150 Best Pakistani Names For Girls And Boys

A Pakistani baby name may or may not consist of a surname, in which case, the full name consists of the given names.

Looking for an appropriate name becomes your priority when you have a new baby.

Most baby names given after the time of a child's birth in Pakistan are inspired by prominent religious figures or the world's virtues. The names of many Pakistani babies are taken from religious texts, like the Quran.

Hence, it is a common tradition to name Pakistani babies after the divine Allah, a notable prophet featured in the Quran. Many baby names are derived from Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Turkish languages. In many cases, boy babies can be given two names or more when they are born, out of which, one is chosen to be the most addressed called name. Female babies, however, are not usually given more than two names. This is unlike the Western tradition of giving more than one. The name Pakistan was coined by Choudhry Rahmat Ali and soon the name became famous all over the world. This country has inspired some beautiful baby names and meanings.

If you are on the search for a list of relevant names, here's a wholesome list of the most beautiful and meaningful names to help you out as you first step into parenthood.

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Modern Pakistani Boy Names

On the search for modern Islamic names? Check out this list of Pakistani modern baby names to help you in your first step into parenthood.

1. Ahmed (Arabic origin) meaning "praiseworthy" or, "commendable." A modern and beautiful Pakistani name. Ahmed Ali was a famous Pakistani novelist known all over the world.

2. Ali (Arabic origin) meaning  "elevated" or, "superior." A very common Pakistani baby name.

3. Arham (Arabic origin) meaning "one filled with compassion." A unique Pakistani name for a baby.

4. Aryan (Sanskrit origin) meaning "noble and high-born." A cool and popular name for a Muslim baby boy.

5. Awan (Arabic origin) meaning "a moment of time." A brilliant name to give a happy child.

6. Awj (Arabic origin) meaning "lofty." A great Islamic Pakistani name.

7. Ayaan (Arabic origin) meaning "inclined towards God." A popular name for both Muslim and Hindu children.

8. Aysar (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is living better." A beautiful Pakistani name given to baby boys.

9. Ayyubi (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is patient, humble, and virtuous like prophet Ayyub." A perfect Islamic name for a baby boy.

10. Cheragh (Urdu origin) meaning "lamp emanating brilliant light ." It is a beautiful, unique Muslim name for a baby.

11. Darain (Islamic origin) meaning "double" or "amazing"; a unique Islamic baby name.

12. Dastageer (Muslim origin) meaning "supporter." One of the top Islamic names for baby boys.

13. Faizan (Arabic origin) meaning "charitable" or "generous"; a common and cool Muslim name given to baby boys.  

14. Gulfaam (Persian origin) meaning "rose faced." A beautiful name for Muslim children.

15. Guney (Turkish origin) meaning "south." A beautiful Muslim name for a baby boy popular in Islamic countries.

16. Hamza (Arabic origin) meaning "without any weakness." A popular and powerful name used for baby boys in Islamic countries.

17. Harnail (Islamic origin) meaning "one from Harnai, a city of Pakistan."

18. Hazeem (Arabic origin) meaning "full of wisdom and intellect"; a popularly used baby name in Islamic countries.

19. Huzaifa (Arabic origin) meaning "one who accompanies the Prophet"; a unique Muslim baby name.

20. Kachela (Islamic origin) meaning "a surname of the people of Samma tribe."

21. Khaan (Turkish origin) meaning means "ruler." One of the most popular baby names.

22. Muhallil (Arabic origin) meaning "one who has pronounced the Testimony of Faith." An Islamic baby name given to somebody who believes "there is no deity besides God."

23. Muhazzim (Urdu origin) meaning "one who defeats everyone." A beautiful and powerful name, popular amongst people in Pakistan.

24. Muzdahir (Arabic origin) meaning "a blooming and prospering person."

25. Muzhir (Arabic origin) meaning "flower." An Islamic name worth giving a baby boy.

26. Rayan (Arabic origin) meaning "plentiful." A beautiful name derived from a virtue.

27. Rohaan (Sanskrit origin) meaning "ascending." A unique and common Muslim baby name popular amongst children.

28. Ruwaihim (Arabic origin) meaning "kind and compassionate." A beautiful Islamic name with beautiful meanings.

29. Samama (Urdu origin) meaning "companion of the Prophet." A beautiful Muslim name for children.

30. Souma (Islamic origin) meaning "moonlight." A beautiful and unique Muslim name for children.

Traditional Pakistani Boy Names

Pakistani baby names have a beautiful ring to them and are pleasing to the ears as well as the soul.

If you are on the search for a list of good traditional Pakistani male names to use, check out this list.

