109 Best Names With Nicknames For Your Baby

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A nickname is a symbol of affection, of familiarity and camaraderie.

It's also a term with an interesting history: the phrase 'nickname' is derived from the 14th-century term 'eke name', which translates as 'an additional name'. Over time, the word 'eke' (meaning 'to increase'), became 'neke', which then became the 'nick' of 'nickname', the term we know and use today.

Isn't it interesting the way language evolves?

A nickname may be cute, it may be creative. It could play on the first name or the last name. It's a natural demonstration of friendship and intimacy, and it's almost inevitable that your child will end up with one. That's why it's so important, when choosing a name for your new baby, to consider the possible epithets and abbreviations that name will likely produce as your child grows up.

Love the name Rebecca but hate the name Becky? It may be worth going with something else entirely. We've compiled this handy list - a host of popular baby names alongside their meanings and the nicknames most often associated with them - for you to peruse, so you can make an informed choice.

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Baby Names and Nicknames for Girls

Pondering what to call your new little girl? Wondering what her friends might call her as she gets older? Take a look at these names with nicknames for baby girls to help you decide.

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1) Abigail - (Hebrew origin) means 'father's joy' - a sweet name for adoring dads who want something special for their baby girl. Nicknames: Abby, Abbi, Abs, Gail.

2) Alexandra - (Greek origin) means 'defender of men'. Nicknames: Alex, Ali, Alexa, Lexi, Sandy.

3) Allison - (German origin) means 'noble'. Nicknames: Ali, Ally.

4) Angelina / Angela - (Greek or Italian origin) means 'messenger' or 'angel'. Nicknames: Ange, Angie, Angel, Lina.

5) Annabel / Annabelle - (Scottish origin) means 'loving'. Nicknames: Annie, Anna, Bella, Belle.

6) Beatrice - (Latin origin) means 'bringer of happiness'. Nicknames: Bee, Bea (sometimes pronounced 'Baya'), Bibi, Tris, Bess.

7) Caitlin / Kaitlin - (Irish origin) means 'pure'. Nicknames: Cait, Caity.

8) Caroline - (Latin origin) means 'free woman/man'. Nicknames: Caro, Carrie, Carly, Caz.

9) Cassandra - (Greek origin) means 'to shine' or 'to excel'. Nicknames: Cassie, Sandra, Sandy.

10) Chloe - (Greek origin) means 'fertility' or 'blooming'. Nicknames: Chlo, Coco.

11) Christina - (Greek or Latin origin) means 'Christian'. Nicknames: Chris, Chrissy, Christy, Tina.

12) Claudia - (Latin origin) means 'lame' or 'crippled'. Nicknames: Claude, Claudes, Claudie. Such a cute choice for your baby girl!

13) Eleanor - (Arabic or Greek origin) means 'God is my light' or 'light'. Nicknames: El, Ellie, Eli, Nell, Nellie, Nora.

14) Emily - (Latin or English origin) means 'rival'. Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Emsy.

15) Emma - (German origin) means 'universal' or 'whole'. Nicknames: Em, Emmy.

16) Esme - (French origin) means 'loved'. Nicknames: Es, Essie.

17) Eva - (Hebrew origin) a beautiful name for your baby girl, Eva means 'life'. Nicknames: Eve, Evie, Eves.

18) Evelyn - (English origin) means 'wished-for child'. Nicknames: Eve, Evie, Lynn.

19) Fiona - (Gaelic or Scottish origin) means 'fair' or 'white'. Nicknames: Fi, Fifi, Nona.

20) Florence - (Latin origin) means 'flourishing' or 'prosperous'. Nicknames: Flo, Florrie, Floss, Flozza.

21) Hannah - (Hebrew origin) means 'grace'. Nickname: Han.

22) Helena - (Greek origin) means 'light'. Nicknames: Hel, Hels, Helly, Lena.

23) Jasmine - (Persian origin) a gorgeous name for your baby girl, Jasmine refers to the flower, jasmine. Nicknames: Jas, Jazzy.

24) Jessica - (Hebrew origin) means 'gift' or 'to behold'. Nicknames: Jess, Jessie, Jessa, JJ.

25) Joanna - (Greek, Hebrew or Latin origin) means 'God is gracious'. Nicknames: Jo, Jojo, Anna, JJ.

26) Josephine - (French origin) means 'God shall grow'. Nicknames: Jo, Jojo, Jose, Josie.

27) Katrina - (German or Greek origin) means 'pure'. Nicknames: Kat,  Kati, Katri, Trina.

28) Melony - (Greek origin) means 'black' or 'dark'. Nicknames: Mel, Mella, Mellie, Lanie.

29) Miranda - (Latin origin) means 'admirable'. Nicknames: Mandy, Mira, Randie, Andy.

