50+ Best Music Riddles To Take Note

Music riddles are as entertaining and interesting as any other puzzle.

While the joys of music cannot be truly described in words, it is not wrong to say that music is food for the soul.

Music is the true expression of one's self, their faith, beliefs, and being. Music calms the body and mind, and a music riddle tests one's knowledge about the ever-expanding universe of music!

Whether or not you like music, music puzzles, and musical riddles are something that will truly engage you in some intense brain-racking. In fact, there are quite a number of songs about riddles like Pinkfong's "Baby Shark Riddle," Felix Jaehn's "Like a Riddle," and more! So, if music can get inspired by riddles, why can't we have it the other way round? You may have wanted to play an instrument and have recently started it. Or maybe you wanted to play your favorite instrument but never got to it, though you know a lot about music. So now you get test your musical knowledge with these fun riddles.

Further, there so many different types of music instruments that we can make riddles about. Be it a piano riddle, a guitar riddle, classical music riddles, a music box riddle, or a riddle about a trumpet, name it and you'll get some great music brainteasers right here! And in case you wanted music riddles on bands and artists, you can get them here as well. So, we present a play-ful and fun list of some thought-provoking music riddles to take you on a journey into the world of music. Anyone who wanted to play music would love these.

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Riddles About Musical Instruments

If one knows how to play instruments, they can easily solve music riddles.

We cannot perhaps imagine the existence of good music without some amazing music instruments. If you play, get music in general or have always wanted to play an instrument, take a look at these musical instrument riddles and see how well you know them!

1. I don't have any fingers but only a thumb. Yet, I have a pinky ring. I have no steeple and neither do I have a mouth. But I have a bell as well as a brace. What am I?

Answer- A trumpet.

2. I have a scroll but without any quill. I have ribs and a neck but no legs. I have a saddle but there's no horse. I have a bridge but with no sign of water. What am I?

Answer- A violin.

3. I am a craftsperson who makes and fixes stringed musical instruments. Who am I?

Answer- A luthier.

4. There are as many constellations in the sky as there are keys in a piano. What number am I?

Answer- 88.

5. I am the largest drum in an orchestra. What am I?

Answer- A bass drum.

6. I am a very prominent instrument in many musical cultures. But I lost my hype after Marie Antoinette's popularization of me as a woman's pastime. What am I?

Answer- A harp.

7. I am like a half-sized flute belonging to the family of wind musical instruments. In Italian, my name translates to "little." What am I?

Answer- Piccolo.

8. I am a musical instrument of the brass family. My name has an Italian origin that means a "large trumpet." What am I?

Answer- A trombone.

9. You will find something common between an elephant and me. In an orchestra, I am the strongest musical instrument. What am I?

Answer- A trumpet.

10. I have two concave shells joined by a string. You will mostly associate me with Flamenco music. What am I?

Answer- A castanet.

11. I am the largest of all brass instruments and yet I have the lowest pitch. What am I?

Answer- A tuba.

12. I am a wooden stringed instrument with the longest bow. You will find me in an orchestra. What am I?

Answer- A viola.

Riddles On Music Theory

Music theory puts the concepts of music like notes, scales, and composition into written form. How well do you know it? Read these music theory riddles and see for yourself how many you can get!

13. I have a set of five horizontal lines with printed dots and sticks. Musicians would be pretty much lost without me. What am I?

Answer- Staff notation.

14. We are a trio of notes. Belonging to the key of A major, we have to be sung or played sharp. Who are we?

Answer- F, C, and G.

15. I am a property of music with terms like largo, presto, and allegro related to me. What am I?

Answer- Tempo.

16. I am a series of musical notes with 12 major and 3 minor types. What am I?

Answer- Scale.

Silly Music Riddles For Kids

Have you always wanted to read some hilarious music riddles? Here are some silly music riddles for kids that will test their music wit and give them a good laugh as well!

17. What is it that cannot open any locks and yet has 24 keys?

Answer- Music.

18. Which musical instrument has no nails but comes with many hammers?

Answer- A piano.

19. What is the musical instrument that you can neither see nor touch but only hear?

Answer- The voice.

20. I am at the start of a phrase and at the beginning of a harmonium. I come once in a xylophone but twice in bagpipes. What am I?

Answer- The letter 'P.'

21. Which kind of phone can make music?

Answer- A saxophone.

22. Which musical instrument will never tell the truth?

Answer- A lyre.

23. Which musical instrument cannot open a door despite having many keys?

Answer- A piano.

24. What type of band does not play any music?

Answer- A rubber band.

25. Which is the most musical bit of a fish?

Answer- The scales.

