115 Best Motorcycle Club Names For Cool Biker Gangs

Cool biker gang names help you stand apart from the rest

The first rule of a biker gang or motorcycle club is to avoid using difficult names and hard to spell for their motorcycle club names.

The letter m and 13th are very important for a biker gang. The letter m is the 13th alphabet, which represents motorcycle, and a patch of the same is worn by 'outlaw' bikers.

There are more than hundreds of motorcycle gangs operational around the world and each of them has a unique name relevant to their business, ideals, and morals. So, let’s put our heads together and give you a name that stands out from the rest and makes you the best brand in the business.

Each entry on our list is a unique, quirky, and fun name ideas for a motorbike club. We have these handpicked outlaw motorcycle clubs' name ideas just for you.

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Popular Motorcycle Club Names

Motorcycle club names should be creative and based on the rider's experience

The motorbike club is a symbol of brotherhood. It is a team of like-minded people who form a bond of togetherness with each other. Some of the common names swinging monks, bridge rats, and others are very popular among bikers gangs. If you are looking for motorcycle club name ideas, then keep on reading.

1. 360 Bikers Club: such unique motorcycle club names are cool and simple.

2. Aces High Bikes: perfect biker gang names define a team that is an ace in everything they do.

3. Alba Wings Riders: one of the best motorcycle club names for fast and careful clubs.

4. Alley Katz Club: for women biker clubs.

5. All Nations Bikers: perfect biker names for a national club.    

6. Backfired Guns: for a gang that is always on edge.

7. Bad to the Bone: for a gang of old but badass rider.

8. Barbarians Bikes: for a team of riders who do look kindly to non-riders.    

9. Barkin’ Mad: for a team that likes giving the order.  

10. Barrel Bikers: for a team that loves booze and bikes.

11. Black Diamonds: for a team whose members are as tough as carbonado.

12. Black Hawks: a name inspired by professional ice hockey team Chicago Blackhawks.

13. Black Hearts: for a motorcycle club that has dark humor.

14. Black Isle: for a team that took their name inspiration from the peninsula within Ross and Cromarty, in the Scottish Highlands.

15. Black Jacks: for a leather-covered club.

16. Blazing Bandits: for a team of over-zealous bikers.

17. Blazing Gargoyles: for a team who loves Gothic architecture.

18. Border Hounds: for a team who like to keep their border in check.

19. Borderline Gang: for a team who live on the edge.

20. Border Reivers: for a team who loves history. The name is inspired by Anglo-Scottish border raiders from the 13th century.

21. Border Travelers: for a team who loves to travel.

22. Boston Motorcycle Riders: for motorcycle clubs situated in Boston.

23. Both Classic: a classic motorcycle club name for a team with classic choices.

24. Bottoms Up: for a team who never shy away from a drinking game.

25. Broomsticks Riders: a witchy name for a team of witches.

26. Brothers of the Bottle: for a team who will be your friend for a dram.

27. Brothers of the Third Wheel: for a team of swinging monks.

28. Brothers over The Hill: for a team who like to ride the mountains.

29. Brute Force Bikes: for a team of elite forces.

30. Bumblebee: for a team that is a fan of the 'Transformer' film series.

31. Bumpkins Rally Club: for a team with socially awkward members.

32. Burning Devils: for a team from Guatemala.

33. Burning Rods: a club name inspired by the musical group 'The Burning Rods'.

34. Burnt Ashes: for a team that rises like a phoenix.

35. Bury St Edmunds & District: for a team that loves their history.

36. Bury The Hatchet: for a team that forgives and forgets so easily.

37. But Why: for a team that was formed with no motive.

38. Calvary Crusaders Christian: for a team dedicated to Jesus.

39. Cambs & District Looney Club: for a motorcycle club who are silly but smart.

40. Capital Goldwing’s: for a club inspired by Honda Gold Wing bikes.

41. Capricorn Riders: for a motorcycle club with only Capricorns.

42. Cardiff University: a motorcycle club inspired by the famous university.

43. Castleford Lions: for a riders' club as strong as a lion.

44. Cat Claws: for a motorcycle club team of strong women.

45. Celtic Riders: for a motorcycle club of Celtic origin.

46. Celtic Roadsters: for a motorcycle club who loves to explore the Celtic region.

47. Chain Lynx: for a motorcycle club whose name is inspired by chain links and the big cat. One of the cleverest motorcycle club names.

48. Caramel Crew: for a team who loves a sweet treat. One of the sweetest motorcycle club names. Not every motorbike club is scary!

