Best Netflix Movies For Kids Under 12

Mother and two young children watching a movie on Netflix.

Netflix is full of family favourite movies and there is such a great selection for kids under 12s that the whole family will enjoy.

Put on the popcorn and get the family settled down for the best kids movies on Netflix that you can enjoy right now.

A Cinderella Story (PG)

Perfect for: kids who love Disney princess stories.

A modern-day retelling of the classic cinderella story when teen Sam meets the boy of her dreams at a dance before returning to toil in her stepmother's diner. Can her lost mobile phone bring them together?

Over the Hedge (U)

Perfect for: a family who love an animated comedy.

A group of wild animals are getting ready for their upcoming hibernation, which means foraging for food. But one cheeky raccoon suggests they steal food from their greedy new neighbours - the humans.

Hook (U)

Perfect for: children and parents who love Peter Pan.

Peter Pan, the boy who wasn't supposed to grow up, did just that. But vengeful Captain Hook kidnaps Peter's kids forcing him to return the Neverland.  A wonderful retelling of the J.M. Barrie's story we know and love starring Robin Williams as Peter, the boy who has now grown up.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (PG)

Perfect for: kids who love fantasy and adventure.

A boy watches an egg he found hatch into something fantastical. But how long can keep such a big secret from his mother -- and the Scottish government? Join Angus in this amazing journey, set during World War II, with his new aquatic friend.

Gnomeo and Juliet (U)

Perfect for: the whole family who love witty jokes.

The classic tale of forbidden romance between two star-crossed lovers is transported into the unlikely world of garden gnomes. Filled with humour, action and a little bit of love this move is bound to please the family.

How to Train your Dragon (U)

Perfect for: kids who love mythical creatures.

The best Netflix kids movies are filled with excitement, adventure and maybe even a little bit of fantasy. How to train your Dragon offers all of that as the son of a Viking leader, shy Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III faces a rite of passage: He must kill a dragon to prove his warrior mettle.

Hotel For Dogs (U)

Perfect for: any family of animal lovers.

What would you do if you weren't allowed any pets in your house? Well, I am not sure you would be following in the footsteps of Andi and her younger brother Bruce who turn an abandoned hotel into a home for their dog. This goofy kids movie with have the family laughing, smiling and maybe even cringing at the stuff that this sibling duo get up to.

Daddy Day Care (PG)

Perfect for: a family movie about families.

A wonderfully apt and funny family movie about the trials and tribulations of modern-day life. Eddie Murphy plays a hard-working dad who loses his job and faces economic ruin. However, all is not lost as he proposes to join two of his friends in opening a business called Daddy Day Care.

Flushed Away (U)

Perfect for: families who love animated adventure.

If there's one thing you know about London it's that it's home to a big community of rats. But have you ever wondered what those rats are getting up to just beneath our feet? Follow Roddy in this madcap adventure deep in the bowels of Ratropolis when he get flushed down the toilet by Sid, a common sewer rat.

Parent and child watching movie

The Box Trolls (PG)

Perfect for: kids who love fantasy and mysticism.

A quirky film about the sad lives of the over-looked and under-appreciated species called The Box Trolls. A cruel exterminator is on his way to destroy this band of impish creature that adopted young orphan, Eggs, so it is down to him to save the day.

Charlotte's Web (U)

Perfect for: people who love animals.

A beautiful story of the unlikely friendship between a spider and a pig. Charlotte takes it upon herself to spin webs in order to keep Wilbur from ending up on the family dinner table. This is one of your classic animal lover's kids movies that will please children of all ages. With no animation but clever CGI this film really brings the farm animals to life!

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (U)

Perfect for: kids who like Disney channel and high school drama.

Starring Disney Channel's Jennifer Stone, this film follows Harriet Welsch, a hard-working class blogger determined to out-write her fellow competition. A showdown of high school drama gets heated when gossip columns become a bit too personal. This cute, Disney channel style film is fun for the whole family and a very easy watch.

Dolphin Tale (U)

Perfect for: kids who love water and dolphins.

This heart-wrenching narrative follows the rehabilitation of a dolphin who has lost his tail in a crab trap. Through the efforts of the humans who save him, he is given a new beginning in this true-life adventure. For anyone who loves animals this truly is one of the best kids movies on Netflix drawing on real life experience to create this family charmer.

Jumanji (PG)

Perfect for: families who love adventure and games.

Another whopper starring Robin Williams; this film brings adventure, curiosity and childhood fun. When two siblings discover an enchanted board game that's a portal to a magical world, they meet a man who's been trapped inside the game for years. With amazing effects and a brilliant story this family fun adventure will have you all at the edge of your seat!

Matilda (PG)

Perfect for: lovers of books and magic.

From the writings of Roald Dahl, Netflix brings you Matilda; a story about a young girl destined for greater things outside of the family she was unfortunately bestowed with. A lover of books and learning, Matilda is wise before her time and faces the cruel tribulations of school life before she discovers her hidden powers. An uplifting, and in some parts a little scary, narrative of a girl who wishes only to gain knowledge is perfect to inspire your little ones.

