51 Best Names That Mean Strong Spirit

Strong baby names could build your baby's character

Names are really important, as this will be the identity of your child out in the world.

The type of name you give your baby boy or girl can go a long way in shaping their personality. Every parent wants their child to be brave and this is seen in the types of names given to them.

Every name has a meaning, which is why a lot of parents think long and hard before naming their child. The process of coming up with baby names can be lengthy and a bit stressful. As a new parent, you have dreams and hopes of the character traits you want your child to have, and this can be seen in the kind of name you give your baby. This is why most parents give their children names that represent their aspirations for their children. There is also the issue of finding the perfect name that has the right meaning you want for your baby. Now, you have access to 50+ names both male and female that mean a strong spirit for your baby.

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Popular Names That Mean Strong Spirit

Give your little one a name that builds confidence, character and inner strength right from

There are meaningful names for a baby that can capture what you desire for your little one. Spiritual names that mean strong are perfect for children if you want them to embody this trait. You can also give your child names that mean survivor for a strong future champion. We have put together a list of baby names that mean or are synonymous with strong spirit.

1. Aaron (M) the Hebrew name means “strong mountain”. Name of a popular Australian cricketer, Aaron Finch.

2. Adira (M) (Hebrew origin) means "strong” or “noble”.

3. Alexander (U) (Greek origin) means “defender of mankind”. Famous name bearer: Alexander The Great.

4. Alsie (M) (Greek origin) means “strong-willed”.

5. Audrey (F) (English origin) means “noble strength”. We like this English name very much, it's very dignified.

6. Brianna (F) (Celtic origin) means “strength and survivor". The character Brienne of Tarth in 'Game Of Thrones' is a variation of the name.

7. Ekon (M) (Yoruba origin) means “strong”.

8. Kwan (M) (Korean origin) means “strong”.

9. Liam (M) (Irish origin) means “strong-willed”. Famous name bearer: Liam Neeson. Though this is not an English name it is also very popular there.

10. Neron (M) (Spanish origin) means “strength”.

11. Philomena (F) (Greek origin) means “lover of strength”.

12. Valentina (F) (Latin origin) means “vigorous” or “strong”.

Girl Names That Mean Strong Spirit

You are expecting a beautiful baby girl soon and you will need a long list of powerful girl names. These meaningful names for babies are more than enough to inspire you to pick the perfect baby name. We have saved you the stress of searching for baby names and have provided them on a platter for you. You can pick any of these names or even come up with your own name that means brave or any other strong attribute you would like your baby girl to have. Here are the beautiful baby names for you to choose from.

Girls can have the strongest spirits

13. Alcie (Greek origin) meaning “strong-willed”. It's a beautiful name meaning spirit.

14. Aziza (Arabic origin) means “beloved” or Powerful”.

15. Bali (Sanskrit origin) meaning “strength”, also the name of a Hindu mythology character.

16. Bedelia (Irish origin) means “exalted one” or “strength”.

17. Bree (Irish origin) means “strength”.

18. Britta (Scandinavian origin) means “strength”. It's a great survivor name.

19. Cyrene (Greek origin) means “supreme”.

20. Elda (Italian origin) meaning “warrior”.

21. Hania (Native American origin) means “spirit warrior”.

22. Imara (Kiswahili origin) means “firm”.

23. Irie (Caribbean origin) means “positive and powerful”.

24. Karla (French origin) meaning “strong” also spelled as Carla.

25. Keren (Hebrew origin) means “powerful” or “strength”.

26. Luana (German origin) means “graceful battle maiden”. This is a super popular German name, and for good reason, it's beautiful.

27. Marcella (Italian origin) meaning “strong” or “warlike”.

28. Matilda (German origin) means “power,” “battle,” or “might”.

29. Nina (Russian origin) meaning “strong”.

30. Shakti (Indian origin) meaning “powerful”. Name of the supreme Hindu goddess. Also a popular celebrity dancer from India.

31. Trudi (German origin) meaning “universal strength”. We absolutely love this name, it has a powerful meaning but it sounds so cute!

Boy Names Meaning Strong Spirit

There are various names that mean survivor, such as Brienne, on this list and will suit your baby perfectly. You can also choose similar baby names that mean fearless like Abheek, and if you want something that just rolls off the tongue, a German name such as Haldis will be great. An Irish name for your baby is very sophisticated and will suit your child nicely. Here are the meaningful names for baby that mean strong for your warrior child.

32. Abir (Hebrew origin) means “mighty,” “courageous,” “strong”.

33. Amzi (Hebrew origin) name meaning “strong”.

34. Andres (Scandinavian origin) meaning “strong and manly”.

35. Angus (Gaelic origin) meaning “strength”.

36. Aziz (Arabic origin) name meaning “beloved” and “strong”.

37. Barrett (German origin) meaning “bear strength”.

38. Brady (Irish origin) meaning “broad spirited”.

39. Brian (Irish origin) means “honorable” or “strong”, a popular baby name.

40. Caden (Welsh origin) name means “spirit of battle”.

41. Denzel (Cornish origin) means "from a protected place". Also, the name of a popular actor: Denzel Washington. We love this English name and think it's well due for a comeback.

42. Egon (German origin) meaning “strong with the sword”. It's a great name if you want to christen your baby with names that mean protector or strong warrior.

43. Emeric (French origin) means “power”.

44. Ethan: the Hebrew name means “firm” or “strong”.

45. Griffin (Latin origin) means “strong lord”.

46. Haldis (Greek origin) means “stone spirit”.

47. Harvey (French origin) meaning “battle worthy” or “strong spirit”.

48. Imre (Hungarian origin) meaning “strength”.

49. Jabbar (Arabic origin) means “powerful”.

50. Kenzo (Japanese origin) means “strong”.

51. Mandla (African origin) means “strength”.

Here at Kidadl it's our mission to make picking a name as easy as possible. If you liked this article and found any of these names useful, then you should read our article about names that mean protector or, if you're looking for something slightly different, try names that mean brave.



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