130 Best Mythical Cat Names From Fantasy, Astrology, And Mythology

The cat names can be inspired by mythology, fantasy, or even astrological events

If you're searching for a cat name with a mysterious appeal, you've come to the correct spot.

Cats have been at the centre of legends like Egyptian divinities for a centuries. Praise your cat's little known history with these magical cats names drawn from folklore, astrology, nature, and more. Did you know: Many cultures around the world have figurines of cat gods with the face of a cat and the body of a human.

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Popular Mythical Cat names

There is a unique range of mythological, magical, astronomical, and mystical cat names

In the event that your kitty has some supernatural or mystical vibes, consider some mystical names for cats as you consider what to call your fuzzy companion. From witchy names like "Minerva McGonagall" to funny ones like "Tibert," there are heaps of fantastical names to browse.

1. Amber (English origin) means "yellowish-orange color".

2. Amethyst (Greek origin) means "a purple quartz.).

3. Angelica (Greek origin) means "angel".

4. Crystal (Latin origin) means "Earthly minerals".

5. Gardenia (English origin) means "the flower".

6. Garnet (English origin) means "Red crystal".

7. Jasper (Persian origin) means “treasurer”. This is one of the best male cat names.

8. Malachite (Hebrew origin) means "precious green gem".  We really like this name, it would be perfect for a cat with green eyes.

9. Onyx (English origin) means "nail, claw".

10. Pan (Greek origin) means "all or shepherd".

11. Pearl (English origin) means "precious stone". A lovely female name.

12. Petal (Greek origin) means "leaf".

13. Pumpkin (English origin) means "grace of God".

14. Quartz (Greek origin) means "ice".

15. Rose (Latin origin) means "rose, a flower".

16. Sage (Latin origin) means "herb" or "prophet". We think this is a one of the sweetest witch names for cats.

17. Willow (English origin) means "from the willow grove".

Boy Mythical Cat Names

You can easily find for mythical cat names for boys as well as for girls.

What is it about a legendary cat name that is so engaging? We can't get enough of these mysterious cat names. In any case, names enlivened by mythology are fascinating and interesting. You probably won't discover another cat with a similar name.

18. Achilles (Greek origin) means "pain".  Such great names may make you want to adopt a cute black cat soon.

19. Adonis (Greek origin) means "lord".

20. Ajax (Greek origin) means "of the Earth".

21. Anubis (Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian origin) means "the God of Death".

22. Apollo (Greek origin) means "destroyer".

23. Argo (Geek origin) means "lazy". One of the most perfect male cat names for a cat who loves to laze around.

24. Atlas (Greek origin) means "support".

25. Beowulf (Old English origin) means "war wolf".

26. Cupid (Latin and Greek origin) means "passionate desire".

27. Echo (Greek origin) means "reverberating sound".

28. Gandalf (Old Norse) means "staff-elf". A cute mythical name for a male cat.

29. Griffin (Welsh origin) means "strong in faith".

30. Hades (ancient Greek origin) means "the unseen".

31. Hercules (Latin origin) means "glory of Hera".

32. Hermes (Greek origin) means "interpreter".

33. Hero (Greek origin) means "brave one". One of the sweetest spiritual cat names.

34. Horus (Latin origin) means "the distant one". A unique and mythical name for a male cat.

35. Icarus (Greek origin) means "follower ".

36. Jupiter (Greek origin) means "the father of Zeus".

37. Knight ( Old English origin) means "youth".

38. Leo (Latin and Greek origin) means "lion". One of the most popular male cat names.

39. Loki (Scandinavian origin) means "god of air".

40. Magic (American origin) means "full of wonder".

41. Mercury (Latin origin) means "God of trade".

42 Merlin (Welsh origin) means "sea fortress".

43. Midas (Greek origin) means "turned everything he touched to gold".

44. Neptune (Roman origin) means "Poseidon".

45. Nyx (Ancient Greek origin) means "personification".

46. Odin (Scandinavian origin) means "rage".

47. Odysseus (Greek origin) means "anger".

48. Orion (Greek origin) means "hunter".

49. Phoenix (Greek origin) means "deep red".

50. Thor (Old Norse origin) means "God of thunder".

51. Vulcan (Pre-Latin origin) means "to flash".

Girl Mythical Cat Names

There are numerous mysterious characters found in folklore from various societies, both male and female, who might make brilliant cat names. Just like Bastet, a prominent god of cats from Roman mythology.