Radio Rebel (U)

Perfect for: kids who like Disney channel and radio shows.

Shy student Tara, played by Disney Channel's Debby Ryan, has a secret identity. She is the smooth-talking Radio Rebel, a DJ who lends her voice to all kids, popular and unpopular alike. This teen high school drama has the best combination of wit and gossip to make you children love it. Follow Tara in her adventure through school life, hiding a secret identity.

Rise of the Guardians (PG)

Perfect for: kids who love Santa, the Easter Bunny and all things mystical.

What more could you ask for than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all in one film? Your children to climb on board to one of the best kids movies on Netflix in a battle against a malicious spirit determined to destroy the innocent beliefs and dreams of children. Featuring voices from Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin and Jude Law, this Golden Globe-nominated tale hits new highs for family entertainment.

Benji (PG)

Perfect for: dog lovers and mature children.

A Netflix original movie brings us the adventure of Benji the dog who sets out to help and heal a broken family when siblings stumble into some serious danger. This updated take on 1974's hugely successful Benji removes the buffoonery from the villains to create a more suspenseful and dramatic narrative.  Just make sure your children are mature enough to handle a bit of a scare.

Spilled popcorn

Bratz the movie (PG)

Perfect for: fashionistas or girl power activists.

Bringing our favourite childhood dolls to life in this fun and stylish family film. When four girls meet high heels they take on teen peer pressure and break the popularity scale with their girl power. Has previously been compared as a PG mean girls for the younger viewing audience.

Annie (PG)

Perfect for: families who love musicals.

The 2014 remake of Annie gives this musical the modern twist of pop music and an R&B flavour. With songs being remastered and even new additions to the musical score, this musical movie is a fun for the whole family. Dance, sing and bop along to the wonderful tunes of this modernised remake and get your kids to enjoy a musical you know and love already with it's modern flare.  Join Orphan Annie in her journey through a new life for an uplifting and feel-good film.

The Adventures of Tintin (PG)

Perfect for: adventurers and kids who love animation.

Bringing to life George Remi's classic comic strips; multi-award winning Steven Spielberg's 3-D feature film captures the essence of Tintin in his original form. For an action-packed adventure film, join Tintin and Snowy on this quest to Morocco. This is not your usual animated movie due to it's hyper-realness and the capture of emotion on the characters faces. Definitely a must-watch!

The Spy Next Door (PG)

Perfect for: children who love slapstick comedy and a little bit of scandal.

Jackie Chan plays a former CIA spy, Bob Ho, has to face his biggest challenge yet; babysitting his girlfriends three kids who aren't his biggest fans.  Things take a turn for adventure when one of the youngsters accidentally downloads a top-secret formula that allows Bob's longtime nemesis, a Russian spy, to pay a visit to the family. If you're looking for movies on Netflix that are cute, funny and have lots of action then this could be the movie for you!

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip (U)

Perfect for: families who have loved the chipmunk series so far.

In the fourth film of the Alvin and The Chipmunks films, furry trio, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, are joined by the Chippettes on a cross-country trip to stop Dave from proposing to his girlfriend in fear of them losing him. This funny animated movie features the musical stylings of these three little chipmunks. If you haven't watched the other 3 films that come before then get cracking on them for some clean classic family entertainment.

Hotel Transylvania (U)

Perfect for: lovers of spooky characters and animated fun.

In this animated comedy about all things spooky, Dracula owns the hotel fit for all the monster, ghouls and ghosts that are native to Transylvania in so many other stories. Dracula pulls the double duty as an overprotective dad when an unwelcome suitor shows interest in his teenage daughter, a feeling not so unfamiliar for some. Get the whole family together for a bit of animated fun in this clever concept for a children's film. Plus, if you enjoy this pop oh Hotel Transylvania 2, also available on Netflix.

Are We Done Yet? (PG)

Perfect for: families who like romance and slapstick humour.

Are We Done Yet? starring Ice Cube tells the story of Newlyweds Nick and Suzanne who decide to move to the suburbs to provide a better life for their two kids. When doing up the house provides more trouble than they anticipated things begin to take a turn for the worst. This easy watch is a half-sequel to the movie Are We There Yet? but stands alone as its own film. Watch this for a bit of mindless fun and for a plot that your kids can easily follow.

Rango (PG)

Perfect for: lovers of western themes and animated adventure.

Johnny Depp voices the ordinary chameleon, Rango, who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, in the middle of the desert. Rango puts on his best tough-guy exterior and ends up sheriff of a lawless and corrupt outpost in the Wild West. From the creators of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' we get a action-packed and hilarious movie about a chameleon in the wrong part of town. Another one of the many animal related family movies on this list that is sure to get the family laughing.

Nine Lives (PG)

Perfect for: cat lovers and children who love goofy films.

After buying his daughter a pet cat for her birthday, the stuffy businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of the furry feline. This family comedy provides a goofy story line and an easy watch for parents and kids. The clever CGI creates the magic of this film so believable and even funnier.



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