100+ Best Orange Names For Your Cat

There are hundreds of orange names for your cat.

Your sunny orange cat deserves an amazing name that will suit their looks and personality the best.

Names for an orange cat can be inspired by flowers, gemstones, fruits and more. When looking at names for cats, you can also look for inspiration from things that are more or less orange such as the sun, light, fire, sunflowers and more.

If you have a new cat that’s ginger and you are looking for the perfect name for it that, look no further. We’ve carefully compiled a long list of the best orange names that go superbly well with your new cat. These inspired and fancy names are going to suit your cat perfectly and, hopefully, everyone is going to find your cat just a little bit more adorable than before.

Here is a list of 100+ best names of orange cats with their meanings. If you’d like, you can also look at the best Halloween cat names or the most amazing literary cat names for your little furry friend for more ideas.

Names For Orange Cats Inspired By Orange Flowers

An excellent way to name your ginger cat is by choosing a cat name that’s inspired by orange flowers. These orange flowers are the same color as your ginger cat and will suit your cat superbly well. Why not choose a rare name for your cat and see how it adds personality to your adorable kitty? Here is a list of the best names inspired by orange flowers that are excellent names for cats that are orange.

1. Buttercup, meaning “orange or yellow wildflower”. This perfect name will suit a sweet and adorable orange cat very well.

2. Cosmos, meaning “beauty” or “decency”. One of the most charming orange cat names for a male orange cat.

3. Dahlia, meaning “Dahl’s flower”. An excellent cat name for a vibrant and jolly ginger cat.

4. Daisy, meaning “day’s eyes”. A great name for orange cats who are innocent and full of love.

5. Iris, meaning “rainbow”. One of the best orange cat names for your jolly cat.

6. Lily, meaning “pure” or “passion”. Orange cats who are fierce yet innocent will love this name.

7. Marigold, meaning “yellow flower”. A perfect name for orange cats who are always happy.

8. Orchid, meaning “love” or “elegance”. Orange cat names don’t get better than this!

9. Poppy, meaning “the orange flower”. One of the best orange cat names there are.

10. Rosa, meaning “rose”. A great name for your sweet and cute orange cat.

11. Tiger Lily, meaning “strong girl”. One of the most fierce orange cat names for cats that aren’t just lovely but also super courageous.

12. Tulip, meaning “perfect love”. Orange kitten names don’t get better than this!

Orange Cat Names Inspired By Gemstones

Gemstones that are orange or yellow can make for great inspiration when looking for orange cat names. A cat name inspired by these gemstones will not only add a cute touch to your cat but will also make them even more special and rare. Since orange cat names inspired by gemstones are not very common, you can also make sure that your sweet cat has a unique name. Here are the best orange cat names that are inspired by precious gemstones.

13. Amber, meaning “yellowish-orange”. A great cat name for your ginger beauty.

14. Coral, meaning “pinkish-orange sea life creatures”. A superb cat name for your little furry ginger friend.

15. Garnet, meaning “dark blood red”. An excellent orange cat name for your precious ginger kitty.

16. Opal, meaning “red jewel”. If your ginger cat has fiery orange fur, this orange cat name is the best for it.

17. Sapphire, meaning “precious gemstone”. Orange sapphires are radiant and mystical and make for a perfect name for your ginger cat.

18. Spinel, meaning “sharp crystals”. The best cat name there ever can be.

19. Topaz, meaning “golden jewel”. This cat name is for your high and mighty ginger cat who loves herself the most.

20. Zircon, meaning “grounding stone”. A superb orange cat name for sweet ginger cats.

Orange Kitten Names Inspired By Foods and Fruits

When looking for inspiration for orange names, turning to foods and fruits can be another great option. This is especially true if your ginger kitten is fond of food themself and loves to eat. If you are looking for orange kitten names that will best suit your foodie cat, you need not look any further. Here are some of the best names for orange cats.

21. Apricot, meaning “the juicy soft orange fruit”.

22. Butterscotch, meaning “sugary and buttery confectionery”.

23. Caramel, meaning “dark orange confectionery”.

24. Carrots, meaning “the orange or red root vegetable”.

25. Cayenne, meaning “the spicy chili”.

26. Cheddar, meaning “the sharp and natural cheese”.

27. Cherry, meaning “bright red fleshy drupe”.

28. Cinnamon, meaning “the sharp and fragrant spice”.

29. Cranberry, meaning “evergreen red fruits”.

30. Ginger, meaning “flowering plant rhizome”.

31. Honey, meaning “sweet viscous liquid derived from bees”.

32. Mango, meaning “the red or orange stone fruit”.

33. Marmalade, meaning “red citrus fruit preserve”.

34. Mimosa, meaning “orangish-red champagne cocktail”.

35. Nutmeg, meaning “the dark red or brown spice”.

36. Paprika, meaning “red ground spice or chili”.

37. Peaches, meaning “ deciduous fruit”.

38. Pumpkin, meaning “winter squash popularly used in Halloween”.

39. Saffron, meaning “a red spice”.

40. Tangerine, meaning “orange or citrus fruits”.

The Best Names For Orange Cats

Looking for the best and most unique cat names for your adorable ginger? These are superb and amazing orange cat names that are going to blow your mind. Also, look through the list to find the name for a black and orange cat. From Auburn Autumn to Puss In Boots to Prince Harry and Princess Fiona, there’s a little something for every kind of cat here. Here’s the list of the best names for orange cats you will ever come across.

