Best News Resources For Primary School Kids

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While schools close during the lockdown, your little ones may be looking to stay informed on the world around them. There are a number of great news resources online which are suitable for young Key Stage One and Two children, which ensure that young people can continue to learn and stay informed while they stay at home. With so much to choose from, we've picked out some of our favourite online kids news resources.

BBC Newsround

Suitable for: ages 7-11

BBC's Newsround website is full of fantastic content to keep your little ones informed during the lockdown. By covering stories subjects such as Coronavirus or climate change, Newsround feature informative news stories which will help them to understand the world around them. There's also a wide range of interactive educational content, such as fun quizzes and games which allow young people to continue to learn even when schools are closed. On top of all of this, there's also a tonne of light-hearted and quirky features which young people will love, such as the weekly 'Strange News' round-up and their sports coverage. You can access Newsround via the CBBC website, and watch their daily round-ups using the iPlayer on your preferred device. Newsround guarantees young people will have a fun time while they learn.


Suitable for: ages 9-11

DOGO News publishes news for kids featuring plenty of interesting stories from all around the world which will help children continue learning from home. The website tackles all kinds of subjects, from fun science stories to interesting current affairs. Their stories are aimed at older children, so this might be a more popular choice among children in Year 5 and above. However, all of their stories are written in a concise and accessible manner, so young people can gain an understanding of some important questions, such as the climate and coronavirus. DOGO News also features a number of light-hearted topics as well as more serious issues, however - recent features have covered amazing animal stories and space travel.

Twinkl NewsRoom

Suitable for: ages 7-11

Twinkl NewsRoom send out daily updates which are tailored to children covering a diverse range of topics from one day to the next, such as science or current affairs. What's more, you can adjust the news feed depending on the age of your little ones - select either the 'Upper Key Stage Two' or 'Lower Key Stage Two'  button, and you will get news stories targeted at the correct age group. Each news report also comes with a specially-made news resources pack, which is full of activities to complete, allowing them to continue testing their reading comprehension skills even though schools have closed.

National Geographic Kids

Suitable for: ages 6-11

This website covers many different topics, ensuring that your little ones will be able to spend plenty of time reading about all kinds of amazing subjects. Articles across the website cover subjects such as history, science and the natural world, meaning that no matter your little ones' preferences, they will find something to fire their imaginations. Their stories are always full of information and are written in a style which ensures that young ones will understand and learn from this brilliant resource.

Child on computer learning about the news

Smithsonian TweenTribune

Suitable for: 5-11 year olds.

Although based in the USA, this resource by the Smithsonian Institute is full of interesting educational news stories perfectly suited for young ones. If your young ones have a love for science and the natural world, then this will be a popular resource - stories cover topics as diverse as the moon landings to polar bears! One of the best features on the Smithsonian website is the ability to customise the website to the age of your children. The content of the articles will be adjusted based on the reading level you select, meaning that it's a fantastic tool for improving literacy and reading comprehension from home. Each article has a 'Critical Thinking Question' at the bottom, so the articles will provoke the kind of comprehension skills they would be covering in schools.

Child on tablet learning about the news

Space Scoop

Suitable for: ages 7-11

Space Scoop brings young people astronomy news from across the universe, covering all kinds of stories to do with space travel and the solar system. Their website is packed full of exciting stories which show children how the universe works in ways that will excite their imagination. All of their content is written in a way which is designed to be read by children, so your young ones will find it fantastically engaging and informative. In addition, there are a number of ways to access their brilliant content, including in video and podcast form, meaning that the stories and ideas covered by Space Scoop are truly accessible to all. You can find their podcast on the iTunes store if you are using an iPhone, and if you have an Android phone you can download the Space Scoop app.


Suitable for: 7-11 year olds.

NewsForKids is a website full of so many stories to keep little ones engaged and informed. Updated daily, it includes stories on science, arts, and sports, so there's sure to be a story for everyone!  The website is based in the USA, but they feature stories from across the world, so children will be able to get access to one-of-a kind news stories covering a diverse range of topics. Their coverage of the Coronavirus is a great example of the type of content you can expect from this site - it describes a complex situation in a clear, understandable way for young people.

Family learning about the news


Suitable for: ages 5-11

News-O-Matic is a daily newspaper for kids which is delivered straight to your tablet, computer or phone. Until 30th June, News-O-Matic have made access to their great content completely free - all you need to do is download the app on the App Store or Google Play. The articles featured in the newspaper are all perfectly suited for younger readers, and designed to engage even children who may not usually enjoy reading. Covering topics such as science, sport and fashion, News-O-Matic is guaranteed to keep your young ones reading and learning all about the world around them. The articles were initially designed to be used in the classroom, so are perfect to use for home learning. What's more, each article is published in three different reading levels, meaning that you can adjust the level according to your child's reading level, meaning that it can be a fantastic tool for ensuring young people can get the most out of their reading experience!


Suitable for: ages 6-9

Youngzine is a website which features a whole range of interesting stories to allow young people to learn about the world around them. In light of the coronavirus situation, they have made all of their articles free to access, meaning that a whole world of brilliant learning is at your fingertips - there have been some great articles published recently on technology, nature and history. The website is designed to be used in schools, so this is a fantastic resource to keep young people learning and developing their critical skills.



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