30) Molly - (Hebrew or Irish origin) means 'bitter'. Nicknames: Mol, Mols.

31) Monica - (North African or Latin origin) means 'advisor'. Nicknames: Mon.

32) Natalia - (Latin origin) means 'Christmas day'. Nicknames: Nat, Nati, Tali, Talia.

33) Natalie - (French origin) means 'born on Christmas day'. Nicknames: Nat, Natie.

34)Olivia - (Latin origin) means 'olive tree'. Nicknames: Liv, Livvy, Ollie.

35) Penelope - (Greek origin) means 'weaver'. Nicknames: Penny, Nellie, Nel.

36) Phoebe - (Greek origin) means 'bright' or 'radiant'. Nicknames: Phoebs (a cute little reminder, perhaps, of a certain little-known TV show...).

37) Rachel - (Hebrew origin) means 'ewe'. Nicknames: Rach, Rae Rae.

38) Ruby - (Latin origin) refers to the red gem stone. Nicknames: Rubes, Rube, Ru, Bee.

39) Samantha - (Hebrew origin) means 'God heard' or 'listener'. Nicknames: Sam, Sammy.

40) Sasha - (Greek origin) means 'to defend'. Nickname: Sash.

41) Sienna - (Italian origin) refers to the colour 'reddish brown'. Nicknames: Sie, Si, Sisi.

42) Sophie - (Greek origin) means 'wisdom'. Nickname: Soph.

43) Stephanie - (Greek origin) means 'crown'. Nicknames: Steph, Stephie, Annie, Fanny.

44) Victoria - (Latin origin) means 'victory'. Nicknames: Vic, Vicky, Tori.

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Baby Names for Girls With More Popular Nicknames

We've rounded up a few fun nicknames for girls that we think you'll love. A lot of these are often used more than the first name from which they're derived.

45) Amelia - (German origin) means 'work'. Nicknames: Millie, Mia, Lia, Mila, Amy, Emma.

46) Catherine / Katherine - (Greek origin) means 'pure'. Nicknames: Cath, Kath, Cathy, Kathy, Cat, Kat, Kate, Katie.

47) Charlotte - (French origin) means 'free man'. Nicknames: Charlie, Lottie, Lotte, Lotta.

48) Elizabeth - (Hebrew origin) is a popular name with a plethora of cute nicknames to choose from. It means 'God is my oath'. Nicknames: Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Bethy, Betty, Eliza.

49) Francesca - (Italian origin) means 'free one' or 'from France'. Nicknames: Fran, Frankie, Franny, Franca, Cesca.

50) Gabriella - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my strength'. Nicknames: Gabby, Gabi, Gab, Bella, Ella.

51) Georgina / Georgia - (Greek origin) means 'farmer'. Nicknames: Georgie, Gina, Gigi, Gi, Ginny.

52) Isabella - (Italian origin) means 'pledged to God'. Nicknames: Issy, Izzie, Bella, Belle.

53) Isabelle / Isobel - Nicknames: (French origin) means 'devoted to God'. Nicknames:  Issy, Izzie, Bella, Belle.

54) Pamela - (Greek origin) means 'all honey' or 'sweetness'. Nicknames: Pam, Pammy.

55) Rebecca - (Hebrew origin) means 'to tie' or 'to bind'. Nicknames: Becky, Becca, Bec, Rebby, Rebs, Becks.

56) Susanna - (Hebrew or Greek origin) means 'lily'. Nicknames: Sue, Susie, Sukie, Suze.

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Baby Names and Nicknames For Boys

Choosing a name for your new little boy? Want to know what his first name is likely to become as he gets older? We've got tons of baby names here with their nicknames; you're bound to find something you love!

57) Adrian - (Latin origin) means 'man of Adria'. Nicknames: Ade, Adie, Ari.

58) Albert - (German origin) means 'noble' or 'bright'. Nicknames: Al, Albie, Alby, Bert, Bertie, Berty.

59) Alistair / Alasdair - (Greek or Scottish origin) means 'defender of men'. Nicknames: Al, Ali, Ally.

60) Anthony - (Latin or Greek origin) means 'praiseworthy', 'valuable' or 'priceless'. Nicknames: Ant, Tony.

61) Arthur - (Celtic origin) a traditional name, Arthur means 'bear'. Nicknames: Artie, Art.

62) Callum - (Scottish origin) means 'dove'. Nickname: Cal.

63) Cameron - (Gaelic origin) means 'crooked nose'. Nicknames: Cam, Cami, Cammy.

64) Elijah - (Hebrew origin) means 'Yahweh is God'. Nickname: Eli.

65) Ethan - (Hebrew origin) means 'strong' or 'enduring'. Nickname: Eth.

66) Finley - (Scottish or Irish origin) means 'fair warrior'. Nickname: Fin.