31. Atfat (Arabic origin) meaning  "compassion." A great Muslim name for a baby boy.

32. Atheel (Arabic origin) meaning "noble." A rare and unique Islamic name.

33. Attaf (Arabic origin) meaning "one who protects the weak and oppressed."

34. Auraq (Arabic origin) meaning "sand-colored." A beautiful name derived from color.

35. Awadil (Arabic origin) meaning "justice"; one of the top Muslim names for baby boys.  

36. Awamiri (Islamic origin) meaning  "long-living." A unique baby name derived from the Quran.

37. Awani (Hindu origin) meaning "the Earth"; a unique baby name.

38. Awlya (Arabic origin) meaning "ally." A unique name used for a baby boy.

39. Awmar (Arabic origin) meaning  "long-lived." Another unique Muslim baby boy's name.

40. Awrad (Arabic origin) meaning "rosy." Another unique Muslim baby boy's name.

41. Ayamin (Arabic origin) meaning "blessed one." One of the top unique baby boy Muslim names.

42. Azban (Arabic origin) meaning "full of fresh sweetness." A popular and unique name for a Muslim baby.

43. Azeeb (Arabic origin) meaning "sweet and fresh." Another variant of the Muslim baby name Azban.

44. Bairbel (Urdu origin) meaning "precious gemstones." A rare Muslim baby name.

45. Bambad (Persian origin) meaning "early morning." A perfect name worthy of your little love.

46. Charlesh (Unknown origin) meaning "chief of the tribe."

47. Chashida (Persian origin) meaning  "one who is experienced." A unique Muslim baby boy name amongst the people in Pakistan.

48. Chawish (Persian origin) meaning "tribe leader."

49. Dayyaan (Islamic origin) meaning "a strong ruler."

50. Durab (Persian origin) meaning "big door."

51. Ejlaal (Islamic origin) meaning "to honor." A Muslim name derived from the Quran.

52. Elaf (Islamic origin) meaning "security." Another baby boy name used from the Quran.

53. Esfandyar (Afghan origin) meaning "a character in 'Shahnameh.'"

54. Etizaaz (Islamic origin) meaning "to become mighty and honored."

55. Fahmi (Arabic origin) meaning "intellect." A well-used baby boy name amongst people in Pakistan.

56. Fazli (Urdu origin) meaning "bountiful." A popular baby name in Pakistan.

57. Fidvi (Urdu origin) meaning "one who is ready tso sacrifice."

58. Ghazanfer (Arabic origin) meaning "brave man."

59. Mizhir (Arabic origin) meaning "a place filled with flowers."

60. Mourib (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is fluent." A popular name in Muslim languages.

61. Rusul (Arabic origin) meaning "messengers." A strong name used in Pakistan.

62. Tadeen (Persian origin) meaning "one who informs."

63. Tafazal (Arabic origin) meaning "magnified." A popular baby boy name in Pakistan.

64. Tahmaseb (Persian origin) meaning "the name of a character in 'Shahnameh.'"

65. Tahoor (Arabic origin) meaning "purified."

66. Zahrun (Arabic origin) meaning "blossoming flower." A great baby name from Pakistan.

67. Zahur (Arabic origin) meaning "radiant."

68. Zarar (Arabic origin) meaning "strict and wise person."

69. Zauqi (Arabic origin) meaning "full of life."

70. Zaweel (Islamic origin) meaning "motion."

Modern Pakistani Girl Names

This is a list of many cool yet traditional Islamic names to search from Pakistan with beautiful meanings to choose from.

Looking for a list of cool female names? Check out this list of Pakistani female names you would love to use that are hip and modern.

