110+ Best Native American Horse Names

You may find the perfect Native American horse name on this list.

Looking for a new, inspiring name for your new horse?

Whether you have bought a new black horse or are looking for a fancier western horse name for your foal, there’s a lot that goes into naming your best friend. After all, your horse is your prized possession and a matter of great pride.

That's why it is important to gift your horse a beautiful name. You may want the name you choose for your horse to be unique and impressive. It should be easy to remember and, most importantly, the one you choose should accurately fit your horse's personality.

But with millions of names out there, finalizing a name for your horse is not at all easy, and we completely understand that. So, if you are finding it difficult to choose a Native American name for your new horse, we can help. To ease your dilemma, we have put together a list of over 100 of the best Native American horse names.

The Native American word for horse varies between tribes, with the Sioux calling horses 'ma wakȟáŋ', for example. The horse is sacred to most Native American tribes, who consider horses as their kin and worthy of respect. For Native Americans, horses are a powerful source of energy. They signify power, strength, stamina, and mobility. Native Americans also revere horses for their love, loyalty, and devotion. So if you want to name your new ally as an emblem of tradition, power, and spirituality, you can choose a Native American name. It will help you easily tie your horse to his heritage and honor the iconic bond that you’ll share with your beautiful stallion.

Below is our comprehensive list of some of the best and most sought after Native American horse names for your new beauty. Choose from our list of Native American Horse names and give your horse a name to reckon with or for more inspiration, take a look at these Western horse names and these white horse names.

Famous Native American Horse Names For Males

Native American horse names hail from various different tribes, including Cherokee, Algonquin, Hopi, Sioux and more. Due to their diversity and naming traditions, the names tend to vary as well. Here are some famous and classic Native American male horse names along with their origin and meaning, to keep you inspired.

1. Achak (Algonquin Origin) meaning “spirit".

2. Adahy (Cherokee Origin) meaning "lives in the woods".

3. Aditsan (Navajo Origin) meaning “listener".

4. Adriel (Algonquin Origin) meaning “beaver".

5. Alawa (Algonquin Origin) meaning “pea".

6. Bly (Native American Origin) meaning “tall".

7. Cochise (Native American Origin) meaning “Apache chief".

8. Geronimo (Native American Origin) meaning “Apache leader".

9. Gvhnage'i (Cherokee Origin) meaning “black".

10. Kele (Hopi Origin) meaning “sparrow".

11. Keokuk (Sauk Origin) meaning “one who is alert".

12. Kitchi (Algonquin Origin) meaning “brave".

13. Kuruk (Pawnee origin) meaning “bear".

14. Lulu (Hopi Origin) meaning “rabbit".

15. Maikoh (Navajo Origin) meaning “wolf".

16. Maka (Sioux Origin) meaning “earth".

17. Mato (Sioux Origin) meaning “bear".

18. Micco (Seminole Origin) meaning “chief".

19. Mika (Sioux Origin) meaning “intelligent raccoon".

20. Misu (Miwok Origin) meaning “rippling brook".

21. Miwak (Miwik origin) meaning “growl of a bear".

22. Muraco (Native American Origin) meaning "white moon".

23. Nashoba (Choctaw Origin) meaning “wolf".

24. Nikan (Potawatomi Origin) meaning “my friend".

25. Nokosi (Seminole Origin) this one means “bear".

26. Onacona (Cherokee Origin) meaning “white owl".

27. Peta (Native American Origin) meaning “golden eagle".

28. Pontiac (Native American Origin) meaning “Ottawan leader".

29. Seattle (Salish Origin) meaning “man of high status".

30. Tala (Native American Origin) meaning “wolf".

31. Unegaw (Cherokee Origin) this name means “white".

32. Yuma (Navajo Origin) meaning “song of the chief".

Choosing a meaningful name for your horse is easy.

Female Native American Names For Horses

Strong and beautiful, female horses share a wonderful bond of love and care with their owners, and they deserve a pretty name too. In America, there are thousands of adorable names for mares. Naturally, while some names come and go, all the female horse names have a gentle aspect to them. Here are some of the best female horse names to choose between.