49. Chopper Club: for a motorcycle club consisting of the logger.

50. Chosen Few: for a team that is very particular with its selection procedure.

51. Coast-Riders: a perfect club name for a team that lives in an oceanic country.

52. Cold Steel: a cool name for MC who is strong as steel and cold as ice.

53. Cox Green: a proper English name for a proper English motorcycle club.

54. Dean Valley, for a team that likes to ride and go on unforgettable journeys.

55. Top Squad: for a team that's always ready to defeat the opposition.

56. Demolition: for a team of bikers from the construction industry.

57. Derby Phoenix: for a team that loves the derbies.

58. Devils Jesters: for a team who is devil's army.

59. Devil’s Disciples: for a very disciplined team.

60. Devil’s Henchmen: for a club known for their dark sense.

61. The Big Bikers: perfect club names like is ideal of a rider who is large and strong.

62. The Big Saddles: such club names are unique and interesting.

63. The Bitter Freaks: for a motorcycle club who is nerdy and weird.

64. The Blue Destroyers: a perfect name inspired by the song 'Blue Destroyers' by The Early Bird.

65. The Border Jokers: for a team of funny men.

66. The Capital Badgers: for a team of police officers.

67. Phoenix Warriors: for a motorcycle club who rises above all challenges.

Funny Biker Gang Names

Why not choose one of the funny motorcycle club names

Each biker club names on our list are curated with care and keeping in mind that each name is a good name. Names like curvy riders are fit for an all-women gang, while the name sons of templars a name inspired by literary series by Anne Malcolm.

68. Dragon Knights: for a team of knights who are strong as a dragon.

69. Dragon Ryders: for a team of deadly riders.

70. Dunedin Hog: for a team who ride around the seaside town.

71. East Essex: for a team of like-minded people who loves riding.

72. Edward Stone: for a team of riders inspired by American scientist Edward C. Stone's work on propulsion.

73. Ely & District: for a team of outlaw riders.

74. Emblem SC: for a club that is the symbol of riding.

75. Emerald Squad: for a team of elite riders.

76. English Rose Sisterhood: for a team of sisters.

77. Estonians: for a team of riders from Europe.

78. European Trike Club: for a team of riders who uses trikes.

79. Evicted Group: for a team of reformed convicts.

80. Exterminators: for a team that is inspired by the film 'Terminator'.

81. Eye of Ra: for a team who believes in Egyptian mythology.

82. Falcons in Race: for a team that is heavy into racing.

83. Fallen Angels LC: for a team of fully independent ladies bikers.

84. Fallen From Grace: for a team that is a fan of Lucifer.

85. False Gods: for a team of sport-cruisers.

86. Femmes Fatales: one of the best motorcycle club names for all female crews.

87. Fenrir Motorcyclists: after the werewolf in Harry Potter.

88. Fen Warriors: for an exclusive royal Enfield club.

89. Flying Aardvarks: for a social club of motorcycle enthusiasts.

90. Flying Falcons: for a team of rider who promotes safe riding.

91. Forgotten Motorcyclists: for a group of people with the same interest and activities.

92. Four Aces: for a team of aces.

93. Freaks of Nature M/C & Party Club: for people who like to defy odds.

94. Freedom Riders: for a team that knows no bounds.

95. Freestyle Riders: for a team of riders who can drive any type of motorcycle.

96. Future Dead: for a team that believes in one life.

97. Ghosts on Bikes: for a team whose name is inspired by the comics 'Ghost Rider'.

98. God’s Squad CMC: for a team who rides for God.

99. Goldie Squad: for a team that is always number one.

100. Goole & District: for a team that believes in social networking.

101. Grange Farm: for a team who loves a little road noise.

102. Gravel Rash: for a team that doesn't mind a little road rash.

103. Green Beanies: for a team that loves beanies.

104. Green Man: for a team that rides for the environment.

105. Griffin Cruisers: for a team of mythological riders.

106. Grim Riders: for a team of serious riders.

107. Grinning Idiots: for a team who is always happy.

108. Grounded Rubber: for a team that needs a new tire after every ride.

109. Guardians of Golden Chalice: a name inspired the novel 'The Da Vinci Code".

110. Guzzlers: for a team that always likes to eat.

111. Hair of The Dog: for a team always in a hangover.

112. Hard Bricks: for a team that is hard to put down.

113. Hastings & Rother District: for a team that loves all things England.

114. Hatchets Cripple Club: for a team that doesn't like to bury the hatchet.

115. Knuckles: for a team that loves to talk with their hands.

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