71. Alaya (Arabic origin) meaning "exalted."

72. Aleena (Slavic origin) meaning "light." Aleena Khan is a famous Pakistani television actor.

73. Anadia (Urdu origin) meaning "delicate, moist and tender." One of the top names for Pakistan girls.

74. Anaya (Hebrew origin) meaning "God was gracious."

75. Ansharah (Arabic origin) meaning "relief and relaxation."

76. Aqidah (Arabic origin) meaning "faith." A beautiful name for Pakistan girls.

77. Aqsaa (Arabic origin) meaning "farthest" or "the topmost."

78. Arafaa (Swahili origin) meaning "a mountain close to Mecca."

79. Arfaana (Islamic origin) meaning "decisiveness." A beautiful name for Pakistan girls.

80. Aroofa (Urdu origin) meaning "patient and wise woman full of knowledge." A pretty baby name given to Pakistan girls.

81. Aroos (Arabic origin) meaning "extraordinarily beautiful."

82. Arubiyyah (Arabic  origin) meaning "eloquent." A unique name on this list.

83. Ashofta (Arabic origin) meaning "excited." A pretty name for Pakistan girls.

84. Asli (Turkish origin) meaning "genuine or authentic." A sweet name for Pakistan girls.

85. Atafah (Arabic origin) meaning "vigil."

86. Ateebah (Arabic origin) meaning "soft, gentle and delicate."

87. Ateefah (Arabic origin) meaning "compassionate." A sweet name given to Pakistan girls.

88. Ateef (Arabic origin) meaning "kind one who likes to help."

89. Ateera (Arabic origin) meaning "fragrant." A pretty name given to Pakistan girls.

90. Atfah (Arabic origin) meaning "affectionate." A perfect baby name given to girls in Pakistan.

91. Awja (Urdu origin) meaning "the pinnacle."

92. Bahnaz (Persian origin) meaning "one you love the most." One of the top names given to girls in Pakistan.

93. Daumaa (Arabic origin) meaning "sea." A very pretty name for Pakistan girls.

94. Ebrah (Arabic origin) meaning "knowledge gained from the world."

95. Effat (Arabic  origin) meaning "chastity." A beautiful name for girls in Pakistan.

96. Eshaal (Arabic  origin) meaning "enlivened with the light of knowledge."

97. Gulnar (Arabic origin) meaning "a sweet-smelling flower."

98. Gulnaz (Persian origin) meaning "delicate like flowers."

99. Gulrukh (Persian origin) meaning "sensitive like flowers." One of the sweetest name on this list.

100. Gulsan (Hindu origin) meaning "flower." A popular first name for Pakistan girls.

101. Gul (Turkish origin) meaning "soft flower."

102. Haniya (Arabic origin) meaning "pleased." One of the top baby names in Pakistan.

103. Ilma (Scandinavian origin) meaning "knowledge."

104. Inaya (Arabic origin) meaning "concern."

105. Irhaa (Urdu origin) meaning "to help keep calm."

106. Jinani (Arabic origin) meaning "heavenly." A beautiful baby name in Pakistan.

107. Liyana (Arabic origin) meaning "a tender woman worthy of love."

108. Maira (Hebrew origin) meaning "sea."

109. Mashael (Arabic origin) meaning "source of light."

110. Memona (Iranian origin) meaning "prosperous."

111. Muhaimin (Islamic origin) meaning "protector." One of the popular names in Pakistan.

112. Sanaya (Islamic origin) meaning "praiseworthy."

113. Zimal (Arabic origin) meaning "a covering."

Traditional Pakistani Girl Names

Most Islamic baby boy names and girl names have nice meanings and have a rich history surrounding them.

On a search for traditional names? Check out this list of traditional and meaningful female names you would love to choose after the birth of your beautiful Pakistani daughters.

114. Atiyyaat (Urdu origin) meaning "gifts." One of the top names in Pakistan.

115. Atiyyatullah (Arabic origin) meaning "gift from Allah."

116. Attarah (Hebrew origin) meaning  "a perfume seller or maker."

117. Atubah (Arabic origin) meaning " a delicate woman."

118. Awaidia (Arabic origin) meaning "a console."

119. Awaisha (Urdu origin) meaning "one living a good life."

120. Awaiza (Arabic origin) meaning "one who consoles."

121. Awamila (Arabic origin) meaning "an industrious woman."

122. Awamira (Arabic origin) meaning "long living."

123. Awarif (Arabic origin) meaning "a wise, and knowledgeable woman."

124. Awdiya (Arabic origin) meaning "valleys."

125. Ayaneh (Persian origin) meaning "a long night."

126. Aynoor (Urdu origin) meaning "a gorgeous woman."

127. Ayyubia (Arabic origin) meaning "a woman who is as patient as prophet Ayyub."

128. Azari (Urdu origin) meaning "a chaste woman."

129. Azayiz (Arabic origin) meaning "mighty, and respectable."

130. Azbah (Arabic origin) meaning "fresh and sweet."

131. Azrah (Urdu origin) meaning "support" or "protection."

132. Azzaa (Muslim origin) meaning "female gazelle."

133. Baarizah (Arabic origin) meaning "a prominent personality."

134. Durdanah (Arabic origin) meaning "gold", "ruby" or "pearl."

135. Durnaz (Persian origin) meaning "beautiful like a pearl."

136. Gul'adhar (Turkish origin) meaning "soft like flowers."

137. Hazeema (Urdu origin) meaning "intelligent one."

138. Hukaymah (Urdu origin) meaning "the granddaughter of Umaymah and Ruqayqah."

139. Hukayman (Muslim origin) meaning "the reciter of the Quran and the daughter of Mahmood Bin Muhammad ."

140. Muzhirah (Arabic origin) meaning "a blooming flower."

141. Qudrah (Arabic origin) meaning "the capacity of a woman."

142. Raheebah (Arabic origin) meaning "a generous woman."

143. Rahmi (Arabic origin) meaning "compassion."

144. Rahmiya (Arabic origin) meaning "a kind woman."

145. Rahumah (Arabic origin) meaning "a merciful and compassionate woman."

146. Raim (Arabic origin) meaning "an affectionate mother."

147. Ruhaimah (Arabic origin) meaning "a merciful woman."

148. Rutaba (Arabic origin) meaning "reputation."

149. Zaima (Arabic origin) meaning "a female leader."

150. Zaneerah (Arabic origin) meaning "a wise woman."

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