84 Best Names That Mean Sun That Will Stand Out

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If you're on the hunt for a bright and cheery name, take a look at these sun related names for babies.

We've compiled a list of names associated with the sun, it includes baby names meaning sunshine as well some sunny names which mean yellow, orange and gold. Choosing a bright and positive name could start your new arrival off on the right foot.  

Maybe your due date is in the summer months, or you're hoping your new arrival will have a warm and cheerful personality. If you're looking for a name which will bring light to your life, read through our list of sun inspired names.

And if it's nature inspired names you're looking for, check out Earth influenced boy names or ocean related girl names. We're sure you'll find plenty of additions to your list of potential baby names.

Girls Names

These beautiful girl names that mean sun will suit any new bundle of joy with a sunny disposition.

1) Aelia (Ancient Roman Origin), meaning "sun". The 'ae' is pronounced 'ee'.

2) Aeliana (Latin Origin), meaning "sun".

3) Akosua (African Origin), meaning "born on a Sunday". The day of the sun!

4) Apolline (French Origin), meaning "of the God Apollo". Apollo was the name for the God of sun and light.

5) Apollonia (Greek Origin), meaning "female form of Apollo".

6) Apricity (Latin Origin), meaning "the warmth of the winter sun".

7) Arpina (Armenian Origin), meaning "rising of the sun".

8) Cyra (Persian Origin), meaning "sun".

9) Eliane (Hebrew Origin), meaning "sun".

10) Ellen (Greek Origin), meaning "sun ray, shining light". This makes Ellen the Greek name for sunshine.

11) Helia (Greek Origin), meaning "sun".

12) Idalia (Italian Origin), meaning "behold the sun".

13) Kalinda (Hindi Origin), meaning "sun".

14) Kalindi (Hindi Origin), meaning "sun".

15) Mehri (Persian Origin), meaning "lovely and sunny".

16) Mirri (Australia Aboriginal Origin), meaning "the sun".

17) Nada (Arabic Origin), meaning "dew at sunrise".

18) Nanala (Hawaiian Origin), meaning "sunflower". There's no flower sunnier than a sunflower.

19) Nedda (Slavic Origin), meaning "born on Sunday".

20) Oriana (Italian Origin), meaning "dawn". The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

21) Salana (Latin Origin), meaning "sun".

22) Savita (Indian Origin), meaning "sun".

23) Siria (Spanish Origin), meaning "sun, bright, glowing".

24) Solana (Spanish Origin), meaning "sunshine". Just saying this name sounds bright and cheerful.

25) Solara (Latin Origin), meaning "of the sun".

26) Soleil (French Origin), meaning "sun".

27) Soley (Icelandic Origin), meaning "buttercup" which translates to "sun island".  

28) Solveig (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "daughter of the sun".

29) Sunna (Germanic Origin), meaning "sun". Sunna was the name for the German goddess who personified the sun.

30) Sunshine (English Origin), quite literally meaning "sunshine".

31) Suree (Arabic Origin), meaning "sun".

32) Suria (Hindi Origin), meaning "sun God". Surya (the male version) is the name of the Hindu God of the sun.

33) Tesni (Welsh Origin), meaning "warmth from the sun".

Newborn baby lying on its side fast asleep.

Boys Names

These boy names that mean sun come from around the world, from Hindu Gods to Greek sunrises.

34) Aarush (Indian Origin), meaning "first ray of the sun".

35) Anatole (Greek Origin), meaning "from the east, rising sun".

36) Apollo (Greek Origin), meaning "destroyer". Apollo was the name of the God of the sun.

37) Baskara (Indonesian Origin), meaning "sun".

38) Cymbeline (Greek Origin), meaning "sun lord".

39) Cyrus (Persian Origin), meaning "sun".

40) Dismas (Greek Origin), meaning "sunset".

41) Domingo (Spanish Origin), meaning "born on the Sunday".

42) Elio (Italian Origin), derived from the name Aelius, which was derived from Helios, meaning "Greek God of sun".

43) Finlo (Manx Origin), meaning "fair Lugh". Lugh was the name for a God of sun.

44) Helio (Spanish Origin), meaning "the sun".

45) Heulfryn (Welsh Origin), meaning "sunny hill".

46) Horus (Egyptian Origin), meaning "sun god". Horus was an Egyptian God who was portrayed as a falcon. His right eye represented the sun and his left eye represented the moon. He was worshipped as a sun God and creator of the sky.

47) Ishaan (Hindi Origin), meaning "the sun".

48) Kiran (Hindi Origin), meaning "beam of light".

49) Kwasi (African Origin), meaning "born on a Sunday".

50) Ra (Egyptian Origin), meaning "sun". This name also features on our list of Royal baby names.

51) Ravi (Hindi Origin), meaning "sun". Ravi is the name of a Hindu God of the sun.

52) Samson (Hebrew Origin), meaning "sun". This name can also be spelt Sampson.

53) Sansone (Italian Origin), meaning "sun".

54) Sulien (Welsh Origin), meaning "sun born".

55) Surya (Hindi Origin), meaning "sun God". Surya is the name of the Hindu God of the sun.

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Unisex Names

If you're not sure whether you're expecting a girl or a boy, or you're looking for non gender specific names meaning sun, here are some options for you to consider.

56) Arpiar (Armenian Origin), meaning "sunny".

57) Bobby / Bobbie (Germanic Origin), meaning "bright, shining".

58) Dayton (English Origin), meaning "bright and sunny town". This name may be particularly relevant if you come from a lovely, sunny seaside town.

59) Gisli (Scandanavian Origin), meaning "ray of sunshine".

60) Halo (Greek Origin), meaning "divine aura".

61) Lucian / Lucy-Ann (French Origin), meaning "light".

62) Misae (American Origin), meaning "white hot sun".

63) Naolin (Spanish Origin), meaning "Aztec God of the sun".

64) Robin (English Origin), meaning "bright fame".

65) Sandya (Hindi Origin), meaning "sunset time, name of a God".

66) Sol (Spanish Origin), meaning "sun". Sol is included in the list of sun synonyms.

67) Solaris (Latin Origin), meaning "of the sun".

68) Solstice (English Origin), meaning "when the sun stands still". Sounds kind of romantic.

69) Sunday (Origin), meaning "born on Sunday". Used by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for their daughter, but would make an excellent name for either a girl or a boy.

70) Sunny (English Origin), meaning "bright and cheerful".

71) Suvan (Hindi Origin), meaning "the sun".

Newborn baby sleeping on a while fluffy blanket with its feet crossed.

Names That Mean Orange

Just like the colour of the sun, these bright and shiny names that mean orange, yellow and red will surely catch your eye. These names mean more than just colours, and could be the perfect choice for your new baby.

For girls:

72) Amber (Dutch Origin), meaning "orange-yellow colour".

73) Aurelia (Hungarian Origin), meaning "gold".

74) Cam (Vietnamese Origin), meaning "orange".

75) Goldie (American Origin), meaning "the precious metal gold".

76) Melina (Greek Origin), meaning "yellow as a canary".

77) Saffron (English Origin), meaning "yellow flower".

78) Sienna (English Origin), meaning "orange-red".

For boys:

79) Bowie (Irish Origin), meaning "yellow haired".

80) Boyd (Gaelic Origin), meaning "blond". From the Scottish Gaelic 'buidhe' which means yellow.

81) Flannery (Irish Origin), meaning "red haired".

82) Flavio (Latin Origin), meaning "yellow-haired".

83) Rust (French Origin), meaning "red-haired". Variations include Rusty and Russel.

84) Xanthus (Greek Origin), meaning "golden".



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