80 Best Names That Mean Rock

Rocks often symbolize strength, resilience and toughness.)

Parents want their baby to grow up strong like a rock and provide support to others.

If a name means stone, it gives a sense of strength and resilience to the child. There are many names for a rock, in a lot of languages like Celtic, Scottish and Old English.

When a name means "rock" or "stone", it is not only a piece of rock. It has a deeper meaning associated with the qualities of a warrior. It shows how warriors have the ability to face hardships as they stand solid as rocks. So, most names that mean rock, actually represent how the person is strong as a rock. There are several Old Norse names that can help your search for the name "rock" or even names with Biblical references that mean "stone". These have also been included in the lists below.

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Popular Girls Names That Mean Rock

Here is a list of popular girl names that mean rock:

(Baby names that mean rock represent closeness to nature.

1. Alaina (German origin) meaning "a precious rock".

2. Ashma (Indian origin) meaning "rock".  Ashma is one of the popular Indian baby names for girls.

3. Chantal (European origin) meaning "stone".

4. Eterna (Latin origin) meaning "eternal".

5. Gaia (Greek origin) meaning "rock from the Earth". In Greek mythology, Gaia, or Gaea, was the divine personification of the Earth and the matriarch of all things in existence.

6. Gemma (Italian origin) meaning "precious stone". One of the common girl names.

7. Halle (Old Norse origin) meaning "rock".

8. Iolite (Greek origin) meaning "violet-colored stone".

9. Jetta (Danish origin) meaning "stone from Gagai". Jetta is a popular car that is produced by the German automobile company, Volkswagen.

10. Lorelei (Irish or Gaelic origin) meaning "a lurking rock".

11. Nelka (Polish origin) meaning "stone". This girl name meaning warrior is very popular.

12. Nell (English origin) meaning "stone of a river".

13. Onila (Spanish origin) meaning "small rock".

14. Parnel (French origin) meaning "rock".

15. Pedra (Spanish origin) meaning "rock". It is a name easy to remember because of the archaeological site in Brazil.

16. Perrin (English origin) meaning "little rock". This is among the more common names that mean little rock.

17. Pernella (French origin) meaning "rock".

18. Petronilla (German origin) meaning "rock".

19. Pierrette (French origin) meaning "rock". It is the feminine form of the French name, Pierre, which means "rock".

20. Pratima (Indian origin) meaning "statue".

21. Rochelle (French origin) meaning " a little rock".

22. Sela (Hebrew origin) meaning "rock".

23. Seneca (Latin origin) meaning "rocks". Seneca is a major philosophical figure of the Roman Imperial Period.

24. Sharon (Hebrew origin) meaning "rocks of a fertile land".

25. Shashimani (Indian origin) meaning "a precious stone".

26. Shila (Indian origin) meaning "rock". This is one of the more common baby names in India.

27. Taniksha (Indian origin) meaning "golden stone". It is also a popular name of stone.

28. Terra (Latin origin) meaning "rock".

29. Tinna (Scandinavian origin) meaning "stone".

30. Vala (Welsh origin) meaning "rock".

Popular Boys' Names That Mean Rock

Boys names with significant meanings can be hard to find. However, a lot of popular boy names that mean "rock" or "stone" can be found in the list below.

31. Ackley (English origin) meaning "stone".

32. Ailin (Mapuche origin) meaning "rock".

33. Buxton (English origin) meaning "brewing stones". Buxton is also a spa town in Derbyshire, in the East Midlands region of England.

34. Cairn (Scottish or Celtic origin) meaning "mound of stones". Cairn is a memorable name because of the Australian city, Cairns.

35. Carrick (Welsh or Celtic origin) meaning "rock". The name is often linked to Michale Carrick, an English footballer who played with Manchester United for 12 years.

36. Cephas (Aramaic origin) meaning "stone".

37. Clive (Old English origin) meaning "rock". The name is often associated with Major General Robert Clive who was the first British Governor of the Bengal Presidency.

