55+ Best Moon Jokes That Aren't Cheesy

Moon jokes will make you go over the moon with joy

Have you ever found yourself talking to the moon about your problems and receiving an answer?

No matter what they say about the moon being a round lump of space rock that revolves around the Earth, it listens to your pleas. In fact, there are numerous myths from different origins that are centered on the moon.

Just as how extensively the moon has been the topic of many fairy tales and myths, there are countless idiomatic phrases related to the moon that is used commonly by people. These have further led to people making witty and funny humor about our beloved natural satellite. Jokes about the moon have existed for a long time, and people can't help but laugh at them because all Earthlings can relate. Topics about the moon are common and hence is good food for great humor. Even people who hate puns and cringe at how cheesy some can be, after a proper dose of punny and funny moon jokes, one cannot help but come round on the subject of puns and jokes being a tasteful form of wit. Cheese, after all, is a favorite and should be enjoyed, and likewise, so should cheese jokes about the moon. Plus, the moon has a spiritual relevance too. Many astrologers think they know when the moon is most powerful to send cosmic positive vibes.

When the topic of the moon comes into consideration during a conversation, one should never cheese their way out of it. Make as make jokes as you can about the moon because it deserves to be celebrated. The moon is crucial in sustaining life on Earth as well, just like everything else other than just being a celestial ornament that adds to the beauty of Mother Nature. Not only does it help stabilize the climate of our Earth, but it also helps create strong tides and have guided humans ever since the evolution of humankind. The moon serves as the brightest object in our night sky, and one can just stare at it for hours and hours without being blinded by its aura, unlike the strong rays of the sun. The moon is the symbol of hope, purity, chastity, and gentleness. It helps nurture and soothe all life on earth after a toiling hot day under the sun. Had the moon not existed, humans probably would have never ventured out of space and discovered other planets. We would have never known what a solar system or the galaxy is or even if it exists. Hence, it has played an extremely important role in interstellar studies and space research. Without the moon, the world and our lives would have literally been a darker place.

Jokes about the moon can appear cheesy, but we all love cheese just as much as we love the moon. Full moon jokes sit well with nerds and space enthusiasts as well and are greatly appropriate for kids. There are so many moon landing jokes and lunar eclipse jokes that kids of all ages can relate to and laugh at them since, during the primary key stages, children are introduced to the moon in science. Moon jokes for kids also can help children retain their science lessons about the moon and the solar system. Kids are usually enthusiastic about all things space-related because it is a never-ending out worldly mystery that intrigues everyone, even adults.

If you are looking for some of the best moon one-liners, solar eclipse jokes, blood moon jokes, jokes about the moon landing, constellation jokes, and basically all jokes related to everything lunar, this list will take you on a roundabout trip around the moon and have you laughing your heart out.

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Astronomically Hilarious Moon Landing Jokes And Scientific Jokes

Land on the floor laughing with moon landing jokes.

Looking for some of the best jokes about landing on the moon? We have a list for that!

1. What did scientists say when they discovered a skeleton on the surface of the moon? The cow didn't make it.

2. What do astronauts do when they accidentally bump into each other? They Apollo gise.

3. What did the astronomers do when they got sick of watching the moon's revolution around the earth? They just called it a day.

