100+ Best Names That Mean Power For Your Little Fighter

There are so many powerful baby names.

It's about time you start looking for names for your little warrior prince or warrior princess.

Thankfully, looking for meaningful names for your baby is no longer difficult. You will find all the help that you need here.

When it comes to naming your child, there are no hard rules that you must stick to. The recent trends have shown us that gender norms are no longer fixed when naming children and unisex names in particular are in vogue right now. Another trend is the push towards choosing meaningful names for babies, so that when they grow up they will always be guided by the strong meaning of their name. Picking a powerful name for your child is a great way to do this.

Powerful names for children range form names that take power from others, such as those meaning "God is my strength", to those that show the power of the strong willed individual with that name with meanings like "courage" and "strength". A powerful baby name means that you child will be strong willed and confident, so let us help you find powerful and meaningful names for your baby with this article.

If you are on the lookout for baby names that are based on power or which pack a powerful punch, then you have come to the right place. These names are meant to inspire your little fighter to dream big. This list of names meaning power has something for every parent out there, from traditional Old English names to modern powerful names from all around the world.

Many people think that finding the right baby name, especially one that means power will be extremely difficult, but these great power names are not so rare, and we are here to help you find the perfect powerful names for your child. Get ready to be inspired.

For more name ideas, check out these strong female names and these names that mean strong spirit.

Boy Names That Mean Power

Searching for a name meaning power for your little boy? These mighty baby names might help. Strong boys' names like these would be a great choice for your child and he is sure to treasure any of these names throughout his life. All of these names have a strong meaning. We hope that you find the perfect name for your baby on this list of the strongest boys' names.

1. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of the people".

2. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "manly".

3. Angus (Scottish origin) this name means "strength".

4. Arnold (German origin) meaning "eagle power".

5. Arsenio (Spanish origin) meaning "virile".

6. Austin (English origin) an English name meaning "great".

7. Barrett (German origin) meaning "bear strength".

8. Charles (German origin) meaning "manly".

9. Conrad (English origin) and English name meaning "bold counsel".

10. Devlin (Irish origin) meaning "fierce courage".

11. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong".

12. Farrell (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of the man of valor".

13. Fergus (Scottish origin) meaning "man strength".

14. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "fair warrior".

15. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength".

16. Garrett (English origin) meaning "spear rule".

17. Grant (English origin) an English name meaning "great".

18. Griffin (Welsh origin) meaning "from Gryphon, a fabled monster".

19. Hunter (English origin) meaning "one who hunts".

20. Ikaika (Hawaiian origin) meaning "strong".

21. Jabbar (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful".

22. Jelani (Swahili origin) meaning "mighty".

23. Ken (Japanese origin) meaning "healthy".

24. Kendrick (English origin) meaning "bold ruler".

25. Kenzo (Japanese origin) meaning "strong".

26. Leopold (German origin) meaning "brave people".

27. Liam (Irish origin) meaning "resolute protector".

28. Maximus (Latin origin) meaning "greatest".

29. Owen (Welsh origin) meaning "young warrior".

30. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king".

31. Reynold (Old English origin) meaning "powerful counselor".

32. Ryder (English origin) meaning "knight".

33. Ulric (English origin) meaning "powerful ruler".

34. Valente (Italian origin) meaning "strong".

35. Zale (Greek origin) meaning "sea strength".

Girl Names That Mean Power

(Tough parents like to choose powerful baby names.)

If you hope to inspire your little princess as she grows, the following list of power names should help. It is not difficult to find girl names that mean strong and there are so many beautiful yet strong options out there. This list is full of powerful names for girls, so why not evoke your baby girl's strength with these names? Hopefully the perfect name for you and your baby is right in this list.