67) James - (Hebrew origin) means 'supplanter'. Nicknames: Jamie, Jim, Jay.

68) Jayden - (Hebrew origin) means 'thankful'. Nicknames: Jay, JJ.

69) Kayden - (Celtic origin) means 'son of Cadan'. Nicknames: Kade, Kay.

70) Louis / Lewis - (German or French origin) means 'famous warrior'. Nicknames: Lou, Lew.

71) Lucas/Lukas - (Latin origin) means 'light'. Nicknames: Luca, Luke.

72) Mason - (English origin) means 'one who works with stone'. Nicknames: Mase, Mace, Macey.

73) Nathan - (Hebrew origin) means 'he gave'. Nicknames: Nath, Nate.

74) Oliver - (Latin origin) means 'olive tree'. Nicknames: Ollie, Olly.

75) Oscar - (Irish origin) means 'spear of God' or 'deer-lover'. Nicknames: Ozzy, Ozzie, Oz, Ossie, Ossy.

76) Ryan - (Irish origin) means 'little king'. Nicknames: Ry.

77) Sebastian - (Greek or Latin origin) means 'venerable'. Nicknames: Seb.

78) Stanley - (English origin) means 'by the stone clearing'. Nicknames: Stan, Stanny.

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Baby Names for Boys With More Popular Nicknames

A lot of the names on this list started the 'nicknames as names' trend. Check out our selection of baby names with cool nicknames that have become more well-known than the originals. There may be a few you didn't know were related!

79) Alexander - (Greek origin) means 'to defend/protect'. Nicknames for Alexander: Alex, Xander.

80) Alfred - (English origin) means 'counsellor' and 'elf'. Nicknames: Alfie, Alf, Fred, Freddy.

81) Andrew - (Greek origin) means 'man' or 'manly'. Nicknames: Andy, Drew.

82) Archibald - (German origin) means 'bold'. Nicknames: Archie. Cute!

83) Benjamin - (Hebrew origin) means 'son of my right hand'. Nicknames: Ben, Benny, Benjy.

84) Charles - (German origin) means 'free man'. Nicknames: Charlie, Chuck.

85) Christopher - (Greek origin) means 'Christ-bearer'. Nicknames: Chris, Kit.

86) Daniel - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my judge'. Nicknames: Dan, Danny.

87) David - (Hebrew origin) means 'beloved'. Nicknames: Dave, Davie.

88) Edward - (English origin) means 'fortune' or 'wealth'. Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Teddy.

89) Frances - (Latin origin) means 'free one'. Nicknames: Fran, Franny, Frankie.

90) Frederick - (German origin) means 'peaceful ruler'. Nicknames: Freddie, Fred.

91) Henry - (German origin) means 'ruler'. Nicknames: Hen, Henny, Harry (though Harry is now a common given name, it was originally a nickname for Henry!).

92) Jacob - (Hebrew origin) means 'supplanter'. Nicknames: Jake, Jay.

93) John - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is gracious). Nicknames: Jack, Johnny, Jackie, Jim (whilst Jack, has, of course, become a popular name in its own right, it was originally a nickname for John).

94) Jonathan - (Hebrew origin) means 'gift of Jehovah'. Nicknames: Jon, Jonny, Jono.

95) Joseph - (Hebrew origin) means 'he will add'. Nicknames: Joe, Joey.

96) Joshua - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my salvation'. Nicknames: Josh.

97) Leonard/Leonardo - (German or Italian origin) means 'brave lion'. Nicknames: Leo, Lenny, Len.

98) Matthew - (Hebrew origin) means 'gift of God'. Nicknames: Matt, Mattie.

99) Maximilian - (Latin origin) means 'greatest'. Nicknames: Max, Maxi.

100) Michael - (Hebrew origin) means 'who is like God?'. Nicknames: Mike, Mick, Mickey, Mitch, Mikey.

101) Reginald - (German origin) means 'mighty ruler'. Nicknames: Reggie, Reg.

102) Robert - (German origin) means 'fame'. Nicknames: Robbie, Rob, Bob, Bobby, Bert, Bertie.

103) Ronald - (English origin) means 'rules with counsel'. Nicknames: Ron, Ronnie.

104) Samuel - (Hebrew origin) means 'name of God'. Nicknames: Sam, Sammy.

105) Theodore - (Greek origin) means 'gift of God'. Nicknames: Theo, Ted, Teddy.

106) Thomas - (Arabic origin) means 'twin'. Nicknames: Tom, Tommy.

107) Tobias - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is good'. Nicknames: Toby.

108) William - (German origin) means 'desire/will' and 'helmet/protection. Nicknames: Will, Willie, Bill, Billie, Billy.

109) Zachary - (Hebrew origin) a cool name for your baby boy, Zachary means 'God remembers'. Nicknames: Zac, Zach, Zacky.



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