100 Best Names That Mean Freedom Or Being Free

Parents often choose names synonyms to freedom for their baby which would inspire them to aim for stars.

Our life depends on the freedom we have or enjoy.

Parents prefer appealing and meaningful names that could inspire the tiny angel to aspire for more. A baby name meaning freedom is a beautiful choice for such parents and their children.

Freedom allows you to express your originality and helps you do things that you really want to work on. Baby names meaning freedom represent the positivity of being free. Stemming from a variety of origins, baby names that mean freedom will inspire your baby and liberate them. Charles and Fremont are popular boys' names while Charlotte is a popular girl name. Here's a collection of some of the loved baby names that mean freedom and from different cultures.

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Popular Boys' Names Meaning Freedom

A free-spirited person has the potential to achieve big in life. You can find the answers to your search for some popular boy names that mean freedom here. Below we have set down such names as:

1. Azad (Persian origin), meaning "free." The name is very popular in Iran and the neighboring countries.

2. Brady (Irish origin) meaning "free-spirited".

3. Carl (Old German origin) meaning "free man'.

4. Calle (Germanic origin) meaning "free".

5.  Chiru (Indian origin) meaning "freedom-loving man".

6. Charles (French origin), meaning "free man." Interestingly, the name was derived from the German name, Karl. Throughout history, many famous leaders and rulers were named Charles.

7. Chuckie (German origin) meaning "a commoner who is free".

8. Cralton (English origin) meaning "a free man's town".

9. Dror (Hebrew origin), meaning "freedom."

10. Fani (Latin origin) meaning "free."

11. Fanuco (Spanish origin), meaning "free".

12. Ferenc (Hungarian origin), the name means "free." The name is very close to the name good nicknames for a baby boy named Ferenc are Feri and Freko.

13. Francesco (Italian origin), meaning "a free man" or "from France." The name comes from Francis.

14. Frank (French origin) ) meaning "free person".

15. Franklin (English origin) meaning "free landholder".

16. Fremont (French origin), the name means"free." However, the name also means "noble," "generous," and can also mean "protection."

17. Frith (Old English origin), meaning "free," "safety" and "protection." Firtha is the feminine variation of the name.

18.Jefery (English origin) meaning "freedom from dispute". This is one of the unique baby names meaning.

19. Jimbo (American origin) meaning "dynamic and exciting people who aspire towards freedom".

20. Kamilo (Latin origin), meaning "born to freedom." Variations of the name include Camilo and Kamil for boys.

21. Karle (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "man with freedom".

22. Karlos (Old German origin), meaning "free man."

23. Liber (Latin origin) meaning "free".

24. Lirim (Albanian origin) meaning "freedom to be".

Popular Girl Names Meaning Free


(Naming girls that mean freedom is a nice idea to enflame the  spirit within them.)

A lively and free-spirited name defines a woman of independence and power. Parents want their little girls to be liberated, strong, and free-willed, even in their rugged phases of life.  Below are listed some of the popular girl names that mean freedom.

25. Alyson (English origin) meaning "seeking freedom".

26. April (Latin origin) meaning "to open".

27. Arla (German origin) meaning "free man or maiden".

28. Arleene (German origin) meaning "free man".

29. Blythe (English origin) meaning "happy and carefree person".

30. Carli (English origin) meaning "a woman who loves freedom".

31. Carlotta (Italian origin) meaning "free".

32. Carlye (English origin), meaning "free."

33. Carolina (French origin) meaning "free". A popular baby girl name.

34. Cecania (German origin) meaning "free."

35. Charlotte (French origin), meaning "free will." The name gained popularity in the 14th century and remains so.

36. Dorothy (Greek origin)  meaning "freedom-loving". It is one of the most popular names in the US.

37. Elira (Albanian origin) meaning "to be free," or "freedom."

38. Ellon (Greek origin) meaning "passionate and loves freedom".

39. Fannie (English origin) meaning "she who is free". It is one of the popular baby names.

40. Frances (Latin origin), meaning "free one." Francis is the male variation of the name. It is included in the list of popular baby girl names.

41. Hura (Islamic origin), the name means "a  free woman."

42. Jo (Scottish origin) meaning " and adventure-loving". It is a short and sweet baby name meaning free or freedom.

43. Jovanna (Slavic origin) meaning "adventurous and free-spirited".

44. Karel (Czech origin) meaning "free person".

45. Karla (German origin) meaning "free woman". A great baby girl name associated with freedom.

46. Malaya (Filipino origin), meaning "free." Fun fact: the name first appeared in the Americas in 2006 and has been popular since then.