33. Adsila (Cherokee Origin) meaning "blossom".

34. Ama (Cherokee Origin) this name means “water".

35. Atsila (Cherokee Origin) meaning “fire".

36. Awenasa (Cherokee Origin) meaning “my home".

37. Cheyenne (Algonquin or Sioux Origin) this one means “a city in Wyoming".

38. Denali (Native American Origin) meaning "great one".

39. Dayani (Sioux Origin) meaning “deer".

40. Eyota (Native American Origin) meaning “great”.

41. Galilahi (Cherokee Origin) meaning "attractive".

42. Haliyi (Cherokee Origin) meaning “gray”.

43. Hanska (Sioux Origin) meaning “tall”.

44. Hialeah (Miccosukee Origin) this one means “a pretty prairie”.

45. Honi (Arapaho Origin) meaning “wolf”.

46. Kai (Navajo Origin) meaning “willow tree”.

47. Kanti (Algonquin Origin) meaning “sings”.

48. Kaya (Native American Origin) meaning “pure”.

49. Kimi (Algonquin Origin) this one means “secret”.

50. Kinta (Potawatomi Origin) meaning “deer”.

51. Kiona (Intuit Origin)  meaning “brown hills”.

52. Kohana (Sioux Origin) meaning “swift”.

53. Koko (Native American Origin) meaning “night”.

54. Lulu (Apache Origin) this name means“rabbit”.

55. Mansi (Hopi Origin) meaning “plucked flowers”.

56. Malia (Zuni Origin) meaning “bitter”.

57. Moana (Hawaiian Origin) this name means “deep sea”.

58. Mona (Miwok Origin) meaning “desire” or “wishes”.

59. Nina (Native American Origin) meaning “strong”.

60. Nova (Hopi Origin) meaning “chases butterfly”.

61. Nokomis (Chippewa Origin) this name means “daughter of the moon”.

62. Onatah (Iroquois Origin) meaning “daughter of the earth and corn spirit”. It could be amazing to name a horse after a spirit.

63. Odina (Algonquin Origin) meaning “mountain”.

64. Onida (Sioux Origin) meaning “the one searched for”.

65. Pavita (Hopi Origin) meaning “clear water”.

66. Pocahontas (Algonquin Origin) meaning “playful one”.

67. Sacajawea (Native American Origin) the name of a member of the Shoshone tribe.

68. Sihu (Hopi Origin) meaning “flower”.

69. Takoda (Sioux Origin) meaning “friend to everyone”.

70. Tala (Iroquois Origin) meaning “wolf”.

71. Tallulah (Choctaw Origin) meaning “leaping water”.

72. Tiva (Hopi Origin) meaning “dance”.

73. Una (Native American Origin) meaning “one”.

74. Wakanda (Sioux Origin) meaning “possesses magic”.

75. Weeko (Sioux Origin) meaning “pretty”.

76. Winona (Sioux Origin) meaning “giving”.

77. Wodige'i (Cherokee Origin) meaning “reddish or red brown clay”.

78. Yansa (Cherokee Origin) meaning “buffalo”.

79. Yepa (Native American Origin) meaning “snow woman”.

80. Yoki (Hopi Origin) meaning “rain”.

Find the perfect horse name in this list.

Gender Neutral Native American Horse Names

Gender neutral names have started gaining prominence in recent times as they aptly fit both males and females. There are numerous unique unisex American Indian horse names that evoke wonderful emotions and qualities. So, if you fancy gender neutral American Indian horse names for your steed, here are some American Indian names with meanings to help you quickly get going.

81. Acotas (Native American Origin) meaning “group of horses”.

82. Anasazi (Native American Origin) meaning “ancient ones”.

83. Aquinnah (Native American Origin) meaning “high land”.

84. Bidaban (Native American Origin) meaning “beginning of dawn”.

85. Chanter (Native American Origin) meaning “sun”.

86. Chicago (Native American Origin) meaning “skun” or “onion”.

87. Creee (Cree Origin) meaning “the tribe”.

88. Dakota (Sioux Origin) meaning “friend” or “ally”.

89. Evea (Native American Origin) meaning “principal captain”.

90. Ize (Native American Origin) meaning “sun”.

91. Kai (Navajo Origin) meaning “willow tree”.

92. Kasa (Hopi Origin) meaning “dressed in furs”.

93. Kiasax (Native American Origin) meaning “bear on the left”.

94. Kimeya (Native American Origin) meaning “singing throat”.

95. Makwa (Algonquin Origin) meaning “bear”.

96. Migisi (Native American Origin) meaning “eagle”.

97. Miki (Intuit Origin) meaning “little”.

98. Moise (Native American Origin) meaning “crawling mountain”.

99. Napezi (Native American Origin) meaning “yellow hand”.

100. Oregon (Native American Origin) meaning “beautiful”.

101. Scoop (Native American Origin) meaning “stands and looks back”.

102. Shawnee (Shawnee Origin) meaning “a tribe”.

103. Taima (Native American Origin) meaning “thunder crash”.

104. Tecumseh (Shawnee Origin) meaning “Shawnee leader” or “shooting star".

105. Teslin (Native American Origin) meaning “long” or “narrow water".

106. Texas (Native American Origin) meaning “friend”.

107. Tyee (Chinook Jargon Origin) meaning “chief".

108. Usdi (Cherokee Origin) meaning “baby".

109. Wenopa (Native American Origin) meaning “two moons". This one is really great.

110. Yank (Native American Origin) meaning “US northerner".

111. Yoomee (Native American Origin) meaning “star".

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