101 Best Number Jokes You Can Count On

Mathematics jokes and a number joke will solve all your problems and make you laugh infinitely.

Math is a serious subject for all, and numbers are the backbone of Math.

However, jokes about numbers and Math are great for nerds and Math lovers. They help lighten up a tense and serious problem and make it easier to solve it.

Here is a list of some of the best number jokes that Math nerds will simply love. We have included number humor, wrong number jokes, imaginary number jokes, and so much more. We know that if you get these jokes, you will surely like them and share them with friends too.

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Counting Jokes

The only type of humor you can count on to make you laugh is math humor and number humor.

Looking for some number jokes that you can count on? Here is a list of the best counting-based jokes you will love.

1. What is odd? Every alternate number!

2. Why is six scared of seven? Because seven, eight, nine!

3. There are 36 sheep. Why did the shepherd count 40? He rounded them up.

4. An odd man was to do eight jobs, why did he only do 4? He only did jobs 1, 3, 5, and 7.

5. What are the ten things that can always be count on? Our fingers.

6.  Are any monsters good at mathematics? No, unless you Count Dracula.

7. What are the three kinds of people in the world? There are those who know how to count and those who cannot.

8. Why did the quarter not roll down the hill along with the nickel? Because the quarter had more cents!

9. What was the spelling book saying to the mathematics book? It said "I know that I can count on you."

10. Why do teens travel in a group of three or five or seven? Well, because they can't even!

11. What happens when you cross a calculator and a dog? You get a friend that you can always count on.

12. Why were the two fours skipping lunch? They already eight!

13. How can you make 7 into an even number? You can make 7 even by just removing the S.

Funny Number Jokes For Kids

If you are a fan of jokes about math and puns, you are bound to like number jokes.

Numbers may look intimidating to some, but math jokes are universal and are for everyone to laugh at. Here is a list of the funniest number jokes we know you'll like.

14. Did you hear about the mathematician who is afraid of negative numbers? He will stop at nothing to avoid them.

15. What is the solution to any equation? Multiply both sides by zero.

16. What are the two kinds of people in the world? The one who understands binary, the other who doesn't!

17. Did you hear about the mathematician who was depressed and gave up on math? Yes. He was afraid of negative numbers.

18. Which tool is best suited for mathematics? Multi-pliers.

19. What did zero say to eight as a compliment? Nice belt!

20. Why was the girl wearing glasses during the math class? Because it improved her di-vision.

21. Why was the student sad when he returned home from school? Because he did not like long division, and he felt bad for the remainders.

22. What seems odd? The numbers that cannot be divided by two.

Fraction Jokes

Are you a lover of fractions looking for some good jokes about numbers? You will love this number joke list.

23. Which historical king loved fractions?  Henry the 1/8.

24. How are the moon and a dollar similar?  Both of them have 4 quarters!

25. Why did 1/5  go to the massage therapist?  Due to it being two-tenths!

26. How can we know that the fractions, m/c, n/c, and p/c, are all in Australia?  All of them are over c's!

Math Puns And Jokes About Numbers

A math joke is bound to solve a number of your problems! Here is a list of jokes about numbers and fractions if you are looking for a numbers joke.

27. Why is it always a good idea to bring a mathematician while camping? They come prepared with a pair of axis.

28. What did the book of mathematics say to the other? I have got my own problems to solve.

29. What type of snake is very good at mathematics? Adders.

30. Why do noses fail to be 12 inches long? They would then become a foot.

31. Why could the hungry mathematician not afford lunch? He could binomials.

32. What happens when you keep missing math class? It really starts to add up.

33. Why do people say that math is codependent? It makes others solve its problems.

34.  What math problem does a German student have a lot of trouble answering? What is the square root of 81?

35. Which number cannot sit still at one place? The roamin' numeral.

36. Which is the favorite season of a math number? Sum-mer.

37. Why was the math student frustrated when he failed to solve the equation? Because it was derive-ing him insane.

Pi Jokes For Pi Lovers

All Math nerds love Pi because it is unique and unending number. If you are one of them seeking a pi joke, this list of pi jokes and jokes about numbers will make your day.

38. Why should you never fight with pi? When a pi starts hitting you, it never stops hitting you.

39. Why should you try solving math problems? Because they are easy as pi.

40. How many chefs would you need to make an infinite pie? 3.14.

41. What medicine should you give a sick number? Anti-pi-otics.

42. What is a pi's favorite day of the year? 14 March.

43. What is the name of the soccer player who likes to solve math problems? Memphis Day-Pi!

44. What is a Math nerd's favorite type of dessert? A Pi.

45. Why was the driver's license of a Pi revoked? He did not know when to stop.

46. Why should you never start talking to a Pi? It will never stop.

47. What will you get if a jack-o-lantern's circumference is divided by its diameter? A Pumpkin Pi.

48. Which knight was the most round at King Arthur's table? Sir Cumference.

49. Which animal loves to solve problems?  The Pi-thon.

Algebra Jokes

Here is a list of jokes about numbers related to Algebra for nerds who are crazy about Algebra.