26. What is it that makes songs but you will never hear it sing?

Answer- Notes.

27. What is it that can sing and has ten feet?

Answer- A quintet.

28. What is a loud music instrument that you have in your ears?

Answer- Drums.

29. Why did the musician put his head on the piano?

Answer- He wanted to play by ear.

Band Riddles To Keep The Music Going

Music riddles get even more interesting with some cool band puzzles.

If you enjoy music and rock riddles for kids, you'll surely like these music riddles about international bands. Can you guess the music band from their song titles given as hints?

30. I am walking up the "Stairway to Heaven" but while I do it, I feel all dazed and confused. Who am I?

Answer- Led Zeppelin.

31. "Nothing Else Matters" while there is "Whiskey in the Jar," but I am the "Master of Puppets" who shall always be "The Unforgiven." Who am I?

Answer- Metallica.

32. I am making a "Castle of Glass" but I will "Burn It Down" later. But "In the End" I am "Numb" from a "Papercut." Who am I?

Answer- Linkin Park.

33. "A Sky Full of Stars" is all I want but my "Daddy" says that I can only find it in "Paradise." Who am I?

Answer- Coldplay.

34. "When I Come Around" you will see "21 Guns" with me. But for now, I will be "2000 Light Years Away" on a "Holiday." Who am I?

Answer- Green Day.

35. I am so "Stressed Out" that I want to go on a "Ride" wearing a "Jumpsuit." Who am I?

Answer- 22 Pilots.

36. I know that "Girls Like You" don't use the "Payphone" and so I will come and see you "Sunday Morning" when it is bright "Daylight." Who am I?

Answer- Maroon 5.

37. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and so I think that you should stop "Waiting on a Friend" with "Dead Flowers." Who am I?

Answer- The Rolling Stones.

38. "Hey Jude," I have to tell you "Something." I will be happy "In My Life" "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Who am I?

Answer- The Beatles.

39. I wanted to tell you a story "About a Girl" who sold me a "Heart-Shaped Box" but "All Apologies" because I do not remember the ending. Who am I?

Answer- Nirvana.

40. I am a "New Kid in Town" who met a "Witchy Woman" last night. But I don't know why I have got a "Heartache Tonight." Who am I?

Answer- Eagles.

Pop Music Riddles

Are you a fan of pop music? Then these riddles about music of the pop genre will get you to do some serious thinking. Let's see how well you know our pop music artists with some pop music riddles!

41. In which song does Ariana Grande sing that she's stronger than she's ever been before?

Answer- "Break Free".

42. This is a song where Carly Rae Jepsen throws a wish in the well. Which song is it?

Answer- "Call Me Maybe".

43. In which does Taylor Swift sing about dressing up like hipsters and making fun of exes?

Answer- "22".

44. This is a song where Sia paints her nails and puts her high heels on. Which song is it?

Answer- "Cheap Thrills".

45. In which song does Ellie Goulding sing about us being the stars of the human race?

Answer- "Burn".

46. This is a song where Justin Bieber keeps apologizing over and over again. Which song is it?

Answer- "Sorry".

47. In this song, Freddie Mercury says that it doesn't matter to him which way the wind blows. Which song is it?

Answer- "Bohemian Rhapsody".

48. In which song does Bruno Mars sing about taking a bullet through his brain?

Answer- "Grenade".

Poetic Riddles That Are Music To The Ear

Do you know what's better than music? Some lyrical music riddles, of course! You can even sing out these soulful music riddles for students and they are super fun to solve! Try to get the musical instruments from their descriptions.

49. I am a kind of instrument

But I don't require picks

You won't even find any strings on me

But you can play me with two sticks

What am I?

Answer- Drums.

50. You hold me in your hand

And I am almost always round

Unless you shake me

I will not make a sound

I jingle and tinkle with small metal zills

But when you leave me alone

My music becomes still

What am I?

Answer- Tambourine.

51. My inside has many hammers

But you don't need nails on which they'll hit

To use me you press down on black and white keys

Which play notes while on a wooden stool you sit

What am I?

Answer- Piano.

52. Sometimes I'm a bass

But I'm not any other fish in the sea

Instead, I'm something with strings on me

That gets picked musically

What am I?

Answer- Guitar.

53. A stringed instrument I am

That also goes by the name of fiddle

You'll find four strings on me

But you can't make a knot

Instead, you can use my bow

To play me a lot

What am I?

Answer- Violin.

54. You keep me on the floor

While you sit on a chair

I come with strings

That you play with a bow of horsehair

I am a wooden stringed instrument

Whose melody in a symphony orchestra is pertinent

What am I?

Answer- Cello.

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