70 Best Names That End In S For Your Baby

Baby girl wearing a yellow hairband crawling on the bed smiling.

There is a lot to think about when choosing a baby name.

Does the name suit your little baby? Does it sound like it fits with your baby's surname or middle name?

If you are looking for a name with a sophisticated sound, why not think about baby names that end in S? The S ending to a name gives it a delicate yet fashionable sound that we love!

We have put together a list of 70 baby names that end with the letter S, from girl names like Iris and Tess, to boy names such as Louis and Carlos, there is something for everyone on this list. We especially like the idea of choosing one of our unisex baby name suggestions, like Ellis or Alexis. The baby names on this list are thematically grouped so whether you want to use a word inspired by nature, or you are planning to select a name with a special meaning for your baby, you are in the right place. You'll just have to remember that the possessive for names ending in 'S' is for the apostrophe to be after the S, e.g 'Here is James' shoe'.

Girl Names Ending In S Inspired By Nature

These baby names for girls all end in the letter S, they take inspiration from the beautiful world around us.

1.Amaryllis (Greek origin), meaning 'sparkling'. This is the name of a beautiful flower.

2.Avis (Latin origin), meaning 'bird'.

3.Doris (Greek origin), meaning 'sea'.

4.Iris (Greek origin), meaning 'rainbow'.

5.Lotus (Greek origin), meaning 'lotus flower'.

6.Maris (Latin origin), meaning 'of the sea'.

Boys' Names Ending In S Inspired By Nature

Take a look at these baby boy names inspired by nature that all end with the letter S.

Baby boy lying on his tummy on a fluffy rug smiling.

7.Cephas (Aramaic origin), meaning 'rock'.

8.Piers (Greek origin), meaning 'rock, stone'.

9.Silas (Latin origin), meaning 'wood, forest'.

10.Wells (English origin), meaning 'spring'.

11.Yves (French origin), meaning 'yew'.

Famous Names Ending In S For Girls

Popular characters and people have inspired these baby names ending in S.

12.Alanis (German origin), meaning 'precious', most commonly associated with Alanis Morissette the American-Canadian singer.

13.Bess (Hebrew origin), derived from Elizabeth meaning 'pledged to God', this name is famously associated with Queen Elizabeth I.

14.Gladys (Welsh Origin), meaning 'land, nation' and is associated with American singer-songwriter Gladys Knight.

15.Lourdes (French origin), meaning 'From Lourdes', this name was one given to Madonna's daughter.

16.Tess (English origin), meaning 'to harvest'. This is the name of the title character in Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

17.Venus (Greek origin), the Roman goddess of love shares this name with tennis star Venus Williams.

Famous Names Ending In S For Boys

These baby boy names that end in S have links to celebrities and characters from your favourite books and films.

18.Amadeus (Latin origin), meaning 'lover of God'. This name is probably most famous for being the middle name of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

19.Atticus (Latin origin), meaning 'from Attica'. This name's popularity can be linked to the character Atticus Finch in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird.

20.Cassius (Latin origin), meaning 'hollow'. This is the birth name of boxer Muhammad Ali.

21.Charles (German origin), meaning 'free man'. This a popular royal name. Prince Charles, the future King of Great Britain, takes this name.

22.Jonas (Hebrew origin), meaning 'dove'. This name is now often associated with the Jonas Brothers, a pop group made up of three brothers who share the name as their surname.

23.Louis (French origin), meaning 'famous warrior'. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's youngest child is called Prince Louis.

24.Otis (German origin), meaning 'wealthy'. American singer-songwriter Otis Redding took this name.

25.Perseus (Greek origin), meaning 'to destroy'. This is the name of a Greek mythological hero, but fans of the Percy Jackson films will recognise this as the full name of the title character, Percy.

Girl Names Ending In S From Around The World

There are so many wonderful baby names ending in S to be discovered. These girl names are popular all around the world.

Baby girl wearing a flower hairband lying on the bed smiling, covering one eye with her hands.
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26.Aaryas (Indian origin), meaning 'truth'.

27.Aileas (French origin), meaning 'noble, graceful'.

28.Alyss (German origin), meaning 'noble, exalted'.

29.Artemis (Greek origin), this is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.

30.Dilys (Welsh origin), meaning 'genuine, steadfast'.

31.Frances (Latin origin), meaning 'from France' or 'free one'.

32.Genesis (Greek origin), meaning 'creation, originality, beginning'.

33.Ines (Spanish origin), meaning 'holy'.

34.Lois (Greek origin), meaning 'better'.

35.Luus (Dutch origin), meaning 'light of the day'.

36.Persis (Greek origin), meaning 'from Persia'.

Boys' Names That End In S From Around the World

These baby names for boys are popular in different countries around the world. Why not take a look and see if there is one you want to give to your little boy?

Happy baby lying on its tummy smiling.
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37.Ales (Czech origin), meaning 'defender of man'.

38.Angus (Gaelic origin), meaning 'one strength'.

39.Atlas (Greek origin), meaning 'support'. A famous titan.

40.Carlos (Spanish and Portuguese origin), derived from Charles meaning 'free man'.

41.Chuks (Nigerian origin), meaning 'God did great deeds'.

42.Cobus (Dutch origin), meaning 'following after'.

43.Demetrius (Greek origin), meaning 'follower of Demeter', who was the Greek goddess of the harvest.

44.Elias (Greek origin), meaning 'Yahweh is God'.

45.Mads (Danish origin), meaning 'God's present'.

46.Matous (Czech origin), meaning 'God's present'.

47.Mogens (Danish origin), meaning 'greatness'.

48.Moses (Egyptian origin), meaning 'delivered from the water'.

49.Ozias (Greek origin), meaning 'salvation'.

50.Pontus (Danish origin), meaning 'of the sea'.

51.Ramses (Egyptian origin), meaning 'son of Ra, the sun God'.

52.Rasmus (Danish origin), meaning 'dear, dearest'.

53.Leos (Czech origin), meaning 'lion man'.

54.Zacharias (Greek origin), meaning 'the Lord has remembered'.

Meaningful Girl Names That End In S

If you are looking for an S ending name with a special meaning for your baby girl, this is the list for you.

55.Agnes (Greek origin), meaning 'pure, holy'.

56.Bliss (English origin), meaning 'perfect joy'.

57.Carys (Welsh origin), meaning 'loved one'.

58.Charis (Greek origin), meaning 'grace, kindness'.

59.Precious (English origin), meaning 'of great worth'.

Meaningful Boy Names That End In S

Not only do these boys' names sound lovely, but they also have some lovely meanings behind them that will make your choice of name more special and personal.

Baby sleeping peacefully in white sheets and blankets in a Moses basket.
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60.Augustus (Latin origin), meaning 'venerable'.

61.Caius (Latin origin), meaning 'happy, rejoice'.

62.Curtis (English origin), meaning 'polite, courteous'.

63.Erasmus (Greek origin), meaning 'beloved'.

64.Magnus (Latin origin), meaning 'greatest'.

65.Rhys (Welsh origin), meaning 'enthusiasm'.

Unisex Names That End In S

If you are looking for a unisex name ending in S you have come to the right place! Unisex names are perfect for those who don't know the sex of their baby or would prefer to have a name that is gender neutral.

66.Alexis (Greek origin), meaning 'defender'.

67.Collins (Greek origin), derived from Nicholas, meaning 'people's victory'.

68.Ellis (English origin), meaning 'the Lord is my God'.

69.Hollis (Old English origin), meaning 'holly tree'.

70.Wallis (English origin), meaning 'stranger'.



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