50. Why can the fourth number get entry into a nightclub? Because they are only for 22 or above.

51. Why did seven eight nine? Because you should be eating three squared meals every day.

52. Why is it hard to drink water that has eight ice cubes? It is two cubed.

53. What did the student say when he was asked what is 2n plus 2n? It sounds 4n to me.

54. Why is math hated by plants? Because their roots get squared.

55. Why are algebra teachers great dancers? Because they know their algo-rhythm!

Phone Numbers Jokes

Apart from Math, numbers are also integral for communicating. If you are looking for a great phone number joke, you will love this list.

56. What did the little kid say when he dialled the wrong number? He said, "Sorry, I didn't mean two."

57. How can you make your bank account look like your phone number? Put $9.11 in it.

58. What is the phone number of Shakespeare? Fie fie fie, et tu et tu.

59. As an American, why should you ignore contacts under the name "Freedom?" Because you should let Freedom Ring.

60. What number would you get if you ask a German for their number and they reject? 999-9999.

61. When do people delete all German numbers from their phones? When they want it Hans free.

62. What is the result of crossing an iron with a telephone? A smooth operator.

63. Why can you never call a bee with a phone?  The signal is always buzzy.

64. What is a telephone number's favorite TV series? Game of Phones.

65. Where do phones go for traveling? The Great Call of China.

66. What should you say at the beginning of a phone race? On your marks, handset, go!

67. When do cell phones stop wearing glasses? When they lose their contacts.

68. What happens when a skunk is crossed with a cell phone? The service is stinky.

69. Why do people still use landline numbers?  To locate their missing cell phones.

70. Why do birds never make phone calls? Because it might wing the wrong number!

Calculus Jokes

Calculus is a serious subject, but this list of calculus jokes will lighten your mood.

71. Why is it sometimes difficult to talk to your calculus teacher? Because the conversation can go off to a weird tangent.

72. What do teachers have to say about the steep learning curve in calculus? Exactly how steep the learning curve is known to them at least.

73. What was the calculus teacher arrested for? Deriving under influence.

74. What do you call a wizard who is good at calculus? A mathemagician.

75. Why should you never sit beside identical twins during a calculus exam? It is hard to differentiate between them.

76. What type of humor is a recycled calculus pun called? Derivative humor.

77. Why can pirates solve calculus problems so easily? They never really forget the C.

78. What is long, tough, and terrible when you see it for the fist time? Calculus homework.

79.When should you stop solving life-threatening calculus problems? When you start seeing the warning sines.

80. What did the calculus teacher say to the student who told him he disliked calculus? That their opinions might change over time.

81. How do you know that God loved calculus? Because when he integrated the Earth, he did not forget the C.

82. What did the calculus student say when he found it difficult to solve the problems? I should never have sine-d up for this.

83. What do wizards of math tell their lazy calculus student? You! Shall! Not! Pass!

84. Why should you never marry a calculus teacher? Because they will replace u.

85. Why is drinking alcohol and calculus similar? You should know the limits.

86.Why do calculus teachers and students avoid going into the woods? There are countless natural logs.

87. Why do calculus lovers not like playing Final Fantasy games? The characters always break their limits.

Geometry Jokes

Jokes about Geometry are hardly pointless. Here is a list of Math jokes about Geometry you will love.

88. Why did the geometry student reach his school late? Because he took the rhombus.

89. Why did the student not take up geometry as a subject in high school? He thought it was for squares.

90. What is a farmer who loves solving geometry problems called? A pro-tractor.

91. When do students usually find it tough to learn geometry? When it becomes an all-round problem.

92. Why are squares better debaters than circles? At least, they have a point and their arguments don't go off at weird angles.

93. How do geometry lovers have beer? Pint A to pint B.

94. Why is Karl Marx so fond of geometry? Because of Engels.

95. What happened after the geometry student left his parrot cage open? Polygon.

96. What do geometry lovers love to drink? Ovaltine.

97. Why are North Koreans good at solving geometry problems? They have a supreme ruler!

98. What would life be without the subject of geometry? Life would be pointless.

99. What would a number that spent all summer under the sun? A tangent.

100. What did the acorn say after growing up? Geometry!

101. What do numbers do when it rains? They coincide.

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