52. Acadia (French origin) means "idyllic place". A cute name for a female cat.

53. Aphrodite (Greek origin) means "born from seafoam".

54. Artemis (Greek origin) means "goddess of the hunt".

55. Athena (Greek origin) means "Goddess of wisdom and war "

56. Aurora (Latin origin) means "dawn". A pretty name for a female cat.

57. Azalia (Hebrew origin) means "God has spared".

58. Bellona (Latin origin) means "Goddess of war".

59. Calliope (Greek origin) means "beautiful-voiced".

60. Callisto (Greek origin) means "most beautiful".

61. Ceres (Greek origin) means "Goddess of the corn".

62. Demeter (Greek origin) means "barley mother".

63. Diana (Greek origin) means "divine ". Such cute mythical cat names are suitable for female cats.

64. Fauna (Latin origin) means "Goddess of fertility".

65. Freya (Scandinavian origin) means "lady".

66. Frigg (Scandinavian origin) means "love".

67. Hera (Greek origin) means "protectress". Lovely for a sweet female cat.

68. Hestia (Ancient Greek origin) means "the goddess of the hearth".

69. Isis (Greek origin) means "throne".

70. Juno (Latin origin) means "youth".

71. Medusa (Greek origin) means "cunning". A great name for a mythical cat inspired by the Greek legend.

72. Luna (Latin origin) means "moon". Great for a black female cat.

73. Olympia (Greek origin) means "mountain of the Gods".

74. Osiris (Greek origin) means "God of the dead".

75. Pandora (Greek origin) means "all gifts".

76. Persephone (Greek origin) means "bringer of destruction".

77. Selene (Greek origin) means "brightness".

78. Xena (Ancient Greek origin) means "stranger".

Magic Related Cat Names

In order to celebrate the arrival of your cat, it is a must that you choose an appropriate name for them. The naming will prove you own for the cats. For celebrating the arrival of the new lucky cat, you can consider these magical names from history, literature, and witchcraft.

79. Arion (Hebrew origin) means "with melody".

80. Chimera (Greek origin) means "the monster killed by Bellerophon".

81. Drake (English origin) means "dragon" or "snake".

82. Harpy (Greek origin) means "snatcher".

83. Kappa (Japanese origin) means "Japanese sea creature folklore".

84. Kelpie (Celtic origin) means "heifer".

85. Nymph (Greek origin) means "young woman".

86. Oni (Native American origin) means "born on holy ground".

87. Phantom (English origin) means "a clean hearted soul".

88. Pixie (Irish origin) means "fairy". Such good names for cats will make you want to adopt one.

89. Pooka (Indian origin) means "good". Such mythical cat names are hard to find.

90. Selkie (Scottish origin) means "seal folk".

91. Shade (African origin) means "shadow".

92. Sphinx (Greek origin) means "to squeeze". Such Wiccan cat names are rare and unique.

93. Spirit (English origin) means "character or spectral entity".

94. Tengu (Japanese origin) means "heavenly sentinel".

95. Tulpa (Tibetan origin) means "manifestation".

96. Yokai (Japanese origin) means "ghost, phantom".

Cat Names Inspired By Movies/Tv/Books

You can also find male cat names and female cat names that are inspired by books, movies, and television. Liebchen from the movie 'The Witches' is popular among pet owners.

97. Aslan (Turkish origin) means "lion".

99. Bagheera (Indian origin) means "tiger-like".

100. Bane (English origin) means "cause of distress or annoyance".

101. Binx (American origin) means "unknown".

102. Blaise (French origin) means "speech impediment".

103. Bran (Welsh origin) means "raven".

104. Cheshire (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "mystical".

105. Crowley (Irish origin) means "descendant of the hard hero".

106. Dinah (Hebrew origin) means "judged or vindicated".

107. Glinda (English origin) means "pretty".

108. Hermione (Greek origin) means "well-born".

109. Houdini (English origin) means

110. Howl (Swedish origin) means "to scream".

111. Melisandre (American origin) means "labor strength".

112. Nagini (Indian origin) means "snake".

113. Pippin (English origin) means "traveler".

114. Sabrina (Latin origin) means "from the river Severn ".

115. Salem (Arabic origin) means "peaceful".

116. Ursula (Latin origin) means "bear".

Cat Names Inspired By Greek Mythology

Greek mythology originates from the country of Greece. The folklore alludes to a pantheon of divine beings drove by Zeus, lord of the sky, and accounts of undertakings and fights. Below we've collected names out of Greek mythology that could be perfect for your cat or little cat.

117. Arthur (English origin) means "courageous", one of the good male cat names.

118. Minerva (Latin origin) means "of the mind, intellect". Such cute fantasy cat names are inspired by the book and movie series 'Harry Potter'.

119. Morpheus (Ancient Greek origin) means "form, shape".

120. Raiden (Japanese origin) means "God spirit", a Japanese cat name for a male cat.

121. Triton (Greek origin) means " God of the sea".

122. Zeus (Greek origin) means "God", a cat name for a male cat.

Cat Names Inspired By Astrology

If your cat is a sparkling star or totally powerful, one of these names would be awesome.

123. April (Latin origin) means "to open".

124. Aquarius (Latin origin) means "the water bearer".

125. Aries (Latin origin) means "the ram". A perfect name for a black cat.

126. Gemini (Latin origin) means "the twins", one of the good mythical cat names for a female cat.

127. Gemma (Latin origin) means "gem".

128. June (Latin origin) means "born".

129. Sagittarius (Latin origin) means "elder paternal kinsman".

130. Venus (Greek origin) means "Goddess of love".

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