41. Apple, meaning “the red fruit”.

42. Ariel, meaning “ginger lion of the God”.

43.Aslan, the name of the ginger lion from 'The Chronicles Of Narnia'.

44. Auburn Autumn, meaning “reddish-brown of the fall season”.

45. Blaze, meaning “fiercely burning fire”.

46. Burgundy, meaning “a deep red wine”.

47. Candy Corn, meaning “sweet kernel of the corn”.

48. Copper, meaning “red-brown metal”.

49. Dawn, meaning “become light”.

50. Dorito, meaning “the orange nacho chips”.

51. Falcon, meaning “a large and majestic preying bird”.

52. Fanta, meaning “orange soda drink”.

53. Firefly, meaning “glow worm”, a great name for a black and orange cat.

54. Flame, meaning “hot and glowing”.

55. Fury, meaning “wild anger”.

56. Garfield, the name of the lazy orange cat from the famous cartoon.

57. Goldie, meaning “made of gold”.

58. Hazel, meaning “the hazel gemstone”.

59. Leo, meaning “the majestic lion”.

60. Marshall Red, meaning “the chief ginger cat”.

61. Miss Cherry, meaning “bright red fruit”.

62.  Melon, meaning “the fruit”.

63. Nacho, meaning “the bright and cheesy dish”.

64. Oliver Ollie, meaning “olive tree”.

65. Paprika Peaches, meaning “the sweet and spicy fruit”.

66. Phoenix, meaning “the mythical and powerful bird”.

67. Pippi Longstocking, meaning “lover of horses”.

68. Prince Harry, meaning “the royal Prince”.

69. Princess Fiona, meaning “the royal Princess”.

70. Puss In Boots, meaning “the master cat”.

71. Ruby, meaning “dark red jewel”.

72. Scarlett, meaning “red” or “passion and joy”.

73. Sherbert, meaning “the frozen dessert”.

74. Sorbet, meaning “the frozen dessert”.

75. Sparky, meaning “high spirited” or “lively”.

76. Sunny, meaning “belonging to the sun”.

77. Sweet Potato, meaning “the sugary and starchy plant tuber”.

78. Tiger, meaning “solitary wild cat”.

79. Winnie, meaning “happy” or “fair and pure”.

80. Whiskey, meaning “a distilled alcoholic spirit”.

Orange names can be inspired from orange flowers and gemstones, orange food and much, much more.

Famous Cat Names From Real Life, Movies, TV Shows And Cartoons

When nothing else works, it is an excellent idea to get inspired by the fictional world of movies, TV shows and cartoons. For many years, thousands of ginger and orange cats have made appearances on our TV and movie screens. People love these cats and find them incredibly adorable and sweet. Some of them are even funny and unique. Here are the most famous cat names from movies, TV shows and cartoons to get inspired from. The list also has other animals’ names that can work great for your cat.

81. Brian, the cartoon cat from the cartoon series ‘Top Cat’.

82. Cheetos, inspired by the popular snack.

83. Crookshanks, the famous ginger cat belonging to Hermione Granger in the 'Harry Potter' Series.

84. Dinah, the ginger kitten from the children’s classic ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

85. Elmo, the goofy character from ‘Sesame Street’ makes for a great name for an orange cat.

86. Ernie, another excellent name for ginger  from ‘The Muppets’.

87. Goose, the adorable and fierce cat from the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie starring Brie Larson.

88. Hobbes, the famous and funny ginger cat from the popular comic series ‘Calvin And Hobbes’.

89. Jock, the famous cat belonging to Winston Churchill.

90. Meredith, the adorable cat belonging to Taylor Swift.

91. Morris, the 9Lives food commercial’s official mascot.

92. Nala, the female lion from the famous Disney classics movie ‘The Lion King’.

93. Nemo, the orange fish from the Disney movie ‘Nemo’ can make a great name for an orange kitten as well.

94. Orangey, the real name of the cat belonging to Audrey Hepburn’s character in ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’.

95. Orion, the orange and white cat from the acclaimed Will Smith  ‘Men In Black’, a great name for kittens that are orange and white.

96. Rajah, the protective lion cat belonging to Princess Jasmine in ‘Aladdin’.

97. Sher Khan, the cruel and villainous lion cat in ‘The Jungle Book’.

98. Simba, the main lion from the famous Disney classics movie ‘The Lion King’.

99. Stubbs, this cat is famously known to be the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.

100. Thomas O’Malley, the famous cat from ‘The Aristocrats’.

101. Tigger, the famous bouncy cat in the beloved cartoon series ‘Winnie The Pooh’.

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