100 Best Names That Mean Smart, Wise, And Intelligent

Clever baby names never go out of style and shows the intelligence of your child.

Smart names can really make your child stand out in school and in their life.

Parents always want their babies to grow up and become the best version of themselves. And if that means naming their child with the best baby names that mean smart, wise, and intelligent, every parent would do that.

To name your baby with the names that mean smart, wise, and intelligent means that you, as a parent, believe that your child is indeed quite brainy. Naming children with these kinds of names has always been a trend. After all, a name that means wisdom brings out one of the best qualities a child could have. These positive characteristics are essential and often become handy in life. We bring you the list of some of the best baby names that mean wisdom, knowledge, smart, wise, and intelligent.

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Girls Names Meaning Intelligent

Having girl baby names that means wisdom, smart and intelligent can certainly boost the confidence of your girl.

One of the valuable qualities of any girl is intelligence. Here, we present to you the list of well-curated names that mean intelligent and also names meaning wise or wisdom:

1. Abbey (English origin) meaning "intelligent and beautiful".

2. Akilah (Arabic origin) meaning logical and intelligent". Associated with the American writer, Akilah Hughes.

3. Alberta (German origin), meaning "bright and intelligent". Queen Victoria's daughter, Louise Caroline Alberta made this name popular.

4. Alvie (German and English origin) meaning "intelligent and elf-friend". A common English name.

5. Anne (French origin) meaning "intelligent".

6. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "wise". The Goddess of Wisdom from Greek mythology and also known to be the daughter of Zeus. One of the fascinating girl names.

7. Bernadea (French origin) meaning "intelligent".

8. Bertha (English origin) name meaning "the bright one". A popular English name.

9. Ethelind (German origin) meaning "intelligent". This could be a unique German name.

10. Galena (Spanish origin) meaning "small; intelligent". It is considered to be one of the smart names for girls.

11. Huberta (Old German origin) name meaning "brilliant mind".

12. Kayla (Arabic origin) meaning "wise child". This name got famous due to the popular TV show 'Days of our Lives', one of the main characters, Kayla Brady.

13. Labiba (Arabic origin) name meaning "wise; intelligent".

14. Michiko (Japanese origin) meaning "child of beautiful wisdom". The empress of Japan is known to have this name.

15. Minerva (Latin origin) meaning "mind or intellect". Minerva was the Roman Goddess of wisdom.

16. Monique (French origin) meaning "wise counsel". This name is associated with American singer and actor, Monique Jacobson.

17. Najiba (Arabic origin) name meaning "excellent intelligent".

18. Prudence (English origin) meaning "cautious and intelligent".

19. Saffi (Greek origin) name meaning "wisdom".

20. Salvia (Latin origin) meaning "wise".

21. Sonia (Slavic origin) meaning "wisdom".

22. Sorcha (Irish origin) meaning "intelligent". The main character of the famous movie 'Willow' made this name popular.

23. Ulima (Arabic origin) meaning "wise".

24. Veta (English origin) name meaning "intelligent".

Unique Boys Names Meaning Intelligent

Boy names that mean intelligence or that means wise are surely unique.

A boy name which means "intelligent" is one of the cool and trendy names to have. We present to you the list of some of the unique boy names:

25. Albert (German origin) meaning "intelligent". This name is best associated with world genius Albert Einstein and is one of the names meaning intelligence or associated with genius.

26. Alden (English origin) meaning "wise friend". Popular American actor Alden Ehrenreich has this name.

27. Alfred (English origin) name means "wise counselor".

28. Aldo (German origin) meaning "old and wise". This German name is considered to be one of the smart boy names.

29. Alvis (Old Norse origin) meaning "all-wise". This name comes from the Norse mythology that had dwarf Alvis.

30. Apollo (Greek origin) name means "wise".

31. Beowulf (Old English origin) meaning "intelligent wolf". 'Beowulf' is popularly known to be the oldest English. This can be one of the literary boys' names which carries the meaning of smart, intelligent and wise.

32. Bertrand (French origin) meaning "intelligent; glorious". The well-known mathematician and Nobel prize winner, Bertrand Russell carried this name.

33. Boman (Persian origin) meaning "great mind". This name is best associated with popular Bollywood actor, Boman Irani.

34. Buddha (Sanskrit origin) name means "wise or enlightened one".

35. Cong-Min (Chinese origin) meaning "intelligent".

36. Conrad (German origin) name meaning "wise counsel".

37. Conroy (Irish origin) meaning "smart; wise advisor". This name got popular due to American football player Conroy Black.

38. Cuthbert (English origin) meaning "famously bright ".

39. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "a person surpassed in wisdom". Ethan Allen, the American patriot, and famous war leader carried this name.

40. Frode (Old Norse origin) name meaning "wise".

41. Hakim (Arabic origin) meaning "wise and intelligent". This name is associated with Indian physician, Hakim Ajmal Khan.