36. Adira (Hebrew origin) meaning "powerful".

37. Andrea (Italian origin) meaning "manly".

38. Audelia (English origin) an English name that means "strength".

39. Audra (Old English origin) meaning "noble strength".

40. Audrey (Old English origin) meaning "noble strength".

41. Bernadette (French origin) meaning "brave as a bear".

42. Bria (Irish origin) meaning "vigor".

43. Briana (Irish origin) meaning "noble".

44. Bridget (Irish origin) meaning "exalted".

45. Brighid (Irish origin) meaning "strength".

46. Carla (Portuguese origin) meaning "one who possesses strength".

47. Ebba (German origin) a German name meaning "strength of an animal".

48. Elfreda (Old English origin) meaning "old strength".

49. Emersyn (French origin) meaning "powerful".

50. Gabriella (Italian origin) meaning "God is my strength".

51. Gertrude (Dutch origin) meaning "spear of strength".

52. Gesa (Dutch origin) meaning "strength of a Spear".

53. Iphigenia (Greek origin) meaning "born strong".

54. Isa (German origin) meaning "strong willed".

55. Jaiyana (Arabic origin) meaning "strength".

56. Karleen (German origin) meaning "womanly strength".

57. Keren (Hebrew origin) meaning "power".

58. Lenna (German origin) meaning "lion’s strength".

59. Lulu (English origin) meaning "famous warrior".

60. Matilda (Old English origin) meaning "battle strength".

61. Melisande (French origin) meaning "labor strength".

62. Mildred (English origin) meaning "gentle strength".

63. Millicent (English origin) meaning "labor strength".

64. Philomena (Greek origin) meaning "lover of strength".

65. Reina (Spanish origin) meaning "queen".

66. Trudy (German origin) meaning "spear of strength".

67. Valda (German origin) a German name meaning "rule".

68. Valencia (Spanish origin) meaning "valor".

69. Valentina (Latin origin) meaning "strength".

70. Wyetta (Old English origin) meaning "war strength".

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Power

(There are a good number of powerful girl names as well as powerful boy names.

Parents searching for a powerful name will love these gender neutral baby names, many of these are short but sweet options. These names would be perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl. Gender neutral names are more popular than ever right now, and what better way to embrace and honor this trend than by picking a gender neutral name that means power for you newborn baby? The perfect name could be on this very list!

71. Aftan (English origin) meaning "powerful".

72. Agas (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength".

73. Ala (Slavic origin) meaning "defending men".

74. Alex (English origin) meaning "defender of the people".

75. Alexis (Russian origin) meaning "defender of the people".

76. Alyosha (Hebrew origin) meaning "noble defender of mankind".

77. Amalle (Latin origin) meaning "one who has the power".

78. Amana (Swahili origin) meaning "a warrior at heart".

79. Amari (African origin) meaning "a strong being".

80. Americus (German origin) a German name meaning "home ruler".

81. Ammar (Gothic origin) meaning "a strong man who is a builder".

82. Ammerie (English origin) meaning "divine rulers of the universe".

83. Auberi (French origin) meaning "powerful and kind".

84. Aubrey (English origin) meaning "noble ruler".

85. Auryn (Welsh origin) meaning "a powerful person".

86. Austen (English origin) meaning "great".

87. Avery (English origin) meaning "elf King".

88. Avree (English origin) meaning "wise ruler".

89. Bailey (English origin) meaning "bailiff".

90. Billie (English origin) meaning "resolute protector".

91. Brylee (English origin) meaning "strong one from the woodland meadow".

92. Caledon (English origin) meaning "a tough person".

93. Drew (English origin) meaning "manly".

94. Emery (German origin) meaning "valiant ruler".

95. Hero (Greek origin) meaning "brave one of the people".

96. Kelly (English origin) meaning "warrior".

97. Lonnie (American origin) meaning "noble".

98. Montana (Latin origin) meaning "mountain".

99. Nicola (English origin) meaning "victory of the people".

100. Reagan (Irish origin) meaning "little King".

101. Rory (Irish origin) meaning "red King".

102. Storm (American origin) meaning "a storm".

103. Tory (English origin) meaning "victory".

104. Val (Latin origin) meaning "valiant".

Warrior Boy Names

Parents may feeling that giving a warrior name to their child will empower them to face life bravely. These boy names that mean warrior are great powerful names. Once you know what name meaning is important to you, finding the right name should be easy. Here are some ideas to get you started.

105. Ajamu (Nigerian origin) meaning "fights for his desires".

106. Alger (English origin) meaning "clever warrior".

107. Aloysius (Latin origin) meaning "famous warrior".

108. Alphonse (German origin) a German name meaning "noble".

109. Armand (French origin) meaning "soldier".

110. Arrio (Spanish origin) meaning "warlike".

111. Berenger (German origin) meaning "warrior fighting with a spear".

112. Cadell (Welsh origin) meaning "battle".

113. Cadman (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "warrior".

114. Cahir (Irish origin) meaning "battle man".

Warrior Girl Names

Your princess deserves a strong name that befits her fighting spirit. Why not give her the perfect warrior girls' name from this list of great names meaning "defender" or "strength"? The names here will surely inspire her as she grows.

115.  Alessia (Italian origin) meaning "defender".

116.  Alexandria (Greek origin) a Greek name meaning "defender of the people".

117.  Amira (Arabic origin) meaning "princess".

118.  Armani (Greek origin) a Greek name meaning "defender of the people".

119.  Bellatrix (Latin origin) meaning "female warrior".

120. Emine (Arabic origin) meaning "fearless".

121. Fallon (Irish origin) meaning "of a ruling family".

122. Malin (English origin) meaning "little warrior".

123. Marcheline (French origin) meaning "war like".

124. Maude (German origin) meaning "battle mighty".

125. Nikita (Slavic origin) meaning "unconquerable".

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