4. What does Buzz Aldrin say when he meets people? I am the second person to land on the moon. Neil before me.

5. What is a lunar body of water called? Luna-sea.

6. What does Dwayne Johnson become when he lands on the moon? A moon rock.

7. Why was the moon landing fake? Because the moon is still up there. It did not land anywhere.

8. What would cashews grown on the Moon's soil be called? Astro-nuts.

9. Why was the moon landing staged? Because the rocket had multiple stages.

10. Why was Neil never tired of flying to the Moon? Because he was Armstrong.

11. Where did Neil Armstrong visit for coffee when he went to the moon? Starbucks.

12. What social media platform do astronauts use? Spacebook.

13. Why is the man on the moon bald? Because he does not have 'air.

14. Why is the man on the moon so fond of Darth Vader? Because he also has a dark side.

15. What is the first day of the week in outer space called? Moonday.

16. What was Russia awarded with by the US for landing on the moon after them? A constellation prize!

17. What did Neil Armstrong say when people refused to laugh at his lunar jokes? I am guessing that you had to be there.

18. What does Neil Armstrong call his alarm clock? Lunartick.

19. Who is the first farmer who first walked on the moon? Neil Farmstrong.

Lunar Jokes And Solar Jokes That Are Outworldy

You need to accept the fact that planetary jokes are outworldy.

Looking for solar or lunar related jokes to satiate your cheese cravings? This list is out of the world. An eclipse joke would not darken the spirits.

20. What did the space-loving kid feel when he was gifted with a large rocket for his birthday? He went over the moon.

21. What do people do when they get married on the moon? Go on a honeymoon.

22. What is a lunar insect called? A lunar-tick.

23. Why do people hate going to the restaurant on the moon? There is no atmosphere.

24. Where do astronauts park their spaceships on the moon? Beside a parking meteor.

25. Why do non-vegetarians prefer moon rock over earth rock? Because they are a little meteor.

26. Why did Jerry fall down from the moon? Because a fridge hit him.

27. Which way did the cow take to go over the moon? The milky way.

28. What is a mad person on the moon called? A Luna-Tic!

29. What was the first animal who went into space? The cow.

30. How is Michael Jackson different from Neil Armstrong? Armstrong walked on the moon, and Jackson moonwalked on Earth.

31. Why can't the moon walk? Because it doesn't have legs.

32. Why did the cow want to become an astronaut? He wanted to go to the moon.

33. What did the cheese say to the moon? Nothing. Cheese doesn't speak.

34. How is the moon held up in space? With the help of Moonbeams.

35. How did Luke Skywalker travel in the forest moon of Endor? Ewoked.

36. What did the sun say when he meets the moon? Finally, it is my night off.

37. Why has nobody ever been sentenced for all the crimes committed on the moon? Because it is a gray area.

38. How does the sun greet the moon? Heatwaves.

39. How much are the living costs on the moon? Probably out of this world.

40. What kind of tropical fruit do astronauts love to eat when they are on the moon? A Coco-naut.

41. Why is the moon considered to be a wanted criminal? It is constantly mooning everybody.

Jokes About Moon Phases That Will Not Darken Your Happiness

Waxing and waning for a full moon joke or some eclipse jokes? We promise that this list will not darken your mood and you'll like them all.

42. What are the series of online videos about the moon and the sun crossing each other called? E-clips.

43. How does a Moon Man cut his hair when it grows? Eclipse it.

44. What does the arrogant sun reply to the moon when who asks why he hasn't seen him around when their paths cross during an eclipse? We move in different circles.

45. When does a moon stop eating the moon and not feel hungry? When it is full.

46. Why does nobody like visiting the moon anymore? Because the hotels are always full.

47. During which time does the weight of the moon get the heaviest? When it is full.

48. When does the moon usually not want to go outside? Whenever it is waning.

49. What is Dracula's favorite type of moon phase? A Blood moon

50. How much would the moon cost if it would be sold in the market? Only a dollar, because it has four quarters.

51. When does the moon feel broke and out of money? Whenever it comes down to the last quarter.

52. What does the lunar mom say to the lunar dad when their kid is waning. He is just going through a phase.

Werewolf Puns That Will Make You Howl

Werewolves are notoriously known to be most affected by the full moon. Here's a list of Werewolf puns that will like and which will have you howling with laughter.

54. Why do werewolves go to dressing rooms when they see the full moon? They need to change.

55. What do you call a person who turns into a house on a full moon night? A Werehouse.

56. What do you need to do to make a werewolf stew? Leave it waiting till the full moon rises.

58. Why does a werewolf always howl at the moon? Because it is after a waxing phase

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