Brio (Italian origin) meaning “vitality, energy, and zest”.

58. Colm (Irish origin) meaning “dove”. One of the most popular soft boy names.

59. Darcy (French origin) meaning “one who has dark hair”.

60. Drew (Greek origin) meaning “brave man”.

61. Durie (Scottish origin) meaning a “small stream”.

62. Emilio (Latin origin) meaning “win over rival”.

63. Gus (English origin) meaning “great”.

64. Finley (Irish origin) meaning “fair warrior”.

65. Geza (Hungarian origin) meaning “little Prince”.

66. Jay (French origin) meaning “a bird”.

67. Leon (Greek origin) meaning “brave as a lion”.

68. Liam (German origin) meaning “guardian or protector”.

69. Lou (German origin) meaning “popular warrior”.

70. Lyron (Hebrew origin) meaning “a song I sing”. One of the musically inspired names.

71. Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning “someone like God”.

72. Milo (German origin) meaning “gracious soldier”.

73. Niven (Scottish origin) meaning “saintly”.

74. Oran (Irish origin) meaning “light green”.

75. Otis (Greek origin) meaning “wealth and prosperity”.

76. Percy (Greek origin) meaning “strong and powerful”.

77. Prue (Latin origin) meaning “good judgment”.

78. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning “fiery or enthusiastic”.

79. Ronit (Indian origin) meaning “a chant”.

80. Saul (Hebrew origin) meaning “curious or to question”.

81. Seth (Hebrew origin) meaning “rightly appointed”.

82. Shay (Hebrew origin) meaning “admirable”.

83. Sohal (Indian origin) meaning “soft and delicate”, a perfect name for a gentle baby boy.

84. Tern (English origin) meaning “a bird”.

85. Zim (Hebrew origin) meaning “a large vessel”.

Soft Sounding Girl Names

Are you looking for soft sounding girls' names? Why not try some Irish girls' names, like Aoife meaning "joyful and beautiful"? Considering something that sounds short and sweet? Names like Cara and Aika could be perfect! Take a look at these popular soft sounding names for baby girls.

86. Aika (Japanese origin) meaning “a love song”. One of the most romantic soft girls' names.

87. Aura (Greek origin) meaning “breeze personified”.

88. Ava (German origin) meaning “new, power, life”. A very cute feminine name.

89. Bambalina (Italian origin) meaning “a little girl”. This feminine name is so cute!

90. Brooke (English origin) meaning “a small stream”.

91. Callie (Greek origin) meaning “beautiful”. An apt feminine name for your beautiful baby girl.

92. Canta (Latin origin) meaning “beautiful song”.

93. Ceres (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of the harvest”.

94. Cleta (Greek origin) meaning “someone popular or renowned”.

95. Dalia (Arabic origin) meaning “destiny”.

96. Deora (English origin) meaning “someone to love”.

97. Dewi (Dutch origin) meaning “little God”.

98. Éire (Irish origin) meaning “another name for Ireland”.

99. Epona (Roman origin) meaning “a Goddess of fruitfulness”.

100. Ettie (Irish origin) meaning “a little one”.

101. Freya (Nordic origin) meaning “Goddess of beauty and love”.

102. Haluk (Turkish origin) meaning “good natured”.

103. Hera (Greek origin) meaning “Goddess of love and family”.

104. Isla (Scottish origin) meaning “island”.

105. Juno (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of love”.

106. Kibibi (African origin) meaning “a little lady”.

107. Lila (Sanskrit origin) meaning “divine play”. A popular name with varied meanings.

108. Livi (Latin origin) meaning “olive tree”.

109. Mae (English origin) meaning “another form of Roman Goddess Maya”.

110. Magnolia (Latin origin) meaning “a sweet scented flower”.

111. Minerva (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of wisdom”.

112. Miv (Welsh origin) meaning “a dear little one”. A cute name for your baby girl.

113. Moneta (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of remembrance”.

114. Murcia (Latin origin) meaning “land growing myrtle”.

115. Matteo (Hebrew origin) meaning “God’s gift”.

116. Nona (Roman origin) meaning “ninth”. A perfect name for the ninth child in a family, or perhaps the ninth grandchild.

117. Pax (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of peace”.

118. Pomona (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of the gardens”.

119. Rhea (Greek origin) meaning “flowing brook”. A melodic name for an energetic girl.

120. Roisin (Irish origin) meaning “a beautiful rose”.

121. Trivia (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of magic”.

122. Vacuna (Roman origin) meaning “Goddess of war”.

123. Vana (Cambodian origin) meaning “very young or fulfillment”.

124. Zisa (Hebrew origin) meaning “sweet”.

Soft Sounding Unisex Names You Can Choose For A Boy Or A Girl

Some names are versatile and can be used either for a little girl or a baby boy. These gender neutral baby names sound melodic and soft and will certainly turn heads. They have varied meanings and origins, including Welsh baby names, Celtic names and baby names derived from many other origins around the world.

125. Aiden (Gaelic origin) meaning “fire”.

126. Adwin (African origin) meaning “someone who is creative”.

127. Alfie (English origin) meaning “the wise one”.

128. Arya (Sanskrit origin) meaning “noble one”.

129. Beck (English origin) meaning “someone who lives beside a stream”.

130. Emory (German origin) meaning “powerful and brave”.

131. Carmel (Hebrew origin) meaning “a land that’s fertile”.

132. Cody (Irish origin) meaning “someone helpful”.

133. Dana (Sanskrit origin) meaning “generosity”.

134. Drew (English origin) meaning “someone strong”.

135. Eden (Hebrew origin) meaning “delightful place”.

136. Erin (Irish origin) meaning “green water”. A poetic name for boys and girls.

137. Frankie (American origin) meaning “one who is free”.

138. Gene (English origin) meaning “one who is born in a good family”.

139. Indigo (Greek origin) meaning “a natural blue dye”.

140. Jan (Hebrew origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

141. Jude (Greek origin) meaning “one who is praised”.

142. Kiara (Italian origin) meaning “bright”.

143. Malin (English origin) meaning “little warrior”.

144. Nova (Latin origin) meaning “light or something new”.

145. Robin (Germanic origin) meaning “fame and brightness”.

146. Roi (Spanish origin) meaning “a river”.

147. Rome (Latin origin) meaning “derived from Roman or strength”.

148. Rylee (Irish origin) meaning “brave”.

149. Shiloh (Hebrew origin) meaning “calm and quiet”.

150. Vick (English origin) meaning “victory”, neither too feminine nor too brawny, perfect for any baby.

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