47. Quispe (Quechua origin) meaning "free".

48. Saoirse (Irish origin), meaning "freedom" and "independence." The most popular namesake of the name is Saoirse Ronan, the Little Women actress.

49. Sharlene (American origin) meaning "a woman who owes her freedom". It is a popular baby name related to dom in America.

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Free

With the introduction of new names in the American name dictionary, unisex names have gained wide popularity. We have listed some of the gender-neutral baby names meaning dom are summed below.

50. Amadi (South African origin), meaning "free man."  This could be great as boy names and also, as a girl name signifying dom.

51. Armani (Persian origin) means "free man." Armani is very popular around the world thanks to the Italian luxury brand.

52. Ateq (Arabic origin) meaning "free."

53.  Cari (Germanic origin) meaning "free".

54. Chara (Germanic origin) meaning "free".

55. Charley (Germanic origin) meaning "free man".

56. Darby (Irish and Norse origin) meaning "free one".

57. Erkin (Turkish origin) meaning "free and independent".

58. Fran (French origin) meaning "a free man".

59. Francis (French origin), meaning "liberated."

60. Frankie (French origin), meaning "free one."

61. Fanuco (Spanish origin) meaning "one who likes to be free".

62. Freedom (American origin) meaning "not in captivity". The name 'freedom' itself can be strong and powerful as boy names or for your baby girl.

63. Isra (Turkish origin), meaning "free." The name is very popular in Turkey.

64. Liberty (Latin origin), the name means "freedom" and "liberal" The most famous example is the Statue of Liberty in the USA.

65. Ozgur (Turkish origin) meaning "free and independent".

Unique Boys' Names Meaning Freedom


(Meaningful unique names are favored by today's parents.)

Every child is born with some unique potential, so naming a baby boy with unique names is a fine idea. To speed up your search, we have come up with some unique boys' names that mean freedom.

66. Alward (English origin) means "freedom-loving".

67. Baldred (English origin) meaning "leadership and freedom-loving".

68. Carlsen (Scandinavian origin) meaning "son of Carl". Carl means "a free man", hence, this has the connotations of a free generation.

69. Charlton (English origin) meaning "free settlement of men".

70. Chaz (English origin) means "free".

71. Cisco (Spanish origin) meaning "free-man". It is a unique name that means freedom.

72. Dermot (Irish origin) meaning "free from envy".

73. Eljin (Celtic origin), means "freedom provider."

74. Fielder (English origin) meaning "dweller in origin".

75. Born (Old English origin)  meaning "a person who is born free".

76. Frisco (Spanish origin) meaning "free man".

77. Hernando (Spanish origin) meaning "free-spirited explorer".

78. Isandro (Spanish origin) meaning "liberator".

79. Jephthah (Hebrew origin) meaning "whom God sets free".

80. Kymnani (Jamaican origin) meaning "adventurous traveler".

81. Lefteris (Greek origin) meaning "free".

82. Liber (Latin origin), meaning "free."

83. Liborio (Spanish origin) meaning "the feeling of complete freedom".

84. Lisandre (Greek origin) meaning "liberator".

85. Maverick (English origin), meaning "free." For movie buffs, the name is not new, Tom Cruz's character in 'Top Gun' had this as his nickname, and you know why the name means free.

86. Moksh (Indian origin) meaning "salvation".

Unique Girl Names Meaning

The little girl of yours deserves every attention and love from everyone around her. As a parent, your search for the baby girl's name will cease here. The list of unique names that mean dom is given below.

87. Abrial (French origin) meaning "open and protected".

88. Alzena (Arabic origin) meaning "analytical woman longing for freedom".

89. Carol (English origin), meaning "a free person" or "a song."

90. Carrie (English origin) meaning "free man." Carrie was a popular horror movie, the first-ever adaptation of Stephen King. However, a more modern reference for namesake is the popular American singer, Carrie Underwood.

91. Dawn (Old English origin), meaning the "first appearance of light," which symbolizes freedom.

92. Duze (British origin) meaning "freedom-loving beings".

93. Feronia (Latin origin) meaning "the patron of freedom".

94. Francesca (Italian origin) meaning "free man".

95. Kalera (Irish origin) meaning "a Basque freedom movement".

96. Lyndzei (British origin) meaning "a freedom-loving, quick-witted person".

97. Scheherazade (Arabin origin) meaning "a freer of the world". Name of the Arabian queen who narrated the '1001 Arabian Nights' stories.

98. Sequoia (Latin origin), meaning "free thinking." In the hit TV series, Friends, Rachel had offered this name as a suggestion to Ross for naming their child.

99. Sharmaine (Latin origin) meaning "a woman whose charm lies in her freedom". It is one of the attractive baby names.

100. Willow (English origin) meaning "graceful and free".

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