127 Best Ogre Names To Inspire You

There are many ogre names that sound a little scary

Ogres are large humanoid creatures that are strong, a little scary, and around two and a half meters tall.

Many myths and fiction written by people around the world talk about ogres. Ogres are often shown to be terrifying creatures and ogre names are guttural, which matches their typical behavior.

Ogres can be of many kinds. Sometimes they are blue, and sometimes they are green. You may find ogres in different colors too. In this article, you will find a list of many ogre names from fantasy and fiction. There are male ogre names, female ogre names, and friendly ogre names like Shrek are mentioned in this list.

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Male Ogre Names

Male ogres are typically taller than female ogres. Here is a list of cool male ogre names that you may like.

1. Bral, a giant green ogre who looks like Shrek.

2. Brap’korg, is often known as Blood Tooth.

3. Brogh, the name of a fierce green ogre.

4. Brunk, is known for destroying a castle.

5. Charth, the name of a popular and powerful mage ogre.

6. Chuk, a solitary ogre like Shrek.

7. Churugmorr, an ogre who is a giant mountain dweller.

8. Creg’gik, an ogre who would live underground.

9. Gap’kocat, this ogre is well known for his invincibility.

10. Gikrekk, a friendly ogre like Shrek.

11. Gil’takk, a well known rock sculptor.

12. Glalt, is smaller than his clanmates.

13. Gluch, a bold ogre who is an ogre barbarian.

14. Gram, an ogre who would often try to sing.

15. Grill, an ogre who would often like to bake mud cakes.

16. Grus, a giant purple ogre.

17. Horn, a larger than life ogre.

18. Il’gra, a mage ogre who is assistant to a leader of clan Urok.

19. Jrakk, the name of an ogre with invincible armor.

20. Jrecag’du, the name of a high profile ogre.

21. Kurt, the name of an ogre who is lower in rank.

22. Lach, the name of a friendly ogre.

23. Lod, the name of an ogre who lives in a treehouse.

24. Lond, the name of an ogre that eats worms.

25. Lum, the name of an angry and scary ogre.

26. Lush, the name of an ogre who makes iron weapons.

27. Megg, the name of an ogre who has a girl ogre friend.

28. Moh, the cute name of a huge ogre.

29. Nolar’vurn, the name of a mage ogre who would craft powerful spells.

30. Ograrth, the name of an ogre who forges weapons.

31. Omcruthort, the funny name of an ogre who wins battles often.

32. Rhem, the name of an ogre who is a part of a powerful clan called the Laughing Skull.

33. Rhorr, the name of an ogre well known for his roar.

34. Skog, the name of an ogre known for having two giant heads.

35. Tach, the name of a violent ogre.

36. Tand, the name of a mage ogre known for spitting fire that is purple.

37. Tanurggrat, the name of a 'World Of Warcraft' (WoW) ogre.

38. Tel’grugh, the name of a WoW ogre who likes to train with a sword.

39. Thaktunu, the name of an ogre part of the clan Boulderfist.

40. Thin, the name of an ogre who is known as Leader Thin.

41. Throg’turat, the name of a warcraft ogre with three horns.

42. Thurmmond, the name of an ogre known for his giant size.

43. Thut, the name of an ogre known for eating seven meals a day.

44. Ug’ikurk, a 'World Of Warcraft' ogre name, he is loyal to the Lich King.

45. Ulbrok, a strong and cool ogre name.

46. Ur’moll, a powerful 'World Of Warcraft' ogre name, he can lift five boulders at once.

47. Vag’gat, a mage ogre name.

48. Vak, a rogue ogre name.

49. Verurggrit, the ogre name of a demon hunter ogre.

50. Zesh, a well known Shaman ogre name.

51. Zugbrarugh, the name of a male ogre that is seven and a half feet tall with big gray eyes.

Shrek is one of the most famous ogres

Female Ogre Names

Female ogres look similar to male ogres, only slightly smaller. Here is a list of female ogre names that you may like.

