Best 60 Names That Mean Forest For Your Little Ranger

Nature-inspired names are in trend these days.

Parents who are nature lovers may want a natural name for their baby.

Being inspired by nature when picking a baby name is a great choice for outdoor-loving parents. Many nature-themed names are so popular these days that it becomes difficult to choose the best one for your baby.  

Many parents choose to give their babies forest-inspired nature names or names that mean forest so that their baby will have a serene aura around them. The name Forest itself is of French origin and means "woodsman" or "woods". Forest means a woody area with trees covering large expanses. The idea of a forest brings with it nature, groundedness and co-living with wild animals. Here, we have some of the best suggestions to help you pick the perfect names.

For more nature name inspiration, take a look at these tree names for girls or these names that mean earth.

Popular Girls’ Forest Names

Forest names for girls have been a popular choice for creative parents. Below are some of the coolest forestry names for your little girls.

1. Adoette (Native American origin) meaning “Big Tree.” This Native American name is quite unique.

2. Alyvia (Latin origin) meaning “Olive Tree; Forest.”

3. Aranya (Thai origin) meaning “Bountiful Forest”. Aranya Namwong is a famous Thai actress who appeared in several movies.

4. Aspen (Hebrew origin) meaning “Shaking Popular Tree.”

5. Aveline (French origin) meaning “From the Hazelnut Forest.”

6. Ayla (Turkish origin) meaning “Oak Meadow.”

7. Cedar (Latin origin) meaning “Evergreen Conifer.” Cedar was a famous musician.

8. Cherry (American origin) meaning “Darling”. Cherry is the name of a fruit.

9. Ilana (Hebrew origin) meaning “Tree; Beauty.”

10. Lin (English origin) meaning “Beautiful Jade, Forest, Waterfall, From the Woods.”

11. Sylva (Christian origin) meaning “Woodland.” A great name if you want forest as a name.

Unique Boys’ Forest Names

(Forest names are popular in different cultures and origins.

What could be more fun than picking out your little boys' name meaning forest? We have compiled a list of boys' names from nature that you will love.

12. Arden (Jamaican origin) meaning “Valley of the Eagle” or “Great Forest.”

13. Ardian (Albanian origin) meaning “Future or Great Forest.”

14. Colhoun (Irish origin) this Irish name means “Small Forest.”

15. Coy (American origin) meaning “Forest.”

16. Faunus (French origin) meaning “God of Forests.”

17. Firth (English origin) meaning “Arm of the Forest; Of the Woodland.”

18. Fraser (Christian origin) meaning “French Town; Of the Forest Men.”

19. Garwood (English origin) meaning “From the fir forest.”

20. Guido (Swedish origin) meaning “Wood, Wide, Forest.”  

21. Kyrkwode (Scottish origin) meaning “From the church’s forest.”

22. Oakley (American origin) meaning “From the Oak Tree Forest.”

23. Oswald (Christian origin) meaning “God of the Forest; Divinely Powerful.”

24. Sylvain (German origin) meaning “Forest Dweller; Man of the Forest.”

25. Tane (Portuguese origin) meaning “God of the Forests or Man of Rome.”

26. Waverley (British origin) meaning “From Near an Aspen Tree Forest.”

27. Woodie (American origin) meaning “Forester; Row of Houses by a Wood.”

Gender Neutral Forest Names

Do you often dream about mother nature and the great outdoors while thinking of your baby boy or girl? This thought-provoking list of baby names meaning forest will help you name your babies, boys or girls.

28. Brucie (French origin) meaning “Forest Sprite.”

29. Caileigh (French origin) meaning “Slender; from the Forest.”

30.Cayley (Christian origin) meaning “Slender, From the Forest.”

31. Elswyth (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning “Elf from the willow tree.”

32. Javier (Portuguese origin) meaning “A forest, Green branches".

33. Karri (Scandinavian origin) meaning “pure”. Karri is the name given to an Australian native tree.

34. Kimberley (American origin) meaning “From the wood of the royal forest”.

35. Laurie (English origin) meaning “laurel tree”. Other variations to Laurie include Lori.

36. Olive (English origin) meaning “Forests; Olive Tree”. Other variations include Olivia.

37. Parker (English origin) meaning “Keeper of the Forest or Forest Ranger.”

Forest Inspired Names For Little Girls

(The forest theme adds uniqueness to baby girl names.

With so many great baby names for your child, choosing the best name for your baby girl can be a difficult decision. Here are some top baby names that mean forest that you can consider for your little girl.

38. Althea (Greek origin) meaning “Trees having Healing Powers.”

39. Asiza (Arabic origin) meaning “Forest Spirit.”

40. Bambi (Italian origin) meaning “Little Tree; Girl.” This name can be linked to the famous English animated movie, Bambi.

41. Buna (African origin) meaning “The Buna Free; The Fighter.”

42. Daisy (Old Greek origin) meaning “Day; Eagle ‘Eye’; Pearl.” Daisy is a flower name.

43. Diana (Indo-European origin) meaning “Light; Deity; Beautiful Goddess of Woods.”

44. Kezia (Hebrew origin) meaning “cassia tree”. Other variation includes Kazia.

45. Laragh (Irish origin) meaning “Bay Laurel”. This Irish name has other variations like Laura, one of the more common baby names.

46. Perrie (English origin) meaning “lives by the pear tree”.  It is a common English name too and is associated with Perry the Platypus from the show, 'Phineas and Ferb'.

47. Seda (Turkish origin) meaning “Echo or Voice in the Forest.”

48. Silviya (English origin) meaning “Art Full, From the Forest.”

49. Sylvie (French origin) meaning “From the Forest.”

Wondrous Boy Names Inspired By Forests

Forests bring us closer to nature and make us grounded. We have put together a list of astounding baby names meaning forest or related to the forest that you can give to your little boy.

50. Arvida (English origin) meaning “From the Eagle Tree; Meadow.”

51. Boyce (French origin) meaning “Living Beside a Wood or Forest.”

52. Chan (Cambodian origin) meaning “A Sweet Smelling Tree.”

53. Daffodil (English origin) meaning “Daffodil; The Asphodel.” Daffodil is a famous flower.

54. Dagwood (English origin) meaning “Bright wood from the bright one’s forest.”

55. Elah (Hebrew origin) meaning “Turpentine Tree; Oak Meadow; Terebinth Tree.”

56. Forester (Scottish origin) meaning "Forest Guardian."

57. Haywood (American origin) meaning “From the hedged forest.”

58. Silvanus (English origin) meaning “One who loves the Forest.”

59. Silvester (American origin) meaning “From the Trees; Forest Dweller.”

60. Yardley (English origin) meaning “ the Forest of Kindling.”

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