38. Craig (Scottish origin) meaning "rock". Craig is originally a Scottish Gaelic term. It is a very common and popular Scottish name.

39. Eben (Hebrew origin) meaning "stone of help". A great name for a rock.

40. Halvard (Norwegian origin) meaning "flat stone".

41. Harlow (English origin) meaning "rock". The name might remind you of Harry Frederick Harlow, an American psychologist famous for maternal-separation and dependency needs experiments.

42. Parkins (English origin) meaning "rock". It is a very famous family name in England too.

43. Peetu (Old Greek origin) meaning "rock".

44. Pero (Croatian origin) meaning "rock" or "stone".

45. Peter (Greek origin) meaning "stone" or "rock". Peter was also the name of one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. A very common boy name in Greek.

46. Pierre (French origin) meaning "stone". Pierre Curie is known for formulating the Curie Dissymmetry Principle.

47. Piers (English origin) meaning "stone" or "rock".

48. Piet (Dutch origin) meaning "rock".

49. Pitivo (Hungarian origin) meaning "rock".

50. Punka (Bulgarian origin) meaning "rock".

51. Roark (Scottish or Celtic origin) meaning "rock".

52. Rochester (English origin) meaning "rock" or "fortress". It is also the name of a famous city in New York State.

53. Stanford (English origin) meaning "the stony ford". It is a name that is easy to remember because of the Ivy League, Stanford University.

54. Stanley (Old English origin) meaning "stone". It is a common name in Shakespeare's plays too.

55. Stein (German origin) meaning "rock" or "stone".

56. Silu (Indian origin) meaning "rock".

57. Torma (Tibetan origin) meaning "magic rock".

58. Torsten (Scandinavian origin) meaning "Thor's stone". It is a compound of the theonym Thor and Sten "stone".

59. Ultman (German origin) meaning "noble stone".

60. Upal (Indian origin) meaning "stone".

61. Winston (Old English origin) meaning "joy stone". Winston is often linked to Winston Churchill, one of the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

62. Wolfstan (Old English origin) meaning "the wolf's stone".

Popular Unisex Names That Mean Rock

A lot of gender-neutral names are of Celtic or Gaelic origin, popular in Irish and Scottish cultures. If you are in the search for a popular unisex name for your kid, your search ends here.

63. Beaumont (French origin) meaning "a beautiful mountain of stones".

64. Callen (Irish or Gaelic origin) meaning "rock".

65. Ferris (Celtic origin) meaning "rock of the highest choice".

66. Kaya (Scandinavian origin) meaning "rock" or "cliff".

67. Lave (Italian origin) meaning "burning rock".

68. Perry (English origin) meaning "small rock". Perry is a common family name, also of one of the most well known American female pop stars, Katy Perry.

69. Pierce (English origin) meaning "rock".

70. Rockwell (British origin) meaning "spring rocks". Rockwell is one of the largest neighborhoods in Manila, Philippines.

71. Tappen (English origin) meaning "top of a huge rock".

72. Tarin (Irish origin) meaning "rocky hill".

73. Zuriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "Lord is my rock".

Popular Names That Mean Colored Rock

If you are in a search for gemstone names, here is a list of popular names in various countries, all of which means either "rock" or "stone", some of which are also gems.

Rocks that are colored are often used as precious stones.

74. Albion (M) (Celtic origin) meaning "a white rock". Albion is often linked to the Brighton football team, Brighton and Hove Albion.

75. Carnelian (M) (Latin origin) meaning "dark red colored stone". A great boy name in Latin.

76. Dunstan (M) (English origin) meaning "brown stone".

77. Kumilican (M) (Araucanian origin) meaning "half red rock".

78. Lapis (F) (Persian origin) meaning "blue colored gemstone". This is one of the rare names that mean blue rock.

79. Meena (F) (Indian origin) meaning "gem". Meena is a very common name in various Indian languages.

80. Nilaratna (F) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "blue rock". The name literally means "blue" and "stone".

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