52. Derr’ot, the ogre name of a clan leader of Spirestone.

53. Romalgrith, an ogre name of a WoW female ogre.

54. Bakrin, a female ogre name of a WoW ogre.

55. Boglus, an ogre name of a Shaman ogre.

56. Bonnon, an ogre name of a Necromancer ogre.

57. Dal’goh, one of the names of an ogre who is a Hunter.

58. Dolgreh, an ogre who can destroy a fortress.

59. Donaxas, the name of a female mage ogre in the list of female ogre names.

60. Gohor’tat, a female ogre name from the list of ogre names inspired by 'World Of Warcraft'.

61. Gothegrill, one of the names of a female ogre with two heads.

62. Grigg’ar, the name of a Rogue ogre, among the good names.

63. Hahinnuth, a female ogre, one of the evil names on the list.

64. Hamah, an ogre who killed many humans.

65. Haralul, an ogre who runs very fast, a unique one in the list of names.

66. Haramdih, one of the names of an ogre who is a barbarian.

67. Hasel, an ogre who is a warlock, one of the magical ogre names.

68. Hazolbush, an ogre with two iron-clad horns, an interesting one in the list of names.

69. Hohomoth, one of the names of an ogre who hates all humans.

70. Huzo’ron, an ogre who is a clan leader of Gordunni.

71. Kelgras, among the names of a solitary ogre.

72. Kollol, an ogre who wins all battles and reaches higher ranks, among the respected ogre names.

73. Malsath, an ogre with a face covered in armor, among the frightening names.

74. Mamlah, an ogre who has built a rock castle, among the funny ogre names.

75. Mavashis, one of the names best suited to a purple ogre.

76. Mingis, the name of a female ogre with spell casting abilities, one of the cutest ogre names.

77. Moheshih, among the names of an ogre who is small in size.

78. Nazangas, is part of the biggest clan of ogres called Firegut.

79. Recinah, is among the ogre names for those who are highly trained in battle.

80. Retegg’ar, is a part of a group of ogres who are allied with the Horde.

81. Rhavollol, one among a group of ogres who are loyal to the clan Stonemaul.

82. Rhol’bar, an ogre who doesn’t like to be in the presence of other ogres.

83. Rhovongash, belongs to a group of ogres trained as witch doctors.

84. Rocamet, is among a group of ogres who are the fiercest.

85. Rozik’wot, she is among a group of ogres who call themselves The Strong Tooth.

86. Taxosh, is loyal to a group of ogres who worship Gruul the Dragonkiller.

87. Thag’rit, is a part of a group of ogres called Mosh’ogg.

88. Thator’ol, among the many ogres who can speak the Goblin language.

89. Thazor’tos, is one of the ogres who can speak four languages.

90. Tinilsat, an ogre who battles with ogres who are fiercer than she.

91. Tolall, is one of the ogres who love fighting.

92. Tuxall, belong to a group of ogres who are affiliated with the Ogri’la.

93. Vacek’nith, the leader of a clan of ogres called Gogors Thumb.

94. Vitogg’ar, an evil ogre who has destroyed many clans of ogres without remorse.

95. Vocammell, is one of the mage ogres who can cast powerful Fire spells.

96. Warar’vat, part of a group of arrogant and fierce barbarian ogres.

97. Wog’tor, is among the most famous Witch Doctor ogres.

98. Wozar, is one of the ogres who have reached the highest ranks in battle.

99. Wumgeth, among a group of ogres who advise several clan leaders of Dunemaul.

100. Zagbror, a part of a clan of warrior ogres who take the front flank in battle formations.

101. Zathomgir, the name of an ogre who lives in a misty swamp and only comes out at night.

102. Zig’lall, the name of the scariest female ogre, with a mouth as big as a rock.

103. Zucal’hath, is one of the ogres who is a Priest.

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between male ogre names and female ogre names

Famous Ogre Names From 'World Of Warcraft'

The 'World Of Warcraft' fantasy game has many ogre names to choose from. Here is a list of famous ogre names from 'World Of Warcraft' that you may like.

104. Blackheart, the name of Vorpil’s lieutenant.

105. Cho’gall, the name of the first mage ogre who is the leader of Twilight’s Hammer Clan.

106. Cyclok the Mad, the name of a mad ogre who lives in Tanaris.

107. Dag’um Ty’gor, the name of a well known ogre in the trading card game.

108. Dorgok, the name of a mighty ogre, the leader of clan Bloodmaul.

109. Drogam, an ogre who is a leader of clan Bladespire.

110. Gorg, the name of the commander of clan Crushridge.

111. Gorr’dim, one of the leaders of clan Bladespire.

112. Kor’gall, the name of the warlord ogre of Stonemaul.

113. Mai’zoth, the ogre who owns the Mind’s Eye item in WoW.

114. Mal’druk, the name of an ogre who is a part of the tribe Ango’rosh.

115. Mok’Morokk, an ogre who was is the well known former chieftain of the Stonemaul clan.

116. Mug’thol, one of the famous ogre names of an ogre who was possessed by Sylvanas Windrunner.

117. Tharg, a famous ogre who is a quest giver in WoW.

118. Thugrim, the name of an ogre magus shaman who is the commander of the tribe Duskbelch.

119. Trog, the name of an ogre who is the leader of an independent group of ogres.

120. Warbringer O’mrogg, the name of a two headed ogre who is a boss of the Shattered Halls.

Famous Ogre Names In Popular Fiction

Ogres are found in books and movies too. Here is a list of famous ogre names from popular fiction that you may find interesting.

121. Fiona, the wife of Shrek in the series called ‘Shrek’.

122. Giantors, the name of a race of ogre-like creatures in the animated series called ‘Thundercats’.

123. The Green Fisherman, the name of a fictional ogre-like creature in the book ‘Adventures Of Pinocchio’.

124. Momotaro, the name of an ogre-like creature who was born out of peach in Japanese folklore.

125. Shrek, the name of the friendly ogre who appears in ‘Shrek’.

126. Smax, one of the half-ogre names of an ogre-like creature in the comic book series called ‘Top 10’.

127. Uvanimor, the name of creatures which included ogres in J.R.R. Tolkien’s earliest works.

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