Best National Trusts To Visit In Cambridgeshire And The Surrounding Area

Cambridgeshire countryside.

If you've never been to Cambridgeshire before, you're in for a treat – it has so much to offer for a fun family day out, and many National Trust properties worth a visit.

Cambridgeshire is a county in the East of England. It has lots of historic charm, beautiful landscape, tranquil waterways and many quaint towns and villages to explore, beyond the famous university city of Cambridge itself.  

Cambridgeshire is easy to get to from the capital, and a National Trust property is an ideal destination for a family day out in Cambridgeshire. From the impressive house at Peckover House and Garden to the great landscape parks at Wimpole Estate, the National Trust has a great portfolio of properties in Cambridgeshire with family-friendly facilities and lots to interest children of all ages. While you're there, don't forget Wicken Fen, the National Trust's oldest nature reserve.

While National Trust properties are not currently open, it won't be long before they're ready to open again. Read on to discover the best National Trust properties, parks and gardens in Cambridgeshire for your family adventure, and get ready to start planning your visit to these historic locations just as soon as they open their doors to the public again.

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust property in the village of Lode, a few miles from Cambridge. Anglesey Abbey is free for National Trust members to visit. Otherwise, it costs £14 for an adult and £7 for a child to get into Anglesey Abbey. A family ticket to Anglesey Abbey costs £35.

The property includes a Jacobean-style house with acres of spectacular gardens and landscaped grounds, as well as a working watermill. There are lots of things to explore inside the house, including fine furnishings, books, paintings and opulent antiques.

Where is it? Quy Road, Lode, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9EJ

How long does it take to get there from London? An hour and twenty minutes' drive.

Is it buggy friendly? Buggies are only allowed in the gardens.

Is it dog friendly? Only assistance dogs are admitted to the house and gardens.

Is it bike-friendly? Yes, bikes and scooters for under 5's are welcome in the gardens.

Are there toilets? Yes, including baby-changing facilities.

Parking? Free.

Outdoor amenities: There are 114 acres to explore outdoors.

Kidadler Francesca says: "We had the loveliest day today at Anglesey House. The gardens are amazing and it is absolutely huge there. There is a lovely playground (ish) area with hay bales, wooden dens, hammocks and other wooden things to climb on. There is a big treehouse to climb up and a working watermill where you can have a go at milling flour. The woodland is amazingly beautiful and really well signed and great for accessibility. We ate in the restaurant although most people had picnics. All in all, I highly recommend for a lovely day out."

Houghton Mill

This impressive working 18th-century mill set in an idyllic village location on an island on the Great Ouse River. Local villagers saved Houghton Mill and restored it to working order to continue the tradition of milling here at Houghton for more than 1,000 years. And if you fancy escaping into nature for a night or two, there's also a campsite at Houghton Mill.

Where is it? Houghton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 2AZ

How long does it take to get there from London? An hour and 40 minutes' drive.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Is it dog friendly? Yes, if kept on leads.

Is it bike-friendly? Yes.

Are there toilets? Yes.

Parking? Free to National Trust members.

Outdoor amenities: There are lots of things to do outdoors at Houghton Mill, from visiting the traditional working mill to enjoying the peaceful riverside setting.

Peckover House and Garden

This elegant Georgian townhouse with a picturesque walled garden is now a National Trust property but was home to the Peckover family for 150 years. They were Quakers, which is evidenced by the simplicity of the house and gardens, but they also ran a successful private bank.  

Where is it? North Brink, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 1JR

How long does it take to get there from London? Two hours and 15 minutes' drive.

Is it buggy friendly? No.

Is it dog friendly? Assistance dogs only.

Is it bike-friendly? No.

Are there toilets? Yes, with baby-changing facilities.

Parking? Free.

Outdoor amenities: Once you've explored the inside of the house, the gardens are well worth a visit. There are two acres of open garden to run around in, as well as a rose garden with more than 60 species of rose plus an orangery, summer-houses and a croquet lawn.


This Elizabethan lodge and moated garden in the heart of rural Northamptonshire is incomplete and virtually unaltered since work stopped after the death of Sir Thomas Tresham in 1605.  If you visit, listen to the audio guide to find out about the Tresham family and their involvement in the Gunpowder Plot.

Where is it? Near Oundle, Northamptonshire, PE8 5AT

How long does it take to get there from London? Around 2 hours by car.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Is it dog friendly? Dogs are welcome if kept on a lead.

Is it bike-friendly? Yes, but the grounds are partly accessible with some uneven paths.

Are there toilets? Yes, and also baby changing facilities.

Parking? Parking is free for National Trust members and paying visitors to Lyveden.

Outdoor amenities: Wildlife lovers will enjoy exploring the grounds of Lyveden, which boast viewing terraces, moats and an orchard, as well as a fascinating garden lodge. From here, you can easily explore the Lyveden Way, a circular path through meadows, woodland and villages.

Wimpole Estate

Wimpole is the National Trust's only in-hand lowland arable farm, and the hall and gardens of Wimpole Estate are well worth a visit.  The interior of the mansion house has some wonderful Georgian features – check out the Yellow Drawing Room and the fascinating 'below stairs' basement corridor.

Where is it? Arrington, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0BW

How long does it take to get there from London? An hour and 20 minutes' drive.

Is it buggy friendly?

Is it dog friendly? Dogs are permitted on leads in the parkland, under the rules of the Countryside Code. Dogs are not permitted in the Hall, Gardens, Home Farm or Restaurant. However, they are allowed on the terrace outside the Old Rectory Restaurant. Dog water bowls are provided in the Stables and outside the Restaurant.

Is it bike-friendly? Scooters, bikes and balls not permitted in the Hall, gardens or Home Farm. They can be used in the park.

Are there toilets? Yes, and baby-changing facilities.

Parking? Parking is free with designated spaces for Blue Badge holders.

Outdoor amenities: As well as the farm and daily farm activities, there is a children's quiz and outdoor trail to explore in the grounds of Wimpole Hall.  Enjoy a walk through the Pleasure Grounds to the Walled Garden and admire the fruit, vegetables and flowerbeds.

Kidadler Katie says: "Wimpole is fab. There is a farm for the kids with mini tractors in an outdoor play area to ride and a big tractor ride around the estate. My two-year-old loves it there."



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