42. Mendel (German origin) meaning "wisdom; learning". Gregor Mendel is known as the father of modern genetics.

43. Mika (Scandinavian origin) meaning "intelligent raccoon".

44. Raghnall (Latin origin) name meaning "smart and powerful".

45. Rainier (English origin) meaning "wise army". Rainier is the name of the famous mountain range in Washington state.

46. Raymond (German origin) name meaning "wise protector; intelligent".

47. Reginald (English origin) meaning "smart; advice". Hollywood actor, Reginald Owen, has made this name popular.

48. Ronald (Norse origin) meaning "wise counselor". U.S. President Ronald Reagan carried and made this name popular.

49. Solon (Greek origin) meaning "wise one". This name is associated with popular musician, Solon Bixler.

50. Ugo (Spanish origin) name meaning "mind; intellect".

51. Vivek (Sanskrit origin) meaning "wise and intelligent".

52. Zeki (Turkish origin) name meaning "clever".

Unique Non-Binary Names That Mean Intelligent

Gender-neutral baby names are really trending among new parents because you do not have to stick to specific gender for these names. If you like the idea of non-binary baby names and how cool they sound, here is the list of such non-binary baby names that means intelligent and smart:

53. Akira (Japanese origin) meaning "bright; intelligent".

54. Alfie (English origin) meaning "wise counselor".

55. Aydin (Turkish origin) name meaning "smart; intelligent".

56. Cassidy (Irish origin) meaning "clever". American actress Cassidy Freeman made this name very popular.

57. Cato (Latin origin) meaning "intelligent; all-knowing". Cato was the name of the Roman diplomat.

58. Conary (Irish origin) meaning "wise; knowledge".

59. Dara (Hebrew origin) meaning "nugget of wisdom". This name is associated with Judah's descendant duly recognized for his wisdom.

60. Favian (Latin origin) meaning "man of wisdom".

61. Ganya (Hebrew origin) meaning "clever".

62. Jina (Sanskrit origin) meaning "wise".

63. Mackenzie (Irish origin) meaning "son of the wise ruler". Popular American actress Mackenzie Philips is known to have this name.

64. Nester (Greek origin) meaning "traveler; intelligent". Nester was the name of the legendary wise ruler who won the Trojan war.

65. Pallas (Greek origin) name meaning "wisdom". In Greek mythology, Pallas was the name of the daughter of Triton and Athena, Goddess of wisdom, took her name as an epithet after Pallas' death.

66. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning "counselor; intelligent". Popular American football player Quinn Marcus has this name.

67. Rain (English origin) meaning "wise ruler; counselor". Popular American actress and comedian Rain Pryor carry this name.

68. Ray (English origin) meaning "wise protector".

69. Rory (Irish origin) meaning "famous brilliance; clever". This name is associated with famous American actor, Rory Hugh Culkin. Rory Gilmore is also a character in 'Gilmore Girls'.

70. Sage (Latin origin) meaning "wise". American novelist Sage Walker has this name.

71. Shannon (Irish origin) meaning "old and wise". This name got popular due to American actress and musician, Shannon Kossamon.

72. Skylar (Dutch origin) meaning "intelligent and scholarly". This name is associated with famous American pop singer, Skylar Stecker or American actor, Skylar Astin.

73. Veda (Sanskrit origin) meaning "knowledge and wisdom". 'Veda' is known to be one of the most sacred books of the Hindus.

74. Wisdom (English origin) meaning "being wise".

Unique Names That Mean Knowledge

It is said that 'knowledge is power'. The same can be applied when naming, as a name meaning wisdom and knowledge could turn out to be very powerful. We present to you some of the unique boy names and girl names that mean wisdom, intellect, and knowledge:

75. Arisanna (F) (Greek origin) meaning "knowledge".

76. Basker (M) (Indian origin) meaning "bright and radiant; knowledgeable".

77. Danish (M) (Old Norse origin) meaning "wisdom; knowledge".

78. Devya (F) (Indian origin) meaning "spiritual wisdom".

79. Dola (F) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "knowledge".

80. Ganesh (M) (Indian origin) meaning "multitude". An Indian patron God for intellectuals.

81. Gryffyth (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "clever; knowledge".

82. Hansra (F) (Indian origin) meaning "knowledge". It is considered to be one of the many names of Goddess Saraswathi who is known to be the Hindu Goddess of knowledge.

83. Hugh (M) (Germanic origin) meaning "mind". A very common German name.

84. Hikmat (M/F) (Arabic origin) meaning "an intellectual philosophy". One of the unique boy names as well as girl names.

85. Jaida (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "knowledge".

86. Jomarie (F) (Puerto Rican origin) meaning "high knowledge".

87. Jubilee (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "intellect".

88. Juliette (F) (French origin) meaning "knowledge".

89. Kennen (M) (Old High German origin) meaning "knowledge". This could be one of the uncommon boy names. This German

90. Maitreyi (F) (Indian origin) meaning "a learned woman".

91. Minda (F) (Indian origin) meaning "love and knowledge".

92. Monisha (F) (Indian origin) meaning "well learned; knowledgeable".

93. Pandita (M) (Indian origin) meaning "divine wisdom; knowledge". It is considered to be one of the commonly used names meaning knowledge in India.

94. Redmond (M) (Irish origin) meaning "wise protector".

95. Siddhi (F) (Indian origin) meaning "knowledge; wealth".

96. Socrates (M) (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". A well-known Greek philosopher from Athens is known by this name.

97. Sophia (F) (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". One of the common girl names.

98. Taalib (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "seeker of knowledge".

99. Tallis (M) (Persian origin) meaning "wisdom". The famous Australian league player, Gorden James Tallis has this name.

100. Zabir (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "a scholar". A very wise name.

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